Sept. 13, 2021

You Call That A Cortado?

Coffee, Skiing, Globe Trotting, Roasting, Norway

The guys are joined this week by Adrian (no, not that one) - the founder of Scandinavian Alps Coffee, an award-winning micro coffee roasters in Hemsedal, Norway. Adrian tells the story of how he went from Toronto native, to globe-trotting ski instructor, to start-up coffee roaster. He talks about what inspired him to get into coffee and some of the side effects of being in the trade. You can order coffee directly from his online store via the links below:


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welcome to two guys three crowns the podcast that talks about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden I'm Sean and with my fellow American Rodney you break down the good the bad and the just plain weird that's quite the journey to join us for the ride I one was going to sing Celine Dion song because I don't know it's the only the only Canadian connection that I know but since we have a guest I don't know how comfortable would be for me to go ahead and start off with like a Titanic type yeah you're messing with the national treasure there right and and %HESITATION Canada I only know O. Canada and then it just that and it's it's not %HESITATION but %HESITATION shot we got a special guest with us today we got a special guests out of the great white north and to the east west of us it's it's like that way it's that way yeah we yeah we are joined today by Adrian N. I am going to go I'm not good at let's see I I've been I've been practicing this it is Adrian Seligman pretty pretty good does that sound does that sound pretty good ager we can work on it okay okay %HESITATION Adrian we weren't really sure how we kind of ran across each other online %HESITATION but %HESITATION you have something called Scandinavian Alps coffee %HESITATION went in checked it out read a little bit of background and you are a Canadian in Hempstead doll in Norway yeah actually it's it's quite a big story but I'm gonna go ahead let you let you go ahead and give us some background %HESITATION yeah sure that's thanks to the intro right %HESITATION I'm still waiting to hear someone doing something but %HESITATION %HESITATION yeah it's weird to say what to say I yeah I moved moved here ten years ago and my wife is Swedish so we used to live in Oregon John just to give you the update here and then %HESITATION yeah we kind of bounced around %HESITATION to Canada and then back to back to Sweden and and then %HESITATION yeah we had friends that lived out here worked out here in the ski industry and it was yeah I know it was kind of it's not Canada's not Sweden so we thought let's give it a go and then it's not too far to drive to to to sweeten so %HESITATION yeah it was kind of a good place to try out in the economy is good you know and like where was back in with the oil we'll industry and then %HESITATION yeah we live here now two three kids three kids or not to and %HESITATION ten years later and the small small business and yeah that's so Canada Sweden Norway I'm sensing a general theme here between all these places yeah my parents are British side have I do have a British passport so thank you guys nice to have I don't I could I could work and live in the E. U. which %HESITATION which is nice yeah I'm really really fortunate and %HESITATION yeah I don't know how we cross paths I think it was on social media Instagram was there somewhere I think I saw you guys have like that's a cool podcast you've got some printed my kind of caught my eyes you're like this is weird you're you're you're scrolling through your stream go on well this is kind of different yes we have a difference good right like different school and and then you some of them very kindly sent in that hot thank you Sean thank you sorry sorry my apologies %HESITATION I wanted to represent the little Canada little bit of a North America but that there here we go there there's an homie sportsnet Fritz Toronto Blue Jays cap for Chris I know weird enough but because I have so yeah that's kind of my little backstory or the %HESITATION but but now %HESITATION it rained so you leading up to the coffee business tell us about the scheme you that's kind of where your background yeah Minsky yeah I think that's you guys the rescue dot I do a little bit too will I ski more than I snowboard but now I'm trying to get in a little bit more snowboarding I'm over here in Sweden where we got this like man made hill MRB writers yeah yeah exactly you guys been yes like a fifteen minute walk for me so that that's great you know yeah and and I tumble downhill gracefully %HESITATION yeah I've I've done I've done a bit of skiing here just because a partially because of business but I am very embarrassed to admit that my daughter is seventeen we've been here sixteen years and she has not been skiing what you've got to take it easy yeah but she she has she has brought it up a couple of times and winter this winter put on the list because %HESITATION yeah it's it's a great it's a great sport like in terms of as a family to write like there's not many sports you can all especially by teenagers or young kids that you know let's all go play volleyball together that's about a two second match of it's a great family support to do together yeah side and just get away from phones and technology and fresh air so yeah that's kind of where I stand after university I moved out to the Rockies skidded rock I lived out there for I want to say like eight ten years hello sorry go ahead no I was just saying wow a ten yeah I know that you get pretty good at skiing out there yeah I mean it really was well it's kind of like it's like cause for east coast Toronto room from is it's a big hockey town as you know an east coast have mountains but they're pretty small and it's mostly skiing on ice maybe when I measure %HESITATION and then the Rockies it's just yeah it's stunning yeah it's alright and then %HESITATION the skiing is like next level like powder you're talking like like surfing you know it's like floating you're literally floating in the snow so that kind of I got fully addicted to that so I've been that's kind of control my life for the last twenty years I'd say and %HESITATION coffee too so %HESITATION yeah but his hearing explains order because that's like the the skiing Mecca of Sweden right yeah I think so yeah it's kind of like the Whistler aspen %HESITATION a sweet Anya and have you guys been up there yet I've been up there I I was actually just up there two weeks ago on our way up to the island and %HESITATION and we drove through order we actually stopped in eight we ate dinner on the way up to this %HESITATION this cabin but I have never been there during the summer yeah and that was really weird to be there because I'd been there when it's snowy and packed and there are people all over the place summertime we had no problems getting a table yeah I it's a beautiful part of Sweden yeah there's just less people and even less up there %HESITATION yes I did I taught ended up working I had a few jobs like I think you know you just kind of trying to find the job you don't like in life or many know you trying to say all the women who not supposed to date or do you find the one I think my mom put it %HESITATION but yeah I did some of the skiing and I try to but I was like how do I get how can I create a light world design my world around it so I can ski and float every day our so yeah ski instructing kinda came with like one of the first on the list yeah and and then it took me around the world is crazy how you just find a job and so passionate about it took me to Japan the ceiling yeah Oregon or in %HESITATION so it's really yeah I can't think of a better twenty years to to to %HESITATION miss use my time in I know my wife so it wasn't all of my parents are definitely I don't think they are so happy that I took that career path my I think I'm making up for a for lost times of not you know not just doing whatever all my friends are doing which is sure you know finishing university going to get a corporate job right which is cool I think I I I probably would have enjoyed that too but yeah I just think skiing was just it was just way too much fun and I really didn't care about them you know the money is long as I could just keep doing it so that was kind of a formula yeah last time you I had to and it's funny because you you %HESITATION talked about the the similarities with surfing and skiing yeah if somebody gets the surfing bug and it's kind of a similar you know things like whatever will get me to the next wave you know %HESITATION and I actually had a %HESITATION a friend of mine I don't even know how he found me I was living at an apartment in Oakland %HESITATION by myself a knock on the door I opened it up and it was like a cousin that I hadn't seen forever and he had a surf board under one arm any at half a loaf of bread in the other the other one you know and he is like a is it okay if I crash for a couple days and it and I was I I didn't even really know what to say but %HESITATION you know once the bread yeah once the bread loaf was gone and you know he took off to %HESITATION to find out what the next well as yeah yeah definitely yeah I guess I was a I guess you could say in an a and a short since I was a ski bum for the last twenty years yeah we were to lose a bread that's what you said okay okay %HESITATION you know and some speaker %HESITATION it pays pretty good I mean it once you get up to like the higher ranks of ski instructing right when you're training instructors %HESITATION it it was actually pretty decent money so I wasn't okay I wasn't I guess but totals keep on but please enter what %HESITATION now tell us about the that the coffee how did that the coffee I think in skiing cold warm beverage beer now is there how did that how did that journey begin I think I I I was actually talking about this the other day we are discovered good coffee in it I think it resonated in New Zealand when I first moved down there to the South Island and coffees have you been down down under like coffees like religion down there in terms of the coffee culture like that so like everything revolves around good coffee like even Starbucks for example didn't even make it into a straight I guess the only country really %HESITATION New Zealand I mean that they're there but they're not you know I mean like yeah they didn't they didn't break the market like that America your and so it really is that kind of strong coffee culture where you know there's lots of micro roasters %HESITATION everyone what's that like a next level of kind of importance on a breeze today you know like you wouldn't think of anything of a priest or working at a Starbucks but down there it's like they know what they know and they you know they there's a lot of skills do make great coffee so it's kind of like yeah it's next next level so I kind of yeah working down there and then you know when we didn't have lessons I would be drinking this amazing like %HESITATION quitar don't like it's not white basically %HESITATION a lot taste anything any espresso drinks are just outstanding you know would like latte art which back then it you know it wasn't really you didn't see that and in the rest of the world you know I mean like that much focus on on %HESITATION like how they serve the drink and that kind of got it started I think and then right do you guys drink coffee right in I was like I just a little bit I'm I'm on like up two and a half so far yeah I was doing okay until I moved to Sweden and then it just went but it is I just thought it went all out of whack so they took a lot of coffee so it's kind of a in the in the feca Crowder here you should be in a secret crowd I guess but %HESITATION and then went and then I can work mystery Lee and I met let's remember whites and all the speeds we kind of hang out all the Swedish instructor's gonna hang out and do their feet so that's kind of where I learned the whole freaking thing going for coffee yeah I was just you know just fine %HESITATION %HESITATION talking to all the women in learning their culture and %HESITATION yeah I ended up meeting my wife there which is quite cool %HESITATION so that's kind of our coffee came round and then I think which put the icing on the cake was moving to Japan and caught yeah and it's like well all sued right everything is just like you know I mean sushi from noodles they just put so much focus on and passion into anything to do like you can just %HESITATION right like it's you know you you look at the photo in the on the at it looks exactly like that right like perfect you know though it's the same they're like and they just put so much just skill and heart into their any food so I kind of yeah that just put me on the edge and yeah I was just coffee crazy after that yeah yeah Hey it does %HESITATION it in in Swedish they they have it %HESITATION %HESITATION I guess %HESITATION what do you call a a saying %HESITATION and it is Hey you got a bomb did you rate what's basically raising the bar you know it's it would you raise the bar so they all knew how to hate today Bob and you know going through what you did in New Zealand and Australia me your coffee bar was pretty high it was it was probably hard to convince you to just grab a cuppa Joe at seven eleven and like imagine like hardware store coffee back in the US that glass pot it's been sitting there on the burner for a couple hours ago but sometimes it just to like you know you want the caffeine but you just gotta take the taste of that bird rob Reiner slash grandma's closet at ease yeah and it see it see the bottom of the Cup yeah hi John I never liked coffee like you're exactly right that's the coffee especially Canada like my parents drank and I I never liked it right like did you guys enjoy coffee like when did you guys start drinking coffee because that's who %HESITATION I would prefer to be kind of when I started working yet like I would have it like when you were a teenager like %HESITATION I'm drinking coffee in the morning before high school looking adult but what what what what with like loads of sugar in the back and all that stuff but yeah then like when you start working you just like oh Jesus I gotta have something right now yeah and that's kind of how how it goes yeah I I remember a couple coffee in high school that a friend we went to a Denny's by the late night Denny's restaurant and I just remember that once we put cream in the coffee it was the same color as like the the the bench seating that we were sitting on the the vinyl of it was a mistake I'm pretty impressed you have memories of a late night Denny's trip yeah yeah well that one I bet that I would definitely end in college of course yeah kinda because what I would look at who way back then I mean it was it was before %HESITATION Red Bull and all the other calf unaided alternatives back then it's just like a coffee on a coffee yeah how old are you guys %HESITATION I'm thirty it no I'm fifty three fifty three okay this runs yeah and I'm thirty six so I grew up right in that red bull all the synthetics you can have right in that zone yeah I'm kind of between you guys and %HESITATION forty one forty four so yeah that coffee was it tasted horrible it smelled good right like if you know your part down to make it in the morning like smells nice but then yeah you're right you have to talk like a pound of sugar in whole or just to balance just to put somebody yeah like Danny's Tim Hortons we have I don't know because %HESITATION yeah yeah and yeah like it's just yeah we have a %HESITATION Canada double double so basically that's double sugar double creek and that's not all the treats guys treat that because it's like yeah it but it's like super dark roast and yeah I didn't really like if I drink tea excitement team until I was twenty yeah late twenties and then you have a chance that I had to work yeah working and you need you need a fix fixer upper so some caffeine in there hello but %HESITATION yeah I like coffee especially Scandinavian coffee is I think it's %HESITATION it's got its own reputation like the Nordic the Nordic style is %HESITATION I don't know if you guys have been to any of the specialty coffee shops and in stock armor anywhere but like it's kind of next level it's kind of ahead of the trend right I now just catching up in the US and Canada it's I think it's one of the fastest growing I think specialties actually fastest growing in the coffee industry %HESITATION absolutely come like micro I mean like microbreweries all of a sudden microbreweries are popular they started yeah exactly yeah that's a great way to put it yeah like like you know what the bureau was back in the states when it was like core is light and Miller lite and what was the other big but I do have a flood light %HESITATION yeah those like the beer at it with either one yeah there's a few the beast there's one called the beast with Milwaukee's best still walking yes and it was like the best price for any student right like the walking I remember like back in those days it was anything there were something ice like Canadians knew about like ice beer there was like stronger or something like that so your old age that's the one we need yeah so used to come down for like a rugby trypsin across strips down to the states and we were so cheap this is great so we just buy to force it to force into yeah I just got tell us about the Adrian I would end and %HESITATION it took a couple a look at a couple of posts %HESITATION and I believe how long have you had the the copy I think it was something about a year ago I think was may twenty twenty there was a post that said that %HESITATION had you been open a year was it a year then open at the new location here yes yeah we moved here our November okay first two thousand twenty and then %HESITATION and then yeah the and that's I've just moved full time into coffee %HESITATION starting in January so it's taken for four and a half years degree at up to fifty or not okay because what I noticed in the in the post was you had mentioned having roasted a ton of green coffee and I I had a hard time wrapping my head around what a ton of green coffee it is it as much as it sounds I mean that's yes yes it's not it's definitely when you stand next to the roster is a lot of packing metal a coffee tasting all that often that's a lot I mean I think the last thing I look I just looked at the R. %HESITATION my importer has like statistics on how much I bought and roasted it gets up at like two tons or something now you know it's not like we have the biggest roasters and now %HESITATION so I need to upgrade because it's yeah it's almost %HESITATION and a ninety eight need to scale up a bit now there you go a lot of time accident Bernadette here the rest of it but it's been good fun like if you think about I think if you think about to to to get a skill or to do anything well you need to do it like that it is true that ten thousand hour rule yeah you know the podcast you right you need to do put your ten thousand hours and it yeah no it's probably good that I had to do that amount to to to say that I you know like actually and that now you know I mean like right do two PM or at least to say at that time roaster extra aged I figure another ten to twelve years you already got four workers right %HESITATION yeah we don't we how can accountants %HESITATION packing insistent yeah yes we couple it would it take yeah good things take time I didn't know any actually here's the backlog I didn't know anything about roasting coffee five years ago thank you okay you know I mean like it's not like %HESITATION I knew a few skills and how to cook a burger and then started burger burger restaurant right I get I get nothing I didn't know how to I've never even seen green coffee so %HESITATION so yeah it it's taken some time but %HESITATION well what well worth it I think the journey is you know if you have to enjoy the journey and not worry about that destination yes the kickers California green is a whole different product I I just %HESITATION yeah I wear green green coffee beans %HESITATION yeah I figured that you know once your toddlers you got you got for toddlers W. be able to put a little aprons on them in about ten days labour going totally yeah yeah they actually %HESITATION that my oldest seat he likes to play with that well my Brooklyn's so like I don't know if you heard aeropress I thank you that was his number one toy when he was three you can actually want to play with his you know I mean regular three year old toys you want to play with my coffee they %HESITATION yeah the they want to do some %HESITATION yeah maybe just part time yeah %HESITATION aged how how often are you and your wife on this side she Swedish yes %HESITATION are you guys here a couple times a year visiting yes well we have a small summer house in Sweden so okay what used to do the first five years as we would save up money in our way over to ski start and then %HESITATION that's when the Norwegian crown was really strong and then bring it back to Sweden I just bought like a summer like a fixer upper right and just started fixing it up all summer which was I think that's probably one of the best things to before you get married as renovations with your partner right are you really do set the bar of like getting to know each other and adult problem solving so we did that and it was a lot of work like it was that it really wasn't a fixer upper yes ma'am so yeah now we now we actually live in the summers we go back and visit and talk about %HESITATION yeah maybe we can do some renovations but with three kids it's not risky yeah when you got kids by the way yeah yeah I have %HESITATION I have a daughter the seventeen and a son that's twenty two I think it's right in the sun you got kids yeah I've got a two year old so I can only imagine like yeah anytime I have to even drill a hole in the wall it's like okay get him out of the house is going to keep the salt that she's going to lift the paint chips off the floor yeah except that like three out of five three year old former units yeah doing any kind of renovations nope not happening behind her now I'm how do you I was gonna ask you like comparison wise as far as being in the world in Norway %HESITATION I mean like cultural differences and and things like that at how long have you guys actually how long have you been in Norway %HESITATION we've been here since two thousand ten okay okay yeah because eleven twelve okay here's %HESITATION now the cultural differences there are because I mean there's cultural differences just between Swedes and Norwegians and I think that a lot of people just kind of stick this in this Scandinavian box %HESITATION they're just you know %HESITATION and apple has a new well no but they %HESITATION when you come home they're back yeah I saw that on who is the lead singer I was like you showed up on my tick tock I was like what I told you shot I told you he was wanting to do like a big social media stuff like what is happening sorry I sorry going to question cultural and cultural and we we did a quick test we did a quick test %HESITATION before we did the pot where we met each other and while we are in the process of doing that test you ended up with some visitors yeah you had a couple of yeah you had a couple of customers and I like I think they were from Holland yes %HESITATION they were doing there %HESITATION but it is so you see a lot of people the debtor that are coming through because that was or was that just a strange coincidence that it was %HESITATION that it was terrorist acts I mean it's it's it's it's like an orange having had the privilege of for your trees are like it's it's a big it's a it's on the international stage now as a ski destinations so there's no different error kind of working on the mountain biking %HESITATION just remoting it is a tourist destination summer winters all yeah we got a lot of Flanders the Dutch you know the Swedes are huge like specially people from customer come up they can come up it's only a six hour drive to their if you're skiing on just took a long weekend right %HESITATION the Germans we get the Russians coming kind of week two week one week two at the Brits they really promoted to the U. K. hence it all as a destination so %HESITATION the Brits are coming now who else yeah so it's kind of the the other Nordic area with a bit of that you're on the side some of you guys have to come visit yeah for sure yeah I told it was funny because when we were up in vielen we're up on our on our hiking trip I told I told John that out of the blue I look at my phone and it was like welcome to telia Norway it was like I guess we had gotten so close to the Norway that might that my cell phone actually started conducting over there like no no I'm not ready for those rates back this is a very don't even tell me I am curious though speaking of beverages being the coffee maestro in the making can you just like go to a cafe and have a Cup of coffee or has that experience been brewing like you're like analyzing the roast in the coffee and how they've poured it like this is not Australian level cortado excuse that this hike in your face this is an artwork you call this art work yeah it's not yeah you're right it's been totally ruined %HESITATION ever since ever since living in ministry leaders in which is like two thousand six seven five right now things are even Japan nothing's competed ever since and that's I'm not I'm not talking about him so I'm not talking about a Canada and like everything is it's usually a disappointment but %HESITATION but that's what it is like you kind of you know it's she I don't know what is break I I you know I I don't people listen doesn't have settled at cafe owners would they do it like the coffee's good usually or the problem is it's just consistency like if they have different researchers are training stuff that can be a struggle for cafes specially these days with a no just finding good workers it's tough to get people specially to learn how to do it to brew coffee and espresso is quite fickle it's quite a fickle drink so %HESITATION as a roasting and you're you're doing like walk in service for S. yeah coffee drinks all that stuff I know and we just started as a so I haven't really for most of the the walk in but people this is funny let's find it like it's it's social media is kind of a game changer let's just find a place you know location location location does not mean nothing anymore because people always find good thanks so yeah I like it like this this Dutch couple came in %HESITATION yeah mountain biking on the other side of the hill and then some the smells like coffee yeah I could offer you yeah but it's like people just come like I I'll get sometimes get these random orders from coffee like Japan and right I think I was only running this from a rack or Hey late like couple weeks ago so I'm really humbled when you know someone's found a little pencil on the map and that of your roaster that will ship the coffee on like it's just kind of mind boggling in yeah I was gonna say I guess I was just gonna ask you you do a a bit of %HESITATION exporting it better shipping and I mean people can go and and %HESITATION took to the website and take a look %HESITATION yeah yeah we ship all over we ship worldwide in if you haven't done Congress started to become more collapse so we're doing a collab with that through shipping a lot to aspen Colorado over your neck of the woods in the US and Arkansas we just I just shipped a bunch of coffee to Arkansas Arkansas like it's just so it's just so random I know like I have to pinch myself when I when I take the box to the the post office it might be like but I I I just and even like the post people are like what this is going to wear yeah so %HESITATION yeah it's kind of cool you see that's that that just shows you the the digital transition that we've made from from flipping through the yellow pages looking for coffee you know looking for somebody but yeah Arkansas yeah that number though I still remember the white pages did you have the white pages to the where the white pages and the yellow pages when you started a business it was like a you have to join the chamber of commerce and then you have to put your you know you have to get added the yellow pages yeah exactly do they have you look at you since I was talking to him I don't think they have any paper products over here anymore they got no paper money they got their money I don't think so yeah I guess it's not swish swish yeah do you guys as wish in Norway too yeah we have this we have the equivalent of the skull which is this is a noxious say that switch but you guys you guys have to go through I don't know you said you're from the west east of us dot com or north wasn't running %HESITATION I'm actually new to some is about forty five minutes south yeah and %HESITATION Sean is kind of on the will your home be quest also your stock home but not here yeah I'm on like in the south eastern edge yeah but this is actually stuck up there you have to go to there's some really good ones %HESITATION someone dropped coffee check out that one that one's kind of that for the for I think that's one of the first specialty coffees in all of Scandinavia actually their roaster and cafe they want a bunch of awards and they reviewed yeah check them out because you'll be tasting you'll you'll you'll be tasting coffees that have never tasted or you thought was coffee I get really is kinda other another world Adrian Adrian trying to ruin us to go come home get a you know I think you'll enjoy appreciate it because it's kind of yeah it's like some of the Ethiopian companies are pretty fruity floral almost like T. like you're just like you really are tasting coffee like its taste a taste of it for the first time so %HESITATION not not Danny's night to it that put the sofa colored coffee at Denny's %HESITATION now that sounds good now you hit it a little bit about possibly is there possibly a coffee pod cast dish somewhere maybe you live yeah yeah yeah I I probably need your your health with the logistics and %HESITATION on yes all up and getting the right Michael because I've been looking at my ex and I see you guys have the pro Johnson is pro the pro who is that Covanta because the cap as the official voice over Mike yeah exactly I need %HESITATION so you guys have yeah I I I think it'd be fun because like it's specially during covert people I think podcasts is just fine right and I think we're all about here too is trying to be fun with coffee and I just get more people like yourselves into into better quality coffee so %HESITATION people want to listen to that one well I don't I don't think you could have a problem generating content and you already have two guests that are that are %HESITATION that are willing and able to to jump on board now I have to send you guys some coffee that sounds that sounds awesome %HESITATION Adrian thank you so much for joining us and what what what do is we're gonna go ahead and put up %HESITATION some information as usual %HESITATION some links to you so the people go in and and check out and %HESITATION in order or follow like %HESITATION but thank you so much for joining us it would be fantastic to either see you over there or catch you want to visit over here yeah yeah we'll have to actually it next time I think which will be next summer if I missed a call give you guys a call and try to meet up at a cafe or something and I said my brother my brother in law is going to even the best chefs and sweet so he's got like some great restaurants I have to check out %HESITATION and maybe a coffee shop in there I don't know sixteen did you talk to he's talking good food and a nice Cup but %HESITATION yeah it'd take us out to these cafes and like see what they did there that's it's no good no you're like let me step back there let's talk about the cars they shop but %HESITATION yeah well yeah it just be fun too it's just fun to show people better coffee specially if it's in your neighborhood and you never even better because you know yeah it's good and also get to support small businesses like ourselves yeah absolutely absolutely eight three thank you so much we will remain in touch and %HESITATION we'll keep everybody posted yeah thanksgiving day full right everyone that sound means we're out of time for this week's episode but we want to think so much you can check him out gains in the Alps coffee as you heard that coffee anywhere in the world in Arkansas anywhere in between be sure to check them out there we'll put the link to his website and Instagram in the episode description while you're over there be sure to check out our own Instagram and then come back here next time for more two guys three crowns 2 Guys 3 Crowns

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