Aug. 30, 2021

The Travel Bug Is Back!

Travel, Hair Dressers, Wedding Anniversary, Correction

Rodney celebrates his 25th wedding anniversary! Woohoo! Then, he and Sean discuss some upcoming travel they've planned - now that they are fully vaccinated. Also, Rodney makes a correction, vents for a bit and then wonders if hair dressers are secretly shaming us.

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welcome to two guys three crowns the podcast that talks about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden I'm John and with my fellow American Rodney you break down the good the bad and the just plain weird that's quite the journey to join us for the ride %HESITATION a live model Hey ho in San Francisco %HESITATION %HESITATION classic but that's that's that's the elite like part of the song that I know this coming from a San Francisco Bay Area need right but I mean I I I know like some other you know like to pop songs and stuff but no I I was thinking about you know tunes and like okay if I go back to the west coast I got to do some kind of start song here so all of a sudden it might yeah you could just busted out with California law I don't know it you know what I almost did was that done done done done done done done in a day and I was like wait a minute that's New York yeah and you can't do sweet Caroline the boss will have adopted that so you can't do that either exactly exactly what happened Sean %HESITATION what's happening what's happening with you you're traveling soon this is true I as soon as in you're traveling to begin with yes this is true this is true %HESITATION I finally went ahead and buckle down and got my tickets so I will be flying back to the bay area some around the twentieth of next month and I'll be visiting mom for a couple weeks and checkpoint learning checking in on her and then I will be coming back amazing I'm looking forward to the trip but I'm hoping that there's not too big of a weather transition while I'm gone because I was just out back I started packing everything away I'm like I died swept in well once it Hemingway or Mark Twain that said the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco yeah yeah well it's it's supposed to be nice and toasty and so we'll see but I'm looking forward to it got the tickets not a problem %HESITATION nice and now I just need to start checking on all the PCR tests %HESITATION yeah everything like just get some neosporin and shove it up your nose now why you got the advance notice what what I've been thinking is I haven't been like reading everybody's posts I know that like in all of the posts on Facebook for the last years been like I'm traveling what do I do do I have to get a test what kind of test do I get when do I get the test how much does cost will it upset the going now all of a sudden I'm going through this I go to bed you don't you're double dosed right right yeah you that you passed doesn't work for you to go into the U. S. though now one line a but I'm gonna be that I'm gonna be that guy that goes into the %HESITATION the Americans in Sweden Facebook page to be like I'm not sure anybody has asked this yet or not but going back to the states and I'm not really sure about the testing do you need a test of the era M. and while I'm asking this is well do you guys do you guys know something about drivers right with that yeah I'm looking for a job does anybody have any I don't speak Swedish but I'm looking for a job yeah exactly good luck my friend well speaking of your trip coming up to San Francisco we just booked a trip this weekend %HESITATION we got a hot tip hot tips from our favorite Peruvian ceviche place hot hi ho yeah he I he E. R. who who's doing this across the water from a sell them on the southernmost point of Saddam yep yep %HESITATION amazing amazing guys Peruvian can't go wrong you know he had just come back from a Greek trips okay and he was like he's were like also we've always been interested in traveling degrees and you know throwing a little Spanish you know getting going in right now I spoke to speaking the same language or you know to me I think it about it yeah and then next thing you know he's sitting down at the table one is like pulling up as far as like all check out these pictures Lesbos Lesbos that's what you need to know this place highly recommend this place you know go to this website you'll get the trip included in the in the in the room booking and probable next thing I know this weekend all of a sudden now here we've got six hundred euros a family of three traveling and the hotel that flight and the hotel next month catching wow okay six hundred euros man that's crazy yeah that's crazy when the yeah that's crazy for three people for for one person three people yeah yeah well two and a half but he has to buy his own seat now so unbelievable yeah he you know the grease is like on I don't mention that before Greece's like beat that's number one on my list that's like my bucket list is based I'm going to eat so much kebab I'm like okay people this is how we do Bob this is how we do heroes you know everything but the reason why you know I judge I judge a Greek restaurant like do they have don't mind these on the menu to begin with if you don't have stuffed grape leaves you're not a Greek restaurant get outta here I don't have time for this like I'm not saying I'm gonna eat it I just wanted to see if it was on the menu exactly exactly yeah man so that's that's next month so we're going to be in you know we're we're right there you got the intercontinental travel thing going on yeah but Greece in I don't know close Adrian's they've been agrees that's a great rate that's right actuation trip he went with it with the with all his friends that went to Greece partied it up after graduation Hey I wonder if his band has to do with me too no in the no but that sounds awesome I'm looking forward to it to going home we're going home %HESITATION and spoke with %HESITATION with mom of course the horse she has her list of stuff that she wants me to bring that to bring back the collies of course it's pretty on the pianist and so I feel like I'm going to be like this this international like pain relief dealer guy I'm like mom I bring him on the piano and then I'm gonna be picking up some you know some nyquil %HESITATION mom it's called ibuprofen it's all the same thing here I think I've had that conversation with her one of those things where it just works better it's like getting prescriptions were there like a well we have this one this cheaper and it's like yelling they're speaking of pain killers you better pick up neosporin because you can't get it over here %HESITATION bro I am going I'm gonna pull and I bacterial I'm going all in I got this long list I hope you have like allowance for to check bags coming back just just for spam yep yes the house is just a spam news flash Linda went to the American store in far stuff which is not our friend Charles a spot it's another it's %HESITATION I yes the the other and that's the one where I stop and pick up usually pick up refried beans and yet now one thing now I refi refried beans I did I have I not known about this for the and now we have to pick up maple syrup to but cut look but because the maple syrup that they used to have eight ECA down here you know the one it's like bell somethin you know it's it's it's okay it's a good maple so one maple syrup exactly but it's good now they went ahead and went like B. movie maple syrup stuff we opened it up down here you know not like maple syrup maple syrup I opened it up and not a man's like %HESITATION it's like honey like legit maple syrup yeah from the tree without sugar being added is actually expensive just like real honey normally the stuff you buy in like the beer bottle all right it has to come in a shape like a bear right how you eat honey yeah but it's apparently all that so it's full of like sugaring gleich coal and all that stuff you can't pronounce this maple syrup was horrendous I mean it was horrible I was gonna pour it out but I didn't I mean it was so bad I don't want to do that to my sink you know I'm like this is I gotta go for this out of the woods somewhere I'm sorry the animals sorry animals but %HESITATION but yes so I got stuck trying to pack %HESITATION that way and that I got this like a two year less the stuff that I usually re stock on my annual trip it's all gone I have like new gotta get the make will you know gotta get stuff head up the spamming hardest hit up everything ma'am %HESITATION and that was my panic thing I was going to tell you spam is the shelves were empty land was like there's no spam and I was like get out of here get out here people yeah international issues brexit brags breakthrough brexit is messing with my delivery %HESITATION I was texting you earlier this week I'm trying to buy a pair of converse shoes right converse shoes yeah they're all whether they look fantastic they're waterproof grind for Sweden you know you know they checked it was high time yeah the only people that apparently sell this thing is a line though and they're always sold out of my size and like so yeah brexit I'm gonna break it rears its head again yeah we're in Sweden but brexit I'm just blaming everything on brexit but I couldn't believe it I can't believe it I couldn't believe you know that I was telling a little on the weird tuna flavored spam the just like out of spend out like the pumpkin spam or does you know stuff but I so so Linda puts the bag on the kitchen table and I'm like to get in there and I'm pulling out peanut butter she bought like two peanut Butters in mobile what what kind of peanut butter %HESITATION the one that's inside our cabinet I don't know what the name of it is is I think it's it's really not yet it's resets all yeah but it's creamy right sat weird stuff it is a peanut in it the definition of creamy yeah okay perfect like these people buying crunchy peanut butter I'm like it's call peanut butter it's supposed to be smooth like butter if I've got the chips in it they're not done with it yet you need to slow the whole thing out exactly A. N. after I turned fifty I'm definitely veering towards smoother foods I I Hey I need to I'm avoiding anything with chunks and seeds and get out and get ready to get you know prepare your stop making your taste palate the new teeth well yeah all my god willing like pureed I'll take the apple sauce please yeah with a side of applesauce mashed potatoes mashed potatoes with apple's not even match between the KFC mashed potatoes which is basically liquefied Pringles with heavy on top I would like mashed peas ha have to mashed man I think I'm getting hungry hacks well I can tell you what the you will be do you want eating spam because of brexit and I'm not really sure how that how that complicated things I don't know if it has to do with meat imports or meat exports I don't know why everyone's container ships are just stuck in all the wrong places that's the biggest issue right now you can't get cars because there's the chip shortage and then because everyone thought it was a great idea to start putting computers in the cars computers last for three years people craze I'm gonna say about Cray Cray Cray Cray twenty five years did he ever win T. twenty five years yes congradulations thank you Sir twenty fifth wedding anniversary and we had a nice little family dinner and celebrated last night now all we have two weddings we got married twice in America and actually exactly works so %HESITATION when it came to presents I totally know what this is kind of the dry run of our twenty fifth anniversary so I bought myself I bought myself another twelve months yeah but this is this was %HESITATION this was our San Francisco city hall wedding so R. I was gonna ask you like the at the wedding of the actual ceremony and all that stuff yeah we did this one on our lunch hour %HESITATION so it was it was kind of a kind of a sea sick yeah I was kind of a drive through was a little Vegas feel to it %HESITATION we need will be technically good good yeah the company that I was working for I dash over to city hall Linda beats me it's our lunch break we're going to do the weight and then they say that where's your witness and I'm Noah and we were like what do you mean witness they say you have to bring a witness with you so I call work and I have them send one of the delivery guy oh my god that's amazing now granted it was a really nice delivery guy %HESITATION yeah sep but %HESITATION yeah that's that's the way that one but we celebrate yesterday twenty five years nice very nice so by two weddings did you have an American ceremony or did you just do that in Sweden no I mean we did like a little ceremony we had was a city hall in San Diego the one over here was actually the formal wedding with guests and okay like what people think of when it said to exactly exactly so until like you actually go through that process yourself and then it's like the wedding is signing a piece of paper and that's it yeah %HESITATION as we were taken through the paperwork getting ready for my trip %HESITATION pulling out passports and getting stuff ready %HESITATION our wedding certificate popped up and we always joke about not knowing exactly what day we got married so as were unfolding %HESITATION our our marriage certificate %HESITATION the date pop so you know we're searching on there because we can find a date and the date pops up and we have the dinner yesterday Saturday we were doing this on Friday we're like oh Hey today is our anniversary %HESITATION yes my god at as long as it's both of you yeah we know we were both laughing we were both laughing Hey I I ran into problems with that when I was trying to get Dylan's American Osborne right now now because we technically got married in a restaurant and then we went to Mexico and we have the party so we always think you know okay when we had the party is like the the date then all our paperwork when I go into the consulates all got a different dates on it for the actual whenever you signed the paper I'm like well technically we assigned it the night before but it was like ten o'clock at night and our friends a notary in that we took it back to the court house the next day and he's like are you guys actually married or is this like a weird I'm I'm we're actually married we're actually just just go just go with the you got it that they're putting people on Mars right there is I mean that's that the ticket they got people to space station that you'd like sending people to Mars we like having tourist stuff in a bit why can't they keep track of our wedding dates that's what seriously is twenty twenty one people get it together get it together come on be afraid popup message remind me if it's my anniversary I mean who is going on my god I love it now I need to bring up something to you of a conversation I just sat okay with my mom shut out Cindy in Ridgeway Virginia shot shot %HESITATION so she was raving about your hiking trip stories through the highlands of Sweden cookbook K. however right I have come to learn some old tear your details %HESITATION that apparently this wasn't lane as I do yeah about that yeah well this okay let me look at what what a well what happened is but no so Linda had %HESITATION she's it has been in the Swedish military right really yeah so that yeah so live as been the switch military and she's taken trips to different places she's always loved the outdoors always loved hiking %HESITATION she had done some exercises and things up and spends Kathy Allen up up north %HESITATION so she makes sure the Russians aren't coming close to the border right right but you got Norwegian wifi %HESITATION but she has mentioned that over the years and she mentions it yeah she's mentioned how beautiful it is and she's mentioned it and that's kind of that's kind of stock and I know that yeah and what hit what happened and I'm not sure exactly when I'm open are have to post another correction but three in Adrian brought it up and he had said you know what are we going to go to the hiking trip and I think if it was a little bit kind of with the military and it must be a Swedish military things that were done that's what I'm thinking you know but the but it was Adrian and Adrian talk to Lana and then a you know it was a great idea was a great idea and he can't say come on we gotta do it so they booked the trip so Adrian was the person that he was the person to ask for this trip but later was the one that planted like quality to it wasn't just his idea I was correct in the sense in Rodney your goal logic Iran he didn't do anything wrong anywhere process okay all my god I love it yeah but I'm glad that I'm glad that you brought that up because that was on my list of to do's clear the air clear the air yes yes something struck me yesterday basically no no it was a thought it was a thought okay hello which was kind of damaging the the referee matter bring this array matter the gray matter %HESITATION but I was %HESITATION I was thinking I missed a hair appointment I was gonna go get my hair cut yeah it and I don't know how this how this happened but as I was leaving work the other day I had missed his appointment and I started thinking like about people's hair like it well I what I'm thinking about it is from like a hairdresser's point of view as a graphic designer I have this this thing with with this thing with signs like when I see signs of icy fonts when I see things it's it's zero Sir what do you call that when it's like work related it's like a profession professional consulting we'll call IT consulting okay %HESITATION but anyway that they had signed a flick did with this as a graphic designer everywhere I look I see fonts and I spot stuff and I look at printing and I look at things that could be done it colors and things and and if your graphic designer that you kind of understand that those are the things that pop out but I was wondering do you hairdressers have that same kind of a thing like when they walk around are they console %HESITATION are they constantly last day yeah but I've never thought about it I mean because dentists always are complaining about your teeth right yeah yeah I like how you have cracked teeth and I know from working in advertising having produced a two minute sixty seconds advertisement like when I watch movies sometimes like okay that was interesting I know how they are home that right when they would have had to do it in this order and all that stuff that you can't unlock that night and Doris boxes opiates exactly and speak yeah man these hairdressers are walking around like like looking at the going bad that because your trash and all of our go over there well I think it is but I'm just thinking that you know that they're getting a like a barrage of the same way that you know that we're walking around not that I'm kind of the same way with movies too like you said you know I'm looking at stuff and all of a sudden we're watching a movie out and I'll be like tell me like what's wrong and I'm like well you know they missed the music queue on that or there's a stress issue so I can't you just can't let it go yeah you see behind the curtain you know works exactly well someone didn't take a lunch break that day well I could tell you who is not working in Hollywood anymore home my god to be like you had one job like that's so true about their dressers but all the hairdressers in Sweden they'll give you the same Erica Exide heart cold over yeah and then it was cut around this exactly and then three millimeters we learning with shiny SL we've really shine it up we learned with three millimeters is and then I don't know why they have to put stuff in your hair always always why do they have to put on like please just don't put it I'll just gonna put you know put a little bit of this vitamin in the oil and I just don't don't do it I'm gonna go home to wash my hair anyway you don't need to put anything I know man I'm not going anywhere it's just just leave it alone just let it be there like okay okay okay yeah yeah it's standing on the train and like everybody going no yet this guy got his hair cut he smells like yeah yeah he hasn't done the the first wash yet and that like you think it's like looking good and then you do the first shower yeah get the shampoo in there with us all that product out and then it's like half the length of what you thought it was just like what happened here yeah I think so much hair not only that that's when the imperfections pop up that's what you're there and you're like wait a minute you shouldn't have agreed to this Hey that's why they selected down and still cost me fifty euro yeah yeah I got upset on Wednesday I got a Wednesday yes you wouldn't like to see him when he's angry haha you wouldn't like me when I'm angry and and the funny thing is it was a it was a pet peeve that I thought that I had resolved I thought that I had talked that so deep inside this that it no longer bothered me anymore but I I didn't I did I might have to get therapy I might have to go talk to somebody man everyone needs therapy get in line it was somebody talking on their mobile phone so the people outside of the train could probably hear them I mean this woman was talking so loud on her phone and and at it and it you know that it's bad when you when you sit there because it takes me an hour and a half to get home right and I'm riding trains the whole way home this lady starts talking really loud on the train and the first thing out of her mouth is haha man wait till I tell you about my week and I I just I wish everyone can see Rodney's face right now is just so you can feel like that you're weak what is your week you only get a date I'm already angry with you you'll get the day I just had a connection I mean I was always a connection %HESITATION certainly going place readers connection so all you can do is like shift in your seat right yeah yeah yeah yeah that's what I was doing I was given %HESITATION the ugly I was given a deadly stare but but that was all going to my own life Hey that was that was the Swedish Rodney because the American Rodney had a serious I was sitting there going you know what I'm gonna get up I'm gonna sit right across from her and I'm gonna ask who she's talking to and she and if she asks me you know who are you why you do it I'm like well I'm only getting half of the conversation that it would be nice to know who you're talking to so that I could at least you know I mean or you could you could potentially now I have put it away I production value of this %HESITATION this impromptu show this is missing something is missing the other half a it was %HESITATION upon video let's see yeah but I was gonna I I because ultimately you need to shame somebody into doing and sometimes that doesn't even do it but if you did like a hand racing if you could like ask everybody on the train if they really care what Margarita did yesterday you know or what kind of high I think the show of hands would be all in favor of prying open the doors and throwing it overboard yeah share so I I controlled myself all the way to T. isn't all in so I can get all the way to T. isn't all in %HESITATION from she staffers from from the office of those of you who aren't all our listeners who aren't in Sweden or don't know she says I would call it a northern suburb it's pretty far out there that has it how long is that train ride from she got that one in five minutes okay twenty five but that's a big trend that's at twenty five minutes of listening to her and her week but only got through Tuesday but when we got to we got to T. isn't tall and we're all getting up everybody you are the majority of people get up because again transferred you know to summer training as we get up I look over and the woman that was talking really loud I looked out and buy her foot there is a full did five hundred crown built which is let's say a fifty dollar bill it's folded up and it's right which you might as well be worthless because what do you have where are you going to use that yeah but but I walk up to her and she looks at me and I looked down and she looks at me and I point that the bill N. she bends over picks up the bill and then like almost pushes past me on her way out the door %HESITATION so you're welcome it nothing bar so good nothing nothing nothing N. M. and I was sitting there I'm thinking okay even if it wasn't her if it wasn't my money I would've been like dang you know I feel like there is an inner emperor Palpatine inside of Rodney going let hate %HESITATION but I need to find a job well find a nice little comical way of letting it how but it's it's gonna it's gonna happen it oh my god man I I lived that life every day because the Brazilians they they have no filter they have no understanding of volume right I think we talked about I turned the TV up louder and all the Latinos in the room they start screaming yeah when you bring the volume back down they start speaking a little bit more normal I have to tell him not to sometimes because she's wearing her like her Bose headphones yeah that are Bluetooth connect to headphones and she's got both of the ear cups on and like take one off take one off but only have one in your phone on yeah he's he's like yeah and then what happened was yeah yeah Hey back it up back it up for the minute yeah that's that's that's the one thing here everyone can hear now I'm gonna think of Rodney yeah let's pack this onto a train and a little sardine can I don't know but it's just yeah it's it's it's it's kind of an Swedish really I mean because you're you're supposed to constantly think about other people right and not infringe on other people not talk to other people and I'm sitting there and I'm thinking who are these people didn't get the memo I mean they obviously don't difference gonna right now %HESITATION no no no no no they would say at least they would smile and wave and maybe invite you into the conversation yeah what you gonna do all right everyone that will do it for this week's episode but the phone does not have to stop here be sure to check us out on Instagram see all the other greasy stuff we're getting up to while you have to be sure to like share subscribe review all that good stuff to get the word out there about the podcast you guys so much we want to spread that love and then when you're done with all that come back here next time for more two guys three crowns