March 1, 2021

The Man With Three Flags

The Man With Three Flags

Al Pitcher, Comedy, New Zealand, London

The guys are joined this week by comedian Al Pitcher. You might know him from one of his popular Netflix specials, a few SVT appearances or one of his many stand-up comedy stops around Stockholm and the UK. He talks a bit about how he ended up in Sweden, how it differs from his New Zealand upbringing and how his kids still don't approve of his Swedish language skills.


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welcome to two guys three crowds the podcast that talks about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden I'm showing and with my fellow American Rodney you break down the good the bad and the just plain weird it's quite a journey join us for the ride John you know we typically start these things with a little song we do we do that sweet emotion or just two of us exactly typically some some come in kind of a group but I accidentally start today's episode a little different a little different yeah we we have somebody here I'm gonna I'm gonna see if he if he's ready for this one should should I go for I'll go for do it under US done %HESITATION new Clorox while I'm young young nonsense fox's bottom wow their use that was absolute pressure to be honest I guess I thought about you too well I get freaked out with those little moments in Swedish light like the where I was he hasn't told me what what the hell is he gonna say you know Hey we've we figured get that spontaneity going you know right off the right off the bat we'll you know we'll get a good okay okay I'm just glad you answered al we have an old goodness %HESITATION just kind of logged out I was waiting for him to boot but right right yeah ladies and gentlemen today we have Mr al pitcher who's joining us today for the podcast and we are honored and thrilled and it's fantastic to to happen here we got I mean I don't know how much better Sunday gets we got al pitcher and we got sunshine we have sunshine we have sent out we get vitamin D. rolling through big time that's not me that's the sun I have an employment date I don't I would just hate L. I would just take just take credit for it just run with it yes A. like Alfa brings the sunshine well I do like about you guys is you really have that enthusiasm and I I I wonder if that should be in this country I I just love that you're right it's an honor it's a pleasure I'm gonna start this off here we go Americans all you just wonderful honestly it's just for me I'm just kind of tired of life but you you are that you are the boost we need thank you I'm just gonna take a minute to point out you see that Sean is sitting in a closet and my wife has me underneath the stairs so you know that's what we're can we try to keep our enthusiasm in Chad were well trained proper Harry potter shit like it so so tell us briefly I mean I would say that ninety nine point nine percent of the people out there %HESITATION know your story have heard your story %HESITATION hello taken along a little bit a part of your your story and journey here but but give us like a a quick one handed out pitcher and up here in stock all good question I born in England I went to New Zealand %HESITATION seven with my family with the family didn't catch the robot and %HESITATION I'm banned just sort of I always had this feeling that was going to come back to England at some stage I don't know if you guys have that coaling to go back to the homeland %HESITATION and then I met my wife there and then we just started coming over here and because I'm from I'm from a place in New Zealand which is just like you know it's it's kind of one roads to cause a traffic jam contest all right that clean team shape you know sure sure so I'm going to London was just blew my mind because they were I was proper proper crocodile Dundee with it you know it walking around going yeah how are you and they just walked over your dead body that you know right %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION and then I just came we just used to pop up here and I just I don't know I just log the the slowness of it all I I know it's a big city I know it's a beautiful city but it still feels like things just take you know like summer summer blows my mind when what it does actually turn up date yeah it just everything just shuts the and that took me a few years to to kind of get with that right you know right like if I want to go home with a tumble weeds in summer absolutely yeah and it was it was like the I. de I really struggled with that but I'm I've slowly got used to these damn painful right yeah but yeah I can I can relate to the experience having lived in London I made it a year myself but still we got relocated up here but yeah the same kind of thing it was like it's weird because it says quote unquote European capital right yeah yeah but it's still like the comparison is so stark compared to London yeah and and even even I've got relatives in like northern England and they used to come down and you know to be pushing like a prime and people wouldn't help lift their you know downstairs soul you know they basically put in the hands of the kids you know it's it's it's a real it's it's it's dog eat dog it's it's you know and I I I'm very happy that we we got out you know %HESITATION but yeah I can hear no plan as well which I don't know if you guys had a plan when you came here but it just sort of bounced and fell into place you know which is great expose yeah we we actually sat and %HESITATION we had talked about it my wife Linda was an au pair %HESITATION in the San Francisco Bay Area and we met %HESITATION through %HESITATION Scandinavian social club and we had talked about %HESITATION we should move to Sweden %HESITATION we should move to Sweden you know and then ten years later you know we're over there and then we start looking at the the kids getting the kids into school and I was like there's got to be something else there has got to be something else and we were here with our daughter %HESITATION to christen our daughter and we took a little brief walk on the beach and we're like look let's just decide right now if we're gonna make a move that will make the move and we decided and six months later we were here yeah absolutely no plans I mean we just we'd sold stuff and it was exciting it was like and then we are here and I was in my in laws like in one of the little hobby room smells like hell yeah this this the beginning of good things with that that the in laws is a freaky experience isn't it that that the ones that I don't know about you but the ones that we were with %HESITATION we will tell you it has %HESITATION we went just allocates its %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION but they they sort of went there were no English kind of you know yeah I %HESITATION which should have you know kick me up the backside to learn the language but it didn't sell well %HESITATION but yeah it it you know die with proper like you know what what what is this you know yeah I think he could recite to My Fair Lady so what's about the extent of it who would have evenings if you know the medicine go down right yeah I do I do I I %HESITATION I I struggle sometimes with it here it feels very %HESITATION %HESITATION it's a very solos I know you you're in a kind of way you're in a relationship in Europe but it it is difficult to find friends it is difficult to %HESITATION I just think it's a real mission on your own you know you through you know you just so heads down and you see people every day will pass the same place every day and this note is not all you browse can no no no no no no yeah yeah I too I told Sean I'm convinced that that you're allocated you only have a certain amount of friends that you're allowed to have like ten and you have to wait until something happens like if there's an opening someplace and you get your application and yet you know at the between trying to find an apartment in Stockholm and find a friend I don't know which one which line to get in touch also yeah it was %HESITATION we try to make friends with some of the some of the parents and %HESITATION my youngest well my son Adrian's class we first moved here and I got the feeling like we were too late it was like you know it was like the first great and like %HESITATION yeah well you know you have been here you have been here since day care yeah yeah like OK I guess we're we're we're never gonna fit in now yeah all god really I I I struggle that days those kids bodies you know for those reasons but I I I yeah I just I'm on my own basically if I if I have a guy who they're with someone like my wife full or friend I'm not you do not leave me alone it done please say or else I'm just proper in the corner doing nothing you know yeah and I think doing doing like stand up I think people think you're going to be sort of coming into a room like juggling and and you know and it was not as is often you know hi guys is a pain in the office this guy you know I am well I'm not like that asshole you know %HESITATION yeah actually did the whole to me being a home is being quite nice you know a lot more time at home you know yeah so yeah you'll your fans have a Cisco and generally from the east coast of the U. S. sized I typically say ice before coming over here I was in Miami for ten years which is the longest I've ever been in one place yeah but originally I'm from like the northeast of Baltimore Philadelphia that kind of moved around a bit yeah so I'm I'm from I'm from San Francisco and Sean is from everywhere else he you like east anything east of San Francisco but I do I do like %HESITATION %HESITATION I don't know if it's kind of a a British kind of New Zealand mentality but I find that the Americans the only note that live here they're they're a bit more are you just a bit more friendly you know your name I thought you two just staring at me now that no no I right but the kind of the the American comedian like Brian Jordan you know that if there were any %HESITATION yeah let's go %HESITATION you know this is a confusing as of it's just you know I like that you know yeah but I think that that kind of falls in line with them you know we we talk about making friends you know I I. N. N. that to me falls into that hold no small talk and I don't understand how you're supposed to meet somebody how do you initiate the contact with somebody if you don't started off with like %HESITATION well buses late again all right you're not you're not allowed to talk to anybody absolute death fight with yeah there are only like if I'm going to shop and someone walks and they thank you J. dropped a tray of glasses and a goatee all right well I have to go you'll want to right it's just like why why you talking what what are you you know a lot of being into like shops and someone's been on the phone number right all right busy yeah right yes the walkoff you know like just %HESITATION it down real place for that and I think there's a stubbornness to their their mentality I just it's just who they are you know yeah I mean imagine imagine us imagine me I thought it was bad when I got to London and Europe too and god forbid you're not looking at the advertisements above or your own feet yes yes your car problems and then you get here and it's like it's another level man it's another level all right the silence here is incredible isn't it you know and if it's deafening all I know if you if you do say stuff you're the wheat you the really weird person all items for me it kind of it kind of suits my personality to live here if I if I'm absolutely honest I am and I I stopped drinking like a few years ago and that took out any fond of other three and it's something I tell my children every night you know reminder yet that that that thing with the with the store %HESITATION and now I I I say that I'm bad in two languages because my English my Swedish makes it I I can I have problems speaking in both languages but the person all the people that work in a shop and like you said you walk and you're standing there and they know that you're there but they refused to acknowledge the fact there's no little wave like okay I'll be right with you you know it's all it's kind of like that like you they don't know you don't know if they've seen you or if you need to flag something throw something or absolutely yeah and coming from where you guys which is a toll customer based in %HESITATION friendly you know I mean I I I don't want to discuss I don't want to do this on the on the on the place why yeah %HESITATION and and other people that you know there is this it is rose tinted glasses sometimes I'm I'm not scared you know %HESITATION I I you know I have a lot of friends that that kind of look at sweat Sweden especially is like while this this kind of paradise you know right but %HESITATION yeah it does have its problems but %HESITATION out of all the places I've lived it's it's hard you know yeah yeah I mean we we continue I tell everybody that it's %HESITATION it's the best thing best movie that we could have done it's been fantastic to raise kids here %HESITATION so you know the benefits and a lot of these things are you know those dear those cultural thank you you know like and then we'll see what ends up happening but I think generationally you know if you've been around in the eighties and the nineties and you know what customer service is yes yes we are we are the ones that know what it's like when you don't get good customer service but you know there's a generation coming up now that's never really experienced you know they're just happy if they take the money and stick in the back you know it's like %HESITATION you know that the rate bond you know the expectations are so low but do you %HESITATION you guys strike me as people that would complain I would never complain you see like you know even if you know I I've I've gone vegan even if they pull out a bit of bacon I probably just put my head down and put in my pocket and dropped it on the street you know that's not running cool though that's the British gene pool yeah I think it is yeah but that's why I think it's sort of there is the cross over here yeah %HESITATION all of that all goodness kind of %HESITATION I'm not saying like Hugh grant kind of stuff but there is kind of bumbling arguably and I'm a vegan and your foot but you know I will I would yeah yeah yeah right Swedish she would just you know she would pile in you know %HESITATION yeah yeah %HESITATION maybe it's a male female thing I'm not sure I I definitely definitely see that %HESITATION that happening and it's I mean it's it's strange because we do have this I mean we want to be friends with everybody if you're an American your common you're loud and you know it's almost it we're almost the exact opposite of young yeah you know they have the the young the law I mean we're like the polar opposite you know we want people to you know we want to talk to people I had to rewrite my resume like five times when we moved here they're like oh yeah you're talking way too much about yourself and I'm like well it's my resume right yeah yeah you have to talk about what you accomplished as part of a group and I'm like yeah those guys are working I'm the one that was where is my job you know what does American may right now a lot of strong it was all about him one it wasn't about the hole in the nascent Dave it was about him that rocket himself he built that rocket himself the NASA team got Apollo thirteen they got their they got their props they got their property %HESITATION now as far as we touched bases I always say I'm from San Francisco %HESITATION my father it was Hawaiian Samoan my mother was a Swedish flight attendant she met my father in Hawaii but I have this whole Polynesian side and you are I think probably the the third person and I'm gonna say from New Zealand because that's where the the bulk of the era your your time was but it is it's still fun to me where how all of a sudden you know I'm meeting other Polynesian people here in Sweden install you know it yeah I don't know if I'm an Asian well I mean yeah I'm looking at you and that you know we're at yeah %HESITATION not only was always the because at school yet you you're taught to do the haka the Maori who wants to write and spell and the I always felt a bit awkward always felt like you know but I'm not at a wedding when people start dancing to mac and I know I'm like you know I but it's we'd like I'm very I'm very patriotic and very %HESITATION to to New Zealand that that that lifestyle you know right whenever we had relatives come over we would always take them to the east I suppose that commercial but we wanted them to understand what your Mowery thing the reason right but it was some yes I know it's a weird one because I remember there's a story once where you too you have a lead all of this this tourist group and you have to put a leaf down and the Mallory what leader would take the lead follow up and that would be welcome you into this I remember well I can assure Norwegian guy I said to him you're the leader do not lost like you know don't smirk it might be we had a guy in a skirt right and he just starts laughing so the guy gets the state can just you and the guy was like I had to do it misses out you know so I will I told you I told you not to laugh yeah I had to hit you we had a great holiday %HESITATION but yes it's it is something that I I I do I I do enjoy %HESITATION the art I've struggled with identity as well you know like being born in England and growing up in New Zealand and now now in sports I'll support Sweden against England right and my bridge might sound like you who use three flag three flag got her how to know it some yeah I wanted to write a standup show about finding the identity but it it's %HESITATION I also I find it it's it's it's a lot more %HESITATION easier full %HESITATION say European or an American to come here you know %HESITATION rather than someone from Somalia who has to learn the language of big I I I I I I really struggle that privilege you know and I you know %HESITATION I feel very lucky and I I I I haven't quite worked out you know because I feel like I am an immigrant you know who I am but like you know you get a taxi sometimes you got it all right sorry I don't know the language and then I I it's okay and I don't think there is like David why yeah yeah yeah and then some so it's it's some it's a learning I I I learned all the time you know and I've I've tried to learn the language I I I've really struggled right yes one of the things that I was curious about is %HESITATION and Sean and I touched on this in a previous episode but now all bilingual kids like raising I mean you have a like a bilingual family atmosphere going on I mean is that %HESITATION %HESITATION how is that my kids are they think I'm a disgrace to the language of Swedish okay if I am any word that a Swedish band just like since you just as an actor I can stop yeah just absolutely so you know we we try and have a light dinner in which he will speak Swedish but you know I hope that they'll just guy you know it's just total restoration for that like all I'm like there he goes again yeah yeah it's like you know we're in that we're in a group and we're trying to get project done and I'm just the absolute idiots and every time I speak they just bang there yeah we know does he find we know yeah yeah I mean right Seoul you know that so course they walking around saying free fun because you know that's what I said on stage so it's fine you know I took you know it's the free the free card yes yeah yeah well I mean I think swearing here is a completely different I would you know like I've done podcasts and and radio shows and they squaring and I'm not on site that can you but the the melodies are we don't know what's going on you know yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah the language is tough but %HESITATION but then you know there's also people that god is a small country you know why it's great that they learn English you know yeah yeah and I say that's all I can give them yeah now my %HESITATION and it's funny because the expectations on them is also well you know your your dad's English or your dad is fluent in English so you're gonna you gonna be great you got to be great and you know in English class yeah Mike yeah my kids my kids survived English class but it wasn't you know as if they were you know %HESITATION like laureates or anything I mean daisy you but they're but they're kids you know that their fellow friends were saying oh you know it dance American of course he's getting wish yeah yeah that that that was you know kind of a people had asked us when we moved here so you can send your kids to English school yeah yeah yeah and I was like man no we didn't just fly halfway around the world has to stick my kids in an English school yes all my son my son thinks he's some kind of English speaking king when he walks we will I do not need this eight eight yeah he needs a bit more humility after yeah I think mine he's making up his own language at this point he's got he's gonna be trilingual all he's got all the Swedish in the for school and then my wife's Brazilian so fourteen days there and then the American English so he's saying a whole bunch of stuff and no one understands what you're saying which is fine coming out of the oil and I'd love to be in that world yeah I knew what was it back in the eighties Esperanto %HESITATION he's making his own new version of that when you do see that the poll who just screaming at himself in the street and you always think well they look happy enough you know no you know but you know satisfied out when did you have have you always worked with comedy or was comedy something that you %HESITATION I started doing stand up in London when I the yeah I went back one time %HESITATION didn't work out sort of my family in England got together with me and said it's best if you come back so I went back and then yeah I I I I never I never but weirdly now looking at this Sunday afternoon talking to two Americans in the you know in in in Sweden it's it's right all of the way %HESITATION falls in so I just sort of fell into doing comedy really you know %HESITATION just started in England deducted did well in England I was doing all the big clubs did all the big festivals %HESITATION but came here with notes %HESITATION there was no plan like all I'll I'll do a few tours it was like right well I basically was gonna trying to do was be here for ten days and then go to England for ten days and do cakes %HESITATION the whole wake sleep on couches you know I'm I'm I'm forty eight now I don't know how long that you know it was dealt with a large budget airline stuff you know like I don't know if I would have survived that to be honest and I'm likely big big kick started happening here so I could drop the English pop you know yeah %HESITATION but yeah I I I I I miss being on stage no not not egotistical way %HESITATION I I just I just miss I miss writing an idea or thinking of an idea and going on stage and doing it that that that yeah sure and if I don't have comedy now like I'm I'm I'm unemployable absolutely you know in trying to help my wife in the god and today she's just you know you she would have laid me off basically you know just had a word with me about if it was a proper job at like eleven o'clock this morning on I haven't got much work on here so %HESITATION yeah we'll get yeah our bits for meddling in Augusta you know we just %HESITATION here I'll help you the paperwork absolutely yeah so yes hi mom I'm I'm excited when it all comes back and I know I've never taken it for granted but it's just bizarrely the best job in the world you know I %HESITATION and like we all have had we've had loads of time to think about what we're doing and you know I had time on our own and we you know we would just sit and hear the flash in yes yeah so on a I can't wait to to do shows again you know why and I think the people are going to need you I mean this is I think that after this long you know year that we've had and everything else I mean people need to laugh people need to you know to to find %HESITATION back to that my son keeps on asking me when they're gonna release Top Gun you know he's been asking me that for for like a you know for a year and a half once top gun come in let's talk about like I don't know I don't I don't have no I have no idea but %HESITATION yeah I think especially working with what you do we need that we need you know people need to laugh more and you to get to get that back and I think that the I mean the energy to that that you are that you're missing you know not being up and and there I mean that that energy that a crowd brings that enthusiasm that you're charging interaction it's like going through withdrawal you know all of a sudden it's just who yeah I don't I think people you know I mean I think that's the American spirit we we have %HESITATION we have uploaded during this podcast not that we're gonna need to I think a British friend would probably say it's gonna be share you know they're gonna you know after one minute it's just gonna be staring at you well I am yet now I need to write a show that is as good as Top Gun I think if you're really trying that trying to make for you eight we've been getting crews %HESITATION but yeah all my mum I I think like the all the audiences here are %HESITATION %HESITATION magnificent as well that day around you know I oversee to %HESITATION in English but there and you can just hear them sometimes I lean in and and and trying to listen and they don't want to miss out someone once said that they they just you know they don't want to be the ones that miss out on the joke you know sure that's why they're quiet but %HESITATION so I guess I cont aka white I don't know when it will be we were lucky last year I ended up doing like fifty C. shows you no right to to those annoying that's fantastic and to be fair to my family they really need to make to get the hell out of the house I I just sort of get around I open the door and I'll have that check again yeah it's that guy yeah you have to eat dinner does he have to dinner here every night every night and then there goes your son I don't need this yeah L. no you've you've done shows around Sweden do you have a like a favorite venue is there a venue that you that you like not not place %HESITATION the %HESITATION I've done before but are you we'd like I saw the %HESITATION venue Dolla Holla you know using that one if I could help dole and I saw %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION Netflix special Brian Brian Regan %HESITATION right and he was at red rocks in Denver I think it is yeah yeah I think this is a greasy all got it looked amazing and then I just it was only a couple of days ago I thought wow wouldn't it be great to do it you do end up you know I'm but yeah I mean up and down the country they're they're off really fun places I get I I love working a show up you know yeah I'd love I actually love the process you know so now it's really changed approaches because now it's like I go to like open my clubs such I try five ten minutes I right die on my office because I'm yeah I forget to tell the story so I'm just not gonna get to the punch line I say the pump it's all over the place in order to get to comedy clubs and then I do my own work in progress hours can you take it out on tour and then you have to rewrite it again for it like a stand up special so it's I don't think that that's only recently happened in the world of comedy that you have to you know like god what should a comic to two hours but you you know the standup special can only be an hour really right right %HESITATION so yeah I I I I love I just feel very lucky that online %HESITATION income all I'll be okay I'm I'm still doing digital gigs and like yeah which of which you're not wind chill we heard like some of them I did one where the that the host of the thing they they put the camera the camera went out but they put like a PDF of thanks for today go well bye bye so that was all I could see how soon the whole roof shows to do I thank you goodbye I couldn't I couldn't break it and I couldn't say I still here you know it was it was %HESITATION yeah can you guys hear me right now is there an echo yeah it was the so that that part of its being that she okay you know and the you know a lot of day Christmas parties in suite two zero you know right which is which is the normal I suppose but it feels weird to me that people are in your house is drinking and they're watching me do it shot out right yeah yeah yeah but %HESITATION but yeah hopefully we get to summer we can start doing some outdoor shows again and you know %HESITATION yeah number one three when everything opens up I I think it will be to just do %HESITATION just to take life fifty six gigs yeah I think that's what happened next I think they'll open up I'm supposed to be I had a an arena tour booked like hockey arenas and right and it was like you know as a comic I was always sort of against arenas tool you know %HESITATION so so I'd love to see them in a small affair but when it comes up when that moment comes up for you as a comedian you you just go of course I want to try it you know because I find this a little bit out in the back you hate going maybe it could be really good at doing these big over you know so as I said about that and I still am I still caught white but for me now it's just it's just I think the all the rules are different all the %HESITATION you know if all bets are off I'll just do it wherever and however you know I like fifty fifty fifty people forty people thirty a cat five people yeah yeah yeah yeah %HESITATION do thirty people for you know two hundred nights in a row you know the hockey it's not yeah we'll get those look at those numbers up we'll get those numbers so I I mean and I know I am it's like I don't know if I'm told about myself too much yet but like I'm just a hundred percent stand up I I'm just I go that's all I try and do is be funny and the yes I'd your what I've learned is you're you're always gonna have people that critique what you do you know sure there's always people that kind of guy I just find funny stuff about Sweden and I think over this year off I'm just going to yeah all right that's what I do and I'm gonna try and do my best I can you know I love that yeah yeah yeah %HESITATION yes some some guy wrote on Twitter he said L. pictures though the worst comedian in the world and I I really wanted to write back and got copy the one not the west but like me you know do you have the right but you ought to I just I just try not to engage you know for sure I think I. was listed someone wrote %HESITATION something about me being what a shit yes something I'll pitch it down this and corona I think Kuroda was second behind yeah I'm behind them and dammit you know because it's well yeah I just I I and I and I think you're absolutely right when you said when it when it all opens up and then they ready it's going to be fantastic you know sure sure yeah I mean there there is so much pent up in what they decided and everything else happening I mean I think we're all you know we're we're all ready for a for a reboot yeah yeah ready for a party where we don't talk to anyone well I think that's what's going to happen I think people are gonna go all physical call and the guy we didn't used to do this well you know realization the realization is going to hit him don't wait we didn't did we yeah hi five no we don't know we don't do that yeah exactly yeah yeah yeah well I yell it is the it has been a true pleasure to have you with us and I hope that you will stay in touch we are going to go ahead and put up some information where people can go in and learn more about you as well as some of your upcoming things %HESITATION thank you so much we sure look forward to seeing you well do you know what man I already %HESITATION it's been very very short which is which is cool but %HESITATION wit which is it you know its %HESITATION let's do this again Mr let's let it go down when it when it will kicks kicks open and you know %HESITATION gadget and I promise I'll put it all together really desperate and tonight was like every Sunday please I'm okay with it Hey man I'm on board I just yeah and when you said your wife was another pair all I could think about was my my comedy head was like and he was the child and then she brought him over here you know I didn't say that so now I'll I'll get out of that so it well take care yourself we remain in touch and we'll hopefully be asked for merchandise yeah thank you one of those well it's proper Florida Gulf exactly exactly you go but now we will %HESITATION we'll definitely try and and get something going absolutely great thank god it thank you so much for spending your time with us that is it for this week's episode everybody thanks so much for tuning in as always and very very very special thank you to Mr Alpert your first stop by the pod you can actually check out two of the specials on Netflix right now and be sure to go to al pitcher dot com to see any upcoming dates and ticketing information will put that link in the episode description and then come back here next time for more two guys three crowns

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Al Pitcher


Al Pitcher was born in England but grew up in New Zealand, he started his standup career in London in 1999. The same year he went to the final in the So you think you’re Funny comedy competition and later in both the BBC New Act Competition and Daily Telegraph Open Mic Competition. Since then, he has performed at comedy festivals all around the world and has won several awards including Best Show 2009 at Leicester Comedy Festival ( UK) , Director’s Pick 2009 at the Newcastle Comedy Festival ( UK ) and the Peoples Choice Award 2009 at the Sydney Comedy festival in, Australia . He has performed twice at the illustrious invite only Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal , doing his own 1 hour show along with Eddie Izzard and Billy Connolly and others

In 2010, Al Pitcher moved to Sweden and has quickly made a name for himself in the Swedish standup scene. In 2011 he won ”Best male comedian” at Svenska Standup galan and the following year he went out to do the celebrated and sold out ”Fika tour”, which was quickly followed by another successful tour the ” Påtår” tour in 2013 and ”Nääämen it’s Al Pitcher tour throughout ”2014/2015.

Al Pitcher has also released the humor book “ Buried Elephants” (2012), He had a standing feature in the ”Settman Pa Plats ” TV programme and made ”Al Pitcher’s Guide to Sweden” in SVT’s talk show ”Robins”.

His SVT Special: Fy Fan Sweden was shown on SVT in January 2016. It has had over 1 million views during the year.

In Autumn 2017 Al premiered his latest standup tour show Sweden Syndrome. He took it all over his new homeland Sweden as well as abroad to New York, London, Copenhagen and Amsterdam – performing the show for full houses!
The show has given Al some of his best reviews of his career so far and it has been a complete sell out. The tour continued throughout 2018 and ended in december.

2019: SVT 1 broadcasted the show: Sverige Syndrome june 6, on Swedens National Day. Same day Al became a swede and got his membership! Watch it on SVT Play,

You can now watch Als first Special ”Fyfan Sverige!” on NETFLIX!