March 8, 2022

The Italian Jobba

Italian, Restaurant, Cell Phones, Loud Talker, West Side Story, Travel

Rodney takes the whole family out for a lovely dinner, and gets to listen to another patron’s phone conversation the whole time. And you now how much Rodney loves his loud phone talkers. To take his mind off things, he decides to "check out" the new West Side Story movie. Plus, he finally get his tickets to fly back to SFO. Woohoo! Bay Area for Easter!

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welcome back everybody to two guys three crowns podcast about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden join me Sean and my fellow Americans broadly as we explore the good the bad and the just plain weird when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that the motor way that that that that that that that that that that that's the way you're going to know the rest of the song what a tease sorry sorry but the remake that pizza pie but the the reason why is we actually ate at a little Italian restaurant today tell you the restaurant in Sweden yes tell me more yes I need to know about this come on now yeah so what we decided was that %HESITATION we did some work on Adrian's car down here and then we were going to return it to him %HESITATION but instead of him coming all the way down here or us going all the way up there that we decided to go halfway so L. U. so we met half way which is my give or take Eloqua L. Quetta is is is about halfway so he caught the train okay that's like almost in the middle of the city he won't wear or via or via yeah yeah they have a presence like that what what is that on the the the commuter train this like two more stops and then you're in Stockholm central right exactly now it's yeah it's like %HESITATION just about any yes basically slightly to the south just just a smidge just a smidgen to the south yeah but we decided that we were going to hook up with him and %HESITATION and do lunch so we picked up a rock on the way and then we even met him up elsewhere and we had talked a little bit about what we gonna do and it seemed like it seemed like everybody was leaning toward subway sandwiches like subway then we're like but there's gotta be another little restaurant yeah I mean like you can't you can't if you go on subway you gotta go hard be like now I don't want like normal cheese or spicy cheese I give me the probe alone that's under the shelf that no when asked about you know like come on that's got to be about a year okay okay let's go off menu a little bit okay it's got this go back to January let's go back to January right %HESITATION yeah so we we had made that decision because we knew that there was one up there near the station %HESITATION but I wasn't I wasn't a hundred percent sold on that you know I was like %HESITATION and then I knew that in the area they were tell you walk past the restaurant and it smells like subway bread and you're like I know it's not actually bred lake when I go into a taco bell it's not really tacos but guide me I'm not going to go up there like I don't care just give me the bread right now yeah let it let it flow over me that's right and but we %HESITATION the bread was wafting as we as we walk by and then we spotted a restaurant on the corner and we knew that there was a restaurant there we just didn't know what kind of restaurant it was %HESITATION so when we got closer it through the windows it started looking legit like a like a nice little restaurant Veronica had said that her preference was for pasta she says if you know if we can find a place that does pasta that would be great and as we walked up and started flipping through the menu %HESITATION or tit we took a look at the menu and it was a Tallien food there was all kinds of pasta dishes and pizza disorders and yeah so we walked to our %HESITATION first we try to walk through a door that was not a door but it was a dork but it wasn't open to the public %HESITATION it was more about him wait what it was a it was more like it was more like we're walking through the door but it's not a door but it's like I'm just imagining the Kool aid man %HESITATION year but it's kind of a but everybody in the restaurant or the people that were in the restaurant you know they saw start pulling out the door and we're like okay aha okay it's one of those I've been to one of the sweetest restaurants where they have like five doors going down the street no no keep going keep going that yeah it was pretty much that because when we got around the when we got around to the correct side of the building it was %HESITATION they have like those little like the red you know like those M. B. or that you know when that doesn't work award ropes like those like a red carpet and that it had like this I get Zeiger reviewed five stars so that others did it was it was too what does on the other side of the door but it was nice we're like okay this is going to be great and we walked in and it was it was a really nice restaurant now granted I eat I knew I mean we all do it at once we took a step through that door that we had left the we have left the subway safety tests with the subway the pricing range we had actually taken a step into %HESITATION but we were down you know it's not often that we all get to get to get together for a for a meal in it was nice everything look good so it wasn't about piano no it wasn't far beyond %HESITATION %HESITATION and for those of our listeners in the U. S. Babi ano is like a I don't know it's not quite McDonald's level fast food but it's like Italian and it's cheaper and you can like basically create your own dish like whatever crazy idea you're going to come up with the old like end up like throwing in Riga Tony with shrimp or prawns or whatever they call it but then again you're taking your chances of what kind of problems are gonna come out there like many ones are the big ones and then %HESITATION yeah well we're at it let's throw some olives in there it's it's kind of back in the in the bay area %HESITATION before we moved there was a place called pasta pomodoro and poly and I don't know if there was a chain of them but it was yeah I pretty sure it's a chain yeah kind of a similar vibe would you choose the pasta you choose the sauce and then you choose and has a buffet in there right I think they might have a buffet that I don't like other stuff yeah yeah sixteen years ago %HESITATION they welcome to yeah what men alike I'm very particular with my Italian restaurants is pasta is pasta right is dirt right it's flour eggs in water to make it right so I know when I'm going to enough to quote unquote authentic Italian please right like if the pasta dish is more than twenty euros let's say bro is too fancy they're doing like crazy stuff like come on yeah pasta is not that expensive right right right the stuff up for the just to do the margins but later when it's like it when it's like a plate of pasta let's say it's not too big it's kind of like a medium size little dish like you'd have at home right it's like fifteen dollars that's like that is the perfect Italian restaurant okay okay I like that I like the price range trucker yeah it's not it's not like this giant thing where it's like you know those things that they're like almost a meter wide and it's like a bolt and a plate at the same time is examined sunk a bowl into a plate right and then they just fill it up with possum like no no no no no no one's eating this that feeds three people come on but like there's very few times that you come across a place that's like giving you the proper proportion at the proper price for them that's like I have to respect those people Mike yes that's how you do it thank you very much yeah well we were we took a look %HESITATION we we sat down took a look at the menus and %HESITATION Lana and Veronica went for the carbonara there's like they're like that yeah but that's that's like the make in little Hey going on there yeah he's yeah not for the vegans on the ground but that was that was that the go to for them Adrian had a chicken Caesar which was also you know he's so in the military chicken Caesar Jeez yeah yeah nobody would say it was that it was good I ended up happened I can't remember what it's called Costello it was I always go I love mushrooms so that was like mushroom and pork and like over rigatoni with a cream sauce I would F. K. yeah yeah it was nice I know it's a little early in the episode to be jumping into pet peeves but let's do it maybe that's why this podcast exists in the first place K. so %HESITATION dubbed the meal was was great the the food was was fantastic the Carbonaro was I think Lynn had said it was probably the best that she's had so %HESITATION that that that same quite quite a bit but as we walk through the door %HESITATION we go to the larger portion of the restaurant to the left to the right is a smaller seating area just to kind of give her her portion of the restaurant there is a younger woman sitting with the pizza in the corner of this little little area okay but what you hear a media at Lee is that she's talking to her phone she had like a a facetime call okay yeah but the phone is really loud so you can hear like you know whatever language it was coming well sucks for that person but yeah okay yeah but it was %HESITATION and and and it's it was just really loud and I'm thinking okay she's probably just happened you know a brief phone call you know while she's doing this it's just that she was on the phone and talking to different people so loud and it's one of those things that okay okay I got worried for a second there because I'm like please tell me she's not having a date remotely because of Kobe times no I don't think it was a remote Ross or date it could have been okay I mean I she's just having dinner out at a restaurant and she's talking to a family because now we're falling into my life okay because the Brazilians screen all the time her like the maximum volume until your voice breaks up hi that's their normal volume level that is like okay because they have to be heard over everybody else and there's always a party going on right so yeah imagine me like that was me on the bus with Dylan today yeah back from %HESITATION football and going you know doing stuff like dealing in this country we do a seminar it's very quiet is it what why not okay okay but it's in the blood a but there's only six people in this restaurant and it's a big restaurant so yes it has yeah it was quiet and her phone was she is probably actually Italian because there is that carries through to all the Latin after some and I but a but it was it was really obnoxious I mean it was to the point where once my once I latched on to that I couldn't let it go I was trying to sit there and and eat and all I could hear was somebody screaming out of her phone and her talking into her phone and you know yeah I think that I'll save my life yeah but I think that I think that that on the other end and Adrian were able to tune it out Veronica knew what was happening %HESITATION yeah because I know that's what I would be like I'd be like okay so is the person on speaker phone or are they muted because then it becomes a game in a person's like into like the ear buds or headphones or something like that right and you have to be like oh we'll see the person saying like what's going on now yeah no it was definitely a speaker phone call I mean the the conversation yeah the whole conversation was was just out there %HESITATION I hope there was some risk a kind of stuff like let's let it all hang loose and it was a different language I don't know what language she was speaking but she was speaking I mean it was I don't know what language she was speaking but it was it was speaking in both directions so it's got to be Italian now she's like no no no can you recognise Italian one year yes yes I would say that it's a country that's probably closer to Sweden %HESITATION %HESITATION but but but but but anyway so I I called %HESITATION drought like I feel this is like a true crime kind of figure out what we choose to us who is this lady what is the language he was speaking and then what is the conversation going on yeah people the need to know yeah eight I called the waitress over and I told us as it were what's up with the I said does she work here I said is that what she is she over there like on her break talking and she's like now she's she's a customer she says I've been there twice to ask her if she could please stop talking on her phone and she said that she had she had basically turned as she said it was twice as loud before you guys yeah oh my god that's amazing and then and then she said I apologize profusely she said but I can't kick her out she's and you can see that he's buying stuff so we're now which you can see the despair on her face thanks bye you know really good that's so funny so five minutes before we leave %HESITATION she pulls out your buds and she puts the men and it gets dead quiet it's like right before it was like right before you're gonna pay to leave I was like okay so she did have it phones but yeah yeah %HESITATION still good everything about this is too good I need to know like where this woman is from like everything about everything about the situations %HESITATION T. but %HESITATION so anyway %HESITATION yeah that that whole telephone and and loud and it would've been nice to be able to follow the conversation but you know it wasn't really that wasn't really happening but it was crazy it was crazy home I got I can only imagine like this is the world that I live in for everyone at home I always have they made a movie about my life already before I even got the chance to get the rights to it it's called my big fat Greek wedding and if you haven't seen it definitely go and see it it when it came out and what was that like night light right around two thousand two thousand one two thousand two something like that it played in theaters and in like basic kind of like community theaters for months and months and months and it wouldn't go away because people just like eat it up and now looking back on this film I'm like yeah that's exactly what my wedding was right at and I've told this to other people and they're like what but because your Greek I'm like no because I am I am the gringo right I am the guy marrying into like the he's a vegetarian okay I make lamb right right right coming into this foreign culture of like a thousand and one and relatives and everything's loud and all that kind of stuff so yeah like I can totally relate with anyone who's in this kind of like %HESITATION the space between like what are on the quiet train everyone else be quiet I can try to tell my kids like Dylan today unlike we're on the quiet but still in everyone's being quiet let's be quiet he's like okay well it's in the blood man there's nothing there yeah there there is it do anything there is no end in was that indoor indoor voice now we are in India now see the thing is as well that if you say it suggests that okay let's use our indoor voice lets you know deta ana like if their babysitter is around he gets very quiet very fast even the ones that he knows he's just like okay so we're going to build the train let's build a train okay okay is very cool Papa mama and then like now when it's the absolute worst time like kind of like our number four on a transcontinental flight his anger %HESITATION yeah yeah he's like there can be only one slice yes I mean speaking of movies I saw on the the Disney that they had just released %HESITATION West Side Story %HESITATION West Side Story hip I'm gonna have to watch that and because our Disney here is like a crazy Disney right it is it is a key S. yes it is a little crazy I mean I remember what was it a month ago probably when %HESITATION I don't even know what it comes out on in the US because here everything's all amalgamated into either you're in H. B. O. or your Disney plus right every Disney plus ad was the the Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee right everywhere eight bus stop every single place that you could possibly imagine it had been props to the people that did her hair and makeup she looks like Pamela Anderson right like facial structure wise is incredible but after a while I was just like you know like I'm I have general issues with watching this show is well laid we're watching a show that's not endorsed by the person whose sex tape got leaked so what are we doing to ourselves for all this stuff yeah complicated %HESITATION now wait a minute are you saying that that was on Disney that is the best Disney plus and is this and I'm like go you Europeans have a really different view of what Disney is compared to me yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah know that raising them able westside story %HESITATION classic love it and went in and looked at and it is %HESITATION Spielberg yes so that's like on the on the top of the on the top of the list there are two questions I need to ask before I go into this movie the first question is they're both about songs and we both know that like if anyone has seen the original a version of this film are the two major stand out songs are they the same or are they different because it was that that that that that that Denton Denton Denton tentative attendant though right is that in there or have they completely changed I'm I'm gonna have to let you know next week it's on my to see on my to see list now your second question is is the other one it's some as the first one is if you're allowed to talk about Bruno in the mail that that that that the mayor had because %HESITATION the other one is I'm going to mess up the harmony but it's all about Maria like that's where Santana got his when he %HESITATION with okay the guy from matchbox matchbox twenty I thank I can't remember the guy's name now but then it's like Marie M. over yeah but there's like a whole song about Maria that's very famous and it's just not coming to mind I'm getting a brain fart right now %HESITATION that's famous in West Side Story and I remember like I was a kid in elementary school watching clips of the stuff like this is how you do it kids right M. A. N. okay I can't remember what the actress is but I think I'm wondering if she wasn't like on Sesame Street %HESITATION I believe she was yeah yeah I think you're right I think you're right and I think that she makes a cameo in this if I'm not if I do wasn't completely off when I was watching the preview so I thought it was kinda cool there was a %HESITATION but we'll see it's nice I don't know how I feel about that be like but the new thing be its new thing you know right but let's see let's see let's have a look okay I will I will let you know good you guys have Disney well you know me and I was only in necessarily you know I have been sitting in Sweden to an account okay okay it will just leave it at that nine you know that I am heading back to the states I bought my ticket I am going back I am doing Easter with mom we are headed home yes that's got to feel good though yeah they're watching I did like some Google ticket tracking thing what I did when I was searching for tickets the first night yes I went in and I put in my R. Lund %HESITATION to SFO you know checking tickets and I was like okay I'll track the prices and never do that never do that to yourself when I woke up when I woke up in the morning it had jumped like six hundred crowns it had like already moved that far but it's nothing it's nothing because if you did the same search without the cookies and enabled on your browser right it would be the same price probably or maybe it will be a little bit more but it's just like everyone feels everyone knows that they're putting shit on your computer to like sorry for the language %HESITATION %HESITATION but like everyone knows it like the second you search for that flight they're like okay next time he looks at it we added fifty dollars what they got paid like come on man what we doing here what your services are all full anyway no one likes to be up in the sky and like paying for all this stuff like you want me to pay for it or you want me to get you or do you wanna give me a good value right you know what I mean there's a total imbalance there and I'm just like honestly and every time there is an issue in the world like cove it or %HESITATION the economy is in a bear market or I don't know this crazy stuff with this Billy Billy Billy Billy Billy going on with Ukraine right siding like well I'm going to be a bleep bleep bleep E. I'm like you just that's not a good excuse to raise your prices like what service are you giving me too much to justify those prices and they always ask the government for more money and I'm like we're getting on a soapbox for my thing at this point I know I have to get off but I'm like that just touches my my values of like you people charge a ton of money anyway you know direct I'm like where's and it's not even V. A. T. like I'll blow you wanna talk about if it was like Swedish VAT in there like okay I get it I get it you know I can understand you know now well like now now get out of here I never feel feel sorry for that airline companies sorry sorry if you work there but okay well I got my tickets so I am going home M. but Hey yeah when it when you leave %HESITATION the twelfth so give me that gone the twelve spent Easter weekend and what I was thinking about was making it at a ten day trip so I don't miss too much work %HESITATION yeah when you're traveling that much time you have to do it alone but ten days and then when I went in and I was booking the return flight it I actually it was cheaper to buy tickets two days later so extending my trip two days actually save me money I don't know how it works but exactly I figuratively I figure it's a win it's a win win for everybody right it's a win win for me it's a win win for mom I mean what what was that %HESITATION the knights of the round table pizza I believe it was %HESITATION my pizza spot throwback my pizza spot all right everyone that is it for this week thank you so so much for tuning in don't forget as always be sure to head over to our Instagram and check out all the crazy things we got going on and come back here next time for more 2 guys 3 crowns