Feb. 16, 2021

Speaking of Getting Sick... That Reminds Me

Speaking of Getting Sick... That Reminds Me

Tenet, ICA, Weird People, Manicure, Gross Food

The 2 guys recount their latest trials and tribulations with trips to ICA. Then, Sean tries to make sense of watching the mind-bending movie Tenet on an airplane screen. Rodney admits he tried, but gave up and settled for Tom Hanks. Plus, the guys share their manicure expertise and discuss some cool upcoming events:

  • The first is SWEDEAN attempting to eat 10 semlor in 10 minutes. You can watch him HERE
  • The second is our upcoming 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! We're putting together a LIVE stream for February 21st at 8pm (or 20:00 CET). Check out our Facebook page for more info! HERE

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