Oct. 26, 2021

Something Wicked(ly Cold) This Way Comes

winter, tires, train, sunny days, windshields

There's a distinctively dreadful chill in the air that all expats in Sweden fear: winter is on its way. The guys talk about the impending white doom, but Sean has to vent about how annoying that sun is this time of year. It's confusing, but it makes sense. Rodney, meanwhile, is going to the car tire hotel to make his seasonal swap and checking his windshield fund. Also, the guys trade stories about the doors in the Stockholm train stations.

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welcome to two guys three crowns the podcast that talks about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden I'm Sean and with my fellow American Rodney we break down the good the bad and the just plain weird that's quite the journey to join us for the ride the tracks are independent %HESITATION trait is late everyone is stressed borderline depressed it's getting darker every day frosty the tracks are Swedish winters on its way it's the time of year all the expats fear what is wind what if winter is here to stay I love it we've got a send that into Spotify that's a that's a hit yes man's so I'm back in it that just shows you how exciting my train ride was in you know as I looked out the train window this this is got to be I can't remember what I wrote to you and said Hey I got this song but I was sitting on the train looking out the window it was it was late the train was late I think ten or fifteen at ten or fifteen minutes %HESITATION now this is to go to work right yeah and it was just like should say I mean this Tom is where this train starts from exactly exam well I'm actually I'm actually two stops in so we're need to samba there's actually two right so I'm not completely %HESITATION at that there are not the very very end but as I'm looking out the window train is late it's damp you know outside I mean nothing super just damp and adds it's going by I just start humming get a break and I was like I think there's a song here there's something to this yeah man I am not yeah it's been were waking up in it you look at Clark to see what the weather is outside in and says today I'll give you four degrees but it feels like zero I get out I mean come on yeah it's coming out in all at all raise you already as you want I mean we have been blessed some days with less some clearer skies but you found all those clouds coming in and it gets dark real early and all that I was gonna say we had our we had Geoffrion last week right at you and I met up at the Astor mom saw you all the big food court thing that's right the fancy food court yes and I remember getting home so after that I went out to %HESITATION we had this dinner with friends kind of thing like a late lunch or early dinner thing official on that which is like a big Brazilian yearly you have to eat it in the middle of the afternoon right if you eat it too late you have weird dreams because it's like heavy food and all that stuff but I remember getting home from that and I had this weird headache and my eyes were real lake like they're real tense and I realized that son that entire day was so annoying yeah because this time of year it's set so low in the sky right that it's shooting into your eyeballs no matter which way you turn them back is to the sun and is still bouncing off a building windows and going into your eyeball exactly strength like I get out of here yeah yeah and that does I mean a full day of that and it's penetrating you know all the way back to your book do Oakland gada yes if I pointed my ear toward the sun right at all I'm all of a sudden perpendicular to the sun's rays right it's still going in the corners of both eyes somehow I'm like what is going on here this is wraparound sun coverage the end it's still only five degrees yeah a it's cold I mean it is it's definitely it's definitely cold outside we put on different clothes today for a walk yesterday we did our walk you bust out the Gucci you who no no not yet not yet I'm saving the coach yes %HESITATION but we eat you know it it's always that debate right around out to was like should I put on two jackets or after fifteen minutes into the walking my gonna be like wearing a jacket around my hips you know doing the whole funky thing %HESITATION but yesterday I thought the hoodie I had on was going to do the trick by %HESITATION a a breeze came we went through yes and we walk through the woods which is all shadow it's just like all shadow %HESITATION I would say a rookie mistake but you've lived here for what fourteen years yeah yeah but I think that a I thought but it went right through my hoodie %HESITATION yeah the windows just like are you joking me with this you it's come harder go home yeah so today it was like almost double jackets it was like double jacket sin I had will be I've noticed that the Swedes around today they it's not there's like the style to do one of those thinner down jackets or arrest and then you have like a like a normal wool peacoat on okay top yeah and I'm like why don't you just get a thicker jacket just just do a bigger down Jack right yeah like next thing you know we're going to be on three jackets at once unlike none none none none of my kids got enough clothes I'm not I'm not I'm not going more than three layers and I had a I had like a I traded in the baseball cap today for like a stocking cap deal and I never really like stocking like this knitted caps %HESITATION yeah yeah yeah yeah and for some reason I I don't know I just never like myself in one of those yeah I look like I'm ready to rob some place for a while and I just look I mean I I look suspect I definitely does look suspect walking around not speaking Swedish is now and one of the skull caps I will when I wear them normally because I have a big asset so like all the ones they have like this part that you fold up in the front right and it goes down but it never covers my ears and that's riding up in the back so I always have to fold it old unfolded all the way and that exactly all the way down remotely yeah in for me enough I don't line up the little eye holes in the mouth no I don't but yeah we are definitely into that and then next Sunday I believe is when we are tall don't tell me I know it's coming %HESITATION avoiding it like the plague yeah well light savings time comes to a close yeah that and Halloween I mean what Halloween's been going on for several days already depends what neighborhood you live in the plus a bonus three after it's like I'm not at all it's like until Halloween I know the deal in school they're like oh we're going to do it on November fourth I'm like what it's not even a Friday it's a Thursday and I'm like what are we doing here lately who comes up with this Portela but I guess I should be happy that it's not right now in the middle of October right yeah it is the kids around town with like the little one girl had like these little depth red devil horns and another girl had like a little back painted on her cheek and all that %HESITATION good luck kid data and if I see another players eight sixty four whatever squid game all the squid game costumes I'll echo %HESITATION yeah yeah I got a little challenge form if they come knocking on my door there's no candy here you got to go to you got to go to call up and go get your goodies there go go go get your stuff I mean we're prepared don't get me wrong we've got a couple %HESITATION individually wrapped plops in Caxton okay all that kind of thing which is always tough to find because it's always the normal loose candy right that you get by bulk you know so it's like always a challenge actually find something it's individually wrapped because I'm not just going to hand out loose candy like a weirdo you know don't worry about the razor blades kit it's good for you exactly what's on my end in your diet Blixt halfway sticky candy corn no it's %HESITATION we we weren't ready for Halloween but ice safety tested all the candy so we have to start over %HESITATION a man but we'll see %HESITATION we'll see how it goes there part of the weather thing on Friday we're doing I'm doing the winter tire change I'm doing that little %HESITATION that little dance %HESITATION so what is that because the winter tires do you have like the studs on the that are actually in the tire or do you just have like a different trend we have a different trend now okay okay yeah but I I almost prefer the the studded tires but they're really bad for the roads in bad environment it kicks up all that that's why they started banning it you know in in different streets and in Stockholm oh wow I didn't know that yeah there several streets that you're not allowed to drive with those but there's still something kinda kinda weird about just changing you know it's the tire from one tread to the back to it well it doesn't matter like nah rooms in it right so it like once the snow goes in it doesn't that doesn't paste over yeah summer tread this is like a the tires for water and all that kind of stuff right away were pushes it all out but I always wondered about that with people with the studs I'm like okay I get it if there is snow on the ground but what happens if you just driving over the street like it's that that can't be it can't give you better traction now because it's metal studs sticking interview we'll analysts like this got it make for an awful ride right you will you definitely notice the difference when you change back out of them that's like the biggest thing that you notice is how quiet your ride is all of a sudden yeah yeah because you're going and you know what winter is the next six months or so before eight eight or eight but yeah that's the one thing that you notice is with the studded tires is there's that constant harm of it doing whatever it's doing to the road but when you switch back off all is just gets so quiet the ride is so quiet D. A. now there is not one of these people that goes like full on world rally championship and puts the fog lights on the front of your car no that would not be that that would not be me now that might have been something that I would have done like back in ninety two yeah I always love that it's like an old Volvo Volvo station wagon and then they put like the rally fog lights on the front like the set of four I'm like you're not fooling anyone you're not you're not flying over those hills and doing drift turns and all the staff or they're giving it away that they actually don't live in the city not me not that you need extra lights to find your shack exactly exactly %HESITATION but our place has %HESITATION they store our tires to so we used to for years and years we used to have men are you know for a what in our storage space yeah the tires in there but the place that we have is like a tire hotel what so yeah so we set up a time and then we go they pull our tires out of storage in the back of some place %HESITATION but it's nice not to have to storm taking up space in our little for what but is this like a gas station or a %HESITATION like a auto mechanic where they now know there they actually purpose built old people's tires yeah it's it it's it it's it's a tire place but you know I'm sure that their specialty is charging everybody for the storage of their tires which you could save yeah yeah and you could save some money you know if you keep him in your living room next to the TV or something what I mean you just put like a little piece of particle board on top and it makes a great coffee smells awful in there but it you know it's durable that sounds like some college furniture right there as the eighty likely didn't you have a table where the bench go it's like I had to change tires exactly but I have a new seat for you you just gets in you just kind of have to lay into it %HESITATION employer your table sure has a lot of grip on the side but with the tire change tis the season to for replacing windshields right well as soon as they start like put in the gravel down you know or yeah yes is they start put gravel on the roads then we are definitely can I remember last year soon is there was like a warning of snow flurries all the guys were out there like with the rocks %HESITATION let's go put all the rocks out yeah yeah yeah and inevitably what what happens is you feel really lucky when you don't get you know a chipped windshield from from a rough flying rock flying we're going to buy it but what is happening is is soon as you get that replaced or fixed it's only like a day or two it feels like before all of a sudden you get like a pain and the next little chip or crack on your windshield I mean for a country that taxes us so much and has a stellar health care and child care system you'd think they'd be able to figure out something as simple as salting the roads so that people aren't replacing their windshield every month and I'm trying to think where Inslee because that eats up the cars right yeah yeah so I I don't really know I don't know find yourself to this fact of life I just I give up I give up just don't find me or give me a ticket or anything you know I'll I'm fine but they have a place that pops up like a pop up %HESITATION pop up Papa Papa a public place by ECA %HESITATION and it's I think it's three containers with a put down and when they open these containers up and put up a banner it's like a drive through tire changing so when you go down like pit lane yeah and that thing pops up but it's up now I saw it when we went to the grocery store yesterday so those guys sign in those times man those guys are open like as soon as they come out you're just like oh no yeah catching well mannered well we've been battling our own winter related issues over here I've had a kid home sick all week all week and it's like he went to school Monday he had a coffee was real raspy you sound like Aquafina or like some old Jewish only grandma like out yeah yeah the other so but we're like oh come out you know let's see maybe we'll get a couple days out of this week when he can be at school before they send them back it's dropped off at nine o'clock by ten fifteen I'm getting a phone call you got to come pick up Dylan his nose is running my god Jesus and it's like well yeah he's coughing but his nose is running a lot so he can't be here I'm like shouldn't it be the coughing that sends him home because that's like making projectiles exactly of illness but no that's like they only care about the runny nose and they're like well yeah we have a four kids at home with fevers with the same symptoms and I'm like no I'm well you didn't send them home fast enough did you yes like I see running as he running around the classroom wiping his hands on anybody what I know are they like treating voters I don't understand this obsession with the runny nose thing and nothing else Larry was sitting out there with one of the teachers in and one other kid who must had symptoms because everyone else had gone inside now he's been quarantined outside and here I come and then of course you know when I go pick him up I normally have like %HESITATION I blend up some frozen for forum and of course he looks at me and he's like juice unlike now kid it's not that kind of day ten thirty oh that's right because you got an early human yeah and then it's like he he's on like he asked if there was only one day or two because he doesn't sleep well that that he's like tired and like kind of cranky all day but other than that he's full speed all the time and it's just like just wiping boogers all over his face but like not slowing down so you're just like what can I pay one of these teachers extra to just come over to my house put on a hazmat suit and then just like give me five minutes to get some work done yeah please yes please because then you have to take him outside you have to take him to the park and burn off energy but Hey it's cold and disgusting outside so you don't want to go outside but he's like dad dad shoes let's go god damn parked at that park I'm like oh my god and then you get there and it's the other preschools are in your playgrounds right so then you're like trying to quarantine I'm away from the other schools and it's like yeah whatever it's too late yeah it's too late it's coming to your school next baby get ready N. D. N. and you guys just have Dylan I mean that not not just have but I mean you have a child you can imagine you know tag teaming you know when you guys have your other five kids yeah now you got a problem if you have big problems yeah because that that that's all also one of those things when it just when you have whatever you have just keeps on jumping from like family member to family member yeah it mutates just enough to re infect the first person again yes I can get to you know and it's like they have VOB days V. A. B. days here exact I don't really know how to make them work I don't have time to figure it out either because I have Dylan hanging from my ear lobes but then it's just it's like like what am I gonna do do a VOB day for three months because that's basically what it's going to be that would be at doubt it without a doubt I guess you and you could actually like start teaching Dylan maybe he could think becoming a system for you I mean three months you could get him trained and to be you know maybe helping you I've got an accounting to ten in two languages so okay baby steps I wouldn't I wouldn't let him loose on the accounting just yet but now I'm not I'm not up to ten dollars if you can start adding some zeros to the end of that and then you could have help with the invoicing yeah no Dylan just had more zeros to everything yeah yeah keep going more more more not to Hey you have a you have a build you are you have a blue SL card right %HESITATION traveler I haven't used it honestly since covert started okay %HESITATION like most places %HESITATION Stockholm Sweden has a S. L. card a little adventure car that you had a metro card that you use for the community they have now introduced a green card that's like that yeah it's like the next generation of the transit card so I got a message and said we're gonna be introducing this new car you can get your free card if you you know go in and I click the button and when and then I got the card like two days later what makes it a new they are transitioning from the blue cards to this new I guess higher tech five G. to get the vaccine or something it got that shit yeah it's nice nice shade of green but so I'm thinking okay I'm gonna be the first one out of the gate on this you know I press the button I get my car two days later I go in I think I'm gonna get this thing started so I'm I'm ready to go you cannot charge it there like there's functionality the functionality Dave decided they're gonna be adding you know over the next couple months so things that you will eventually be able to do you can't do right now like charging like putting money on to the actual card home my god so I go in and I'm thinking Hey I'll put you know my usual amount of money on the card so I have it ready for my trips but I couldn't get it to work and then it said well you can buy separate trips individual trips and I think in okay well maybe I'll just buy four trips and get all use of when I need it mmhm so I load the card I click the button and all of a sudden a little countdown timer comes up like and it was like okay %HESITATION you know you have and I don't have to use your yeah but I would have to use your four tickets and I was like the Dow yeah because %HESITATION like so first of all I love everything about that I would tell him to walk right into that trap myself but it's you probably with all that train delays you can't rely on just buying that single one way ticket right because the train could be so slow that once you get to central station and you have the time he ran I'll done it %HESITATION but man I haven't use SO card yeah I can't remember the last time you see I just use the app on the on my down well and that the thing about it is right now if you use this green card you have to like scanned this bar code on it in order to purchase a ticket and it gets transferred onto the card and I'm cynical well if I have my mobile phone out to charge the card yeah right thank what did I just use my phone I know that now you can just use the ATM card yeah yeah yeah that's what an actor does all the time yeah that's what I've been doing you know so yeah and then you actually get to use a contactless feature with your debit card right you don't have to then contactless it and then push the green button to say yes the transaction can go through it's not contactless now I caught this guy I caught this guy on my way home from work on Tuesday Wednesday last Wednesday as I'm approaching the train station as I'm approaching the train station I see this guy kinda hanging out like kind of suspiciously hanging out you know by the by the little gate area thanks okay so I knew what I do as soon as I saw I was like what he's waiting to do is to time so you can jump in behind some lakes %HESITATION I hate that so he is waiting for a chance and nobody was coming it was just me and this other older lady we're both approaching at the same time and I saw his you know he kind of Anna perked up a little bit and I was like oh yeah he's going to try and jam through as soon as one of us does our ticket so what I do is I pull out my card and I start going towards the little gated thing and I feel him start approaching and then I just stopped in my tracks and I start looking at my watch and then I look up at the train schedule and I looked down at my watch and he's standing behind me kind of waiting for me so I step back I'm like oh no you go ahead and it it completely through him so he snuck through with the other lady that that was also going through but that's stuff drives me crazy I know like with the teenagers I see it all the time where they like jumped the the turnstiles or whatever right you're gonna have that everywhere but like fully grown adults yeah like bro just it's three and a half euros lay down get it together when N. not that it makes it any better or any worse but we don't think dudes to it's always like that but what you're paying with your ATM card like let's say you buy like a monthly card you know you did pay the thing it's all on your card is just there it's like virtually in your thing but if you're using your ATM card it's it feels almost like you just paid cash %HESITATION yeah through so that becomes even more personal because that guy behind you or whoever's trying to sneak in behind you yeah and it's like the whole thing is like don't make me an accomplice to all your problems right I have nothing to do with you yeah you know you should just like go through the door and then like stop so there's like a millimeter of space between your backpack and where the doors are going to close then they'd be really screwed yeah what day is it that this guy grabbed on to the trike manhandled the the glass tool purpose of ministries Hey did I ever tell you the story of when the train in Barcelona tried to eat me now you must got eaten by a trainer bars as similar kind of thing you know the okay wars especially when you're leaving the station right sometimes they have a hick up like when you walk up to them they're supposed to see you and then opened by a lot of the these doors in central Stockholm there is like a few of the gates that are dedicated for one way traffic but the kind of like to the outside now so most of the time you can do two way traffic which gets a little dicey especially your like rush hour right people are trying to go by with ways at once and sometimes these doors have such get schizophrenia then they open when they see you coming but then they kind of hesitate and they like try to have this fear of one of these days these doors are going to eat meat and it's born of this time in Barcelona we were there a few years ago for new years and I'm not it's one of these like %HESITATION I don't know if you've ever been to London and the jubilee line but there's like I think Paris is the same way so there's like a big plexiglass wall okay then the train pulls up so like kind of in central station for the bay okay big like a double okay so it's to prevent jumpers writes okay jump in from the training commit suicide and all that yeah so the plastic door opens and the train door opens and then you're supposed to walk through and I don't know if it was like we were slow getting on or what but I'm stepping through the door he not does on the train already and all the sudden I feel this too and I can't move and doors have got my backpack and it's like it's such a way that like now I'm pained and I can't move and I'm like how many the industry half the people on the train I start laughing at me and him not the comes overseas trying to pull me out I'm like it doesn't work it doesn't work get live dollars and then finally like the that the drivers they have like the alarm that the door is open or whatever but now he waited a good thirty seconds it felt like to follow I'm sorry oh Hey idiot I'll open the door for you Hey I'm sure that he was I'm sure that they were like sitting out that that the driver so you get a lot more on watch a look at this turtle guy with his little lock the doors get B. speedy getting on the train there's always one yeah and there I am inside the train somebody help yeah yeah yeah you would upload full board has definitely definitely the way to so now I'm scarred for life every time I go up to those doors might come they're gonna get me they're going to get me yeah it's a scary freaky trust feeling to get so I don't trust them the machine is out to get you I'm telling now yeah all right everyone that will do it this week's episode as always we want to thank everyone out there listening to land in the name be sure to hit us up on Instagram to see more stories more happenings going on around Stockholm and and then come back here next time more 2 guys 3 crowns