July 27, 2021

Sean Is Back In Town

Portugal, Vacation, Kids Songs, Slow Business, Dog Days, Skechers

Sean is back in Stockholm after a week in Portugal. He shares his stories from the trip, and one interesting tale about a guy, a rock, a bus and a window. Plus, Rodney shares his struggle with running his own business during Swedish summer hours. Hint: nobody returns calls. Oh yeah, wait till you hear Rodney's tongue-wagging Skechers ordeal.

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welcome to two guys three crowns the podcast that talks about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden I'm Sean and with my fellow American Rodney we break down the good the bad and the just plain weird that's quite the journey to join us for the ride a little and that I do who who who H. ng granddad died in gameday high Vlad adult loop do you choose I can't even explain how many times I've heard this song even before we left the Portugal and now that we're back baby it bring it harmonically ingrained on to my brain gray cells Hey where did that one of the IBM volleyball but baby S. V. T. O. S. C. T. barn apt okay so it's all these it's like them playing peekaboo the an animated Bali bomb like the little the little puppets area yeah where are you %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION euro are not here you are not there we are you know that's basically the translation shot you back though your back I'm back on your back in Tanner than ever maybe and we go I've got my foot my fill of okay yeah %HESITATION who had some ports was up in Porto as you know right hit the beaches yeah it was a good trip and it was it it but it was a short trip it was very short and intense you had like %HESITATION week of mega yeah it was four days and then four days SO four days in technically Lisbon okay really %HESITATION we were I didn't realize it was kind of like its own distinct kind of place we are in this %HESITATION Eric called cash cash mmhm which is like much more of a beach area kind of the suburbs of Lisbon is kind of how I would describe it kind okay I had that kind of feeling so it's greater Lisbon but then it was it wasn't like you know in the city was when we were in port though that was in the middle in the middle okay yeah so that was like I see you brought a stroller these couple the couple still disagreements Jones care at all yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah in the hills yeah it was yeah that was interesting to say the least Blatter who burst let rivers a speaking a cobblestone streets so when we went south %HESITATION from Aarhus Lynn and I did a day trip %HESITATION down to east out east that is about as south as you can get in Sweden E. stod why S. T. I thought he opened Hagen was as far south as you can get in Sweden I never see now you can kind of but ease dot is actually %HESITATION yeah it's it's about as south as you can go but anyway we took a day trip but one of the things and I'm pretty sure it was Easter when we were coming in I mean it was it's not just cobblestone sidewalks or cobblestone streets when you get to like the downtown area I mean once you hit like the outer limits of the town everything is cobblestone I mean like in it's all so you know all the suggested to to to to to to to to to detective detective Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick %HESITATION but it was Dylan loves that party just because %HESITATION right the whole time %HESITATION %HESITATION one quick thing just while we get started here I intentionally wore a shirt that people would see that I actually own several shirts I don't just have a blue shirt and a black shirt as I went back and started looking at some of the some of the recordings that we don't like to make people gonna think I only got like one shirt so and half of them C. C. C. M. on them exactly exactly Hey so I went I went B. town heavy today but that %HESITATION so that's how casting a new Tory Asli visual format he is wearing a blue color right right right I'm I'm having to turn my volume up just to hear Rodney over the color of the shirt of my shirt %HESITATION this bright tie dye T. shirt with Barclays blazoned across and being a collegiate block letters and stuff so yes I do have to T. shirts this is the other one well three teachers technically but when the black one and then the tide actually the black in the blue or the same shirt I just flip them inside out now but would you agree but you have a good trip I mean it was side yeah man so well in Liz been cash cash it was super sunny beaches there are super windy okay like it's like they say you know how when you go in the water and then you come back on the beach if you sit in the stands then you get coded in the sand right so Brazilians at least call I don't know about the Portugal Portuguese but the resilience all say Milan S. like you've become millionaires like you look like a bread coated cookie session itself right right %HESITATION Milanese doctors are coated in the sand so it was like that but you didn't even have to go in the water because this wind was blowing sideways he just just got coded in this fine dusting of bread crumb slash stand but that sounds that sounds like it could potentially be painful I mean exfoliating exfoliating but the beaches were great the water was hold mmhm but after you were in there for like thirty seconds you are fine right about that %HESITATION but yeah when we went to Porto is a bit more cloudy %HESITATION but then like around three o'clock every day what kind of the sun would kind of break through %HESITATION but yet lots of little like wine bars and cool little like specialty shops and vintage stores import though when like yeah it's definitely got a vibe to it and it's weird because you can see it's on this like craggy hillside that goes right into the into the river that splits down the middle yeah and you can still see where over the hundreds of years it's been built on top of itself like right repeatedly and like everything else kind of Mitch mismatched and all that stuff so it's very very cool %HESITATION yeah I highly recommend it for city break not necessarily if you have a toddler okay but %HESITATION very cool Hey did you consider it did you touch bases with Thiago about yes so he sent an email through with some tips so we definitely got I think we had more of the tips import though because we are really in the city in Lisbon it was kind of like we are on the outside so they're even it was a bit more difficult and then everyone like we were there with %HESITATION and not this cousins from Ireland how they're like it's been crazy since last year all we want to do is go to the beach and get sucked yeah yeah yeah so we spent a lot of time on the beats us and %HESITATION it up a couple places there but yep fourth though we did like the main sites when around so %HESITATION the the diff what is it that the church of the I'd have to look up the name but it's like the you know all the main kind of big old school buildings funny story that I'm about to get to but we had like this bokeh Alice like a salt cod so in the grocery store sees big sites of card like the whole side of kat it's been salted and packed in season and all that can okay talk to the point that it's bone dry like fish jerky right and my lights going crazy in here I don't like it exorcist normally is dark in the late wants to turn on my way to happen there so like they'll just have these giant pieces of salt cod hanging up in the grocery store and it's like you walk past that I'll you like really there they got some funky cheese going on they got sucked down the area and then of course you go walking past the liquor and wine selection I mean we went into one grocery store it was like a Walmart plus okay like the size of it and then they had like just to give you an idea I sent you the picture of happy hour yes I have a right here in front of me I was just like what are we doing here what do we do one year at them like a bottle of gin was fifteen dollars for sorry fifteen euros they're the same exact bottle of gin Sweden would be twenty but Porto Lisbon actually that was that's easy you they already include that in the price but you would have to include take the VAT included price and then add twenty five percent to get to the top of the Stockholm Sweden yeah prices on this site may have your say cheap man I couldn't I couldn't believe it yeah like him that they got a pair of sneakers for like forty euros or something like that like Nike's yeah and then like every like a bottle of wine if you're paying more than like ten euros like buying your house was like %HESITATION you're getting a fancy white now yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it was it was just crazy it was highly enjoyable but we're walking around port those doing the sites and seeing everything and you know because her and knocked his cousin's wife so cousin in law is that okay I don't mind that it is now she actually lived there for years she was doing %HESITATION she's a dentist so any kind of medical thing when you go from continent to continent or country country guy to recertify yourself and all that so she was doing that kind of thing at the university there so she knew all the places to go and how to walk around the city and all that and we're going through the middle of town kind of threw one of the probably more touristy areas near the university and all that kind of sudden and we see like one of the town crazies like one of these guys that wakes up you happen here in Stockholm to wakes up sits outside the systemic like waiting for the liquor store to open so that I get the bottle and then they get drunk you know they're they're happy yeah has this happened you don't you're not really sure in the states you in Florida coming from Florida boy you'd be like that guys on math right from that to dad on I mean but he's a friend no reason we're walking through trying to cross streets and figure out where the crosswalks art because you know cobblestone right and this guy's like to Dodge the city's off all of its self blah blah blah and he looks like he's screaming at a bus and I'm like okay he'd with some police officer probably just said you can't sleep or something like that he's just yelling at anything to do with official government capacity writer no he was pissed off at that bus because next thing we know he has a cobblestone %HESITATION from the street from the sidewalk in his hands and he throws it out the window and it it like it does shatters through right dense the window the window goes in and then there's like all right at the window so like it's obviously like automotive glass on your family shatter everywhere sure but still then the bus like screeches to a stop and everyone's like oh shit wow and then like everyone said it was gonna happen what's going to happen and and that's like let's get out here let's go go go go go go and cross the street get where we're going and I'm like yeah but I want to see what's going on and I'm like what is the bus driver going to do is he just going to sit there and call the cops and block traffic no the bus driver gets out and then they start screaming at each other from like feet legs Ali twenty five feet apart from each other yeah and then the bus driver is like alright alright alright and then he starts running at the guy the guy takes off like around the corner it was crazy well see that's a vacation stop I'd like that some local flavor that's yeah yeah S. C. they are going to go there you go home yeah Hey whatever with the bus drivers they'll come after you that's unbelievable that's the flavor you're like so anyway we found the guy we have lunch with them he is really upset he points to make with the city I think we should enter into the council members a quick question for you now we %HESITATION the Olympics officially started on Friday yeah I mean we had some pre stuff going on Sweden USA women's soccer that will be but it did you feel any of that happening I mean did you feel any of the %HESITATION I didn't realize when the opening ceremony was until like I checked the B. B. C. yeah and they're like oh live tweeting about the the Olympic opening ceremony like opening ceremony %HESITATION you got to turn it on yeah but %HESITATION yeah otherwise no I mean when you're on holiday like that especially for %HESITATION live in Sweden sure let you turn off the email you don't expect anything right you don't care about slack messages or any of that yeah so that you can essentially forget what day it is yeah how nice is that I know some such a nice feeling weird feeling but a nice feeling a I I wanted to go ahead and clarify for people or or make one clarification because we a lot of people talk about and they bring up Sweden five weeks of vacation a year you know everybody gets five weeks of paid vacation a year and this is true if you are employed full time you get five weeks of paid vacation a year yes I just want to clarify this because we self employed people people that yeah good people that have state run your own company we don't have five we we can have fifty two weeks of vacation if we'd like it's just that nobody's compensate yes that is true it's called I'm not going to hustle for this week and sometimes it's needed but yeah like the unique thing is that I think at least on the east coast like having lived in Philadelphia for several years that there's a lot of Italians there so you get to learn like through the grapevine of like you know even the Jersey Italians are the Philadelphia Allen's you know like in August they all go on vacation and that's just becomes a known thing right like no one's there and in Sweden is July yeah and no one's here in July even if you're doing freelance work like the clients that you doing freelance stuff for the likes in June they're like okay so we'll pick this up in August exactly and like wait wait wait let let's talk about a few more things let me let me throw a couple more hours exactly you know because I is bearish yeah no but it's the first time that I have felt like without became really obvious because when we first moved here while I was looking for work I went ahead and started my company again so I'm doing every lance you know design work and I found a couple of clients and I got here June sixth I got here you know I arrive June six and I was like duck duck don and they're like okay we'll see you end of August beginning of September yeah but this was one of those summers you know now because I I didn't employed full time one way or not you know if it is through through various %HESITATION employers for for years and years and years now and then re launched my business about two years ago so this was one of those summers where I'm like okay I'm going to take two weeks we have another week coming up in a couple weeks but two weeks but even if you know I go ahead and say I'm only gonna take two weeks vacation because I need to go ahead and generate some money and you know get some clients and stuff it doesn't matter okay they're not there they're not in Surrey are answering emails or not even looking at him like you yeah new phone who dis yeah so I need to get some I need to get some some state side clients but I couldn't eat yeah well it's a tricky balance have done or two for the summer months but when they're like when it's like middle of nowhere July right and they're like okay so when can I have an update like now it's July come on just to chill out no one's doing anything right all yeah you're from the states yeah naman Swedish amounts which are summertime yeah completely I'm a couple of things %HESITATION one thing that I wanted to get out there is one to wish my son a Happy Birthday and I'm going to do it today though his birthday is tomorrow because it's probably coming up so I Leo's Leo's go so I'd like to go ahead and give him a quick birthday shout out and and then to also let people know that the next two coming episodes are going to be guest episodes and we have some exciting we're not gonna reveal now they that that'll that'll people have to go hidden and wait but we I have been working a little bit in the wings so we do have some some good stuff lined up yes yes yes which brings me to my Skechers story I feel like this whole the build up to this point I'm ready I'm primed and I'm ready okay so I just wanna bring this up I like sketcher shoes yeah I've like Skechers shoes from for for for a while and %HESITATION I just think they're really comfortable there light you know and stuff there's a big butt hanging out there somewhere a wait till you get what do you see the size of this but %HESITATION so so high by I buy the Skechers shoes I think it was actually I know exactly what it was it was may twelfth at the gate okay now have some kicks ready for the summer you know I'm yeah right so we're taking our walks are down it away who's would do when the heat were out taking five K. walks every day I'm gonna tie my shoe while we're down there and all of a sudden like with the something kinda weird here and it is the tongue of the shoes you know the part that's underneath the laces %HESITATION yeah I did that on the shoot a ton of issue right so that thing his torn loose somehow so it just kind of flips up like a free floating tongue it's a free floating tongue how does this happen I have no are you tying your shoes that I mean grass part these five K. walks my god yeah maybe I was really laying it out there the Olympics are coming up I was Jack now I know you like %HESITATION what's his I. N. Williams it's an exploding out of Skechers I mean I got you know my friendly coconut climbers I mean I got no so it does W. but anyway so I'm thinkin Skechers yeah I miss catchers is pretty big company right I've only had the shoes for I'm gonna say two months a month and a half two months %HESITATION so it's got to be a production thing it's I'm taken right so first I contact the company via the website I'm like I'll go window just find out obviously there's something wrong to give you some you know some new kicks are all do something to to go ahead exchange these so they said no you have to go into the Skechers store which is where I bought them in stock I went into the store picked issues when in so I went in to the I went into Skechers and show them they're like oh what's wrong so I took off and I was like well I got this magic shoe and I flip that the you know the tongue out over the top of the this unit like yeah it's not supposed to do that and I was like figgy takes so %HESITATION so he says yeah yeah yeah that's that's I'm I'm a lifelong issue where I exactly and they said yeah that that really shouldn't be doing that yeah that's a problem and I was like yeah it is kind of a kind of a problem what why do I feel like you've taken your shoes to a shady auto mechanic yeah it was not supposed to do that well let me tell you you put me in touch with your insurance company I'll get a good deal AP kind of but she said that %HESITATION and I don't have it what do you call the %HESITATION like a shoe repair place like a cobbler I don't even if you call it like a cobbler they said yeah if you take it don't don't just go in so that right back on and %HESITATION how old I was like wait a minute my shoes are only like two months old and I said I live in Dino psalm which is like you know halfway to Germany from Stockholm but it's so I go up there and she was like yeah just go ahead and take it someplace get effects bring us the receipt and they will reimburse no no no you give me a new pair of shoes and you figure out why the stews exploded in the first place this is how it works but that was kind of a funky situation is that media %HESITATION so I I I go ahead and and put my she want every careful to make sure that everything is centered before I tie it into place %HESITATION and then I will yeah so I'm thinkin this is like you and the and the button again iPhone all right but I'm thinkin okay I know that there actually is a cobbler still down here in need this but what are the chances of me fighting anybody to sell anything in July if you sell it it's an issue selling the tongue back on to the issue isn't it is buying time for the inevitable yeah I don't back off again I I just gonna say I'm I'm really I'm really surprised I'm I'm I'm I'm kind of just Bob I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to resolve this other than spending time on the on the website going to the store %HESITATION ended they said will bring the physical receipt with you and I was like well I bought this used physical receipt yeah you don't even take cash money in this country you want to physical receipt do I don't even think the receipt made out of the store with me I mean I and I know that after a month you know they're like you don't have the receipt left us like I tell you what the soonest I empty the garbage can yeah exactly who has the receipt for anything yeah within three days that's how long a restraint last Max and they said that even if you have like your bank statement that shows the transaction yeah that's not good enough you got to have the receipt so anyway I just wanted to to let you know what was happening in my life while you were hobbling around so not not to downplay potential sponsors of the podcast but Skechers stock home equities and and if you see me hobbling around stuff because when you there's Rodney is going to next month is going to be one of the guys in the TS and dot all an exact need some coins to fit my shoes sure please check out the guy with his tongue hanging out oh my god yeah sales guys spam falling out of his back pocket what's going on with this exactly exactly and he started yelling buses Hey don't pick up the cobblestones they'll come out exactly exactly all right listen land that is it for this week's episode as always thank you so much for tuning in and thank you C. R. fortunately the tipster was an amazing time and stay amazing country any listeners out there I highly highly recommend both Lisbon and Porto it's amazing maybe not portal with the strollers get around it's worth as always be sure to leave a review hit that like button whatever after using subscribe all that good stuff we come back here next time more two guys three crowns