March 29, 2022

Sean Goes Post-Nord-al

Foo Fighters, Oscars, Pachinko, American Song Contest, PostNord

The guys are flying alone again this week, but that doesn’t slow them down. First, they pay tribute to the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. Then, they discuss an American music-themed TV show, Netflix series Pachinko and their Oscars picks. To close out this week’s episode, Sean get’s up on his soap box to take down PostNord...again!

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welcome back everybody to two guys three crowns podcast about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden join me Sean and my fellow Americans Rodney as we explore the good the bad and the just plain weird kudos my hero leaving all the madness you know my hero the one that's own there goes my hero watch him as he goes how to do a little tribute today with the %HESITATION the news out of Columbia as it were and we all woke up to that Taylor Hawkins the drummer of foo fighters has passed on to another place yes Sir so R. yeah big carts going out to the family in the band and yeah all the fans everywhere that was that was a tough one man like %HESITATION the last time that it's been like so close something like that was when %HESITATION the lead singer %HESITATION Chester of Linkin park committed suicide it was right and just like I am now in that stage of my life with the musicians that you grew up listening to they start %HESITATION disappearing which is always sad your stage my stage yeah yeah no it is %HESITATION %HESITATION it's tough and in when it pops up like actors you know all of a sudden it just seems like they it's popping up more often and %HESITATION yeah it's it's tough man it is tough yeah I mean especially like %HESITATION there's the whole twenty seven thing right like when they hit twenty seven like this so you know these like high flying artists there so that's why they're such great artists are so like messed up in the ad that you know they go out on benders with like drug overdoses or whatever but like do you happen to like make it to make it he was fifty years old about to play a show in Columbia and then I'm like see I'm getting like email updates from Stockholm wipe that the rolling stones are still touring and I'm like well those guys they can't stop taking the drug but whatever you were taking in the sixties and seventies you just got to keep it up like yeah that's what happened to let me man of your head thank you stop doing like the whiskey every day and then it's just like a month later he's dead is just like that turns and your patrol was up would you George burns George burns like smoke cigars every single day and he lived to be a lot yeah I mean once you get like your DNA must getting coded or something and like then you just get a like manner I don't you know I know I have ten years left but what if I had thirty years left and I just did that vegans thank all of a sudden yeah that's right now can't do it can do it but I think that there's a lot of people that end up being disappointed because we get those wake up calls every once in awhile with that like the super athletes these people like in peak performance %HESITATION yeah you know live in Brighton exercise and then you know doing everything right there like what happened to him %HESITATION yeah he's gone Hey all that like I mean not to sound crass or anything but like that I mean I guess is similar with artist is just like the opposite end of the spectrum like you're pushing your body to the literal physical limits of what it can do right right that's what it is to be a professional athlete so like yeah some of them they are gonna break down differently than others and some faster than others but yeah yes still it's like a yeah one of those things yeah a lot of those people are pretty well pickled though I mean there there there they are well well what I mean like Mick Jagger has been probably legally dead for at least three decades his corpse just seems to know how to get on stage and played the game like you know go go dancing around Hey man if it works just keep on just keep on keep on doing is making money for somebody so that's all you need to know while we're on music did you have time to check out the link at all that I sent you for the American and I will tell you why so please please do yes because it's a good story and then I would need to know what this TV show is about so for those who aren't in Stockholm for the past week has been amazing weather like mid Atlantic kind of spring like it's been like high of fourteen Celsius which is likes fifty eight sixty but then when the sun you know we always talk about the sun in Sweden like it's not like this angle so it feels way more intense right like in Miami you feel like Chris speaking your skin but like in Stockholm it's at such an angle that it like makes it feel probably I don't know ten degrees Fahrenheit warmer than it actually is it's so weird so like fifteen really feels like twenties Celsius right so everyone's been outside in level you know let's go to the after work ever starting to get a little bit more social and I'm sitting here like it's false advertising people we all know what's about to happen well Hannah and her co workers did in after work and like all you know this spring is coming we need to go to a barbecue and I'm like okay barbecue let's go to a barbecue and they want to do one it's this big park in Naka %HESITATION like this huge reserve with little lakes around and there's like a golf course built into it but like not like a Country Club golf course like a very natural golf course can I think right so we it took us thirty minutes to get to the station because we had to do the the little tram on the street that far bonnet right and then we had to get the green light out to scalp neck nine and then from there we had to walk into the thirty minutes through the woods and I'm like okay people like this was clearly planned by someone who doesn't have a two and a half year old but we made it the problem is we all woke up Saturday morning and the temperature drops a lot there it was very cloudy yeah and it was very windy yes and we all went I feel like we all kind of flake separated by several kilometers not able to look at each other face to face and everyone kind of probably look side to side instead are we really doing this thing today no one has said no yet right so I guess we're doing it and it was like the like just the momentum of not doing anything which is quite Swedish and I'm just nothing happens so then it happens mmhm man we were out in the woods and not go like where we went to for this barbecue like it I would have rather to be under a tree like in the middle of the trees I trying to prevent a forest fire yes then where we ended up cancelling out the field the wind is blowing it's like after a while we couldn't feel our hands anymore we're trying to roast these little hot dogs the fires going out I'm like and then I have Rodney texted me about Hey man check out this I'm like headed back on the train delivers like sleeping he's like needs to change his diaper because it's definitely a number two right and I'm just like sorry for everyone else on the train because this is us thank you one day and then Rodney is like Hey check out this TV show with my uncle who works and I'm like I don't care about anything like that right now yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah a dying to know what how was it %HESITATION perfect well it was %HESITATION it was kind of it it's kind of hard to well see I went N. trying to compare it as opposed to what it happened was because people you know we talked about Eurovision we talked about in Sweden Melodifestivalen you know and all the shows have dis and rich long history and %HESITATION you know you've been doing it for years and the American song contest is just kind of like this brand new show it just pops up the name of the show like it's actually called American song contest right and if I understood it eight and if I understood correctly Dave split it up into four I think it's four I'm gonna say for so they just did the first episode with the first batch of states and then they're gonna do the latest people in the U. S. yeah it's a very nice TV now note they're showing it on Swedish TV but it's back in the state I okay so it's like a show in the states but we just happen associates bought the rights to air it yeah exactly exactly okay okay yeah so what I need there actually I guess there should be out there showing it I went back and watched the replay but %HESITATION so I guess it's going to be for the next four weeks and I don't know how they I'm sure that there was a memo that I missed about how the whole contest is set up %HESITATION you know I like Snoop Dogg I I do %HESITATION Kelly Clarkson okay you know I mean I'm I'm I I like him they're entertainers %HESITATION I thought that the songs that they did do %HESITATION yeah there's people representing like each of the different states and I can't I think it was like Idaho %HESITATION and it was like they were just what they did okay okay did Wisconsin so I I get where you're melody festival references come again so it's like Eurovision but only the states of the US exactly and it's actually somebody that's been involved with melody first of all that %HESITATION so %HESITATION Swedish gentlemen and I don't have any notes in front of me but he went over to the states to sell this concept and has sold it N. B. is like behind this whole push to get the American song contest up and running I'm sorry America we didn't want this kind of thing exported he well it what happened was and well one of the songs popped up I'm watching the I'm I'm watching the show then is sitting on her on on her couch you know and she's doing something on her iPad and this guy gets up there and start singing on stage and we're both kind of blown away because he's not moving very much but his voice is just amazing and I'm sitting there thinking well if this is the quality of the stuff they're gonna be doing this is you know this is actually pretty good okay N. you know Linda goes wow Disney sound like that guy like %HESITATION who's the guy with the really long hair and I was like %HESITATION like Michael Bolton she's like yeah it sounds like you know Michael Bolton she says it sounds like Michael Bolton and sure enough it's Michael Bolton is Michael Bolton and I think I think it was represented if you got a record deal you can't be competing in this stuff get out here who who %HESITATION because I'm sitting I think it is it like a half time entertainment thing or is he competing and I don't know if I don't know if those like Connecticut or Kentucky it was whatever state that %HESITATION that he was it he said how did amazing %HESITATION and %HESITATION so is it like professionals or is it like amateur well to the mix that's the thing I mean I thought it was like amateur stuff but if you look at melody fest of all them there's a lot of professional singers they're competing it's not like amateur stuff I mean it's PPL like I was reading the %HESITATION the woman who won this year she had been on like that Swedish version of American idol before and like other stuff right yes I mean this is professional singers but it %HESITATION yeah it blew me away that that he was on that whatever song you sang was fantastic the rest of the song explorer one okay but %HESITATION but but what what struck me is I'm thinking an American audience back in the states with a ton of TV options a ton and a ton of musical TV options with masks singers and buzzers and dance and baton singing in her room and then there's like this new thing comes out there's no real history you know behind it is just a news show and I I you know it could be a big hit who knows who knows what's going to have this sounds like it's like the U. P. N. answer to American idol D. A. I. it's gonna be it's gonna blow you yeah now it's so what is it C. seventeen or whatever it is the panic rated themselves as but I mean it's C. L. it's professionally done and it kind of what you would expect for an entertainment or a music show back in the states and it's gonna be interesting to see I've written to a couple people justice just to see if they even watched it or if they knew what was on I I don't know how they promoted it we're over here weren't stock home we have no idea how they promote yes probably a year old to begin with to like the way we get media over here from the states are from the U. K. or whatever so %HESITATION but I mean it you know it was fun %HESITATION Snoop is who he is Kelly Clarkson was %HESITATION was extremely energetic and N. well you have to pair someone extremely energetic next to Snoop Dogg because like it offset the everyone around him is getting a contact he like they must have given her like eight cups of coffee you because like everyone has to come into contact with Snoop Dogg like he's just like Hey man yeah when I have a little puff okay yeah a little breezy cheesy a day here %HESITATION because was interesting was I think that the last guy that sang was from Rhode Island %HESITATION okay and I eight if nothing else it's a great show for finding out where the states are because they have like a big because they have a big map and you know with the with the entertainment you know they'd like do you like a highlight of that state so it is there is kind of a because Americans are notoriously awful it geography geography lesson yeah I I found out the Rhode Island is only like forty miles wide so yeah Kate thank you west coaster you I I just %HESITATION I just and I know that it's kind of a bitch Linda was like where is Rhode Island and I said well you know what Canada is its kind of below Canada but %HESITATION but %HESITATION you know you do you say you know New York City yes you know Boston yeah so in between those there's a state then you were white called Connecticut okay and if suburbs came from anywhere it came from Connecticut and then you go like somehow you go into the ocean to the east somehow that's Rhode Island but like if you blink you'll miss it okay eight the guy was okay though I I liked his I dug is %HESITATION okay so he did about he did about it %HESITATION no slugger music though no but they did have a guy that was a country western rap artists that sang about boots and I'm just gonna leave it at that you'll have to go back and watch it yourself %HESITATION %HESITATION but you know it's American I need the only thing is like the second you say country rap I'm like I'm gonna leave my host to the hotel rose what was funny was %HESITATION they they panned over to Snoop Dogg and Snoop Dogg was was moving pretty %HESITATION was moving with the saw he kind of he got it done yes it was poking that Mayfield spoke was good it was good Hey if you have you watched any any public in what what's the latest we talked a little bit about West Side Story and I'm just curious if you've been able to sneak in and yet we are two thirds of the way through West Side Story we're taking it in pieces you know because like the only time we actually get to getting the head space to watch a movie is the weekend but they were like trying to stretch Dylan especially on a Sunday to lighten I don't want to be woken up at six o'clock or six thirty in the morning on a Monday with sure yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so we try and push them as far as we can go right up to like podcast recording time right so like after that then you start to cook dinner and then you just like exhausted and like just give me a glass of red wine and let me go to sleep kind of thing so we've been taking West Side Story in chunks so we've been watching I think we're gonna do the final like pieces tonight okay but yeah it's been really it's so interesting to have seen I've seen it live not on Broadway but off Broadway and then I seemed like the movie from what it what was it like the late sixties early seventy six sixty one yes yeah yes so it's like you think you've seen it every way that it can possibly be presented right but it's still like to hear the music and it brings up that nostalgia and you just like you realize holy crap I know every song of this entire movie like it's just printed on the back the back of my brain and the way they've Spielberg was able to work with color and lighting in so many interesting ways or keep your eyes on the screen which is yes it's quite impressive actually I was surprised and it's fun to see %HESITATION Rita Moreno in there yes you know doing her %HESITATION and I'm not even gonna say cameo I mean she has a a pretty a pretty pretty important role in the new film but %HESITATION for for some reason yes I sang along to every song that came on the same along we we watched it last night the only thing that I I it felt long cash it for some reason and I think it's like two and a half hours long and I don't know yeah that's a lesson about remove now that's a pretty pretty average it's not but I I don't know if it's because I was so antsy to get to the musical numbers the run is like where's my jazz Hey yes I want to be in America okay I mean so I did that that was the only thing and then %HESITATION the the main actor %HESITATION again I need to write notes on this stuff whatever his name is Linda was like has he been in anything else and I'm like yeah baby driver he was in a movie called baby that's right I didn't even realize it so I had it so true so I had a a live a little bit of a hard time you know disassociating him from that from that other role yeah but like I can see I can see how we would be cast in a similar role it's cutting out like that like yeah I can see the personality now the thing I can't get over and drew turn your podcast offer like skip forward like a minute because the in this movie he looks exactly like my brother so weird Hey not this is the same thing I'm like oh here comes through again yeah like with the hair style and everything in my yard is Dr Dre right there like to I. T. yeah I'm like this like did your you're already married you have a kid like ready doing chasing Maria get out right right yeah yeah but it's so weird yeah I mean it was it was good we enjoyed it it was %HESITATION it was entertaining %HESITATION we had originally planned on watching it either with the entire family or at least with Veronica because Veronica is it when mamma mia came out she was watching mamma mia like constantly just constantly and I kept on telling your wait to you see this West Side Story you know West Side Story says classic you're gonna love it you know they've redone it %HESITATION we'll see the jury is still out because she didn't watch it with us %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION but I don't know the with the other one that's up for awards that I've been wanting to see so we saw the one from Netflix there don't look up yeah which is everyone says like %HESITATION it's an allegory for climate change or like an analogy you know I'm just like no that's too simple it's an analogy for everything that's messed up about American society that's what it is wow but the one I've been dying to watch is due so growing up %HESITATION okay growing up we had the original on VHS cassettes and for our younger audience members go ahead pause the podcast go to the Google god it'll search for VHS you'll figure it out so like we wash it all the time my dad had like chapterhouse dune had a bunch of the books and all that stuff so I remember watching with staying in all the all right people just like N. %HESITATION what was it captain Picard was in that too mmhm in that old version so I'm like how did they like updated to be more modern because it was like at the peak of like nineteen late eighties video C. GI technology which is to say it was awful %HESITATION the the CG I cut us off but like I could only imagine what they can do nowadays and then I think the score was that Hans Zimmer or was it %HESITATION Trent Reznor now I'm getting confused by yet like everything about a season really really Polish so but that's one of those things it's like you have to sign up to H. B. O. because that H. B. Warner is the distributor and all that stuff like people just like let me watch the for is cheaply as possible right yeah I I %HESITATION we watched in where I watch doing I can't remember if Linda Linda my to watch do it with me I can't remember if that doesn't pass the three hour mark or does it stay within it %HESITATION %HESITATION let's put it this way there is obviously going to be a continuation yeah well I mean the book is what well eight hundred pages or something yet but if you compare it to the first movie the original movie that came out and you compare it to this movie and you're looking at your watch go and wait a minute how are they gonna fit everything that we okay okay I get it yes so there was like there was like three minutes left and I'm looking at my watch going there's no way there's no way he hasn't learned how to ride a worm yet like what this %HESITATION but yeah I got it so that I got it yeah that's that's the only that's the only thing I'm gonna I'm gonna tell you about that we just started a a we just started watching a new series on apple plus and it's called pachinko and it like it should go like the Japanese or like you know check a machine pachinko machine right okay okay and it is %HESITATION the movie itself is about four generations of a Korean family from I believe nineteen forties something you see when so everyone knows we text each other about what we're gonna talk about make like a little outline before the show it was a hundred topics it's a pachinko like a few movies that you've watched recently I think going instantly I thought oh squid game or app yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah %HESITATION I've never heard of this movie but something says south Korean weird trippy human dynamics about this so you know my mom was a flight attendant my mom my mom occasionally brought home stuff from her travels they could be from different places so it could be food items that could be %HESITATION you know little trinkets and it could be this it could be that I think that I'm probably one of the only persons that had a pachinko machine my mom brought back you had a pachinko machine the pachinko machine I had no idea what it was I just knew that all of a sudden I had in the now the electrical stuff didn't work of course so you know like flinging the ball is in the sea and the stuff kind of effect %HESITATION yeah that was %HESITATION I got to say that I I was gonna say that I was the only kid on my block with the pachinko machine but I might have been the only person in northern California with approaching actually I don't know because you have a lot of a transplants over there from East Asia and so you never know but with no what's the other casino thing but they always play that this like bingo where they marked the car it keno keno okay that's like an east Asian casino game kind of gambling to be at the chinko it's like I remember in the eighties when I was a kid growing up like when I was like five years old like no must like they couldn't have lasted that far into the nineties so I must've been real young and I remember watching Saturday morning cartoons right and then you would see these two kids dressed in leather jackets and it was all about crossfire in the song crossbody is you'll get caught in the crossfire and there's like it's like rock em sock em robots but instead of robots boxing each other writer pulling this awful plastic trigger shooting pachinko pellets at each other yes yes I remember that I read and I remember I thought my friend my neighbor was so cool because he had one so we use it and I'm like this feels awful my fingers going to get cut off this is horrible but that was also the good old days when it was like a put your face right next to it when I pulled the trigger yeah this little BBM aiming high ball yeah it was okay there was no safety precautions or warnings on well that was back before the days of the woman's spilling McDonald's coffee on herself so anything went right but eight speaking of anything goes I need to get in something before we go out to like hang it up for the weekend yes I'm gonna keep it as clean as possible %HESITATION I know I think I know where we're going you know exactly where I'm going why is host Nord so bad at their jobs like I don't understand how it's twenty twenty two they're the official postal service of Sweden mmhm and they're sold leg known for being awful let me %HESITATION is running this business but let's give a little back story I order like a little small order from Zalando you know a couple T. shirts a couple little like bracelets successories kind of thing like I'm thinking like I don't want to go like to crazy that's going to require a big box because once it's a big box all you know you're gonna have to go like two kilometers away to go to like some random eco or post or pick up point somewhere okay this stuff could theoretically fit into like you know those elastic envelope kind of things yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah S. so like and all that stuff like T. shirts and a couple bracelets second off in the same thing come on now ends the wonders like always like thanks for your order we're going to split apart because of I guess Zalando is just like a distributor kind meaning and they'll give you like discounts when they have a discount but it's coming from other importers so that this way I can Amazon in a way right they're a reseller so like some stuff comes from them other stuff comes from the people sure sometimes they have to split the order part no worries okay okay it's going to be delivered I ordered like last this past Monday no like okay it's going to be delivered between Wednesday and Friday no okay very confident right now let's see about this and I write it like the next day the next morning right away I've got like postnord updates about like %HESITATION we've registered a packaging global global blood then like have like we have updates of your package which basically means they some other employee just scanned it right and then like the system says we have an update and you look at your app and literally nothing is changed and I'm like yeah there's an update about my package alright so it gets to be like they're like okay is going out for delivery select how you would like your package to be delivered and while the Wednesday between five PM and ten PM another ten PM delivery I remember the flowers yes Valentine so all ready my red flags are going up on like postnord don't get sassy with me and I don't have the patience anymore mmhm but they're like okay would you like it to keep I'd select home delivery originally when I did the checkout would you like to keep it at home delivery for zero kronor would you like to come and pick it up at our distribution center in house way over zero kronor and I'm like you want me to go all the way up to outweigh to some truck depot and pick it up may I distinctly remember having done this already with ikea yeah yeah yeah that's like Colin Cooper into the truck depot is it was too heavy yeah %HESITATION no I I know exactly where it is I don't want anything to do with that right and then the third option was collected from a service point in two to three days and pay another hundred twenty five kroner and I'm like you should be paying money to you that option yeah that's like charge me extra money to have the opportunity to select the middle seat yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah on a seven thirty seven like what are we doing here yeah what are we doing here yeah so I'm like okay no keep it as it is and then they're like oh you know you can update your information if there's anything you need to put like a a door code or anything like that I'm lying I'm leaving zero two chips with these people because guaranteed like the guy just comes up at nine fifty nine he tries open the door and it's locked like every other door in sweet right is going to be locked from the outside and he's going to say oh no well they weren't here we tried to take yeah we tried yet to come pick it up but I'll play now and walk in between the semi tractor trailers to pick up the package and I'm like no no no no no no no so I'm like okay send it to deliver even if I'm not at home delivered to the apartment door I put in the port telephone which is my name the I'm the only one under diesel they just have to find my name in the call at night open it with my cell phone right and then I'm like okay so everything seems to be going smoothly the night five PM hits I'm getting a couple little text updates like your package is moving but there's no like tracking like now you know how the groceries you can like see the truck when it's exactly right right and my neighborhood Google maps always sends them down the wrong street and then they get all confused they don't realize they can drive along the water and then I see them turn around eight times %HESITATION just shouting about phone like just don't go this way yeah yeah anyway some like prepared for that kind of thing and I see them getting closer than it's like four stops three stops and then it hits nine PM nine PM I can see the truck going all getting closer to my neighborhood I can see that now on the screen is getting closer and closer and closer and closer the second nine PM heads mmhm your order is out for delivery I can't see the truck anymore what's what I'm like bro someone stole my my stuff someone straight up stole my stuff and then I'm like trying to like look up customer service like ten PM %HESITATION passes I'm like that's it here we go Karen mode right I'm gold white woman on you now right right yeah so then I'm like where's my customer service representative trying to like the chat is closed of course mmhm it's been since six PM which you like okay I expect but then there's like a a call like a phone number that you can call to like midnight and I was like wow okay okay okay you got to respect that you know I'm going to try to give a call let's see what happens and then the second unlike everything Swedish and they're like for English plausible and press that men are like we're only open till five PM on week days I'm like you for English speakers yeah I'm like where's my stuff broke where is it someone stole my stuff so then like arm on said the faith and like their Facebook profile like to submit like another complaint right I'm on twit like my one reason why I still have my password for Twitter wrestling get on there and let us start because that's all it is is just customer complaints on Twitter and then like in the morning after I drop of Dylan I'm on the boat back and I'm like call this customer support number yeah I want to talk to someone in English representative please representative and then I get a hold of some guy and he's like well you were given a notification to early it was in S. single story and it didn't come to our distribution center in Auschwitz so you were given a home delivery message too soon I'm like bro that's not real I could see it on the truck that was out for delivery man ends the Landau gave me the message that it was supposed to deliberate delivery actually Wednesday was the final day that was supposed to be delivered right I knew someone that was too confident like what you're telling me it's just not real it's not real like %HESITATION we sent you a notification to early first of all didn't figure out your system why are you sending me a notification to early and second of all how is that a thing I saw it on the truck it was three blocks away man it was three blocks away and then someone didn't want to deliver it so I go through this whole thing and like I'm screaming at this guy on the phone and he's just like repeating the same thing and I'm just like I'm just going out I'm like man you people like do you realize how bad your company is like it's twenty twenty two everyone buy stuff online mmhm like our options are postnord that maybe it'll show up or DB quicker which is like a German DHS will DHS's German but like TV twenty areas like %HESITATION like fed ex or UPS but I think they're German but then they're also French Canadian because they all speak English when they arrived but when you're talking to him on the phone they refused to speak English to you right %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION Hey English not good is it was a little bit a little bit of love and then they just do their spiel at you and then when you actually pick it up I can tell it's the same person from the voice right yeah Hey man so yeah have a nice day thanks how do we handle it what hello like you can speak English anyway so how are these people so like there's no impetus for them to want to be a better service and that kicker on everything so they I go through the Facebook messenger through the people on the phone and they're like okay well that you know kind of they're saying there's nothing I personally can do you'll get a message when it's going to be delivered at some point and I'm like great because otherwise we're gonna have to call the credit card company and clean fraud on salon and you buy and like so I get one piece of the delivery yesterday Saturday and they're having to use the port telephone to get in and I'm like how is it that someone delivering a box and the box was tying looked pretty small like you could squash it and just get it right into the mail slot like how's that postnord the official postal service of Sweden needs to use my poor telephone number my daughter phone code thing to get into the building when you deliver mail every day and on top of that some random dude can come into my building every day despite everyone's mailbox thing no advertising he shows these awful newspapers in every mailbox nobody wants this what is going on what is this Sean are you upset about your delivery service I like to look the part like the only progress I got was with the person I was texting all day Thursday on the Facebook messenger when she's handling multiple customers so it's like we would tax and then like twenty thirty minutes we'll go right in like your progress but I'm like who's next do I have to strangle to get you people to like do anything like I'm like you don't realize like she's like do you it is just so many things like dating doorbell ditch you there like %HESITATION knock on the door %HESITATION I tried like the knock on the what the like who's knocking on the door and then they say okay you have to pick it up from you can two days I'm like bro I said I paid for it to be delivered to my house yeah and then the representative from post or dislike well do you have the shipment ID so I can look into this case for you I'm like you don't need a ship and I. D. everyone knows you suck like what are you doing about that everyone hates you what are we doing here man and like it's twenty twenty two on that note system won't bowl like it needs to be start selling cold beers honestly like let's get with them at what the bleep bleep bleep bleep program come on people and that will do it for this week's episode thank you so so much for tuning in as always give us a like every few five star rating wherever you listen to this podcast right now it helps so much definitely check out our Instagram as well we always have cool fun interesting things going on over there and I got to get down off the soapbox now but seriously postnord for everyone else be sure to come back here next time for more 2 guys 3 crowns