May 24, 2021

Same Old Song And Dance

Eurovision, ICA, Tomahawk Chop, Nosey Neighbors

The guys are back in studio by themselves this week. They talk about the Eurovision final. Rodney has been watching the earlier rounds, so he's heard the same songs over, and over, and over and over already. Plus, Rodney gets vaccinated, Sean shares another ICA story, Rodney gets pestered by nosey neighborhood kids and Globen is now called Avicii Arena. FULL EPISODE VIDEO now available on our YouTube channel. Subscribe!

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welcome to two guys three crowds the podcast that talks about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden I'm John and with my fellow American Rodney you break down the good the bad and the just plain weird that's quite the journey to join us for the ride Lou that'll be dabbed absolute WTW absolutely that blue dial blue tab do you die the team I picked our selection this week the Somali AA of pop songs to celebrate a certain special occasion in the Nordics in Sweden in particular I selected the most euro techno song that I could possibly think of to celebrate the grand finale of the biggest music competition in the world Eurovision twenty twenty one June June June June two yeah it was %HESITATION it was a little funny because as we were talking about the topics and stuff we were going to you know get up get a go ahead and and do not cynical I mean I know that there's something I know that there's something happened and that we should probably mention but I just cannot remember what it is well to be fair I've stayed away from all of it so far okay I might flip on a little bit tonight but %HESITATION yeah I need I need a little bit of a minor chord action going on all that stuff is like it's all written in major keys and that's all I mean it's all built for pop right out so it's okay but like after you hear like all the random countries you never realize were part of Europe like Azerbaijan and Australia it's almost yeah Australia can also South Africa yeah it all starts sounding the same after while you're like and then once the performances finally get done you have to sit through the three hours of judging right just like oh god lord there's got to be a better way at well to it to be now to be to be truthful and honest because you know I I sent you a text %HESITATION we watched we watched a portion of the first semi final because %HESITATION that's when Sweden's guy to say was was saying and so we watched a portion of that %HESITATION up until ten o'clock is kind of when we when we hit the sheets yeah up until ten but I don't know what it was but Lynn and I were just looking at each other going today he looked at the people who listen to these songs before they voted to men or just like you just show up because a lot of the songs this year at least in the first like the first semi final right do do do the first semi final round %HESITATION the song so we had to turn the I actually literally had to turn the TV down I was like I cannot listen to it because it's off it was like it was it was just like scratching my soul but yeah and then we tuned in was it night before last I guess was the second round and all the songs are pretty good you know they were they were all all pretty good but how some of those some of those that those countries snuck in and then there's a couple of classic favorites that usually present yeah pretty good pretty good Australia has sent surprising that will not surprise and I can't say that it's not like they don't have talent you know in the land down under but they've got some pretty okay wait a bit of talent %HESITATION yeah and they had you know some some pretty good some some pretty good people I'm a yeah I don't know if there's like a really nice with it maybe it's just me it's just it's it's probably just my music taste but I don't know yeah and from what I understand I think Linda said that the group that performed was actually prefer they didn't come over there there and it was like some kind of satellite okay thing so they performed over there which which is which is probably pretty good because then they don't have to fly you hope to hear back we'll make it %HESITATION but yeah it's like you said I mean how many times can you listen to the song is just like melody first of all and you listen yeah yeah you know like the the trying to get on it that the summary time they do it and that is like a window to sing it and then have not the sitting next to me she's going wait they're singing the same song again yeah yeah yeah yeah that's %HESITATION they're competing with the song that's I think that's pretty smart I mean if you just wait for the final because that's that's actually the smart thing to do that's why they have like the semi final and the semi final because you know the people this really shouldn't be in the final are falling off to the left in the right area true true and he didn't miss it's such a weird concept to begin with because you have to win melody festival to get into Eurovision for Sweden and all these other countries have their kind of equivalence yeah but there were times watching melody festival where I was like oh that I can tell by the tone of their voice that person is clearly a better singer than the other people on the stage tonight but they wouldn't make it through because at the same time that the show is going on share these contestants are blowing up my Instagram he was like Hey look for me your leg bility festival and I'm like mom okay yeah so yeah I can see how some not so savory acts may get into the final of the Eurovision it may be a little bit more amateurish like I said some of these some of these people most of snow again because I eat and I am %HESITATION I love music I I'm open to all kinds of music you know I can listen to the gambit granted there's some genres of music that I can only take in small doses but I'm open for it you know I'm I'm for Eurovision and you get a lot of a lot of cultural infusion %HESITATION yelp at like eighty five percent of the songs are gonna be in English yeah but they're still a couple of groups that they just you know they get up there and they do their thing in Kazakh and you're just like yeah props to them for doing pop songs yeah the cats act yeah Hey but you know that something's happened in when flo rider pops up a year a year of Asian the low rider was that room Eurovision yeah he needs I mean it was it was I was sick and I was sitting there I was going you know hello can a mixture amateur groups and %HESITATION there's a professional groups in there some people with more experience and it was like flow right it was like he he mostly got paid a hell of a lot of money yeah I think he just wanted to travel yeah I think he's like the rest of us he was like what is it that the euro what it is like yeah I'll go I'll go long way from Florida where is it being hosted this year %HESITATION opium poppies %HESITATION Holland I think it's I. K. as I can %HESITATION I was gonna go with Afghanistan it's not unthinkable at the office but yeah I think it's %HESITATION I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure it is they haven't been paying attention the beginning I've just been kind of skip into the music parts but yeah yeah yeah although Romelu all the the analysis and all that yeah fast please yeah but Hey you had an eventful week yes are you you are now being tracked by every government on earth that some speaking of opium poppies no I yes Sir he you've been jabbed yeah I'd I'd I'd be Jabin IB Jabin %HESITATION and it was this size it's he yeah I didn't really did I was happy about it I was happy about the appointment popping up %HESITATION I had a feeling first of all let me let me start by saying I did try to do like everybody else go into the this application you're supposed to go into and register and look this is what my allergies I have to go to a hospital to get an injection you know so I know it's yeah I can't just go to like press bureau and or you know what these other way yet just in case I would have a reaction so people with allergies I have to get the you know the injections like within the presence of a doctor kind right yeah well so you can't I couldn't go to like some pizza drive through or something just in case something happens you know I love help any business any like they'll just do anything the corner bodega though yeah we're offering the vaccine come on it you know right right up on the level of seventy seven for %HESITATION that shit out yeah gas %HESITATION you need a hot dog you want to see circle K. right but I called out here I call down here to the hospital indigenous and I was like look %HESITATION I try to go when I try to book it you know with my allergies I just understood and the lady the nurse that I spoke with she said look I'm gonna put you on a list down here she says we're not giving injections to a lot of people but if something and if an opening pops up they would just you can have the injection down here there are some reason after have gone yeah I went into the app like everybody else yeah it just I don't know how many times a day I was going in and checking is just you know no openings no openings no openings so I had a feeling I was like if I get something down here at the hospital that's probably going to be that's my safest bet and sure enough I got a text message in there like okay on Wednesday come down you'll be here nice and I was %HESITATION yeah I mean I was happy about it but I don't think I've been at the act you know shots and and and giving blood or you know taking tests and stuff like that we we talked about that before you know it yeah how much you love you know needles and testing %HESITATION but I wasn't really I wasn't nervous up until like it's really starting to hurt like through the front door at the hospital because I'm you know it it's not the the that show is not about the same time you started texting me about all your G. is on your cell phone going funny yeah exactly because I went for like four G. and then the closer I got to the to to get in the backseat with like three G. it was like they must not a got a very good dose because all of a sudden it says fifty six K. dial up on the top of your bad connection but the shot one %HESITATION I didn't feel the shot I mean yeah good I just then just went and sat down you know %HESITATION she liked pinched my arm and then gave me the shot and it was done and they said okay I said I think they said like three to four weeks to try and then you get your second does have booked a second dose right and then takes two weeks after that for everything supposedly a to to kick in so who do you get do you know yeah at first I didn't no doubt I because I looked at the car I got my my little injection card so I'm I was looking at it and it says Comerica nadie Coleman the hell is that yeah see you get home early right now IT and the first thing you know other than the fact that it sounds a lot like Illuminati but I'm you know I'm looking at here we go no but the comment section yeah but I'm thinking to myself why I never heard of that shot they %HESITATION I've heard of I got it you know like Fizer and I I don't get rid of the janky Russian won the Sputnik or Sputnik right now right but when I looked it up I did the %HESITATION I did a quick a quick really frickin quick Google search to find out what it was that you just stuck in my arm and it and it but Fizer pops up okay okay so is the %HESITATION Fizer they just %HESITATION and I remember a while back that that they had that they were gonna change the I can't remember what backseat was but they're going to change the name because they were like those side effects like people started having side effects and they're like yeah let's just give it another name but you didn't feel anything side effects was %HESITATION no not really but I definitely felt where they gave me the shot %HESITATION %HESITATION and it was because they give it to your shoulder yeah like a tetanus shot yeah and and towards the end towards the evening %HESITATION there was like a you sure you feel okay and I was like yeah I feel fine she said even where you got the shot and I said yeah and I touched like my arm my bicep like my lower part of my price and I'm like I'm fine and then I was like oh wait a minute the shot was higher up and then when I moved my hand up to that like my shoulder hit and I was at superstore it felt like like Mike Tyson had punched me in the shoulder well yeah I mean I think that has to do probably a bit with the nurses well because I've had like them we actually have to get our booster pretty soon the tech that was the TV the tick borne encephalitis right shot so if you go out in the woods then you don't have your brain blow up inside your head %HESITATION but yeah the first one we got for that because that's what you do is to and then every year you're supposed to get a booster shot if you're going out into the woods and all that so the first one the nurse was amazing I didn't even feel the needle go in she is she's like pinch my skin right but then like the actual needle couldn't feel anything up and then the next day that night the next day nothing nope you know nothing tell your topper yeah no swelling or anything but man the second nurse I got %HESITATION must've been having a bad day ratchet yeah yeah nurse ratchet yeah is it was like I went in there and then like after you were just like all that's gonna leave a mark %HESITATION yeah yeah but but to me the shop process everything went really good I sent you some pictures from the waiting from the waiting room it looks like the quintessential Swedish waiting room there's a couple like Delhi ticket machines you know him but it and I don't know if it's like a little mini daycare or something but there were it there's there's nothing there's nothing funnier than seeing adults sitting in like kids chairs and stuff when you go to day care centers yeah when you go to day care centers and stuff like that and you have to sit down with the kids doctor's office of the B. and the chairs are made for like them not us that's yes yeah that's kind of like with this waiting room was like so %HESITATION it was it was it was good it was kinda twilight age though because we the cross section of people that were sitting inside that room all spread out were yeah we like man I bet you got to run over and we were look light that come motley Crue the lady the last lady that came in was was elderly elderly older %HESITATION quite a bit older and she had some big red flower I don't know what kind of red flower it was but she wanted to walk around in like show everybody this beautiful big red flower she had oh my god she was really talking lady I'm just here to get in and out don't be see that's when I have the advantage I'd be like no obla Sueca yeah and if it was any other circumstance I would have loved it outfit like band could sit down and you know let's talk about your red flower I know but she was like where are you in any other phase of my life but right now we're serious right now exactly exactly no so that went well and shot one shot one is done and we'll see what %HESITATION we'll see what happens now I have to love it I love it I love it well I haven't had anything quite as exciting happened to me but I will tell you this week has blessed me with another ECA story %HESITATION the eagles so read we go into each day yesterday middle of the day you know kind of thing wanted to get a bunch of different stuff and you know it's always good to actually go into the grocery store right because you see things that you're never gonna be online the online stuff you need to you know know what you're looking for share you have to have your list and then you search for it you see that result you click add it to your cart but there's no you don't really have the I'm looking for beans a look at that thing over there that looks cool I want to try something with that there is that you don't get that with so it's always good to go into the store and plus you never know if you're going to meet lady in red you know live streaming her shopping experience right so we were looking around we get to the meat section and we're like oh let's you know look you know see what's available see if anything stands out and I go to the B. section and first of all this is probably about ten thirty eleven o'clock in the morning on a Friday okay and there is just this it's like a that committee meeting of sixty to seventy year old Swedish men who like eight of them all lined up in front of the beef Doris as our mom mmhm L. like you can't get it you can't do anything you know like trying to like get over at least see what's going on and the it's just like practice who knows what they're doing none of them are opening the door they're just sitting there studying the meat inside of the coolers so I'm like oh great knives who knows how long this is going to take some you know doing the old twiddle my thumbs and being like I'm about to go like this like start calling people out in English and I can understand that anyway and then I looked to my left N. I. C. this thing meets product that is wrapped in like plastic wrap but like thicker plastic wrap and it's about a meter long but maybe a little bit less this giant flinstones style tomahawk chop cut of beef like rebuy enter coat with the giant bone on top attached to it holy smokes I'm like I've never seen this stuff except in like masterchef this doesn't exist story you know what I mean there is like you did out of the flinstones and they were like fifteen of him I'm like who's buying this right that you have so much inventory of it you know I can see if it's like at the meat counter sure and it's like a specialty item where people are going to like spend a little bit more money on you know specific cuts of meat and all that stuff but it was like packaged commercialized and I'm like man people what are you doing over here this is crazy but is that like a is it like a beef a beef cut yes so it's basically think of enter caught right it's the rib yeah but it's thicker than an enter code is probably like what what is that I would say like three quarters of an inch whatever that is and centimeters but this thing is like a solid at least two six two inches thick if not going up to three right so it's thank but that's kind of beef with the bone in so you gotta you gotta have some skills on the grill you know what kind of boat is that any difference of beef bone there are no small bones the cow there's no small bones in a gal you can tell if the council's rib let me tell you that oh my goodness yeah absolutely it's ridiculous it's completely like The Flintstones you know when he gets like he goes to the drive in at the in the right way and end date on it the whole car %HESITATION so if you think of that like a giant lamb rack of beef and not cut one of those off between the bone that's what the tomahawk chop this got it the last of but Jurassic but it like a job yeah exactly I mean the actual meat part is like the size of my face basically but well here's another thing I mean I I assume that just like everything else you're paying by the kilo I mean how much money for that boat oh hell no man can I legally completely %HESITATION now now I mean it's one thing if you want it like you're on a business dinner you what you're trying to close the deal to close those sales and you want to splash the cash you know you got they they ant the company amex card yeah and expense everything and then like you know you do the tomahawk chop in the restaurant and you know sorbet comes over any slices everything did plan that I had to do it at your house yeah he doesn't right but like to do it at home like first of all I would be terrified that I was going to %HESITATION something up right because then it's like forty euros down there then you're in Sweden right so I mean you're probably barbecuing by yourself %HESITATION yeah %HESITATION yeah so %HESITATION first if if I were to buy something like that I would have to god I drag my neighbors over I feel like like you guys are coming to eat I just need you to show you this big ass bone on this piece of meat but that's the thing too is like you have to have cooked it before for yourself because then you don't want to be like Hey neighborhood come over here I'm cooking the tomahawk chop and then you take it off the grill and the thing is I either blue in the middle where it's like well done B. like charcoal autistic right true true and I don't know if we would you practice would like %HESITATION with like a chicken rip her I know no but like a lamb choppers like a what other can I mean you gotta get used I would probably practice with the TI book on the grill or like in the event like first of all the others aren't that big over here so I'm pretty sure you have to use the grill okay because this thing is so long honestly it's maybe it's not a meter but it's at least a solid two thirds of the meter so you gotta you gotta do that thing in the open with like the door open yeah but that is not cooking is a free for all other you know wrinkle forget it forget it and you're sitting there going hi guys it's like you know you just bet your whole paycheck on the horseracing alike how modern we got this we got this we got this medium rare although it's yeah it was wild so needless to say we didn't go with that right I was like I'm gonna pass but as him not the came around the corner like look what I found thank you Randy she goes yeah her eyes like laid off like I knew you guys of shine down yeah but then she's like oh look what I got and she had this little bag right little cellophane plastic bag maybe five six inches tall little kind of thing and it looks like it's free fried bacon inside this little pouch three five eight pre fried bacon okay I'm like well what is that I don't even know what it is but I like it let's get it let's take it home we realize it's %HESITATION it berroco ham like Spanish pork ham okay like the I'm on Serrano or whatever that is that's been then it must've been baked because it's all crispy okay and the fats all been rendered out and it's like a all right ridiculous hi like you can just sit how was it though eighteen credible see I mean super creek it's like eating like really the classy bacon bits okay okay what are the bits like strips of bacon yeah you know like how was the thing for bars a couple years ago in the states to be like oh yeah you can come in and drink here's like the free beacon sitting out on the bar top that you can pick at yeah you know back before that would have sounded completely disgusting you know what I mean Hey buddy sounds super good it sounds to me like you made a pretty safe choice there yeah you went ahead and left the done D. rack %HESITATION there if you ended up you did have going over with the you know with the with the pay back I was like man if it it looks like cook bacon so we can't prove really can't go wrong here yeah even if it's a tofu products I'm still gonna like it yeah I can already tell that I like it I like it but now we you know before every podcast you know we go back and forth on the on the text chain a bit we talk about what we're gonna talk about on the episode trying to figure out the general outline and when we were going back and forth I sent some suggestions over you came back with right to your own we make a little bland we leave some in the tank for the next episode but one thing stuck out to me yes in your outline points when you sent it over yes it said nosy neighbor neighbor kids %HESITATION nosy neighbors and the first thing that came into my mind yeah was Kevin McAlister's neighbor in home alone right this is this is saying have four wheel drive does have good gas mileage yeah that's kind of that's that's kind of of where that I love kids I love kids I love I know I know it's gonna be good already the cabbie outs are flying I love I love baby kids I love toddlers I love I just love kids you know and we have been in our area long enough to where you know we've seen like generational influxes of kids yes people move in people move out %HESITATION right now it hit me just a couple weeks ago after the big thaw %HESITATION when all of a sudden parents start letting their kids outdoors I'm coming home from work from the train and I hear like this little like this cheater chattering to chatter Georgia you know in some giggling at some laughing and stuff like that and I look over and there is a pack of these little girls I think there's like seven or eight of and there everything from like kind of just getting used to walking like old enough to walk in you know parents let him out %HESITATION to it a little bit older but you know about that general small you know stage and it's a they had this thing where they where they ask you what your name is okay yeah %HESITATION and it you know he if you get hit once or twice with that you know that's one of those little you know cute little questions like what he had to do I have to do I have to do that's like this because they don't have our hate to do yeah but he had to do you know what way okay okay I got to store these for when I drop Dylan off for school you know right here they're saying it's we've got to do and I'm just like Hey though yeah yeah Hey but that thing you know it started off with one girl asking me and the next thing I knew it was %HESITATION you know that scene and finding Nemo with all the sequels mine by mine yeah it was it was this cacophony of little girls all asking me what my name was oh my god it got to the point I I mean I'm I'm almost sweating you know I I was listening where were you the night of February thirty and it happened I swear I swear it wasn't my fault I just I just help make you go to the store that's all it happened again today I opened up the door I was gonna go up to the recycling I opened the door and there's two of them sitting like a hawk in the state we are following you you know and I heard it like just started coming out of her mouth but he and I closed the door and I ran into the backyard you know it's like okay oh my god I know you know we had mid summer jam out what a year or two ago the movie and it was like this choirs I horror film right like the next one bar had to do this harem of little tiny Urals yeah accosting Rodney in his sleep on exactly the it yeah but it is %HESITATION it's it's it's nice I mean because there are kids running and then I have we have a couple of neighbors with a trampoline %HESITATION also that's another one that's another one where is soon as the temperature was right you know we're sitting here and you just hear that eight eight eight eight absolutely %HESITATION but it's two brothers pretty close in age so it's just a matter of a couple minutes in between you know somebody's get upset and if the screen is a yelp and it's like oh no I'm sorry and everything's fine and then is that eight eight eight eight the other day Linda heard like this beep like this little electronic B. yeah she didn't know if it was our phone or if there's like the computer if it was the dryer but there's like a beep they went off you know that a little while later does beat went off and she got us at the smoke detector no the next door neighbors what with the trampoline they had a timer but yes I guess the two little boys were having such a hard time figuring out whose turn it was all my god yeah so they set the timer and then you know when A. B. then the other oh my god all that stuff you have to look forward to no well not really for men yeah Hey he is in that kind of phase where okay I can't tell you when he gets it when I pick him up from first goal of like the little playground that they had out in the front there is a %HESITATION a red motorcycle on the it's like one of those like it'll be sometimes it's a horse more a race car or a tiger origin you know some kind of object on a spring that's in the ground so like you can rock back and forth right so it's like you're riding the animal well this one is a red motorcycle and right now he is obsessed with anything shaped like a car membership like a motorcycle %HESITATION so every time I go and pick him up from for school and now he's like no no we're not leading you're coming in and you're going to ride the motorcycle with me yeah okay okay and there's always another kid on the motorcycle and then he gets a motorcycle he starts staring angrily the other child enjoying themselves right it's turned to go home yeah he's like yeah and then he looks at me like what are you gonna do about this yeah I'm like I don't speak Swedish man you gotta handle this yourself now he's like you see that kid is said now my Ducati right exactly exactly I might well good sure do got to go take care a boy went into it that that popped up %HESITATION that I I can't remember if I mentioned to you if identity or not but %HESITATION this week they went ahead and renamed Globant Erickson Lubin yes the Cayman E. arena arena yeah yeah and %HESITATION when they would have to release the name they actually and I don't know when the video for this came out it came out about the same time and I don't know if you've seen it it's on YouTube %HESITATION but there is a girl and she is fourteen years old and she sang a rendition of %HESITATION I've I've seen this I've seen part of that I didn't watch the whole thing but it's all part of it yeah if you get a chance to check it out it's pretty impressive but again she's fourteen years old %HESITATION this is our first time singing publicly they put her on top of Globant so their video that Lee is her singing on top of glue we are gluten yeah she sounds amazing yes she knocked it out of the park she did really really good and it was being shared all over the place I mean it was just like it was popping up all over %HESITATION but yeah if you have a chance to win it and and check it out and her name is Ella and it's terrible hello I think to a TI ello I'm probably butchering that but I'm not to tell you yeah fourteen yeah but he has two elves in it and I wasn't no I did know it was like a like a young sound yeah I saw %HESITATION kind of like the first half of the video and it starts out with like yeah I guess it's the Stockholm symphony you're the sweetest symphony it's the adults playing the the backing music to as a royal are singing yeah on top of the globe exactly exactly now that was impressive it would have been kind of a presidency because that was a big Philharmonic it was the royal Philharmonic that they had %HESITATION couldn't make out doing it now if you were to put all I don't know it does look like there was like ninety musicians but now she did she did really good so yeah at first I saw I saw stuff popping up on Facebook of being like a Beachy arena and I'm like is this like a a one off to commemorate his he died recently right now like is this like something like a special event to like raise money for charity but then I was like oh no like then tell it to started sending out emails and asked each every now I'm like oh wow this is for real and it was just a couple months ago that they were having discussions in Stockholm because they had decided that they were going to build him a memorial and they were looking for places around the city you know that they can go ahead and do it and research I thought I thought I thought that they had sent home to Gordon so I I thought that they had found a Park Place that they were going to go ahead and and and do it and then but how did how do you go from that how do you go from like having a park memorial to like Hey you know what global the kalo all right everyone that'll do it for this week's episode as always thank you to everyone out there podcast lane for TV in Elizabeth Instagram to get even more crazy hijinks from around Stockholm and please if you haven't already done so rate and review work every you get podcasts from %HESITATION so much and they come back here next time for more two guys three ground