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Bra podcast.

Mycket nöjd och road.

Wonderful and entertaining

It makes my trips to and from work way more enjoyable when i can listen to the stories and jokes from Sean and Rodney! Keep it up guys!

Sean and Rodney is doing a fantastic podcast. Its so much fun to hear about the cultural shocks they experiense and their adventures around Stockholm. Been binge-listening 80 episodes during 1 week now 😁 Keep up the good work and stay safe.

This is such a great podcast! It is really fun to listen to these 2 Guys and their day to day adventures living in Sweden, sometimes with some special guests appearing too. Sean and Rodney have great chemistry and always manage to make you laugh when commenting on the small details of life in Stockholm! I was lucky enough to be a guest on a recent episode and it was a really fun experience. Do check them out!

These Two Guys ... are Funny

These guys are easy going and make you feel like you’re apart of their conversations. They give insight on what life is like in Sweden and how they maintain their own unique cultures and traditions everywhere they go. Am always surprised to hear about the awesome Hawaiian food they can make in Sweden! The graphics and promos for this podcast on IG and FB are on point too! Bjorn!! #iykyk

Funny, realistic, and great insight into life in Sweden

For anyone with a fascination about Sweden, or who wonders what it's like to be an expat in Sweden, these Two Guys do a really great job at helping you understand daily life - the good, the bad and the what's going on here?! Love this show!