Feb. 7, 2022

Party Like It's 2019

Party Like It's 2019

Covid, Cookies, Pie 2 The People, Toys, Scandinavian Photo

It's time to party like 2019, everybody. As of Wednesday, February 9, the Swedish government has decided that COVID-19 doesn't exist anymore, which means no more restrictions. Woohoo! But why did they pick a Wednesday? The guys discuss what it all means, as well as Rodney's trip to the big city to see an old friend of the pod.

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welcome back everybody to 2 guys 3 crowns podcast about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden join me Sean and my fellow Americans broadly as we explore the good the bad and the just plain weird two thousand zero zero to to learn now I was supposed to look up the lyrics party like it's two thousand twelve and in that area Dan and the yeah February ninth is coming restrictions I think you should not accept the invitation to be in the mask singer I know they're accepting everybody nowadays but I think you should reject this one just gonna throw it out there even if it's the Swedish version the workers should I'm sure I could talk my way on to that show yes ma'am even like the they now every country has its own version of reality TV and here we have the Swedish idol which normally proceeds that melody festival and then you get into the if you win that then you get into the Eurovision contest which still doesn't make any sense but they also had a stroke they also have Swedish master chef famously Swedish master cock if we can yes say that on the air yeah yes yes we can yes okay but yeah every time I see it I'm like yeah I it's it it is too many memories too many memories Rodney has a book with this thing I can't deal with it it's explicit it's very it's the old the old again from I got to go to the Instagram account you got to see it for yourself Hey you might have to dig a little bit for that one's going to see if you can find Rodney's cookbook Rodney's cookbook yes hi HM digging for Rodney's cookbook that that bag again you got have to go find the original story it's yeah it'll make sense John I want you to I want you to do a voice over especially for me I'm gonna go ahead and set this up for you and %HESITATION and I wanted it in order and wanted it yes I want you to give it give it give it to give echo Celtic here here is the scene that I would like you to do %HESITATION we're thinking kind of monster trucks kind of monster trucks on a Sunday Sunday he kind of like that kind of like that %HESITATION kind of big movie release that and okay so I want you to go ahead and give us February ninth coded restrictions being released in Sweden yeah and see if you can do this seriously enough yes yes you can't just just give it a give a second to C. %HESITATION Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday all you can eat all you can create the cooperators over baby stock home that's where we are when we see the Koreans decorum come out and %HESITATION reward waterhole thousand people that's all we got I like it I like it I like I like it Wednesday February night who's looking to Wednesday let's take a Monday like the I like I just had a conversation with my mom the only worse day to roll something out than a Wednesday is it Tuesday like no one's liking this it's like they picked it in spite like everyone else like we want do a Thursday because then you have Friday after it and then it's like you know party weekend last goal babies %HESITATION Saturday's Sunday even a Monday like we'll take the day off no one's going to take anything seriously if you like unveil like %HESITATION Kobe doesn't exist anymore in this country on a Monday whatever anything goes but a Wednesday but I'll get out of here I got once I got one even better than that for you how romantic do you feel on a Monday evening I mean that's I mean valid Valentine's day Valentine's day on a Monday that's a hard sell yeah but that when you got to suck it up because then it's officially Valentine's day so you got to be like but that's a watering your flowers ahead of time you know make sure everything you know and it's it's a tough thing because you know it can be like order flowers to arrive at your significant other's work place now you're ordering flowers to yourself to come to your house while you're there because we're all sitting at home until bright Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday at the only thing worse than that would be like ordering flowers delivered by post note telling everyone together on a Monday Hey did you even know that they're not delivering mail every single day I mean that I mean I it is like we are I did not know that what is this yes if it's every other day now what it every other day what are they doing what is your job delivering every other day like you don't even deliver properly what are we doing here people whatever but I don't even know how do you but how do you define every other day it's like I go out to the to the thing I'm like got no mail today leaders like remember it's every other day and I'm like when did it start so I can go back and count what every other day is and then on top of everything this post north so then they're like well kind of technically yesterday was the other day so now today is the day but we decided that it's a red day and then so tomorrow is going to be the other day and then you get the alert you go wait someone said a red day after good system will get we hope that we go get the get the raise the rates going on %HESITATION you saw %HESITATION from posts and probably some of the listeners that I got out of Dodge yes yes that I decided that I was gonna pack my backpack and head to the big city I was like the country mouse hopping on the Pendleton rain going to the big city %HESITATION my gratitude E. himself yeah and I was I was on a mission because one I was gonna go ahead I have new little toy that I was gonna pick and that's not what I mean yes it is a toy but it's a it's a technical to weigh %HESITATION now I really okay fried ruins of the listening at home it is not battery operated it's something that holds his camera yeah I'm good I need to we I need to I need to clarify that so that people don't think that I was going into the big city to buy battery operated toys %HESITATION not that there's anything wrong with that let your freak flag fly you know it's a podcast no %HESITATION it's a it's a gamble just everybody that if you don't know to gamble is %HESITATION going to Google it well that's it just make sure hamster is not included in your search topics but yes the %HESITATION hamster gets not a sex toy we promise no no no no no no but that was so that was %HESITATION that was one of the things that I decided that I was gonna go in and pick up this new and it's right across the street from T. isn't all in %HESITATION Scandinavian photo which is like I mean you walk into that place %HESITATION I will let me it was kind of like eighteen because I have been across yes it's like any time I walk into any store that happens to have a guitar for sale on the wall is just like right shiny flashy toys everywhere and then exactly what you said the the clouds in the sky the parts and then there's this behemoth sunshine that goes down upon you it is endless just just buy stuff the yeah but I I think I felt a little funky when I went in there just I I probably looked a little rough around the edges yeah just dress the way that I hate that I was %HESITATION I didn't have not that I know what it's like shoppers would technically look like but I went in there and I saw that there was like two people that were kind of paying special attention to me %HESITATION like the people that were working there because I was looking I thought I was just gonna going to grab this thing off the shelf but there were multiples so now do you see when I have people that work for the store looking at me I already trigger into there was a button to take a daily ticket counter thing yeah I didn't do yeah there right hello and yeah the game's expose you're not from here are you right what if the thing about it is I caught the guy kind of staring and it wasn't like that Hey I should go over nasdaq I if you need help it wasn't that kind of a scary was more kind of a I wonder if I'll get to the door yeah that was that kind of a it was that kind of a look so I'm standing there looking at these two shelves comparing the two items and then I go into my phone and I'm like looking a little bit just to find out but I don't have my glasses on so I reached into my jacket yeah I reach into my jacket and you know once you get that kind of weird feeling that you're you know that people are watching and stuff so I'm reaching into my jacket to grab my glasses and eat out of the corner of my eye I see that I kind of look it over so I pulled it out almost as if it's like a like you know I just like to make sure that everybody hears that I'm actually not slices yeah I'm not sticking things in my jacket I'm actually pulling things out well it can make a note given the last topic we just talked about you're you're pulling out your glasses right yes yes yes but I %HESITATION I I did manage to go ahead and %HESITATION one of the people did come over nieces like %HESITATION can I help you and I was like well I'm trying to decide between these two and he's like well that was good and %HESITATION yeah that one's good to and I was %HESITATION boy I'm sure anywhere goes else man they're all everything's really everything works you really got me there I'm I'm hankering to but yes I got that and then my adventure in the city continued because I had already decided that I was going to go ahead and spend and pay a visit to Danielle at piety the people has told her I had told her I did go in just to make sure that she's gonna be open %HESITATION hopped on the TV turned up on got off it as to mom store fifty fifty chance of which wait which one to go upright laughter route you have to write I choose yeah I choose the right one and I pretty much ended up on the other side of town %HESITATION I could not gonna end like that for those who no longer were listening in the US there's a St there's this thing that happens in European metro underground subways we would call them where if you go one direction you will end up somehow inexplicably two miles away from your intended destination when you could have just turned right and walked up the stairs he would've been right on their doorstep yeah so %HESITATION Rodney chose wrong but which was good because I burnt off some extra calories on the way over there %HESITATION but you know but that was the and then the the Google maps thing was it was just off I mean I it was I mean I'm off Google maps is off I'm walking up and down like these blocks %HESITATION trying to figure out because the address is on one side don't really correspond to the addresses you can either read the street names imagine me a home like yeah but it was the numbers and I told John that math is not my thing it's like a but okay so I walk one block past where I was supposed to be and I look over and there's a line coming out of the business line across the street coming from this little hot dog place %HESITATION nee is like there's little itty bitty hot dog place and I'm looking I'm like how are there twenty five people in line the mother's day thing with nobody and guess what the name of the place was tied to the people nope Bruno's oh no %HESITATION bono's Corp yeah it's like your nose diving room note a well some people didn't get the memo because obviously people are talking because there were like thirty people lined up a hot dog stand seven vrei rats his back a bit I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight in the wake up at two o'clock in the morning and I have this so we have yet another thing that we need to go ahead and do we have to go back to this place and I don't like dangle wearing courage meant for Bruno I don't okay okay what we'll do is we'll go to part of the people eat cookies and then we'll go have hot dogs I like %HESITATION like that yeah but I did eventually find Danielle's spot %HESITATION cozy little place and when N. is surprised her and %HESITATION she seemed happy to see me I was happy to see her %HESITATION grab a Cup of coffee sat down caught up with her and then bought a dozen cookies which %HESITATION I was gonna say word they still are I didn't eat all of but %HESITATION it's past that fan tab illicit liquor of amazing amazing amazing cookies man I just wanna give a shout out to her for making the dream come true like coming from like thinking about the idea to then she had the th the her situation on Instagram of late selling stuff on Instagram and now it's like a real brick and mortar store man props to everyone out that props to her props to everyone out there who pulls that stuff off for me that's amazing yes yes and I'm gonna remind everybody that it is a pop up it is a pop up locations so if you have not been to pi to the people yet %HESITATION the cluster model making yeah I'll even tell you like what well you're probably be better if I didn't give you directions you just go just go in and %HESITATION either Instagram and %HESITATION Facebook check out the links finder but yeah shout out to Daniel I'm glad that I finally made it over there and %HESITATION yeah it was it was just a really eye nose and now that %HESITATION cove it won't exist on Wednesday here I gotta go in myself oh yeah oh yeah so for all those people listening in America apparently Rodney opened my eyes to the situation as well we don't have restrictions as of Wednesday tell me how this works yeah yeah Wednesday everything's done we're back to normal on %HESITATION but on Wednesday everything now I think that there's probably some travel stuff that they're still keep an eye yeah just let them you can't just let everything go back to normal but Hey you can actually stay out after eleven o'clock in the evening without turning into a pumpkin %HESITATION I believe that everything is going to be is going to be opened up Hey we don't have any like liability issues right going out with podcast saying that everything is released or not and we don't have to worry about any we don't guy Joe Rogan style audiences with off the worry about us yeah right will not get down might not get down my door dragging me out to be like yeah so your first time and then another restrictions actually get lifted on Thursday and everybody goes out on Wednesday because we said it was with %HESITATION but yes supposedly things are things are supposed to go back to normal Asha I guess well as we always say we were always missing anyway right as we as we always say the check is in the mail no it's but it is it's it's a little weird because I talked to my mom day before yesterday and she said that where she's living is actually cracking down again that they've started shutting down search areas how wide a razor no she's she's in the bay area she filed her yeah she's in the in the US of bay area but yeah so that is that's kind of funky %HESITATION but they it seems like more and more people that I'm talking to there's a there's a lot a lot of people get sick not like like super you know sick but there's a lot of people catch in this thing yeah I've signed up to like with spreading rolling stories and stuff like that is either with this latest round you either don't feel anything or you friend worry over it like like a flu level six so yeah yeah now goes out to people so I had %HESITATION I pushed it posted a question on Instagram which went ahead and went to %HESITATION to Facebook and one of the questions that we got was actually from Jermaine and Jermaine was asking you know %HESITATION I believe how February ninth what are we gonna do how does it affect what are our plans and I don't I don't have it here talk for a minute John I'm gonna look up to see exactly what it was so basically because I know how these polls go I also had to submit a question and I ask what's the deal with caviar quote unquote in Sweden because we all know home Hey Kathy how are it's just not but also wore khaki are in Sweden if you are getting if you want the little fish egg roll kind of thing let me tell everybody right now you need the seaweed caviar it's the best tasting one it's the right amount of salt it's the right amount %HESITATION being this is just the best one and it's plant based so you can't go wrong okay I would defer back again somebody talked about Wednesday the ninth right yeah germane Germaine said how will you react on February night and and I I've actually I've actually thought about that because first I got like really psyched tells like all yes memory night restrictions upon I mean but it's a when's my old but highlighted by news media for cleaning up after eleven o'clock in the evening any what are you going to be sitting there on like it Tuesday like ready to pop the bubbly yeah sh yeah I don't know I think yeah I I I I I don't think it is gonna it yeah I don't think it's gonna adversely if were adversely I I don't think it's good really can affect me day to day but %HESITATION maybe that is going to be exact points is the most Swedish way to celebrate the end of covert like let's just put it on a Wednesday that way it's not a party there won't be a run on system there won't be like too many lines that coop or ECA or anything we'll just put it on a Wednesday and then everyone will be respectful and then hear the like I mean you are just like what what yeah yeah I I have a feeling Wednesday might end up being like mid summer he well what was the old lady what was that a kiss song Saturday Saturday Saturday Hey yes I had a a a so I I don't I don't know I I don't think that it's it's gonna affect me like I said there's still a ton of people going around getting sick and spreading stuff so %HESITATION still being cautious still washing my hands every other week I mean I'm I'm just gonna take a shower every couple months you know you know yeah you know it is what it is Hey for all the people out there that don't think we exist we proved it this week did we not yes I wouldn't even be doing Photoshop stuff I mean we actually we actually fist bumped at some point yes yes we did yes we did %HESITATION yeah it was really nice to see if you could purchase %HESITATION we hooked up it at hard rock stock home on wood and got them because it's close to everything close your bus close for me to hop on the train and it's get out always %HESITATION but I feel G. when when I got there because I got there at a couple minutes before you got there yes and it was like walking into a western saloon is like %HESITATION like it just needed like the little tumble weeds to church for church total yeah I like them there was nobody in the bar %HESITATION everything was kind of roped off and I was standing by the little podium thing to get in and nobody was looking Ghobadi was and finally a gentleman came over to me and and said yeah %HESITATION can I help you and I was like he are you guys open no usually gonna like that can you help me get up hello you given like the M. this is help folks this restaurant he ain't big enough for the two of us the other night that it didn't seem like it was big enough for any of us here was there was there was no problem finding a table to sit at %HESITATION yeah but I did love I do appreciate like if there's anyone who's a musician out there you know when you walk into like a I'm like a store that smells your instruments it smells in on your instruments so like if you're violent you're probably like similar to me like you they sell the same things and a guitar store like whatever but like you walk in there and you you breathe it in and then you go right %HESITATION yeah that's like sixty year old nitrocellulose lacquer up on the wall I can smell that you know it's just like this thing like M. also if you walk into some place in this smells like incense like some people were let's say quote unquote alternative right then yeah yeah yeah it comes mostly guitar store here yeah I can see that but it's still good but yeah but it was and it was it was nice to be it was nice to be out in about I mean it was the first time the U. when I had actually seen each other person in a while and it had been a long time since I've just been kind of out in general %HESITATION and %HESITATION yeah it was nice to grab a couple %HESITATION a classic cheeseburgers yeah and we were a basic baddies we ordered literally the exact same thing I was like I'm gonna have to look for another broker on this plate like I was two seconds away from like getting the sliders just so I right have to order the same thing as you but I'm just like yeah I know that's that's the thing I want so you gotta go with it got to follow your heart yeah I can never go wrong as %HESITATION the sandlot taught me correct a but it was a it was nice to be out %HESITATION and I we're joking about how empty it is %HESITATION we're how empty it was but hopefully all of these businesses %HESITATION I will go ahead and and and start seeing it increase and pick it up because I know that that a lot of places a lot I mean just a lot of businesses in general but especially restaurants and and stuff so I'm it's nice to see that hard rock was still there serving burgers and hopefully on Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday yeah it's totally totally I mean it is definitely a things so I've got a few restaurants in front of my life the place that I have here and hammer B. M. B. hosts the hot so you gotta support right now you know keep on going and then because you know we are on the loose on Wednesday six got a mistrial there's actually taking and being healthy for you guys so support your local right a I don't know the third question that we got actually %HESITATION was from my friend Kwame who asked about us ever thinking about going state side %HESITATION or moving back to the states and I think that yeah I I think that's one of those regular questions that that I've gotten since the since moving here like fifteen years ago and and I'm actually honest I'm gonna put on my answer's going to be like this that I don't know I have been completely counted out it's not off the table %HESITATION but we've been you know I mean life is is been pretty busy doing the life thing over here definitely the life that download and I love the way you put that the late thing I'm gonna recycle that yeah it's the lightning %HESITATION but I I mean I would say that it it's not it's not completely completely off the table for me I mean we'll see you know we got we got chapters opening and closing all all the time hello I love the expressive chapters opening and closing what we talked about this you and I when we were out in real real life we were in real life eating burgers %HESITATION yes yeah we're kind of feeling the tug and pull of like imagine the way she she's she's near from the U. S. but like we have so many of roots and friends there so we're feeling the pull back and I think a lot of experts probably go through this kind of thing of like wanting especially the past two years three years almost at this point with private and everything a being like totally cut off there's no option for travel unless you have that passport to go back to the countries %HESITATION we're now from so like I think there is a big free adjustments going on especially within our community that were definitely think about it not that this podcast is ever going to end because then I can be imagine me sitting in sunny Florida Miami sipping a mojito and Rodney is freezing his focus off Brian sweet and I'm writing house a smoked salmon sitting over here freezing my sweaters caviar all quote unquote caviar get out of here with that but head that's it it's a tough one so I that's like a tricky yet is it a tricky answer was evasive different let's let's be honest for a second I think it's different for every person like you're married to a sweet so you have much deeper roots into the community your you actually speak Swedish so it's like a different kind of calculus for you than it is for us that are come like almost complete work almost in our own bubble I wouldn't call it a bubble but like for his friend not even near like the level of of like family did you you can get here so we are like isolation yeah isolation kind of a the deal no I and I get that I mean the hardest part of being over here again is just the fact that you know my mom calls and I have to be there quickly it's like I'm on my way I'll see you in twenty four hours and if you like you can for me when I was in Miami so I come from the northeast of the U. S. so it's very white it's very really it's kind of like the Midwest in a lot of the crater in a lot of things like that so it is the man who's like the northeast and all that stuff but whatever but when I moved to Miami you are just that's culture shock number one and people are like my bosses would say oh my grandmother died and I have to go to el Salvador or Honduras or Columbia right tomorrow like yeah it doesn't matter what the cost of the airplane ticket is you get on the plane and you go tomorrow because in Latin culture that is what happens like you go the next day when you bury the person the next day so it's like it just becomes this totally different shift of mindset you know like imagine if now I don't even know what would be the kind of parallel for being over here it would just be crazy be spending like two thousand dollars to fly back to I don't know Nicaragua or something like that right yeah yeah yeah so now yeah I mean plus with cove a on like in like in the lot of people for a lot of things of like what's really powerful for themselves and like that connects your family as they're getting older like now that we have the cookie monster who hopefully is asleep %HESITATION right yeah to let them enjoy him and all that kind of stuff and you know it's like it's hard it was easier when we could say over to adults and we're by ourselves and you know just escape to Europe for a little bit but then when it's like in the right one what he gets you want to give back you know so stuff yeah now on this topic in to round this episode off I will go ahead and do a little cliff hanger and saying I actually have some some kind of exciting news that I will share %HESITATION I in it please tell me this is not like a game of thrones style cliffhanger either like let's result you better be ready to resolve it %HESITATION yes I promise I promise I'll even have a song I promise episode one thirty six I will have a song of proper song ready and a little bit of news who all right everyone that is all the time we have for this week's episode as always thank you so so much for tuning in be sure if we have any new listeners out there I'm sure we do go into apple podcasts or wherever you're listening to this spot right now leave us a rating a review it's always helps ever so much that head over to our Instagram C. will be got cooking over there and they come back here next time for more two guys three crowns