Jan. 24, 2022

One Heck of a Couch Pillow

One Heck of a Couch Pillow

NFL, Playoffs, 49ers, Customer Service, Kjell & Co, Dollar Store, Couch Pillows

The guys start the show by celebrating a big win by Rodney's San Francisco 49ers in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. Then, Sean makes a realization that he has found the Swedish equivalent of the DMV while Rodney shares his own awful customer service story. Later, Rodney talks about his latest haul from the dollar store. You'll need to check out the Instagram page for the full story, though. But don't worry, it's totally worth it.

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welcome back everybody to 2 guys 3 crowns podcast about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden join me Sean and my fellow Americans broadly as we explore the good the bad and the just plain here Fong that man there and hands yes it goes on and on my friend and started saying that I know and what it was and they'll continue singing it forever just be kind of this as I was on that matter and I hope you're going to stop me at some point yeah yeah and it ended and that so we have a little behind the scenes for all the listeners out there because normally like we have like based on world events like and things that happened the week of this week we have an idea of the song that we're going to come in with and Rodney right straight up go hi this song last week I'm like okay I have a feeling Ronnie's gonna come hard with a good song to come into so %HESITATION songlist might well I'm going to sherry Lewis maybe that was the first thing that popped into my head you leave me no option than yeah and I I don't know why because typically sometime before we record something %HESITATION just you know it'll just be like okay that'd be a cool song to to do but I have a feeling that I have been so distracted today I have no masking in the glory of something or the other oh my goodness so %HESITATION Rodney is still I should know better but he didn't the San Francisco forty Niners the NFL football American football team from San Francisco the bay area yes won their playoff game last night another nineties match up against the Green Bay Packers half expecting Brett far to run out on the field there %HESITATION like you just you they could play a game three days in a row and you would have kit to where to have the support every day %HESITATION yeah yeah yeah yeah I know I got mo Jo I got mo Jo I got all kinds of gear I got you I got all that stuff %HESITATION but yeah I mean it was and we're not gonna delve too too long into this but what I will do is tell people if you're an American football fan and you live overseas in a different time zone %HESITATION that can kind of put a little wrinkle in your sleep schedule or it makes it very hard to watch sports and like would be in that thing ET yes case in point forty Niners green bay Packers played at two fifteen this morning to help you today %HESITATION that's right that's true it happened today our sign it it was like eight PM there last night but yeah so to fifteen in the morning %HESITATION and for a little while during the day I was like an out take a power nap you know I'll go ahead and yeah I'll I'll I'll be ready to go maybe I'll set my alarm and get to go the other way you have to like plan two days ahead and then fall asleep early and then wake up early and then do the nap today in the middle of the day yeah yeah but it was %HESITATION and it and then the flip side of that is if you decide not to stay up like I didn't I decided you know what I'm actually going to sleep tonight %HESITATION when I was able to relax enough to fall asleep then I %HESITATION got up this morning when you decide to do that then you have to do like a social media and digital blackout which means that in the morning when you get out you cannot look at anything if you don't want to get out if you don't it's kind of like if you follow a certain sport in the Olympic super close you have to look right into the lead get rid of Facebook for a month yeah yeah but that the so that's what I did this morning %HESITATION and then something happened my phone playing and I I was like but if I check it are they gonna be notifications that tell me one way or the other yeah %HESITATION and will do so so what I did was I didn't put my glasses on so I looked at my phone just to see what it was they playing but since I didn't have my glasses on I couldn't really you know I didn't see detail I just saw what now because of the teller of the of the live exactly yes being an elder statesman comes in handy sometimes you know you gotta work with what you got yeah but %HESITATION I I feel I feel the Lambo the Wisconsin fans that packed that stadium minus eleven degrees and all star in height yeah it was no it was nearing the surname is Celsius Celsius minus eleven or okay okay a little bit yeah yeah yeah but that's still that's still be ousted full it's only yeah it's G. has the it doesn't matter how you slice it it's it's you know but %HESITATION so I've felt for I feel for everybody in there and I'm watching it if you you know if let's just say that every every person that has to do with American football sports that does any type of commentating basically said the Niners can't win the nines or never get deadlines are gonna win the going to Lambeau %HESITATION it's frosty the snowman whether %HESITATION you know and I love that lab now so %HESITATION it's like every time the dolphins have to walk into New England right here I mean these are the people are going to go up there and win in the snow yeah yeah but Hey it was %HESITATION a a it actually I mean sitting in Sweden now sitting there and I was just happy I was like man I'm sure glad it isn't that cold over here he %HESITATION weird feeling that but yeah I mean they pull out %HESITATION they pull off this this this win anyway we we don't have to go to too deep into it but they pulled off this amazing actually everyone at home has to know Rodney's got is hats on he's popping his bling he's got his forty Niners chain out like you know absolutely given Rece yeah you know yeah yeah yeah no it was telling himself I think they say it was it was it was a lot of it was all it was a lot it was a lot of fun it was a lot of fun when it was over and I sat there for ten minutes after the game going it did no no right now so yeah that was amazing and then I went oh no it's now six o'clock in the morning and I haven't slept at all yes I think that's exactly what I said right before he said wait does that mean that we might be facing Tom Brady next week %HESITATION boy anyway we'll see Hey man you can lease a lease on something like that you get notifications right yeah because I had a you know it wasn't eager this time well %HESITATION what I've got I've got I've got a bone to pick mmhm here we go I had to go now we've been pretty lucky you know we told all the family don't send us Christmas gifts until right you know January right because we're going to be in Miami don't send the stuff from the states because it's just wait and then right inevitably we can't take it back with us so it's not really unless it's like something bubbly or something you eat then there's right I'm sending it to us so we get back here at most we've been lucky most of the stuff has somehow come through like breeding or air me like these two new companies that the packages right to your door right of course I like to be at home between eight AM and ten PM on a Tuesday I'm like guys come on you're not Comcast let's right so the one package I had to go to the big ego for racing to get on the little train little five minute walk ten minutes to get to the train five minutes now so my okay we have to go on the weekend and make a thing of it is there anything else over there that we need and micro there's this pipe under the sink that is kind of slowly leaking like where the trap is I'm not that big of a deal but like I'd rather like I don't have to go through replacing all the PVC piping I'd rather just you know put a little plumber's tape around the screw of flight where the joint is leaking and then square see if that holds it and then if it's still having a problem then okay we may have to figure out if it's aligning properly and change some parts and pieces at least one or six pretty a pretty cheap yeah so %HESITATION like if we're going to ECA there's gotta be like as a shell and company I'm around somewhere right now this store if I say shelling company anyone who's from America right now who doesn't currently live in Sweden or is never heard of it before would never find it if they were standing directly in front of the front door okay I got to the front of their face because shell is not like Royal Dutch Shell like Sally sells seashells yeah S. H. E. L. L. it's going L. A. J. E. L. L. exactly hello and yes like okay man whatever that show fine I'll go with but this store but you can't shop in so you go in there and there's a few little things like %HESITATION if you think of like a like an ace or value okay restore right there certain things that are like Asher arriving to the register that are always out there like they always there that's where you find batteries and stuff like that rand that's kind of the stuff that's out it did you get a quote on quote show room that you can yes yeah because this is also one of those stores where you have to know you have to take a number like I'm already rolling up I've been through this experience before where you're like trying to stand in line and then everyone starts moving around and you're like what is going on right and why you are holding pieces of paper %HESITATION I have to look at deli counters all right what is it that would have been nice to know an hour ago sure so I'm already on the hunt for the number giver like the little this like little iPad with the little bit tested out so I get my number and there's three like kiosks like check out but only two people working and both the people of course as always they both have customers and I'm sitting there and I see this other guy's been waiting yeah and I don't like I don't know what's going on in the conversation I can't even drop I don't have those skills the Swedish skills right but my god this one guy like they're not even they're just talking to each other forever and the other person with the other sales representative they did there staring at the computer screen and going through what must be the entire company's website just like searching for a product and I'm like oh my god this is going to take forever and there's two more like numbers to get through to get to mine and I'm like all I want is the plumber statement you could just put it out front and I was in and out of you you couldn't put it in a home depot where you can't find anything and I will be able to get in and out with the pleasure in two seconds yeah so I'm sitting there and sitting there and you know this time of year you got your winter coats on and then you like notice I should take my coat off probably ten minutes ago because now I'm starting to sweat but I don't want to take my coat off now because I'm good gonna have all these weird sweat blotches all over my clothes and yeah it's like a weird thing and then you just like sitting there increasingly miserable like look at me get out of the store you customers get out of here okay fine the other guy who was before we had left okay is just like I can't take it anymore this isn't worth my time and I'm like oh god if he's leaving and he's given up on life it's like a game now your line of credit has come on so then the custom one customer gets resolved okay they leave and I'm like sitting there like yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready yes eighty three and again it'll be when I'm here I'm here I'm here right right right okay and the guys like he's trying to staple something tool receipts and like that customer left man thrown in the trash you don't need that anymore you checked out on a computer the computer tracks purchases for the business that's what it does and then he's like trying to staple and there's no staples in the stapler I think so carrying the staple it and I'm like he like for his %HESITATION deforestation forest like white you try the stapler twice and then if anything you open it up and see %HESITATION it is really out of staples it's not jammed you don't keep trying to staple it fifteen times what planet are you from yeah I get out of here and then so as to go to the stapler next door and he does that and I'm like okay okay okay fine okay the pressure the spotlight is on no number eighty four call number eighty four and then he looks up sees about five people hovering around with tickets and walks in the back Mike what are you doing all I need is a clear for at least not like another good ten minutes I'm like got to collect the closer lane then the the foot tapping starts happening %HESITATION it is like what are we doing here finally okay he comes out now of course yes to reboot the computer re log into the computer system another number eighty three no number eighty three left twenty minutes ago call number eighty four eighty four yes right here right here sorry waddle over there and I'm like okay I don't know what you call this %HESITATION no tape plumber's tape phone many looks at me and he's like yeah I don't think we have that here we're still are you you don't have numbers he's like yeah I know I know we have electrical tape and masking tape but I don't think we a plumber's tape a let's look at us like you know I've seen this scenario happened already using the scroll scroll scroll is like well I mean maybe you could find in the class Olsen I'm like I don't want to go to go to I. cute today now think yeah yeah yeah and he's like or you could maybe you could find out about house like I know I can find it about us but I don't want to walk over to our house in here right now %HESITATION and then I came to this realization I like throw my might take it on the floor and discussed of course no one's like there to receive the discuss their just like now this person is insane he doesn't even speak our language and he's throwing things in random places and I'm like you know what this is you know this is this is the Swedish equivalent of a DMV I'm out of here yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah boy you showed him you showed a month %HESITATION like what's a DMV they're they're like middle America those American guys like how you run a store like this Hey if there's if there's a liquor store the system will I get right with the same business model in there yet %HESITATION you go shopping for stuff you have to tell the person at the counter what you want and then they go in the back and get it for you right I'm like who invented this yeah who which best offer you on invented this system because it's right yeah yeah yeah Hey but you know that it shelling company as soon as you like went out the door that guy probably pulled out like like a couple rolls a plumber's tape and like show %HESITATION lined %HESITATION you have the American guy wanted plovers Dave first she %HESITATION yeah like I mean he said he didn't need any PVC piping it comes in a bundle with PVC pipes are not going to sell in the PVC pipes right right I can't do that god people and that's a simple log it that you're talking about it here Tory it down there it's not very it's not very big it's like a it knows it's dying just like a like a little facade with a couple of years there's definitely no spontaneous buying there I mean not well they don't want that anyway they don't want to spend money in that store that's the whole purpose is not exactly %HESITATION but I have I have my own little tale of customer service that %HESITATION that kind of slips and slides right into this one %HESITATION do tell do tell I went to office depot %HESITATION because I had to buy paper for a project the paper I needed was eighty three which is the equivalent of tabloid like a little bit larger okay yes A. for his letter and a three is like tabloid but the ways I need %HESITATION works here is eighty four when you go down in size you're right doubling the size of the paper right guess I %HESITATION stock actually %HESITATION actually eighty one is like the largest that's like a parent sheet of paper yeah and then if A. two is half of it anyone exactly and then half of that in a three is half of the need to exactly I mean it makes perfect sense %HESITATION it makes but makes perfect metric sense it does %HESITATION I've bought it I find it damn hard for the first couple of months and then I just gave in and went you know what they might have a point but so does office depot %HESITATION is off of hooting Gautam it's like right across from it's pretty big it's right across from hard rock act yeah okay near %HESITATION templon exactly so yeah so on my way home I hop off Hey go down to this office depot %HESITATION had been there before but I'm thinking you know I know they have paper of course again at paper %HESITATION but I'm thinking okay I'll go down there I'll get the paper I need %HESITATION one of the problems I have is that everything is in grams of course like paper weight at home we have like when you buy paper that's all so you for me so for me to get the paper that I was on let's let's come back a little bit for the P. okay don't understand designer and creative speak %HESITATION weight is how fix the way it is which also affects the weight so it's not U. S. you know how you can have like %HESITATION calipers and like power lines and all sorts of stuff in here is grams of course yeah which doesn't do anything for me because I talked to I talked to that call the printer he's like you want a hundred twenty grand you one hundred sixty gram you want to able sample to feel it you know yes so that's what I did I went to office depot %HESITATION I walking through the door it's not that big of a shop you know it it's it's it's okay it's it's not you know that you to shop but I'm feeling comfortable I'm like it's an office depot I feel kind of at home a little gas and office depot this like a quarter of the size of a American office depot right right but I'm I'm I'm in there I'm feeling good I'm like all this paper I went you know over the paper section found the A. three paper I need which was pretty dang heavy it was like a it's like a full I don't know how many it's two hundred fifty sheets it's heavy %HESITATION and then I had to get a four and a special color that was also I don't know if it was two hundred fifty or five it was heavy too so I'm like walking around with you know these two big stacks of paper %HESITATION I walked over to the counter and she's like are you ready to pay and I'm like no actually I'm just wondering if I could put these down on the counter %HESITATION and take a quick look because there was something else I was looking for she's like I know you can't do that excuse me and I was like a well I was like I was like what she's like no our counter is not big enough for you to just leave stuff on it and I was like %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION here hold this for me then well it you know but you know I'm I I mean I was just I was kind of I I didn't really know how to respond to that you know I'm standing there with these two things a paper like okay I see open counter space but obviously she's already decided that now we're not doing that today just like what you can do is put it in one of those wheeled baskets and they take it around the store with you %HESITATION so I know that when you pick up the reins and you hold them about shoulder height yeah and you deadpan look the person straight in the eye and then you just let go a little slower but that's where they're going I just I just couldn't I mean might you know once I close my mouth and I took my paper and I stuck it in one of the Weald you know it's like you know I'm pulling my wheel the pass a little squiggly we %HESITATION and then I come to find out that when you came in you were supposed to grab like %HESITATION they have laminated number because you're only allowed to be fifteen people in the store so they have some god yes so when you grab the number you go in and you do your stuff and then you put the number back but I didn't I was just so happy to be at office depot I didn't realize that out I mean tell you the Swedish system you gotta be like the liquor store the employees count how many people are in there and then they send the bouncer outside and say no no no no no you wait here you wait here and I'm on the list I'm not nope no you week here and then you got to let two people come out for one to go in yeah it was it was it was a B. was just actors get out of here yeah it was such a a funky situation you know I went around took a look and I'm like I'm not gonna buy anything else I just decided I am not buying anything else so I go back and %HESITATION there's nobody else in line so I'm standing I wheeled back to the counter I go to the counter I'm standing in line and then there's like that pause where she didn't immediately acknowledge the fact that I'm the only person standing there waiting to pay and then she you know she's like okay did you find everything you're looking for and I was like yeah except for counter space but %HESITATION how much is that go for these days first half what's yeah and then she tried to sell me a bag issues like would you like to buy a plastic bag to put that in no I'm gonna take this little cart with wheels with me yeah I'm gonna take a sheet of this paper origami myself a bag no I I actually had a bag with me in my backpack I have like a like a %HESITATION always always carrying around the extra you can collect eggs and and what I did was I took my time as I was like packing you know the stuff first when she when I was going to charge it %HESITATION I use my bit I used a business credit card yeah I use my business credit cards right you know and what I do is when I pulled out the card occasionally I forget the pin number because I don't use it very often so I had to like go on to my phone and they go through like notes and to this place and I saw that a couple people behind me started getting a little flustered she's also now there's people in the line okay now there's a people behind these taking its time putting the night the two items in his bag and there's nobody else at this okay yeah but she did so there's a couple there's like a couple of people waiting behind me she's looking at me and I can see where her eyes are starting to get like a little glossy you know and as I see this the actual the tension building it just made me go even slower I mean I will like looking I %HESITATION I was like checking my SMS ya like my text messages and I was like I'm gonna find the code here and hold on hold on I've got I've got a call coming in from %HESITATION Thailand let me take this real quick exactly %HESITATION it's yeah it's my friend at staples down the street no it was %HESITATION again and she was just she was just up in kind of a bad foul mood because they were yelling at people they came through the door and try did not take one of those lands like she's like wait wait wait wait wait wait that weird man weird yeah that was weird it definitely wasn't a dollar store because everybody is welcome eight dollars demands ma'am you always get some good finds down there I don't want to spoil the surprise but if there are any listeners out there who don't check out our Instagram account now is the is this time a before they lock our account before they do Rodney found these couch pillows that yeah very comfortable because your account yes yeah we'll see what we'll see what happens not the best thing is is it tends to happen on like a Saturday afternoon I get a text message from Rodney going yes which store I'm out right now and his company by a picture and it's one of the most outlandish things you've seen in your life like he's got a a costume that makes him look like ric flair yeah like he's there's the giant random ampersand in love and skunk prints or whatever it is right yeah it's just like the stores here are not that big right now they're just cycling through rain do new stuff all the time and right you go there every week so it's like always a new find something for you to see what but but but what gets me sometimes when when I make these marvelous fines sometimes I stop myself and I think what was the buyer thinking I mean there there there's buyers right for these chains that like to side yes what gets bought and what gets put on the shelf and you know that they're looking at what what's hot what can sell in some of these items that I find and dollar store I'm sitting there and I'm thinkin why whom what to wear yeah yes there is someone who works in the corporate office who is respected job now is to look through all of their suppliers yeah and find stuff to resell that's what they do that is their job yeah and there is for all this week again if you have not checked the Instagram now pause the pod go check the Instagram and come back and you will understand what we are talking about but there that person who has a corporate job and spends money on an expense account to buy this stuff like membrane mass quantity order had to have a business case in their head where I see that there is going to be either X. number of people that will buy this from us for this reason there is potential this has this has this might go viral you know they're like this wait ever hello for pillow with additional questions no but I mean the only thing I could think of is you know how a couple years ago all those emoji pillows went viral so there was like crying laughing one in there is the poop emoji and right like throw pillows that's the only thing I can come up with for why they bought that specific thing unless there's like some spiteful thing happening like for higher up inside the the by hi I like you know now but I think it's like see you know somebody might be like okay yeah let's see you guys sell these I'll take three containers my god that would be fabulous and it would make so much sense for that dollar store yeah yeah and and it's not it's not my regular one it was another one there were yet we wasn't the normal dollar store and it was it was the same dollars to what we had not the same it was a dollar store but in a different city because land and I was in there all messed up yes so we went we went on it on an outing to go back to normal store normal stores I'm sorry I'm sorry dollars toward it'll be to the collar and send you on your heart normal but we were there we had lined up our day to go to clothes shopping and you know pop in here and there as soon as we walked through the front door it was like this huge dollar store sign and say now I'm imagining Rodney Lena standing next to each other so %HESITATION yes both probably saw it at the same time E. N. O. probably let out a sound akin to a right now there is at the same time we like eyes like you see that it may be there was like five years old I was can we can we please can we please can we and we have so much time that lead was like Hey do you want to go win because I do fish like water take my phone you're taking all the pictures let's go here yeah yeah they had a %HESITATION they have some painting of Michael Jackson went back to home when I %HESITATION I was like just one there wasn't even a collection it was I was like yeah we got to come back to this place we got to do more clothes shopping this is this one's the money what we need some variety in our dollars are like yeah yes %HESITATION it was definitely %HESITATION trip to remember and all right everyone out there unless your land that's all the time we have for this week but as always thank you so much for tuning in but the fund does not have to stop here head over to our Instagram page check out what's going on you know hit us up on the website take a look at it runs always doing like some nice little tweaks we got some merch in there for your shopping pleasure and then come back here next time for more two guys three crowns