Sept. 7, 2021

Nothing But Crickets

Circket, Abba, Castles, Helicopters, Medivac

The guys kick this week's episode off by discussing the new ABBA album. Unfortunately, not even Rodney's 50% Swedish heritage has him super trouper excited. Maybe he just needs more kebab pizza. Then, Rodney fills Sean in on his first Swedish cricket match. Spoiler alert: he still doesn't know what's going on. Plus, Adrian gets put on guard duty at one of the castles, shiny medivac helicopters and Sean needs to issue a correction.

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welcome to two guys three crowns the podcast that talks about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden I'm John and with my fellow American Rodney you break down the good the bad and the just plain weird that's quite the journey to join us for the ride you can do you can do that hi who need that girl on that screen dancing queen is that how it goes I don't Hey you would think wait let me check my tattoo no I don't know that I mean the lyrics I thought it's in the DNA it's in the blood it is it is kind of when we started talking about opening song we're like okay and the album that I have but they just I mean it feels natural right because it's just the news is all abba everything yes and then for listeners who don't know probably the ones who are in America apple is coming out with their first album in what forty forty years they break up in the eighties like the early eighties right now yeah and they're all like seventy now it's still all the music sounds I heard the other day I'm like yep that's Abbott lesser self with the keyboard like the swipe right down the piano yep that's abba yeah I I had mixed feelings about an abba song and %HESITATION and I think that well they did that here here's what it is I love I love it but I mean and growing up and when I came to the summers and it was abba and I mean I was easy to like abba has great songs %HESITATION abba pops up you know at a house party or something and and you know it's it's easy to get into but I feel like I'm I feel like I'm like I'm kind of overdosed on on aspen unfortunately nothing nothing personal against Abbott idea you know but with all the hype mamma mia I'm mama mia it out %HESITATION it is yeah it is if our Netflix was a VHS tape it would be busted because mamma mia has now is for all the younger listeners you see these things called D. V. D.'s that was this weird metallic disc that you played movies on and before that it was on plastic tape and that is a VHS yeah yeah %HESITATION well I will go there for you if you don't want to Abbott is not my Cup of tea okay like the whole disco thing like it has its purpose it can it's like you gotta put it in likes in certain situations right you know for that disco field but I'm not about that life and everyone around sounds like I'm like oh god they released another album %HESITATION no yeah it was at that at the get the feeling that I get is had they done it I don't know like maybe fifteen years ago or something just kinda you know under cover and just out of the blue and they're back and boom but it's been leaking you know stuff has been leaking out yeah I know about this %HESITATION yeah I mean you're in the Swedish underground scene I'm not I'm not even close to that level yeah and and you know so it's been kind of leaking out and %HESITATION yeah I %HESITATION so I mean I wasn't completely caught off guard it would've been nice but now with the internet right I mean now with with with you know stuff flying out all over the place well that's part of the marketing you know since you gotta get your streams and you're going to get the most how building listens album streams and like the first month so you gotta you gotta work that donde hype man yeah and they and they're all over I mean they they were instinct Instagram and %HESITATION yesterday I was I was on tick tock and I scroll down and all of a sudden and I don't know if it's beyond our Benny I feel really bad about that it used to be that one of them had a beard and one of them didn't and that they both have beards so now I can't tell which one is which %HESITATION but all of a sudden he pops up like in my tech talks you know the the feed and and I'm sitting there going wow you know just pulled all over the place just everywhere what are you getting how you're getting your Swedish news from old guys other old guys picked out just like it's microcosm yeah it is but it is going to be you know it it'll it'll it'll be fine I went and listened to the songs it definitely has the you know the two thousand they released so far it sounds like abba it sounds like apple it's it's safe you know abba %HESITATION you know balance kind of thing that's the thing that's what they do now they have that sound and then they just all right records sent to be kind of that sounds now isn't George Lucas George Lucas's involving yes I've heard about this now George Lucas note but %HESITATION what do they call it what's the company Lucas now Lucas late in life three lad magic whatever the company that does the technology stuff now the ones that did like the crazy back projection and mental exactly yeah so yeah they're doing I saw it on the news and I was like whoever came up with this term it needs to be hung up shots and were burned and they shall never exist again abba tars exact outputs are out but I don't like guys no never never again so apple is going to be in London in England yes virtually in concert Oct but not there you know %HESITATION okay sure well I'm yeah I guess you must have to have like some crazy lease our late show to justify people paying money to go to a concert and you're not even there getting getting paid I mean just think for anyone who understood it the IHS reference was also if you remember this thing called windows media player mmhm and you could set it to do weird screen saver stuff playing it right black kids nowadays they don't they don't know you don't know what you're missing well I would say don't know what I'm missing I do know what I'm missing of what you did today %HESITATION yeah I do know and I don't know I do know what it is but I don't know how it works at all no %HESITATION I was there for about two and a half hours and I still don't really know how it works so just to %HESITATION to fill listeners and today I went to my first cricket match %HESITATION yeah British baseball K. ends appropriately match yes I I've done some design work with %HESITATION uniforms for for a team %HESITATION appear stuck on and they had an important match today and I decided and hop on the car and head up there and great weather for any kind of sport where wasn't it was scarp Nick Scott Nick okay yeah well yeah it's north for you head up there for me it's like heading down right somewhere in the middle between the two of us exactly exactly but it and I went up there and %HESITATION it was I mean as as I guess it is natural to try and find the things there are like some similarities in a sport that you already understand say baseball so you know I'm thinking baseball the only stop on cricket I know is I've gone in and try to watch you tube like learn the sport learn the basics now ma'am no ma'am and it it was still kind of way out there so I thought I'll go I'll sit down all watch and all learn as I go I I Hey it wasn't it wasn't really happening but I did gain a new respect for cricket ball for the actual ball because if you know because if you watch that thing is about it's a bit if for some reason I thought it was smaller but it's it's almost the size of a baseball N. and it felt like twice as hard yeah I mean it will have their roots in that thing and it's blasting off the ground and all that stuff it's yeah it's wild well this day you know the clips and the things that I've watched you I see a ball get hit and I'm like I want Dick I missed the ball %HESITATION you know there's a fly ball Hey how could you drop the ball there's no club I mean there's no because the only person that has the the glove is the catcher guy yeah yeah but everybody who stands in that specific spot everyone standing everywhere to begin with you're like wait they're all wearing white they're all all over the place who what are we doing here people yeah yeah and I brought a chair with me and I asked the guy right before the gate the match started I'm like okay where's a good place to sit you know he was like well and he looks around because it's basically it's it's kind of the she it's not an oval it's it's like the shape of a like a race horse track kind of look yeah and then around the weeks which is %HESITATION okay okay %HESITATION but I I'm asking okay where's a good place to and and I was like where where is it like that the least chance of getting hit by it by %HESITATION you know by a baller straight yeah there's no like sitting behind home plate you know that there's no place to hide I went to the dangers of them right now friends Hey I was sitting next to a garbage can I was thinking okay worst case scenario use it as a helmet yeah I'll just grab the top of this garbage can %HESITATION and it wasn't it wasn't that bad %HESITATION it definitely the I I wasn't I was paying attention to the game because I figure if that thing comes flying in yeah I don't want to be the next you'll hear such a thing I lived in London for a year and while I was there my boss was still because I was talking to him I'm like how he's going please explain to me why you people eat Hershey's chocolate we think it tastes like tracks we are now Swiss Swiss chocolate in Europe I'm like how god whatever you grow up with it and then like your treasure my chocolate can you please explain to me this Bizarro sport you guys have called right for kids there's no crickets there's no bugs not like what is it and he's like cricket all you need to know is if you go you go as a spectator because you're never gonna understand enough to be a player as an American forget about that life is like you go as a spectator and you just basically drink all day in the stands hi Mike okay and they just go on forever he's like yes they go on forever because you're drinking all day okay now you're telling me about your trying to be hyper focused and watching out for that both complain that you're writing as a spectator Kirk it basically seems like they're not but maybe if you drink enough and you don't feel it when a whack to the head well the thing about it is %HESITATION I don't think that the ball traveled you know like let's let's call it a home run but you know it it just doesn't look for my reference let's call it a home run but I and there were very few balls that were hit that far there were a lot of ground balls and a lot of things and they were you know they were basically I mean the guy would turn and he would hit it to like six o'clock and he can hit the ball behind him and to the side there is no place that you can't hit the ball in cricket so yeah it's totally there's yeah it messes with your brain mad and then there's just like you have the lake for the call at the wicket and there's like three sticks in the ground yeah yeah and then there's two dudes playing red rover between the two of us right it's like what kind of crazy ghetto rustic role is that yeah yeah yeah but I mean it was cool to watch what I wish is because there was nobody to it there weren't any spectators it was like me it was me and my little part of your kit for a full year take a business card yeah and I didn't know I kind of waited for everybody else to cheer well yeah because I didn't know what I was cheering for %HESITATION that's great that's fantastic but it was %HESITATION I mean it was fun to think about it was I thought that I would stay to see both sides hit Phnom Penh and they're still playing they're still playing but in baseball you know you have innings as like you know they had to change the you know the teams are changing you know it's one turn that's the other turn Hey I was there for four while I was there for for an hour and a half inch plus yeah and it was still the one side had been up there hitting the whole time so they eventually switched I stayed for a little bit but wow yeah I I what I did miss though is %HESITATION Mr sit next to somebody that could kind of fill you in a little bit as I can tell you I had I lived in London man there's no amount of British people or experts that can explain this to an American it's just not gonna happen well I mean I sat next to people when I was involved with American football up in Stockholm %HESITATION we had we had a really great commented we had one guy that was fantastic Hendrick really great commentator and what he would do without making it boring for other people that actually understood the sport is he would fill in you know as accommodated he would kind of explain a little bit why something happened or you say he would actually get is if if you can't get people to understand the game they'll come and check it out but yeah I mean there's so many like crazy rules now with you know even the NFL football is right like what what can you touch this person at this point can you now pass interference yeah sure but but with American football what I realized is I would tell people the four four attempts to get ten yards and I'm like they're trying to get from that is that that flag yeah you know N. as long as you can do that the people have a basic understanding of what and then you can go deeper and say okay you can throw you can run it you can do this and that but it's not as easy as European football where you go the ball has to go in the net if you do that one Max one of my big one of my big hang ups with %HESITATION with soccer with football M. was was that the scores were always so low you know and I also kind of American football is just like a thirty five to twenty eight well look at basketball too yeah but if that is ninety eight to one oh five what a soccer thing is like wow that was really close like zero one zero zero or one one or two one or you know things like really scored a cricket those guys were up I think it ended today your thousand to fifteen hundred it was a hundred and five to like a hundred and nine is that close is that no who knows who knows what all I know is one team got more than the other so David what you both did a good job yeah yeah yeah yeah go ahead no I was I was gonna tell you %HESITATION right before we had dinner you've been to my place and you know that is kind of in this like secluded area off the beaten track in the thing yes it's called Nina some right and and indeed I mean need to some the secluded are places like secluded within secluded it's like the box within the box %HESITATION all of a sudden right we're getting ready for dinner and I hear helicopter and occasionally they have helicopters to fly overhead %HESITATION sometimes it's it's like the Swedish Coast Guard you know who you are okay so you know occasionally you hear it %HESITATION but this one got really really loud and stayed really really loud thank a police helicopter it was a medevac like a it was a was a medevac helicopter and and we have a lot all the time yeah and we have a little park by the house so right up the hill from us there's a there's a kid's park and that's where the helicopter will land if he has to pick somebody up in this area okay is there space exactly there's like a a fairly open field but they're still doing stuff around %HESITATION and it's not the first time it's happened it I think since we've lived here it's probably happened like maybe three or four times yeah %HESITATION but that there is something in there something about helicopters that just grab their debt is like the little boy and we came out because I was I you know dinner is dinner is pretty much ready and Linda is you know we're we're helping each other with a dinner she's like well you know we're gonna do this and and I know that the helicopters up there and I know it landed so I keep on my Tippy toeing over to the window and looking out the window right a look like really obviously to make sure that she does that I'm interested the helicopter out there and that if given the chance I would probably out the door by yourself I'm gonna go check out I think I can drive it right away eight but that wasn't really working kids you know she was like well do you think we should cut it or should you know the the this %HESITATION pork loin to actually cut it or should we leave it inside that thing and I'm starting to get antsy I'm kinda okay I think we should hovering we should hope for but I keep running to the window and I keep running to the window and finally as just like can I please can I just you know can I go up as you like to go so so I walk up the hill the helicopter is in the middle of this field there are apartment buildings %HESITATION kind of %HESITATION on one side and then forced on the other it's it's a real strange visual to see that right neon green yellow helicopter just kind of parked yeah in the park and my first they're a lot bigger when you see them next to the Hoff normally they're like a little dot in the sky right you know my first inclination was to was to take my phone out I'm like I'm gonna get a yeah because I I gotta get up I'm gonna get a video I'm gonna take a picture and I get out of it %HESITATION the the big news event down in in this hospital to get helicopter has locked up like this could be great you know what I could do slow mo and I could do like that wide angle I got stuff for tectonic I've got stuff for Snapchat I've got stuff to send the local here at Porter on the scene yeah yeah radi right do do do do do do do do that that that that that that it and then it kind of hits me that they're there because it's a medical emergency so and it's got to be pretty bad because those things are expensive but and then you start thinking well do I really want to be the guy who like myself feel like standing standing there take in views and videos at that I realized that it was me and two little little kids that were standing there everybody else it kind of they stayed there apartments or stayed back so well what that's the American and you come on but %HESITATION moment we get those things all the time because we're from a flight path perspective were across the street from the Saddam hospital that's right so that's things going all the time yeah down out to the archipelago and all sorts of stuff right things always running and then we'd like every now and then you see like a tourist helicopter going over %HESITATION like they're always hovering over at the ports like this where the Viking cruise line is yes I don't know if that's for the take off or whatever but it meant the musky good views of godless Todd and all that kind of thing yeah I day you sent a picture of %HESITATION the balloons the balloons we saw the balloons that we ask for easy man and it like I'd seen on Instagram is something about like because we can't have culturally this year because of code red yeah they were bringing culture to Stockholm by doing so the hot for hot air balloons two of them were chase balloons so they had the cameras and all the photography equipment in there okay and then the other two balloons have like stuff hanging off of them because they were acrobats just like jumping out of the of the balloon like doing flips like hanging swinging underneath this hot air balloon yeah man you've got to be some kind of crazy %HESITATION like even attempt that stuff like I know there's probably a wire connected to their waist or something but you do look back flips in midair off a hot air balloon like what could go wrong Hey you could you could put a parachute on me and tie me to the ground I would still not do acrobatic I don't care if the balloon basket is still on the ground I still wouldn't be doing any the only the only acrobatic thing I would be doing is running away from the hot air balloon I wouldn't go anywhere near that well I mean I don't know for me the do a hot air balloon ride that Saloum bucket list thing for me like when I lived outside of Philly in the burbs yeah we %HESITATION it was this random farm in the middle of the town and my mom border forces there and always it was like these massive like forty acre pasture or something right and the hot air balloons would always land there because I like the helicopter in the kids park that had the most space so then they would always I don't know if they do it here but they probably can't do it in Sweden but apparently they would always give a bottle of champagne to whoever's property they landed on the like Hey thanks for letting us not die you know wow thank you okay the lan okay every time a hot air balloon would land they would get a free bottle of champagne some like they all got champagne up there somewhere that's going to be a good time start putting a start like cutting into your lawn land here yeah please yeah only if you have a su lado yeah I'm pretty forget about it I'm pretty sure that they had the problem they might still have I just haven't been back in in so long but %HESITATION napa up in the the California vineyards %HESITATION yeah they have yeah I'm pretty sure that they have to at hot air balloon rides up there using well now before we go any further I do need to go to we have Sean's rant corner we have Rodney's rate corner we have Rodney's correction corner now we have Sean's correction corner %HESITATION it yes it was pointed out to me in no uncertain terms that I have in a inappropriately described a situation in the last episode that needs to be clarified okay now this correction happened while we're on the couch chilling it's after dinner is like okay let's decompress it's like Wednesday night Thursday night and then all the sudden I hear by the way %HESITATION this didn't happen like that but %HESITATION and I'm open just bust out laughing out of nowhere this is the correction and the correction is I need to say for the record my wife does not scream on the phone on the train %HESITATION in fact she prefers not to take any calls while on the transport okay but she does specifically will not be the crazy lady screaming in terror cell phone all okay now twenty minutes ago when she's talking to our family she like screamed into your home when she turned to tell me something because you screaming at her family up %HESITATION but she was she was quick to own that she's like now when we're at home of course I scream on the phone okay okay but she wanted to clarify that not all right okay yeah well it's nice to have you actually come up with the with the correction because it feels like I'm like I'm like it we should just have a corner designated for Rodney's corrections well I'm sure we have a bunch of corrections coming to us after all of our descriptions of cricket %HESITATION you know blokes that's not not I feel it I feel it yeah some of our guests in past episodes are going to be it already in the low here we go %HESITATION comes getting the comments cycling pling pling pling pling pling pling confront confront %HESITATION I was gonna tell you Adrian is going to be %HESITATION yes guard duty at the castle or I don't know if you were calling card do you think that there's no real yeah he's going to be at the castle hold on now let's run that sentence back yes Adrian has guard duty at the castle yes yes well first of all what castle and what what is he gardening I have to know what he's gonna guarding the castle %HESITATION he had and and I get a safeguard duty because it's I I can't think of if there's okay I get it get it and I'm gonna get a prime for Rodney's correction next week but I was away when Adrian because the soldiers they they all take turns doing guard duty somewhere along the lie typically when they start and I was and he got it in December when I was back in the bay area I remember that he write it like somewhere hearing in Douglas and I later took videos and they were you know some pictures stuff like that but I missed it %HESITATION and now I just found out that he is going to be at the castle today until Wednesday police on Tuesday I'm gonna head over there and I get to see him like changing of the garden stuff is gonna be cool looking for that now does he have to I know the uniforms totally different than where more like military dress yeah they don't have to wear like ridiculous Buckingham Palace furry hats no what what do they have to like stand there and like not say anything pretty much pretty much this is your talking about tick tock this is some tick tock gold opportunities are here yeah during that it's %HESITATION I'm gonna I'm gonna be good but I'm looking forward to %HESITATION to go in and and see in him and yeah that's got to be pretty wild experience as a dad meant film and some %HESITATION film some clips yeah he sent %HESITATION you sent a picture this afternoon %HESITATION in his uniform all dressed up as %HESITATION the last one was during the winter so he had like a whole big winter guard service now so which castle by the end %HESITATION the one with the king in it the the the drive train no that one is like the second like second castle that's what I mean like I know there's like the the official they don't there's like the actual house that they live in then there is the official castle then there's like all that's R. like weekday castle you know we go there just to kind of like a little but not any forget about yeah %HESITATION it all I know is the big one and Linda's gonna tell me where to go %HESITATION prime for a Rodney's correction corner on that one but I also like the saves yes Sir yes Sir Hey man I gotta tell you it's like we were complaining the other week about losing our summer but we are in perfect Swedish September weather right now yeah the first two weeks of September second two weeks are always that's that you've gone off the cliff now you're all mad here come the clouds are commiserate and the temperatures do drop we have one more week next weekend it's supposed to be like hive twenty mostly sunny and this weekend was quite nice and I'm watching these weather reports like man tomatoes you better get read or get out yeah I got a limited amount of time my friends and then everything's dying now well we would had packed everything so the everything in the backyard is packed up and and put away what about Duchess and winterized Duchess got her little Weber coat so she is %HESITATION I probably I probably have to give you want one good cleaning though before %HESITATION before winter sets and I'm headed to the back to the sever Cisco baby in a little over two weeks so that's right that's right now so ready I'm looking for a little bit of a little bit of warmth a little California cal all right everyone that will do it for this week's episode as always always thank you so much for tuning in be sure to head on over to our Instagram page check out all the crazy stuff we got going on and then come back here next time more 2 guys 3 crowns