Jan. 17, 2022

No Visa? No Problem.

Travel, Omicron, Visa, Passports, Holidays, Christmas, New Years

The guys are finally back in studio after their longest travel break ever! Sean recounts the trials and tribulations of traveling between Sweden and the US with a pending visa. He also picks out some highlights from the trip. Then, Rodney talks about his Swedish Christmas and low key New Years celebrations. Also in this episode: new theme music!

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a new year means new theme music welcome back everybody to 2 guys 3 crowns the podcast about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden join me Sean and my fellow American Rodney as we explore the good the bad and the just plain we we don't talk about Bruce no no no no we don't talk about brewing noon I don't even know if you know what that song is but it's been implanted into my brain I can't think of anything else I'm back in Sweden back from sunny South Florida and all I can think of is the entire soundtrack from in condo who who is Bruno who is in control %HESITATION is that the new tech is nothing new to Disney that's the new Disney movie the soundtrack Hey upended Adele from sitting in the number one spot on Billboard for the past six weeks okay is it a is it is it good right because I know that it's good okay okay it's more musical than like a movie like a movie me like I'm all the Disney movies they have songs right but then the rains like every anytime there's like an advancement in the plot there's a young to go along with it okay but yeah it's a mess with the little one I've watched it I don't know at least seven times already okay you know when I experienced that I mean it's been popping up %HESITATION because we have Disney the Disney Channel so how's been Poppin yeah it's been popping up left and right but this year have you guys watched every year in Sweden for Christmas day play Disney there's like a Disney old classic Disney clips okay %HESITATION a collection and there are a couple of want well there's like a standard it's like the exact same cartoons every year this year C. B. S. playing a Christmas story for twenty four hours straight exactly exactly it's a it's called Donald Duck Christmas Kelly on guys use and what what it yeah what aid they stuck in a clip of that encounter yeah %HESITATION and we didn't really know what it was at first and it's in Swedish %HESITATION no one and there's no way you're translating that correctly from what I'm I'm pretty sure I'll have to go back and check but I'm pretty Joe from the Colombian Spanish to Swedish in Sweden it was yeah I don't know yeah %HESITATION it said %HESITATION so I dated given that I wasn't really sure how much I like the movie preview or not I was looking at going but I it's good if you have a couple hours you would lean %HESITATION it's it's a good popcorn movie for you guys it's cute okay yeah I'm gonna put that up on the list I tell you what it's gonna be better than the Eternals I just watched it last night so did you like it though so I had like I'm a bit of a Marvel Comics I got that kinda nerdy ness flowing through me so I already know all the stories ran the whole thing leading up to this movie I'm like this is so I understand from the broader picture that they need to get these characters introduced at some point sure but the way they've written the Marvel cinematic universe like Thor in the comic books is way stronger than for and and hold in the book as well so then we're talking on like power scales of like cosmic levels and I'm like it the casual Marvel people are going to understand what the hell's going on in this movie well I went in and because I've been reading a little bit of I was curious like other people I'm like okay you know what's the internal so I went in and read it I guess what got me about the movie was it felt like they were skipping like there was like a ton of stuff there was no real character build I didn't feel like for when I do feel like I related to any of the characters you look at something like guardians of the galaxy or even Ironman or or all most all of the other Marvel movies you have a connection with the character and the funny stuff is like genuinely funny and the little things I had a really hard time connecting with any of the Angelina Jolie when she popped and it almost felt like okay she sent it to her quick scene and then you know she's back out to the trailer and then she's back in to do %HESITATION that being said I did totally see that happen when she had okay interact like with other members of the cast when I same camera shot I'm like yeah everyone in this scene knows that they're acting with Angelina Jolie in this yeah and it's so evident but at the same time those characters are kind of like gods right kind of thing like they're they're built to be sure no slowing us or whatever but I think %HESITATION looking back on the movie where they go in the next phase you know how they face five six seven whatever yeah but that whatever the next phases I think that might be a bit intentional release I hope it's intentional to make okay and relatable but we'll see yeah I and I think that there were I mean look they were just so many characters just get out there so many characters and I don't think that you really at least I didn't feel like I had enough time or background or movie to actually connect yeah it's like you went dropped in says season three of game of thrones and everyone sounds like they have the same thing like what is going to live yeah %HESITATION there goes ahead well someone else died well I guess you don't get married in this land do you yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm gonna rewind a little bit because we are we're just getting back we took the hits like the longest break that we've taken to date %HESITATION like a money actually took a holiday this year we actually did and people that do follow the Instagram to see that that kinda dipped off a little bit but I decided well deserved so I decided to step back unplug %HESITATION and %HESITATION re energize but you were state side I was here %HESITATION just in general how was how was the trip you %HESITATION well here's the mixed bag can I say that yeah %HESITATION correct the knuckles here we go you want the trip recap let me kick it off let me set the scene right okay I've lived in Sweden for four years all of my visa work permits all that stuff goes through him not the because everything's tied her through her employer and part of the deal of them shipping us over here was I also get a work permit right now has to be included and that's always been on the table and then now that we've been here for years we get to apply for basically the the Swedish equivalent of a green card okay he had like a permanent residence card so that we don't have to do it every single year in costumes and three Nokia so we did that I don't know September October or something like that I think was September but when you go in and you get your you do your biometrics they take your fingerprints and you get your picture taken all that stuff and yeah the night okay some processing they took Dylan's old card read his pink card and I'm like that might be a problem later and then they're just like okay we'll get back to you Hey not that got her permanent residence card it's very fancy looks kind of like a driver's license you know very official it's not like a white green almost like a currency kind of vibe going on quite nice very nice very specialized okay and she's the only one that got it and I'm like how are you processing hers and not the rest of the family at the same time right my own theory is that it's because we hold American passports and I think here that has to do with an American passport attached to it takes longer every okay getting a bank account all that stuff is a pain in the neck yeah so I think that's the deal plus corona everything's taking longer so I I still don't have an official decision on my visa but we traveled internationally so as you might imagine that could be a bit stressful yeah getting around without like the official so we've had to talk to there's like a department head not does work that they deal with like them the experts on getting through the expedite or to get it through migration circuit and all that kind of stuff so I'm like how are we going to travel because I gotta go I have travel but I don't have any documentation to get back in the country with little like okay print out the fact that you're on the population registry first move then do the family Baptists that says everyone's personal numbers and where you live and that you're all related in your tire certainly and all that stuff then print out this form here that says you have an ongoing case in your pending a decision that your actual case your cases been submitted on this date and still hasn't been resolved then while you're at it print out your work contract your mortgage your you know all your bank account statements like you're still walking around with this book of just random documentation yeah Sweden to leave Sweden they're like oh yeah can you get into the U. S. more like yeah okay go ahead find weird but much like any international flight from Sweden and we have to stop somewhere and change to go to the U. S. we had to stop in Munich %HESITATION as a single time you fly to the US from Sweden and go through Munich they give you two or three hours in the airport but you're literally running the entire time yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah there is no stop to have like a beer or like a snack or anything you're just going through eighteen layers of security the entire time no refrigerator magnet stop no no no no no absolutely not okay so we get up to like you're trying to go around and you start going into everything looks less like an International Airport departure with all the fancy duty free stores and the error med sin %HESITATION like all that stuff all that stuff is gone and we're starting to get into like where everything's white tiles like a very administrative section of the airport I'm like okay this is definitely the way to go to the U. S. yes we are on the right path right now right so then it opens up into all of that the little kiosks of people checking your visas and moments of the okay perfect here we go and of course as always E. U. passports can go over here everyone else you see that big line yeah right that's where you're going yeah yeah yeah so we make it up there finally of course Dylan is you know he sits in a line he doesn't understand he doesn't even understand why I'm stopping at a red light he's like that that go go go go right kid yeah one of these days man you're gonna get me in a whole lot of trouble of but it's not gonna be today so we finally get up there we've been awake so we had to wake up at three o'clock in the morning I remember making a what what was it seven or eight AM flight I think it was seven AM three degree something something some kind of bad idea yes yes so then we get there he of course Dylan hasn't slept anything since we will come up and we're like talking to the agents the like the customs official doing border could passport checks right like okay so he's like where you had a really we're headed to Miami and he's like okay where do you live like we live in Sweden said okay job where's your your visa your cards well what was I need which we explain the whole situation like look I cannot this trying to explain to him like well because I have mine but they don't have there is but we live there but every year we go to Miami and we do this travel and blah blah blah blah blah and then he's like wait so you live in Miami right now we used to live in Miami so you live in Sweden and he's flipping through the passport like where's your documentation you've been in Europe too long and I'm like even if I've been in Europe too long I'm leaving Europe at this point so you guys kind of miss that boat for sure yeah yeah yeah like when you get it I'm already leaving Cobb I'm helping you out by deporting myself right right are you gonna do about it yeah if I were in Switzerland do you guys live exactly the Panama known asked any questions %HESITATION so you have the more like we finally get him to understand like no we live in Sweden we're still waiting on the permanent residency for he N. eyes she has a permanent residency look you in the housing contract boom you wanna work contract boom you want the population register and you start throwing documents out these like okay okay fine I believe you go ahead and he is kind just like to keep moving right so then you have the whole stress them like waiting anticipating the way back when we're in Miami airport there is they're more concerned about corona right now like honestly you could probably travel to any country in just walk right in because the Miami airport they have this big sign you have to start before even the snake path to get up to the baggage check okay you have to meet with this guy we take it's only one only one who takes each group at a time each family or each traveler and then he's like okay where's your coat your co vaccine proof right right if you don't have that you need to have the PCR test results okay you have a covert proof and then okay where are you traveling are you they were mostly wanted no %HESITATION are you staying in Germany and we're like now we're just traveling through Frankfort we're going to Sweden now you go to Sweden okay keep going you're fine so you got your vaccine keep going I don't care about you when he puts like a little sticker on the on all of our passports and I'm like okay but it's got to be when we get to Frankfort we're gonna have problems I know it yeah yeah yeah yeah so we get up to the passport control their and we're like okay let's get out the book let's get out all the passports here's the passwords Bubba and this woman she's reading through everything in okay you take you mask also I can see it you okay yep yep yep yep yep and where you're you're so you live in Sweden yes we live in Sweden we lived there for four years okay where's your your thesis so what happened was so what is on your weight this is on the way back this is on the way back again unlike him not to starting to tell the story I'm like look this is the old ones she is up to date mine in his this little one it's still pending the decision and she goes yeah okay so you're gonna get the decision while you're in Sweden yes we just had to do this travel it's still pending we've lived there for four years I have all the documentation if you want to she's like now that's okay if you're going to figure out if you're gonna handle in Sweden go ahead so then I'm thinking surely there's going to be some like Viking guy waiting for us yes we do have to be like %HESITATION Danvers going to trial now we've got problems it so we arrive in Orlando yep and we're following the signs to go to baggage check yeah and the exits and then all the sudden we're walking through that weird glass tunnel that I agree entirely sure what that thing does that's crazy but it's like two lanes for some reason and then everyone has to walk through it I don't know I think we're getting cancer from that thing but anyway okay yeah and then all the sudden we're in baggage check and I'm like no one has really checked any of this documentation that we someone look at my paper work look at my book yeah yeah I've been vaccinated yeah not only that yeah well not only that I've had the %HESITATION the crown from Florida look at people yeah yeah yeah yeah oh my goodness but that's the way that's the way it is that's that that stress that tension remember we were talking about like traveling now in traveling you know before we could carry like cutlery and you could smoke and you could say I'm not Donald I hope you could pretty much do what you always appreciate though when they say this is a non smoking flight yeah I know ever since I've been alive you haven't been able to smoke on a plane like white still announcing this probably a couple more years they probably wait a whole day old people Zachary okay that's that's that's I think they got to say that for probably another five ten years and then the general generational shift is gonna clearly gonna click then as for us so we got the Lufthansa flight between across the Atlantic both ways it was a I don't know does it it must've been the sub it was a seven forty seven format so I don't know if Airbus has an equivalent okay I'm forty seven anyway it was nothing with a little bump on top that's where first class is up there so as we're landing in Miami the steward the flight attendant comes around and she's like oh how old is he right well he's two years old I will in the U. S. they want him to wear a mask so what you have to put a mask on him as were landing I'm like all you want me to have him sit by himself in his own seat wearing a seat belt and then wear a mask he has please here's a piece of paper and a pencil document to me how you you want me to make that happen yeah yeah is it a good helping people like here see I'm trying to put it on now it's not happening the slapping me in the eye ball because he doesn't want to wear the mask like X. yes me my eyeball is more important than your mask Massey yep oh my goodness and then the way back to was really trying to get everyone boarded like one flight attendant comes around he's like yeah how old is he like he's two years old don't say it don't sit well in the US Germany you they don't care but in the U. S. that from two years old the one on like who you better stay here and watch what happens because right after the after he draws blood the first time I'm not try all bets are off all it's like if you want me to put the mask on him and keep the mask Matt he has to have the seat belt for the under two year olds where I put him on my lap I buckle in the seat belt and then I Brazilian jujitsu like bear hug and keep his legs still and his arms from ripping off the face mask yeah yeah yeah that's was going to have to happen I bet you a bit but other than that you guys had a nice holiday other than that we had a pretty good holiday can't complain too much you know we got I got a little tan going on right now that has tried to flee already once we got off in Germany it was like freezing yes I thought okay you lose a shade right there right yeah yeah your mind to you get that glass tunnel at Arlanda because that sucks the pigment you know how to use them to make sure that you you know that you can fit right back in exactly exactly yes you'll realize we were at a friend's place for the first few days and we ended up going to Orlando we took and took Dylan to the house of mouse and then we took him over the following day to islands of adventure and Universal so we got to spider man actually meet spider man so he was sent to us about that yeah and then after that we were just on the beach so it was great okay %HESITATION Santa brought us a little I'm a crown for Christmas very personal so okay yeah got that out of the way yeah so it was only supposed to be a three week holiday the three hour tour but yeah we had to add on another week because of a contagious period but I thank god for the vaccines knock on wood because we didn't I woke up one day and I had this kind of scratchy throat %HESITATION I'd like some weird muscle aching us as I go what is this is like is it a cold or something and then yeah hi tested positive on an antigen but then after that first day that was it yeah it is weird and like I felt totally fine everyone everyone else that felt totally fine but we had to be isolated and all that stuff so yeah very weird feeling yeah I read it because you sent me a message we were originally had planned on recording last Sunday yes indeed you pop me a message and you're like that's not gonna happen right also in a week seeing five to seven days exactly if I can get on the flight back if I can get through Germany yeah with my book with my book of information yes exactly and one other thing like I just have to like call out we're trying to get from Hamburg West Side to Orlando at Arlanda yeah I was at Orlando at three o'clock four o'clock in the morning for this flight right obviously we're trying to book it ahead of time and our favorite one because they tend to be the cheapest is the taxi Stockholm one five zero thousand whatever all the zeros at the end of it D. I. and they have an app that you can normally pri book just like uber super easy to use and I'm like well we need a child seat for Dylan because here in Stockholm you show up with a two year old and they're like this car ain't movin until you find the car seat for him see if you need some services they don't carry it with them all the time okay okay always good to pre book that stuff technically he's supposed to have like a proper baby seat although can be front facing but the book that on the taxi Stockholm app you can't do it you can only book the booster seat and he has to be at least three years old or not FOR years older fourteen kilos and he was at thirteen and a half yeah at some like okay let's get the seat because you never know you'll get a guy especially three o'clock in the morning he's just grown ready as just like no no no he's too small but I have a scale in my car let's put him on and see how much he weighs get like one of the case Smith a scale for me until in public a lot yes all that you're going to give me a bath so then in order to book this car seat you have to call them and everything is in Swedish then I'm like there's no place to read on the website what exactly they're saying so I went through like four times no one like that if you would like this poor please press one please press two and I went through all the options and then it got to the point of I'm pretty sure I was in the correct place I'm ninety five percent sure I was in the correct option on the phone system but then I was like please verbally say where you need to get picked up from and I'm like oh man I never can understand me name is over he was fourteen kilos now yeah I was like yeah the NFL programs like yeah he seven right of course he is how might be because the please repeat Armonk New York in her story sixteen a yawn what yeah yeah so yeah wasn't the smoothest departure but see like it like leaving any place in stock home at three AM they're still kind of there's a there's still a few options if you have to leave need S. Tom at three AM in the morning if you read our own helicopters in an ambulance no it's a it's a tough one you definitely have some %HESITATION some limited that's why I did like I stay at the hotel at the airport J. A. yeah for sure because it's just it's just gotten to the point where you know I I'd rather wake up at the airport you know take a shower go down grab breakfast and then you're right there at the gate well this past when I think that probably would have been the better strategy but like him out there was still working up to the last day and it was right right but next time yeah that that was crazy yeah now that it works out %HESITATION it it's worked out pretty good yeah we were we did we were home bodies we just stayed you know we stayed local and Adrian came down he kicked it with us for like five days which was a Christmas present in and of itself yeah for sure but being able to hang out do that and then %HESITATION Christmas Eve we were over at Linda's parents the nice yeah really nice %HESITATION Christmas evening over there I asked the kids with that sounds really weird the kids but yes my my my has grown all these adult all wearing exactly exactly everybody's drive and %HESITATION but yeah we we just took it took it easy and %HESITATION lines our Christmas present to each other this year is a new rug for the living room so we got a nice a nice yeah you get up to you get up to like twenty five years of being married the the presence become Hey man we have been trying to buy a rug for ourselves for I don't know three four years and it's one of the most difficult things ever and so I appreciate the hustle on that it well I mean we've been talking about it for for a while and %HESITATION when the kids were little we were like let's just you know we'll just keep it hardwoods and easy to clean and everything else but now and it makes a heck of a difference especially in Sweden this time a year having %HESITATION yeah you know a rug under your feet but %HESITATION yeah that was our that was our our combo who didn't like talking about it for six months and and to the %HESITATION what I what about the the Christmas menu the new year's menu which would you get up to oh man now %HESITATION you're asking me to think what we have been more than two weeks ago and they are now it's gone Hey well I can tell you this that for that since we moved here fifteen years ago %HESITATION into disappointment were at we have always walked up to our parking area to watch the fireworks we've just done that and in the beginning one of the neighbors used to buy like big boxes of fireworks you know he would that was like his treat every year and he would like that thing and you know we're like %HESITATION an odd and it's probably like maybe twenty thirty thirty people up there are pluses and over the years as the neighbors change people moved out people moved in and you know things it's like the number of people going up to the parking area has gone down slowly every year and as kids have grown up and going get out to their own stuff this is actually the first year that lan and I did not go up to the parking lot last year it was like us and like six seven other people there were a couple of neighbors that I've always gone up too right right right yeah but this was the first year this is the first year it was like five to twelve five to midnight I looked at Linda Linda like to males like I don't know %HESITATION what do you think it's you I want to put on oops and a big heavy jacket or do I just wanna stay on the couch so we so we went to the door we went to the door open it up to the peak outside shot it went back to the couch we're like I was getting that was nice %HESITATION but yeah that was that was about the the extent of our %HESITATION of our new year we did stay up a little bit later than than usual man it was nice and that will do it for this week's episode everybody but don't worry there's much more great stuff to come I would talk about how amazing the aluminum foil the US anyway make sure you go over to our Instagram and check us out over there right he's always got some kind of crazy stuff going on you're in the Viking who knows what and then come back here next time for more two guys three crown