Oct. 19, 2021

Next Stop: Hoppapalooza

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The guys are joined this week by Jeffrey Scott Brown - owner of Malmö-based South Plains Brewing Company. He talks about his journey from Oakland, California, to becoming a pastry chef in Paris and finally to being a craft brewer in southern Sweden. He also discusses how the craft scene has grown since he started, as well as his flagship beer festival: Hoppapalooza.


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welcome to two guys three crowns the podcast that talks about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden I'm John and with my fellow American Rodney you break down the good the bad and the just plain weird that's quite the journey to join us for the ride a hundred bottles of craft beer on the wall a hundred craft bottles of beer take one down pass it around ninety nine craft bottles of beer on the wall eight that that's that's actually pretty tough at that's actually approve your rhythm was a live a little off okay Sean we have a guest today and I can actually %HESITATION prep this or preface this by saying that %HESITATION the person that we have joining us today is somebody that I actually got a tip from my wife who had gotten a copy of the school in a magazine from her mother because we're keeping up with the scorn at times down there and there was an article there was an article about this gentleman in the school in a magazine and about his craft brewery down in mild that so today we have J. no more yeah yeah yeah yeah so today we actually have Jeffrey Scott brown with us today %HESITATION yes so welcome welcome Jeffrey yeah it is a pleasure to have us to have you here with us and I think what we're what we're typically what we typically do is before we get into what you're doing here now is what brought you to Sweden and brought you to model how did you end up in the lottery now well it's kind of a long story %HESITATION I I was working at this ever just carport I worked for seventeen years I was injured %HESITATION I'd split up with my first wife %HESITATION after ten years I had this big house I was all alone and %HESITATION when I was in college I trained under French yeah and I have always had a passion for cooking I always cook my allies and so I need to deal with the insurance company to retrain me and so I resigned from my job %HESITATION and I I got accepted into a school in Paris and I went to school in Paris and %HESITATION the insurance company paid for the whole thing and I was what they call a vocational rehabilitation and I was actually the first invoke rehab in the history of the state of California you go outside of the country for education so what system I went to Paris I sold my house I had yeah but a hundred thousand dollars in my pocket and %HESITATION I got an apartment in the left bank and I lived there for two years and hi I didn't really work I just lived off my savings and during that time I got a masters in French cuisine and a masters in French pastry and then %HESITATION I ended up by chance and after an internship working at the hotel Ritz in the rich club with %HESITATION the head chef Dominique Fonseca and %HESITATION yeah it's kind of a crazy story about how I just despise stroke of luck I got in I tell it more in detail there's a blog on my on my website south plains dot C. under the brewer you can read the story if you like okay %HESITATION well while I was in danger well I was in school before I left for Paris you know I I lived in Colombia earlier my my first wife for somebody yup and %HESITATION so I knew the importance of speaking Spanish in Colombia and I also knew in France that I would need to speak French and so you know since I sold my house and I had a lot of money well I just hired a tutor and she came to my house every day and %HESITATION in French and I understood she studied I studied with her for six months before I left so that when I got there is actually spoke pretty good friends and then while I was there the entire time I continued studying French and I went to %HESITATION I went to school there and %HESITATION by panda changed and %HESITATION so in the case in the French kitchens nobody spoke English I'm excited to speak French yeah yeah yeah and so %HESITATION while I was in language school I started dating a girl from my class and her name is Sasha and she was being H. okay and she was %HESITATION going to school Copenhagen and was doing a minor in French and was working as an art fair in Paris for a year and so %HESITATION afterwards after I finished and you know I had always planned to stay in France but me as an American I would either have to marry a French girl or have specialized skills right and being specialized in French cuisine I'm sorry anyway so we thought we came back and I I try I said we could try to we want you to Copenhagen and we thought Danish immigration for like a year well and %HESITATION finally we gave up I had a friend of mine it was an attorney another guy from the school and in Paris and he was a Danish attorney could work for the justice department and %HESITATION yeah we got married I try to stay in Copenhagen and they wouldn't even accept that and %HESITATION yeah yeah it was okay and %HESITATION she was able to save the school of Copenhagen and Sweden gave me a five year residence and work permit right off the bat bono while so here I am okay that was like two thousand two right now I've got %HESITATION our children %HESITATION to eighteen year old boys that are twin a girl that's %HESITATION fifteen and avoid this fourteen wow even the dream yeah and %HESITATION so I worked as a chef catering and weddings and wedding cakes and all kinds of desserts %HESITATION for about ten years and then in two thousand twelve I was tired of cooking and I launched this microbrewery %HESITATION so it's not going from yesterday well it is I was a longtime home brewer back in the states nine yeah yeah it was a leak %HESITATION it was a lead on this the scale that I was doing right because I was doing twelve hundred liter batches were used to do twenty liter batches well %HESITATION and but %HESITATION I'm kind of a a Jack of all trades were right in building six anything and so %HESITATION ice we start looking to cross and I had a partner that I was working with I've been doing dinner parties at this farm households really bugs in and out we'll begin emailing area and %HESITATION the guy would go down to South Africa in the wintertime and %HESITATION I had the pharmacist to myself my two parties there and big dinner parties like fifty sixty people I do like five six courses very gourmet and then in the in the summertime or in the winter time when he was gonna started brewing batches of beer out in the garage at the bar and then he was like the best ever had so he convinced me actually to open a microbrewery okay and %HESITATION so we we started the company at first we were going to call it brown and also his name Sanders Paulson I never thought about calling it also grounded in and then I said you know what's the name of this area call and he said well it's shoulders and I'm like what's that mean in Swedish and he's like well be south plains second grade yeah yeah I I I formed a company and I %HESITATION with bowlers record and I registered it and then when we started looking at the cost you know it's like two three five million to start up a very quick match well you can't back out M. and %HESITATION then also he was like divested from Swedish interest in Sweden and didn't want to start another business and so I thought I would try to do it myself but I managed to buy used very quickly from Dan Bergen said in Germany you know they got football football fields of all broken down there yeah and %HESITATION and I built this brewery in two thousand twelve for about two hundred thousand kroner who yeah that's with %HESITATION a twelve hundred leader cattle twelve hundred or match John which is over size for a master but with that I can do hi gravity beers like ten twelve percent there's a seven fifty hot new your hot water tank and then three nine hundred meter fermenting tanks which are actually transport tanks %HESITATION and then bought a real deal production but on and like moonshiner costs yes yes yeah I %HESITATION I bought a new steam generator in Italy to power at all because I'm not afraid to speak generators I didn't want to use one I saw lots of used ones are blocked and they were like wood fired and I'm like I don't want to %HESITATION so I bought a new steam generators about one five hundred year old and %HESITATION yeah I put it all together and headed up and running and just world you know that a welder and at the time I'm doing some welding out of the time I understand you still will do everything %HESITATION and %HESITATION I was up and running and producing beer but then you know there was a lot to learn because you know I have been cooking all my life right when I was five years old are buy one the apple pie contest at my school and I misspoke in every sense %HESITATION and you know the thing is what I cook I rarely made mistakes because I had already made all my mistakes right I've made every mistake you could possibly making cooking and I remember them but I didn't really make them anymore hi starting something new like growing well I had a lot of mistakes learn from them yeah yeah and so it took me some time but %HESITATION you know I learned a lot of mistakes and then I learned the way to do it and %HESITATION I was able to brew a simple batch of beer but maybe that's number two didn't quite taste exactly like that's number one M. and the reason is is because you have to get all your parameters exactly right it has to be the right volumes the right PH values the right temperature the right pressure all these things the time limits of everything you do has to be exactly the same and only when you do it exactly like that a really good records can you get consensus is that consistent presidents saying yeah yeah well it's a really hard thing it's a good thing used to be a French pastry chef then right yeah yeah yeah exactly we wait everything I am scale and I would weigh everything out yeah but you don't before I announce flavors with food and now I'm down to play Angie yeah so in a sense they're similar okay not now when %HESITATION Jerry what did you what did you the brewery has been around since twenty twelve is that yes okay yes and you know it was a since I was on a budget it was hard to find a location %HESITATION and I found an old sausage factory in a neck area called motor blanket protection which is like where all the Arabic ourselves are okay okay and that it was an old sausage factory and that was making food production so I had %HESITATION transparency HM %HESITATION it had heavy duty ventilation it was a small place about a hundred meters but it works for me and %HESITATION he made me a deal to get and she and %HESITATION so it was it was a great location for me and I was there for nine years and after nine years I just kind of outgrew it right and then a year ago in July I moved to this larger location and not have them okay now I've increased creek in my prescription up to %HESITATION I've got twenty four thousand actually now small cell yeah I started out with twenty seven hundred three nine hundred thanks but that's amazing yes I am I just I I had bought three twenty five hundred meter tanks a year and a half ago well in January twenty twenty %HESITATION whatever that was %HESITATION in China and I got a great price on it I got a great price on it and then just as she said okay it's gonna take like twelve weeks to make sure they're gonna make him and it's like eight weeks on the ocean to get here right so yes several months several months so anyways she said she wanted me to pay half up front and half when they're ready yeah and then it was about February twenty twenty and then corona wow okay and then the day that I was ready to pay now they shut down the banks in the U. S. O. no and all that and you don't happen to the dollar it rocketed down him and so then all the sudden I looked at the exchange rate Hey hardly cost anything to buy those tanks yeah and I I I look at it and I said can this be right and then I wrote her back in China and I said you might have five PM all right now and she's not sure if the dollars drop incredibly yeah yeah thanks sure you can think of it as I paid the whole thing and I I mean I paid about I stayed about hello I don't know maybe maybe twenty thirty thousand kroner %HESITATION just an exchange rate right well it was a stencil yeah and just took a look at it didn't happen again like that it never I always watch the dollar it never dropped like that again from the time that corroding yes just one of those things yeah yeah Hey Jeffrey what type of %HESITATION you put your set the selection that you yeah that's okay I started out doing %HESITATION like American pale ale and the reason was when I came to Sweden I tasted some American pale ales and you know I don't care so much about the beers in Europe and you know I travel to Germany a lot and I love German beers and I traveled in Holland and I traveled %HESITATION in Belgium and I love the Lampix and I traveled in English and I like all the emails and all that and when I got here well I mean they had you know some of the regular beers they were okay Mike Spender absorb storm %HESITATION Carlsberg and I was like because we're going to work a lot but then when I tasted like Swedish American pale ale well it tasted it didn't notice like America or like in English okay my tasted them India pale ale it didn't really taste like an American pale ale it tastes like an English IPA and so I was kind of disappointed so I kind of wanted to do something and that was one thing it was kind of bothered me that I felt like I really need to show them how it's really supposed to taste right and you know if you go to California and break it there it's wonderful untapped but if you take the beer in California and you ship through the Panama Canal and it takes six weeks to get here and it's got hot hot cold well it's not all that good by the time it gets here it's still pretty good yeah but it's nothing like what it what right and so even appearance is similar but it wasn't all that great and so when I started in two thousand twelve my my concept was to do fresh American style beer like you would get in California right mmhm %HESITATION and a lot of people loved it but a lot of people because it was way too weird for them I'm yeah and they were like you know I've never changed anything like this this is this thing right is this incorrect it what's wrong with it I'm like you know I spent so much money on hops to get that flavor like that yeah yeah yeah and so it took a long time but now in June two thousand twelve when I did my American pale ale it was considered extreme mmhm and now it's not right and now every Swedish microbreweries doing a classic New England IPA or a classic %HESITATION can I T. H. and your true to style yeah yeah now would you when you started or when you were getting getting rolled in %HESITATION how many say craft breweries were were down in your area we're down in Montana well actually %HESITATION %HESITATION these guys came to me in two thousand thirteen and they wrote a book and the book is called us spends %HESITATION rebel bigger something came from the name it now six the Swedish right a rebel brewers okay and they wrote it on %HESITATION on %HESITATION seven microbreweries in two thousand thirteen that we're changing the culture your culture suite yeah and one chapter was on me there you go there and they would they they brought down photographers down to you know to get hers gotten and they thought it was a bad area you know they're kind of nervous to be in there and then all the headline of March it said current %HESITATION %HESITATION but %HESITATION you know there was there was %HESITATION maybe three or four down here it's going up five in the end yeah and now there's hundreds you know yeah yeah because I remembered that you had you had mentioned seven and then like now that it was hundreds yes yeah yeah yeah but there's there was ocean in Gothenburg and %HESITATION yeah there was there was quite a few around Gregory it was around Linda McKinney I was around reclusive stand had just started out a metal group company but they just certain apps there okay yeah and now so you're kind of one of the V. O. G. godfathers of craft brewing around Seattle and added a little while yeah sure %HESITATION but you know I'm pretty low key and %HESITATION I don't make much of it I just had to keep quiet keep to myself and do my own thing I'm not out there you know bang on my drums or anything like that yeah for sure but even after all these years like what's is there something that still like the the bane of your existence like what's the thing that you're always like and a new batch like all right here we go is it like a PH balancing levels it's always like that yeah you know it's well as a chef you know I just got a million ideas and so on I'm just full of creativity and %HESITATION I designed my own labels %HESITATION and %HESITATION yeah I just got a million ideas which I think is I'm quite a limit on how much I can do like right now I've got five clean beers and when I say clean air I mean like I've got a %HESITATION an American pale ale six percent I've got a six point seven percent ninety eight I've got a seven point one percent black at the eight I've got a ten percent stake out and a seven percent say song those are my five cleaners and then I've got five hours six our beers and they're under another label called funky and my fucking and beers R. like an American sour beer which is kind of a modern version of the classic classic Belgian lambic and so %HESITATION in in Belgium they've been doing it the monks of the dealer for centuries %HESITATION where they would do a spontaneous fermentation and cool ship and then %HESITATION clipper tandem ISIS on and then put it in barrels and aged for a year and then you've got a job you don't land bank and they would put on fruit like peaches and cherries but I'm doing more like different values like passion fruit and mango and elderberry and I've got this sea Buckhorn witches have torn is in Swedish and I've got %HESITATION I got all kinds of stuff and so it's a little bit more progressive you could say now M. would you like would you want to experiment to or would you want to do things I'm just wondering can you do things on a smaller scale or do you do things on a smaller scale when you're ten I haven't done that since I started okay okay I hate when I first started before I get it our group like five batches of the American pale ale and that was before I started I was like in two thousand eleven passengers but since then you know I just I know it so well I just go for it right yeah now what what was that the name of the other one shot you knew it was coming compute cub okay Abuja yeah then I got I got %HESITATION I've got five times %HESITATION Joe and I got one tank that's dedicated to come which is a twenty five hundred thank and I mean I got a piece of Scooby that's about a meter and a half wide and I don't know very sick and I just fill it up and give it a month in empty it until it happened in a month and actually I put I put about sixty litres down I'll come to chat and put it down for a year and you know over time it gets super sour yeah and it gets so sour it's like vinegar after a year when you H. from which I well and so now I am releasing come which is better okay and you know with a little olive oil income which is integral on a salad is wonderful bam while I'm seeing the too many ideas things coming out right now and so this well this will be a product that we're just going to sell our boutique burning for now I don't know if I have that a grocery stores but I ordered some labels and I ordered when I ordered bottles all and I just ordered some small two hundred milliliter %HESITATION yeah oil bottles and with %HESITATION like plastic caps to twist on and lock in place and so %HESITATION yeah I'm ready to bottle like a bunch of editor I've also got red white vinegar going %HESITATION you know it the red wine vinegar comes from a mother or a like a it's like a it's like a six sentiment it's in the bottom of the barrel and that's that's what gives it a great flavor and you put one in and it will ferment that into acetic acid man it turns into venom and sell course you have to use one that has no chemicals or additives it gets all flights it won't work what I understand Cisco my neighbors were Tallien I need come over in like the sixties and all Italian families that immigrated to San Francisco brought their vendor and when they got there they filled with red wines and so I was able to get some mother from this family's vinegar girl an iPad and roads in nineteen nineties really good editor really nice strong stronger yeah well yeah three from the source that's amazing yes yes yeah so %HESITATION yeah he was back on the computer so I've got %HESITATION let's see I've got a passion for the business I've got mango lime I've got natural %HESITATION got some kind of blanking out now %HESITATION I got a blackberry ginger and then I've got one if a comment and that one is sold the lease and so actually I'm taking that out right now I love a reply but everybody didn't sell that well here %HESITATION and so I'm replacing it with what I love business C. Buckhorn wishes to have torn my replacing data come but yeah and then also I've got a new berry called Chuck berry's and they're called in Swedish it's a Roni Roni right or something like that yeah dark and you know they're they're like a super group like %HESITATION I'm super healthy yes second resilient %HESITATION that resilient little blue spruce size %HESITATION yes yes it's like that and so it's really really good for you %HESITATION and it kind of tastes like kind of a blackberry blueberry sour grapes flavor yeah yeah it's kind of kind of funny about the with the with the aper carts I'm thinking for a country that likes to put bananas on pizza I have over here yeah each and that's everywhere yeah he has yeah yeah when my when my wife was pregnant with the twins she could need for like six weeks since you never eat part of a ready to go to the hospital because you could need everything you need to throw up and I came home from work one day and she said I ate I'm like what did you eat and she's like banana Hawaiian pizza you know pregnant you know they have these weird yeah yeah yeah yeah that must have been how they invented the banana curry chicken pizza yeah in the first place yeah yeah A. L. Jeffrey do you have because we're heading into winter Christmas is right around the corner do you have like Chris I do this yeah thank you Christmas coming out okay %HESITATION benefactor shipping amount which it sent out last week with him and others out this next week I have a winter ale which is a dark old fashioned style A. L. and it's slightly spiced with orange peel vanilla ginger and cinnamon okay very light so you just like when you take a drink you just get at the end of it this very subtle ingesting and it's not strong at all then I also have %HESITATION S. thank you land Christmas beer and it's called red Christmas tomorrow it's called recklessness and right on top it says in very small letters I'm dreaming of a this Christmas night and it's got %HESITATION elderberries red currants strawberries %HESITATION what else %HESITATION rhubarb and hibiscus and it's very sour and it's a bright red color okay yeah I can imagine that would be red red yeah yeah yeah yeah M. you had also mentioned or I saw when I was on the website about hopped up the looser sure yeah and that's that's your NHL I'll be organizing a promoter of losing and it started in two thousand fourteen %HESITATION just to promote local craft beer industry and %HESITATION we I talked to some other breweries and we kind of all agree that something needs to be done and I kind of hope that somebody else would do it or that we could do it together but %HESITATION everyone was kind of strange I thought you know we could lose money and %HESITATION so %HESITATION I said I do it and there was seven seven microbreweries we got together and they said that if I did it and if we lost money everyone would split the cost with me so I agreed to do it so I got a band lined up the band was called after some physical and they played like a psychedelic trance lounge music I had a I had a friend of mine that did %HESITATION %HESITATION was shot and he came and worked with me midtown levy is his name and %HESITATION he we did some vegetarian food and we grow some sausages and we I don't know what we did some chicken or something and we made a plate like a plate of the day for everybody and we sold a pretty cheap and yeah we had about maybe three hundred people come and we took we charge people two hundred fifty grounds to get in the door and with that they got a beer glass yeah your glasses or something loser and a teacher and %HESITATION then once inside all doors were twenty cars and we had like I said we had seven micro breweries and they all had about five or six so we had about forty beers to taste mmhm and people loved it and then we did it again the next year and you know yes it is in the end of July and it was really nice but it looked like it was going to rain that day I had tents okay and sure enough about an hour after it started you just poured gas is it outside possible in our parking lot and I guess rundown industrial area and %HESITATION everybody just crowded into the chance and you know what it is in Sweden it comes through it rains hard for ten minutes and then the sun comes out yeah and that's the way it is and you know anytime of the year it can rain like that sweet right %HESITATION and so that's why it's kind of tricky to do outdoor festival right %HESITATION but after the sun came out you know like a lot of people they were kind of watching the weather and as soon as the sun broke loose well the next day instant stands they had a picture of a line going around the corner and six blocks yeah we're yeah it was like it was like a thousand people came at once and we got a man without a minutes late now %HESITATION and %HESITATION in ways that it's going on more and more and then three years ago four years ago I got in touch with the city of Manuel and they liked what I was doing so much but they thought if I could move it to another location I can big park and they would get me a park so they got me bears park in Chester it's a really nice park and it has a stage %HESITATION yeah and so I was able to set up the sound system with the stage I had like ten bands lined up I had several hard rock bands but I also can't country western Motown blues jazz I all kinds of stuff and so then I had like eight food trucks and local food trucks but I even got one Jefferies burgers comes in Stockholm okay and so I mean it's local it's twenty %HESITATION and then I had twenty five local breweries I had about a hundred and fifty beers on tap local beers which appears you've never heard of %HESITATION and %HESITATION we had about eight thousand people and for about thirty thousand hopeful deal now that goes to the brewery's there's a lot of expenses and stuff but yeah but the main thing is to promote the local craft beer industry right because I go to you go to the big beer festivals and it's all about standards in Carlsberg yeah yeah and it's their money so why not yep for sure %HESITATION and %HESITATION so at this festival there was no mass produced beers and no beers with a massive carbon footprint right only locally produced now I I mean I had one year I had %HESITATION are good kids from Sala from temple temple growing %HESITATION and that's pretty far south and then I'm sorry I have some come from Copenhagen which is much closer than %HESITATION and so it kind of depends what I go on a local level but I have like some Copenhagen guys they want to bring cider and I said well where is it made her look was made in England I'm sorry man it's only local it was made in Denmark you could bring it you can't right and you know I mention this only talking to David if you go into any bar in Sweden you'll find beers from all over the world but you won't find many local beers and the reason is is because the bars get under contract with the distributor and they build a hundred thousand pound cap system and then they got a bye to Beijing them right and %HESITATION so if you go to a bar they'll have a red longer from Australia or they'll have a ninety eight from New England M. and they're great they're great players but it's a massive carbon footprint you gonna read longer from Australia sure you don't need to know you don't need to destroy the planet to drink a beer people don't think about it and so it probably wasn't we we bring this awareness student and we say look there's a great run longer and come later and there's a great I. T. eight in trouble right and they're right here if you just knew where to get them and witness demagoguery if you order your local boutique if you know the name of the brewery what you want they'll ship it right to you in your local store yeah and we bring awareness to the local industry and people will order local craft beers and you know it's like I go to Willie's someplace invite garlic and I would never buy garlic from China there's a lot of garlic from China but China's on the other line right now I mean you can get great garlic from Spain and that's not that far and so I would always choose the Spanish FARC mouth now yeah and that's just an example Jeffrey M. now when you said that %HESITATION hop a palooza is typically in July last Saturday in July July and it didn't happen this past last year's because we haven't done it with a pandemic okay but possibly the upcoming summer one I am very excited to have you here yeah yeah yeah and %HESITATION as far as your selection for those that are here in Sweden I know that you can go into sustainable log it I've seen your beer on there but they can actually go ahead and in order to their local yeah yeah absolutely if you just if you go I just have a log in and say you did a search the south plains or provoking and my clean there's a my starters will come up and then you can order them and have them sent right to your local boutiques and also I mean my dearest they're not expensive so my American pale ale for nineteen ninety on the shelf yeah and you know when I first got it I got it for like I have over twenty five or thirty nine grounds and yours for and he would buy one to taste it right but now at nineteen ninety eight by ten or twelve taking over the weekend because yeah and %HESITATION so I make less per bottle but I make more on boys right right yeah for sure there you go yeah I just got to have like those branded little tiny cardboard box trees so people can clink clink clink clink clink yeah I'm and %HESITATION I I have one quick question we we typically ask I guess that we've had like their favorite this for their favorite that and what I'm wondering is %HESITATION if you were if you were to choose like your favorite Swedish food now you have a little bit of food background what would what would a favorite Swedish food be you mean like classic well I'm just thinking like a like a Swedish dash like maybe a singer strumming shake no doubt but I think it likely any so the number's down and two or three times a month at home right and so I mean I just love fresh fish and that was one thing that kind of bothered me when I first came here is that all everybody just ate frozen fish right it was hard to find fresh face and I mean why you're surrounded by oceans yeah and then I finally figured I finally found a way to get fresh fresh fresh it took me a long time and %HESITATION but I like to cook fresh fish and so that's something I love about I love that I can get local fresh fish right %HESITATION you know in California here they have the north Atlantic salmon that's that's a that's the one provided seven that they have in these waters and they go to Norway it's the same but in California we have like six or eight varieties of salmon that are running up and down between Alaska in the California coast and we have like should milk and Sakai and all these different kinds of summer being in summer little right and yeah and so I didn't you know but in salmon and California is very very expensive now and so what I what I got here I thought that salmon was pretty reasonable right now what about get off blocks %HESITATION yeah I know okay but you did that that's %HESITATION if I if I get if I buy a whole nation I've got two big plays are usually %HESITATION preserve one I know you just %HESITATION you just put sugar on it %HESITATION you seal the pores and you put salt on it and you can put some detail on it or whatever and wrap it up in a you put in the free agent press it down and you leave it for a three or four days or week whatever happened yeah you got it yeah and it'll last for a long long time yes yes now what about if you use that is there you're done involved but do you have a favorite a favorite tourist spot or a maybe a a spot there somebody comes and visit when someone comes to town yeah he well yeah I mean if someone comes to town like it's yours or something I would send them down downtown to like unit or gonna walk around and the kings park and on the walking streets that's what I would send somebody or if they want to go see something I would often send them again markets you go again okay for welcome to leave the country for so well we're so close to Copenhagen city yeah yeah yeah and our students like you we see at the museum of modern art merges article again and then there's also %HESITATION the castle and %HESITATION Helsing order right now across the board slot yeah that's where you know hamlet took place at yeah Shakespeare wrote about it there's something rotten in Denmark the check to clear yeah Jeffrey thank you so much for for joining us for in light yes and bringing us up to speed %HESITATION my pleasure yeah and we're going to go ahead and put up some links so that people can go in and check out the the brewery as well as %HESITATION check out some more information read a little bit more about your story yeah okay and %HESITATION Egypt would you want to do something like it in another film like an introduction to the brewery or %HESITATION I could still do something if you like you know what we'll probably go ahead and do that in in the like a part two okay yeah but we just wanted to say thank you so much Jeffrey and we will remain in touch will put up the links with the episode people can check out more information and then made K. Sean and I will have to take a trip down to your neck of the woods and %HESITATION and pay your bill yes yeah I mean that's what else or just come into the brewery give me the links and all these Instagram post or something and we'll share it on social media great thanks a million Jefferies all right everyone that will do it for this week's episode a very special thank you to Jeffrey Scott brown south winds brewing for stopping by great to learn about you're making fruit cider scene down there south of Sweden we will put links to all of his beloved profiles in the description make sure you stop by the mobile luggage check out his latest creations and then come back here next time for more 2 Guys 3 Crowns