Oct. 5, 2021

My Big Fat Greek (and American) Holiday

Travel, Greece, Bay Area, Family, Food

Sean is back in Stockholm while Rodney prepares for a day (or more) of traveling back. The two guys recount tales from their travels including rock beaches, supreme pizzas, beach bars and more. As usual, Rodney admits that he still hasn't started packing despite a departure in a matter of hours. I guess it's good to know that some things never change.

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welcome to two guys three crowns the podcast that talks about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden I'm Sean and with my fellow American Rodney you break down the good the bad and the just plain weird that's quite the journey to join us for the ride don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't own donkey but but but but but I don't know why that just popped in my head but Rodney is in the homeland baby home here I any for me homeland you know you got to get the rocky vibes going you know you gotta back running up the steps of the Philly art museum exactly yeah yeah yeah what what here here's the here's the thing is %HESITATION getting ready for the recording %HESITATION I'm gonna go ahead and show you I know that that's just a visual thing in our audio audio yet not cast is the same as for the initial eight silk that he says that he must be why we're getting all sorts of static actually the wells is that tin foil docket what is going on up there so my mom has the skylights would use like sky two things instead of lighting like to lighten up the rooms SO in okay go straight up from from the roof down through whatever he gets a skylight it's exactly what I think is so bright that I had to use a newspaper before just take like just over in Tampa yeah and death and the afterlife but that's the big difference right I'm here in California I'm I'm having to like do everything have to shut the blinds I have to take the sun %HESITATION first world problems my wrist world from now we're pushing like eighty degrees now it's looking signing I miss that life I miss that life I was there I was in that world hello like days ago raise ago one week ago R. S. in the med soaking up the sun just like yeah coronavirus vibes we can work from anywhere because everyone's remote anyway so right why what I'm doing is %HESITATION I've started doing kind of preparing myself for the trip back also this morning I went and stuck my head in the refrigerator for a little while %HESITATION just just to get used to the S. and yes used to the temperature just walk around wearing like half a blindfold all the time like it because it's the darkness right now man it's like over cat like heavy overcast every day like it looks like it's raining but it's not reading and we're like are you a good no rain or are we just thinking about it what can we get a decision here are yeah it's just like let's go one way or the other let's go come on now but that's what it is you know it's right or in October in Sweden and it's effing miserable Hey I can't wait to get back I'm I'm having eighty degrees in like you're seeing sun coming in through the roof that's horrible yes yesterday was like ninety something and the day before that no now let's not exaggerate ninety degrees is some serious weather event we were %HESITATION I'll sit with mom we were doing stuff on the computer and she turns to me she's like let's just go to the pool I'm like yeah let's just go to the pool so we took like a man that's my old life we took a we took a pause and we got our stuff together and then the next thing I knew we were like laying poolside down so good yeah so so good so once again I'm I'm really looking for to come back %HESITATION the darkness its way to you it's way too warm over here I'm running out of sun and rain %HESITATION man let me tell you my big fat Greek holiday yeah it was beautiful and painful at the same time okay I know that like you know what you're going to have to come back to life but gorgeous the water was crystal clear you can see the fish biting the little old dead skin cells on your feet you know what I mean like you could like see right to the bottom the whole beach was a rock beach so to get in of course Dylan's looking at me like I know I'm not walking across as walk those rights but I'm getting in the water like look at me and give me the elevator us like what are you doing about the situation and I'm like bro this is the third time we're going in the water right and he's like dad that help that that help yeah and like %HESITATION you gotta pick it might get an extra like I don't know what he is now fifteen kilos right and then walked down this evening like decline of rocks little pebbles you like he's laughing his butt off yeah you think that's funny how cold is the water no no it's not cold is fine I like him that data go get my toys now like that hello yes yes but it was amazing amazing it was so crazy we were on this island call %HESITATION let's Vaux's Lesbos Mytilene it's got like a hundred names okay but you could be where the beach was you look out into the bright blue Mediterranean Sea bright blue sky you see another Greek island and then you look to the left right and that was Turkey well that's how for Hoover view for miles yeah and you see these huge container ships and military boats that are probably coming out of his temple because it's right there right wow that's crazy it's it's cool and kind of kind of kind of scary to be both it's like I'm on vacation news flash yeah I use we because like technically you're sitting in Europe looking at southern Turkey which is technically Asia right like south of Istanbul on the other side is Asia right yeah so you're looking across continents you just like war %HESITATION what's going on right now yeah yeah a music you were talking about about those chips and and stuff I just found out that I leave tomorrow morning and head back home tomorrow is the beginning of the year bear in the sap system here for me so it is not like %HESITATION the military %HESITATION no Terry so that's when the blue angels come to town nice yeah so it's gonna be nice that I'm missing I drove around I cannot believe it I just had my just a couple more days %HESITATION but I think that it's actually going to be I think it's typically out of reach so the blue angels to do their stuff next weekend but tomorrow I believe is when the ship's commander difficulty Bridge and the bay while so yes that would be amazing yeah it's gonna be nice to miss that all just I mean the closest thing we have to that in Philly we were like up the highway from this place called willow Grove Pennsylvania and there's a huge naval air base there and every summer in like the middle of July like I don't know if it was before July fourth third just after they would do a big air show %HESITATION and that was one of the last places that still had the A. ten warthog %HESITATION so we would all the time have the a tens flying overhead and all that stuff and then when it was the the air show then you would get like the stealth bomber the B. two that would fly over over the town yeah we go into the land and all that stuff so then it's in the paper and the like okay this time the B. two is going to go ahead it's gonna look like a cloud but it's not a cloud in the look in the sky at the same time like okay people it's a play back home yeah it's I mean it's one of those highlights here especially %HESITATION since they're starting to let up a little bit %HESITATION restrictions that is good yeah outdoor event and asking people to bring their face masks or stuff this is probably gonna get crowded by the %HESITATION but how was it for you to enter the US because for me to go to Greece when you land there like cordoning off everybody and then like we get the fast lane because we have the kids decide okay he's going to turn into the Tasmanian devil in thirty seconds get them through the line and get them out of here and then you just like pull up your little thing in your article the passcode bypass I've been double dosed yeah it was it was actually really really strange because they give us %HESITATION when we were boarding the plane to Amsterdam %HESITATION the with the give some documents some declaration and I believe the invention that bike and stuff that you're gonna have to fill out this document saying that you got tested their submission test that %HESITATION you know all this stuff %HESITATION and so I feel that out on the way over here and then when I go through the passport control and I did that they have that can mimic what it's called quick pass you can go and and basically do all your landing stuff %HESITATION quickly so I went ahead and did that shop through the line get all the passport stuff and when I got out of the airport that's when I noticed I still had a doctor so I'm not sure whose job it was yeah let that document in the out now and it's been it's been pretty %HESITATION you know what smoke %HESITATION the only thing that I could not get used to it I started actually started shaking was my face mask %HESITATION because the odds are you typically have a face mask on back there if I'm on the train for about yes five sitting on an airplane for an eleven hour flight with that elastic right above your years when I started getting a headache and I was thinking what what about getting a headache from I'm not doing anything just watches almost pulling your ears down for eight hours yeah I thought it was right from watching all the movies that I can I get one well that's to be that two but we had that in the like sum it like if you get the Keenan K. E. what is that ninety five like some of them have that little metal clip appear in a peach is your nose so hard in your like but yeah when we were coming back to Greece there was everyone's wearing a face mask like usual and was like it was S. A. S. right but it was %HESITATION it was chartered because we got all the whole trip by a %HESITATION this agency called Apollo it's kind of like to you just buy everything you buy the flight I'll tell all in one go in the whole plane everyone's doing the same thing just chartered the flight yeah through SAS and that so everyone's going everyone gets off everyone gets on like one of four buses to go to your hotel and then that's it and then you basically all go on the same flight back home again okay yeah and it they always manage to stick the kids together in the back of the plane okay yeah and the whole flight there there is this kid just screaming I don't want to go man like it's late let's just let's just chill it's on a website now wasn't happening and what happens on the flight back there in the row in front of us now instead of the row behind or two rows behind and then like the kids screaming the kids like then dad has to entertain her the whole time and this is at like eleven o'clock at night related twelve thirty or one AM something like that super late right and she's like face standing on dad's lap facing dad so she's her face is basically two feet away from my ear holes like I'm going to kill this fucking child and not feel bad about it in yeah man and then you'll like what you keep like waking up because you're so tired that your eyeballs hi mostly by daily have to close but then it's just like act you wake up and every time you wake up you see mom in the aisle seat she's got her mask off she's like open like men were all wearing masks here like let's not be so Miami about the situation you're not better than everybody else like I'm ready to like start riding around like calling bids to address if I'm wearing my mask I'm having someone come by to tell you to put that thing on your face exactly a month now yeah no one's comfortable no one likes it right my mom getting a phone call %HESITATION I my mom has three phones so she has said she has one here in this room and then she has one of the bedrooms yes one of the kitchen and I think there might be a couple other what's floating about but %HESITATION junior high you should have cords %HESITATION Hugh cordless now thank goodness she's cordless because that would be then you would end up in some kind of well yeah I guess you're out the curly wire and then after stretching through the house and then they say well you've got a rotary phone and half the people listing does not know what that is yep the limbo underneath the courts to get between the road %HESITATION exactly one thing that happened on this flight %HESITATION over that kind of caught me off guard that I'm not used to at all was %HESITATION after the plane doctor cruising altitude and I'd seen people doing it before but a ton of people started running not running but like walking extremely quickly past me towards the back of the plane one guy I think might even started before they turned off the seat belt sign says he got yelled at and sat down and then assumes the seat belt sign so it was everybody jockeying for positions to get all the empty seats %HESITATION yes yes to lie down yeah that is real yeah and it was really it was interesting because it's the first time that I see I mean I've seen people casually go lay down in different parts you know the plane no these inter continental flights in the middle of the night they're empty thank god that these people will have to run yeah but I'm thinking to myself you are there any rules to this no there isn't is there airplane etiquette is there no humanity you might as well be in the zombie apocalypse because I've seen this like early on in the pandemic worse just like we have a kid he's taking up the whole the whole row by himself like pushing it right and it's just like one of us is desperate that's partly in need of like some downtime and then it'll just be a it's always tends to always be men right that they're just like no I'm going to get I see what you're going for and I'm going to get it and I'm dialing down the whole place spread out everywhere I'm just like Hey hombre yeah get out of here yeah by the way he's got a lead down for like ten get out so so so this is what I'm gonna on the way back if something like this happens is soon is that seatbelt sign goes off I'm gonna stand up and I'm gonna go up into my overhead compartments and start arguing step in my bag that I block everybody in my ideal trying to get back to those empty seats just to see what our best rate that rate please do so all that would be amazing yeah I'll let you know that you know how that goes that's interesting Hey so I got almost all my shopping done %HESITATION for my trip back %HESITATION as you said I would hope so because you're leaving tomorrow morning right but I have like eight A. M. I always have a last minute dash you know there's always some but %HESITATION I went to a store I went to a meeting since two days ago to look for maybe Sierra while to look for to look first let and it was the funniest delay sell sweaters in Los Angeles San Francisco eight they do but it is not this season you know they're like well you can fly back in a couple weeks but just will sell you a fire blanket but sweaters we don't go out that way but just the look on her face when I asked for it you know she was like we might have three from last year %HESITATION yeah but as I can see that if it's ninety plus degrees outside and there's a guy standing there asking for sweaters it's well that's what it was like living in Miami because it's never winter right and you got to get like you got to go to the outlet stores that ship there close in from winter in other places and that's when you buy your stuff of like two seasons ago I can imagine your will like to travel thank you want to go skiing in Colorado and you live in Miami well you can't wait to buy all your clothes you know what I mean yeah yeah yeah cold when you get off the plane yeah yeah but that that was that was wise yeah that was one of my items that %HESITATION that I was able to the check off but the medicinal stuff we're all set what we're all set on that love it I love it they call nyquil baby in spam yes the whole bag full spam yeah I might have to sacrifice a pair of shoes I told you I tell you I would dispatchers Skechers nope yeah I went to one of the big Skechers stores here right after like the second day that I was here I decided that I was like okay I'm just going to go to this big Skechers snow is all right for all of our Swedish listeners in countries outside of Sweden they sell sneakers that aren't white all like that yeah when their sneakers aren't pure white yeah so yes yes or no okay and in the event that I don't know if if listeners that filled the ones that have been with us for a for a bit I understand that I had a Skechers issue with the pair she so that within two months the the covering it that you bring it the top part of the issue I have to admit that I did because I needed to bring functional shoes on this trip but I did decide to go to Skechers and I'm thinking maybe I can mention to somebody you know what's happened and prove my point and put my foot down and make sure that %HESITATION that they understand that does not go full carat just just open up completely yes how that went excuse me Sir I'm not it some could I could I have a little service here tonight we live in a society people okay so to make a long story short I thought to spare shoes but as soon as I walked into that Skechers it was it was huge it was like a warehouse and then I saw sale here and single there and slowly but surely got here to take your attention stuff just kind of started trickling away and yeah so I got some some new kicks and I didn't solve anything what will but I will be probably the other ones away I love it I love it now I'm curious as well because you sent me a picture the other day of this giants gotta be eighteen inches I don't even know what that is centimeters but okay it looks like an eighteen inch supreme pizza like the full toppings the veggies the meets everything altogether for game night yes you know to watch the Niners and all that kind of thing now how where does that come from how much does that set you back in in the bay area %HESITATION Hey %HESITATION it was that one I believe was round table as I talked about how terrible round table pizza %HESITATION I believe that that was we call the supreme but it's actually called I think it's called a king offers support yeah but %HESITATION it's a supreme I actually had it delivered to you I ordered it because that was football day so I went ahead yeah I ordered for delivery I think I would have got to get delivery you know that's part of the experience at nine nine AM I think I put a delivery for six six o'clock in the evening so %HESITATION you west coast people are so weird man but but all said and done a large pizza %HESITATION deliver now with everything taxes and tip I think it was like forty dollars yeah which was being sent out which was a little bit more than I had but that thing is like three meals right so well that is true that is true so you're getting a guy yeah that's that's a lot to that's a lot to get hit with one on the final bill guy now I've already committed to having pizza getting it delivered already chosen this restaurant I'm not going to say you know now it's too late well the guys yelling at the door hello world well that'll be a hundred twenty two fifty yeah hello out of %HESITATION yeah home alone you guys have Klarna over here you guys up Barnett man I gotta tell you where we were it was like you order three plates of food and the cold appetizers starters and it comes like almost an entree portions so by the end you're like having two meals and one man with some beers and the whole works and we walked out of the first restaurant paying like twenty eight euros I'm like this where we were robbing these people were robbing them you know yeah like it's it was just so dirt cheap we went to one restaurant like it was his family that runs a farm and they have like the farmhouse they run a restaurant out of it right so it's like when you get the lamb it's their lamb you know they but they cook it and all that kind of stuff like they have the olive trees to make all of oil they have lemon trees where they get their weapons and all that kind of stuff really really interesting amazing food and we had so we would just I got like a little bit of this a little bit of that and it was like a spread just like put you in a food coma kind of a spread right we get the final bill and it was like twenty four euros and sixty cents and we're just like no you're going to take more money than that the people that we need to pay more money than that two G. yeah you know you're just like putting here just just take twice as much yeah we we don't yeah I would just feel better and they're like no no that's too much that's too much to it because it's you don't have to tip increase but there apparently it's customary to do like ten percent or five percent but it was just like it was too cheap and we're just like no the money staying on the table you're either going to let it blow away we're gonna take you know an amount that they yeah it's too cheap and it's too good it's to make another movie reference once upon a time in Mexico you go into the kitchen and you shoot the cook because it's too good okay okay the popular thing I got it the sales tax that is another thing that it just keeps on really catch me off guard you're taking because as I'm going to the store picking stuff up and I'm trying to do these the mental calculations of what I'm going to get hit with %HESITATION but I still can't it's always surprising to me because the math is I'm adding stuff up you know %HESITATION is free all right axle what it what is sales tax in California these days I think it's a network I think they would have okay has been a quarter so I mean it's not that bad but it's enough that the math which is more than Florida Florida seven percent right well I mean I'm still I'm still in the box which is about right so I'm adding up the prices that I pick it up and not all of a sudden I got a technically it's better than Swedish mode because with this mod includes twenty five percent right so that yeah but I mean the tax rate this is outrageous but it is kind of nice to know that the prices that you're adding up in Sweden is the price is going to pop up at the register you know here but is it nice to not have to pay for a bag I think there I think you mean over here do you do a search in California already %HESITATION yeah I think that the majority of places are going to charge you for for a bag I'm pretty sure what I brought bags with when we went shopping which is the %HESITATION which is another thing that my mom you know you do she thought it was a great idea but it's it's I just automatically do that I just bring up Janet yeah for sure check my kia one of those big blue ones not like there might be a little big to go to Safeway by mail you know well I love it I love it yeah but it has been %HESITATION no it's been a it's been a great trip I sent you up actually posted a picture of Eritrean food you when I when I when I get back we should go find that restaurant that %HESITATION Edward mention because that he S. it was fantastic it was a little it was a little funky because you know you're meeting with the press you're right but I like a little funk every now and then you know it was our turn of the funk here the phone it was awesome %HESITATION my friends thought to be the areas like you know what kind of food are you missing or what kind of food you want to get I was like surprised so he took me there he was awesome but during the cobit stuff it is a little weird because you're so used to not not touching and washing your hands and wipe your %HESITATION yeah for sure so it was kind of strange to me %HESITATION yeah to do it but the food was fantastic %HESITATION and with the with the but so we'll have to find that restaurant stock all right so we'll go outside in the park will have the Sir strumming and then we'll get the Ethiopian afterward thanks to you too hello we can we can eat since the roaming with the need Europe right %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION now now we're on to something exactly now we got a concept and we got good stuff happen alright everybody that'll do it for this week's episode you know what comes next thank you so so much for tuning in as always be sure to hit us up on Instagram check out the crazy thing is that we got going on gold which Rodney best of luck safe travels out there and then come back here next time for more 2 guys 3 crowns