Oct. 12, 2021

Movie Night

Movie Night

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Rodney is back in Stockholm! He talks about the travel back home, including an interesting experience with an R rated movie at 30,000 feet in the dark. Plus, he talks about his trip back to a real movie theater to see the new Bond film. Don't worry - no spoilers here. Also, Sean gets Rodney to translate something from Hawaiian into English for us.

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welcome to two guys three crowns the podcast that talks about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden I'm John and with my fellow American Rodney you break down the good the bad and the just plain weird that's quite the journey to join us for the ride Donna dot that did it and then dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum da da dun dun dun and then and then great minds think alike or I knew it was going to be back home again he doesn't come with that song come on now yeah I mean that lan fever baby bond James Bond fever shaken not stirred what a strange feeling to be like at a movie theater I am so envious you have no idea yeah it was %HESITATION it was it we felt it felt fantastic %HESITATION we went to a food court and eight before %HESITATION now let's catch the audience not because they're not in our text gene and fourth okay you just went to a real movie theater in person and you saw obviously the new James Bond movie yes No time to die is it No time to die yes the last Daniel Craig film yes indeed after all the delays after I know I feel like this movie's been coming up for three years yeah yeah we just like I don't know why we just looked at the top gun thing and we're like oh may I was like wait may like a may release it or may not I don't know what so which movie theater give me the juicy details what were the snacks you know okay okay so %HESITATION we've been talking about we knew that we were going to go to the movies we've been talking about having a family movie outing %HESITATION and what Linda found out is that part of our it's called heat is that's very annoying it's like you're like the rental or the would you call it like property management or the renter's organization condo association yes something like something like that and you can order tickets through them for like half price okay and it's one of those it's one of those deals that you kind of know about but you forgot a little bit but you know it's there right right wrist countless stuff yet and yeah A. like anytime someone has like corporate company benefits you just like yeah whatever whatever I never yeah so it and this was one of those benefits that we knew and then later was reminded so as soon as we knew we were going to go to the movies Lana went in and bought the four tickets %HESITATION and then we went in early enough I mean this is how far out we were in our planning so we did this like I don't know Monday I'd like a whoa like beginning of the week yeah okay that's not that bad no so but we we went in %HESITATION bought the tickets to seats I assume because that's what you do nowadays and we were like the only ones in the theater always yeah well on Monday when we chose the seats if there was there was a couple more people that they join the fun %HESITATION later in the week after the performance but we were out early enough so we pick like dead center of the movie theater like both nice horizontally and vertically we were like dead center nice nice yeah I like it and %HESITATION of course the only thing you need to make sure that you go to the bathroom before because you're you're locked in there yeah yeah I mean nowadays like a big blockbuster it's like three hours there's no like forget the two and a half kind of thing yeah and I I didn't know that Veronica is like you know this is like two hours and forty three minutes long yeah I was like of course I did of course that as I ranted now which which movie theater was a cause newness doesn't have a movie theater doesn't yes we do really yes we do we have %HESITATION in need of some has a little theater called B. O. avoid him which is movie wave get it wave water like waterfront we're down by the Lakers wave goodbyes you leave in the in this town we exactly pretty well yeah it could be I guess you could look at it that way too %HESITATION but we are up in Cogan's curve up by a kia %HESITATION yeah yeah that's the big that's the big theater I don't know how many screens they have like okay so it's like a regal cinema okay it's like it's a sixteen screen exactly it's it's gotta go it's a big one %HESITATION but yeah we got the tickets we're excited %HESITATION Veronica was like really excited she was the one who is pushing for you know really going to see it and we of course we all we all want to see it but we decided to meet there an hour before the movie because there's also a food court there's a big movie theater and there's a food court so right so %HESITATION Adrian met us there and we went ahead with the limit let me start by saying after having been in the states %HESITATION with all of the masks and precautions and social distancing and stuff it is a why I almost got a welcome to the wilderness my friend Hey I got a little I got a little I'm a little freaked out because and going to the food court it was jam packed full of people and there were people on all the tables all the chairs and %HESITATION yet you would think business models like a food court or like %HESITATION old country buffet where it's just like a plexiglass sneeze guard you know those things you would think they got a ways to go before they can come back and make some money right but people are like yeah we're going it was it's like someone flipped a switch they were like it was like it was you know whatever yesterday today is fine yeah is like as a what was it the twenty ninth yeah the twenty ninth of September then all the rules are out the window and it was just like you know what I could use man some panda express right next to a Burger King that's what I could do yeah I want all the smells co mingling everything everything but yes so that was that was kind of a strange I but I've been feeling that a couple times since I've been back but that was like right in your face that is why you were you're in it to win it %HESITATION and so we we split up everybody ran in there a little directions I think Adrian I would got Thai food I was get I always get noodles noodles some kind of noodle dish when work was safer safer and then I think Lianna and Veronica ended up doing some kind of taco Nacho okay okay yeah I've been to a food court in so long there had to be like a Sapporo pizza right that no one ever goes to but it's just like permeates weird pizza smell yet there well there's %HESITATION there's a Pizza Hut there which is kind of weird %HESITATION because Pizza Hut typically takes awhile right because there may yeah okay pizza exactly it's like a thick birth but it's like one of those European food court pizza huts where they've like pre made all the pieces ahead of time and they're like the small ones in their own box already yes I %HESITATION yeah what this I don't know about that man well I just I could just couldn't you know we need a quick food so we were we were like in it we were slightly delayed too so our timing slightly delayed you got there an hour early forty five minutes five minutes we have the anyway we got there a little bit later than we had originally planned for %HESITATION yes so did dad you know he's got the stop watch I got taken away I'm not saying I got that they got it because it's got to get in there someone's gonna steal one we're going to miss all the good usually got to got to see the previews you know now I need my advertisement for Pepsi and Reese's I gather you know because of that on the list those are the ones those with the with but %HESITATION yes so we we we got the food went up got our snacks and then we went into the movie theater and it was it it was really cute it was cool it was cool to be back it was nice to be in you know in the in the movie atmosphere and the large screen stuff so %HESITATION everything you know those that speaker system pushing that much like yeah yeah Dolby surround the what do they do that here only you're like am I being radiated right now that is going on here now but it was it was good %HESITATION the movie the movie was was good I'm not gonna do any spoilers or anything because I know that %HESITATION I've been getting messages people a lot of people ask me how was it how was it but I like on a on a scale of like granted this is like the first movement back in the theater in a long time but like can we recommend or is it just like if you got the time you can go so like on a scale from zero to double zero seven no it was %HESITATION it was in the eye I'm going to understate from the edge of your seat to popcorn that's kind of our scale I think that maybe I didn't say I I'm gonna I'm gonna give it an eight I'm going to give it I'm going to give it a look at it like a high eight %HESITATION I I yeah I I I can't go ten no I mean a bond movie come on yeah everyone knows what's going to going to happen but actually entertain or less definitely entertaining and your two hours and forty three minutes they got movies that you did I mean that's the thing with bond movies to print the budgets and the production value are so high yeah that is just like you can just go in there with a pad and paper and be like okay now that I can travel again I want to answer it for destinations to go to the exactly exactly no it was %HESITATION it was good I mean entertaining and stuff my my legs I started getting my legs started cramping a little bit like to words two and a half hours and I think that it was probably a lot of the candy kick in in two you know where %HESITATION so you went goodies %HESITATION yeah learn to go to I went like be liar and sue is one zero but typically I don't eat that much sugar I did I had this problem back in the states yeah your body is like seizing up be like bro you ain't that young no more I'm not locked it that much yeah and I was sitting there concentrating on the movies but the lower half of my body was like river to go someplace else let us try to stretch out without kicking the people in front of me %HESITATION oh my god I love it yeah but it was %HESITATION no it was good it was entertaining %HESITATION entertaining and and and recommended it was %HESITATION it was recommend and it's going to be interesting to see where if anywhere you know the whole James Bond thing goes after this so mmhm and no spoilers no but I mean when you sent me the picture it was just like yes we haven't been in a movie theater because of code and all that but I haven't been in a real movie theater since Dylan was born and we're still not up to the point that I can sit through at home with Disney plus right I can't sit through the whole movie he's up moving around halfway through yeah I used to be the first five minutes he was just like our eight I need a commercial break I need a new episode I need something I need to add a flavor now we we're making it a little bit better you know we're doing a little bit better but it's still just like okay I got to go play with my cars right now my brain doing come back come back watch the movie so I know dad help dad that helped me build this lego thing I'm like %HESITATION no let me explain to the situation it's October it's grim dark outside at two o'clock in the afternoon because it's trying to rain right and I'm exhausted while watching this movie Italian one help you bring the train track the leg goes up on the couch wait a minute don't bring the truth that don't break out that's a bad idea %HESITATION but yet to be able to go see how the night and sit at the movie theater that's right mmhm mmhm yeah chef's kiss you know Hey I I got a little thing the kind of ties into this whole movie theme and %HESITATION and Connor is wraps up my my trip because last we spoke I was over there and I was getting ready to make the the big pond leap %HESITATION to this site as %HESITATION which everything went fine %HESITATION it was a good trip over I didn't have to get any I mean you're not missing any limbs right now so you know now so it was it was good I am I am beard lists because the facemask finally after like eleven hours on the way I was like it was it does think things happening under so yes I hear you I hear you on that so I barely got through the door at home as exists is because of them like to get it all off again I feel airport grime hi believe me but but of course I watched movies I don't sleep on airplanes so I I watched movies I watched movies on the airplane but with this time was a little different because I became very impatient with movies so I was like going to movies and I would put a movie on it I'd watch for like three minutes not like now and then I would back up and I go and I find another movie and I don't remember doing that before I used to be able to put on a movie and and watch the whole thing but now I was I think I started like three or four movies before I found something that that I wanted to watch I think you're probably that's like my next stage of evolution is to where you are now because when I'm like there's certain movies you have to leave now for the airplane because it's like I'm not gonna go spend money on it in the movie theater I can tell by the trailers already and then it's like I'm not going to waste two hours of my night of Netflix to put this thing on I'm gonna use it I'm gonna watch it when I'm supposed to be sleeping on an airplane right here in the middle of the night crossing who knows what version right so we always have these movies on the airplanes or like when you just put something on and maybe there's something you think is Netflix worthy but then you put it on and like within twenty minutes right you like at least I can tell somebody has changed the editor or the producer or the director like halfway through like the movie and you just like our man it's one of these but then I'm still like where you now are like okay shut it off and moving on to the next one I'm like man I've already invested twenty minutes of my time it can't get worse than that little that juxtaposition that weird gaping hole in the plot right and then of course you're setting yourself up for three or four more of those yeah just like what is going on we live in a society yeah but IT is so I was having some I was having some problems finding the movie that I wanted to commit to and then remember we had talked about how airplane travel used to be there was a time when airplanes only showed a movie on the S. S. and I mean that movie was like eight rows away from you everyone on the tiny screens the ask went to see it yeah they were like shown on on the wall there was like a little wall screen it wasn't like individual so depending upon how far were you came down from the overhead compartment exactly exactly sometimes they would have to movies and they would like they would bury them by section of the airplane so if it was something that you really wanted to see and it wasn't playing in your section then you would have to try and like ask the flight attendant if you could move your like do that like old school negotiations like Hey you know my family's back here you mind if like we switch seats in our area yeah my grandmother said this movie would you mind if I buy and then you always inevitably like come face to face with the guy this like my seat is twenty four B. yeah yeah I know that but you have a middle seat anyway mine and I'll little further back no my tickets as twenty four B. it's right here on my tickets Inc it's like ripping off the tag of the mattress I just can't do that I cannot change my seat just like how god okay so watching movies on this flight I had a super kind of weird experience and it was putting on a movie and watching I thought I'd go in for this like classic English type of boat movie I think it was okay there's your problem right now but I'm thinking okay that's cool you know I'm down for that I'm gonna go into like one of these beautiful movies with the %HESITATION boulder twist everybody in my section had gone to sleep so my head rest is the only one that still has a movie playing so my head rest was like unavoidable it was the only thing lit up in the whole cabin the movie that I chose to watch had this extremely graphic sexiness %HESITATION yes I mean I mean to the point where like I started blushing and although blade yeah this is the best yeah and had had had had the rest of the lighting been on it everybody been watching movies that it out yet you know it's like the chances of somebody you know catching a peek at what you're watching but mine was the only movie playing and this scene pops up on here and I I I get by with a little bit lower in my seat I started looking around just to see and then it a I finally I had to switch to another movie I think I put on like a kid all you pulled the trigger %HESITATION yeah I had to put on like a kid show or something because I was thinkin if the flight attendants comes %HESITATION Hey if the flight attendant comes walking by and sees me snacking on the Pringles I brought watching whatever this movie was so yeah it's like let me get this right you're into Old English cinema has raunchy sex scenes in it okay I thought there's going to be a delay I thought it was a safe bet you dollars simply because well maybe something that'll relax me enough that I can actually fall asleep no see because that that is the worry you know because I tend to sit on the aisle so like you can kind of stretch your leg out when the people are going up and down we have the cocktail snacks carton all that stuff right but then I get to see a straight shot down like the whole while of what everyone's watching it is something by the middle of the night after I watched the first movie yeah then I'm like okay that things caught my attention long enough that I need to watch it myself Sharon spend another two hours watching movies at a jazz leaping but I have seen on several occasions that person who is it like up pops if they turn that tank that number angle like a quarter of an inch it's no longer rated R. Hey I don't line up Hey did you knows and they're just like you can see like the tension in the shoulders go up it just like how many people are watching this right now and then like what do you do do you like turn it off and be like oh no I'm a prude or like you just that's what I ride it will no that was the hope was the debate you know I would I was sitting there because I was like man should I shut this off or by shutting this movie often my like you know well I mean you're have Swedish so people should be looking in your windows anyway man but as soon as I backed out of the movie I went I went into like the settings and I've set the quote eight I'm gonna have to delete like my browser history and like %HESITATION my god yeah but it takes like twenty minutes just to get there yeah click on a note not that click this button I kind of don't don't don't play the movie yeah that's seen in slow motion no no no my god %HESITATION yeah so that was that was kind of in an interesting %HESITATION that is an interesting part of my trip but I did also discover kind of a little cheating a little cheating Pune life hacks I like yeah he's kind of a a flight pack and the only time during the trip right that you're allowed to take your mask off is when you're eating %HESITATION yes so you save her that little bottle of water Hey a bag Eminem could have you massless for like forty five minutes %HESITATION yeah %HESITATION yeah but that was one of the things that %HESITATION I think towards towards the end of the flight they woke everybody up and then they handed out what they called a vegetarian sandwich which was two pieces of bread with some kind of something in there that was I don't know what it was like some creamy somethin but %HESITATION anyway it was it was a very dry sandwich I didn't know what the mystery spread was wait hold on it was a creamy something and it was a dry state which bit of bread was dry and it was like housing this this week yes it's like a disaster yeah it and and and you know normally I probably would have just said %HESITATION thank you can give mine to somebody else but it was a chance to take my mask off yeah I'll take two please so that was yeah I got to take my put my mask down for like ten minutes while I was trying to I needed a second glass of water just to just to get that %HESITATION well that's always the trouble not because they get so stingy with the water sometimes and like we've taken the cart past you right ready yeah Mike yeah well when I ordered a coke I didn't think you would open the can and pour half of it out and they keep the other apps now like just give me the can it's already tiny I think that they they they started giving out whole bottles I'm pretty sure that they were very well when what was it I think it was the last time we traveled when had not the was pregnant wherever that was to and she had to be drinking a lot of water all the time she was constantly thirsty constantly hydrating all that stuff right and like she had run through all her bottles of water yeah and she like had to go back to like the the station in the back of the plane where all the flight attendants hang out right well I I need some more water well you see this belly right now I need some more water and they're like okay don't tell anyone we gave this to you but they gave her like the giant like liter bottle of water they pour everyone's right like little tiny airplane cop yeah yeah I could like hiding on the western media exactly yeah sure a brat but it was %HESITATION I mean other than the movie in the dry sandwich in the yet the rest of the staff it was %HESITATION it was a good a good flight got to Amsterdam %HESITATION had plenty of time between flights %HESITATION still hadn't slept when we landed at Arlanda my bag was one of the first ones off which %HESITATION okay that it hasn't been it hasn't been in like forever since I got my %HESITATION had your lan the gods smiling on you that day store it myself came down and said I chose my dingy yes so I'm give rob his bag and so I grew up in I'd like I got my bag you know yeah no worries man if you get out of art if you get out of that baggage carousel in under twenty minutes at Arlanda right life is breezy and that's what I'm thinking as I approach as I approach customs N. customs and customs at Arlanda is usually a brief there's no in there there's nobody there you just walk right through you know to the left left hand side if you have something to declare %HESITATION L. know whenever goes no or the right hand side you just walk through Hey when I got to customs so they must have scanned in flag your bag it was a spam %HESITATION a there were there must have been like ten or twelve customs agents all spread out across in kind of blocking the little custom and this is at the very end of my trip right because everything had gone I got my bag everything was going smooth and then all of a sudden it was like a scene out of a Pablo Escobar movie thing because there were Mr Hiram you need to come with us Hey I just put my head down and I was like trying to we'll buy with my with my big yet with my bag just like and I'm tryna speech did go by and this shorter agent female all the sudden I hear stop and I was like so I I I pretend like I didn't hear and I kept on going issues like stop so she stops me and I'm sitting there and the whole week there was so much going through my head at that moment you know I'm I'm sitting there going like I just want a mom I told you I'm not taking cocaine back with me on the or CAD or other California you know legal entertainment stuff through but so she so she she asked me she was like were you coming from and I'm like %HESITATION California today or this week yeah okay I'm like California USA and she's like what were you doing there and I was so tired in a I was on the verge I was so close to just saying it's not your business %HESITATION don't do that and then all of a sudden I start thinking about all the stuff in my bag not that there's anything illegal in my bag but I'm thinkin do you know well they probably could have thought the can spam was a bomb April I mean you know I had enough nyquil and %HESITATION and other you know the rest of the stuff that I was bringing back and once you start adding I just didn't want to go through all that but I told her I was like I was visiting my mom %HESITATION and I answered in Swedish and she was like oh you speak Swedish and I was like oh yeah she's like okay you can go so while yeah so I got by there but we were %HESITATION as sleepy as I was I was I haven't been that awake and probably three months several muscles around your body clenched up %HESITATION do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do %HESITATION yes but that was %HESITATION yeah that thank god you were flying in from Columbia then you would have a problem eight I was looking around and they were stopping anybody else so crazy so crazy because I have never seen where they single somebody out before like I've been through where everybody getting off the plane has to send their bag sure through the custom that like the special customs machine where they're looking for organic material right all that kind of stuff yeah and I've had in that process everybody's bag gets opened and all that like N. yeah traveling to Brazil and they open up my bag and there's like a giant brand new I mac computer in the box that were taken down to %HESITATION relative possibly right that they pay for but yeah they could have like he nailed us with customs charges and what does he pull out to a tee toasty does cheese dip sauce what is this what is this you can't bring this and I'm like it's it's awful condition yeah it's like okay okay you can throw it away if you want to quit looking yeah yeah or take it home it's really good thank yeah so that was %HESITATION that was that was quite the %HESITATION quite the finish to that little I mean that just plays right into the James Bond thing international man of mystery you did that was me %HESITATION the Hawaiian Swedish guy bag is not and the tan reach for this guy I should have spent that extra day at the pool probably well Hey before we go to get that whole why am blood work and a little more hi do you have a listener submitted question for you from Cindy in Virginia okay okay okay I need you to translate something for me from Hawaiian to normal American English and the word is Okoli which if I'm remembering correctly spelled okay O. L. E. yes yes %HESITATION I'll give it to you in in Swedish first great that'll help yeah and that'll be room by so %HESITATION Kohli is is like the tail end or your butt so %HESITATION call is typically your but but it could also Hey it could also be the end of like a loaf of bread or you know it's just like hot now okay it's versatile it will you talk about like the %HESITATION cold end of something you know the at the end like that part okay so tail end yeah it's got you know I can't China has a little flex zone between you know going a little more P. G. thirteen are just you know P. G. definitely definitely %HESITATION I think that's it it will be there we will we do when we look at one more thing I got one more thing before we go %HESITATION I gotta I gotta just say thank you to my friend Kwame for the barbecue they they he hit you and I just I gotta give Kuami props for for for having barbecue when I was there back in the database so no Okoli right there no it was it was it was it was all good it was off all right everybody that'll do it for this week thanks so much as always for tuning in be sure to hit up Instagram for even more fun amazing crazy hijinks around Sweden and then come back here next time for more 2 Guys 3 Crowns