Feb. 21, 2022

Is Postnord Delivering Flowers Now?

Valentines, Midnight BBQ, Florists, Delivery, Football, Baby

We hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day last week! Sean had some, ummm, technical difficulties. He has a sneaking suspicion that PostNord is now taking charge of florist deliveries around town. He does have some other highlights to rave about though - including new football classes for his son and his new status as an uncle! Woohoo! Also, Rodney may or may not be starting a midnight BBQ YouTube channel.

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welcome back everybody to two guys three crowns podcast about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden join me Sean and my fellow Americans broadly as we explore the good the bad and the just plain weird he's you really want to sacrifice our love you won't pay every dice but some day you'll pay the price side no %HESITATION let me tell you man living on the water it's a fantastic thing but in Swedish winter that wind is repeated over one man let me tell you a bit weird riddle but we have talked about it too because the buildings right if the buildings help or if the buildings actually hinder well I don't think it makes a difference because when you come up like from the streets coming toward my house because we rightly right on the water you do have to walk through a bit of a wind tunnel because of how the buildings are yeah but if you're going to like this one of the like the Tomar bonnet stop the tram stop for your walking down the street to go to what for then you get to this big open area mmhm where it's just there's no buildings or anything and the wind is chicken and it's that type of win where it doesn't matter how many layers you have on it just goes it finds the pores and all those fabrics and breakthrough will candlestick park yeah yeah like all I can think of in my head at the time it's like %HESITATION Siang son's voice going brutality yes yes %HESITATION yeah we we were out today took %HESITATION try to get out and take a walk and take advantage of the sunlight that we had %HESITATION and %HESITATION it it was nice we do this kind of reverse lap but as we try to take like the latter portion with like walking towards the sun some time and so it's kind of it was kind of and like almost an after ski feeling like walking around the area the the the water way down there but it was it was it was really nice nice nice you didn't end up in the swamp this time now now now but I always bring gloves with me now I like always have yeah I mean I always have gloves with me Lana's like us not that cold outside I'm like cold enough for me to be wearing gloves get the dog I'm I'm half Hawaiian remember yeah %HESITATION it's cold enough for glue yes yes is the below seventy degrees it's cold enough for gloves thanks unless we're going to the beach in which case I might work well of yeah exactly what did you guys so what would you guys get up to today so we had we just started a new class for Dylan %HESITATION no more swim classes at the moment because he is obsessed with football who but see he's born and raised a European so far so there's only one type of football that he knows right N. fellow Americans will call it soccer I can tell them %HESITATION dilemma you gonna go play soccer this afternoon he looks at me like what my skunk about football Scott so it was this some it was like the class especially for like two and three year olds okay right so like the ship you a ball at a time that you pump up because you keep it with you this now it's like this little tiny blue ball but he's used to kicking around a volleyball right that we have in the house and it's like decorated to look I'm like a watermelon so he's used to the resistance of the weight and he's pretty like when he wants to shoot it shoot it and knows how to kick it in a straight line deposit you and all that hi but this blue ball man it's so light weight it's like headed toward my face and like vital body parts of my god god okay okay right now the angel yeah come down come on come on hi this is Linda he had a blast so yeah I would imagine like a bunch of screaming kids well what's in the budget was like a ten kids all about the same age running around blasting these blue balls into oblivion right but %HESITATION but yeah I mean you know he had a lot of fun so couldn't complain too much about that but %HESITATION but yeah super super good at always better than swim class I would say I was just gonna say can swim swim classes done so that is correct okay so this is going to be like a another little place where he can expand a little bit of energy yeah and especially today when he didn't take a nap I'm like you're gonna need a nap you're going the football you're gonna wanna be nice and rested and like literally seventy five percent of the way through the class right he just like collapse on the floor in just like chilled out there for a minute or two of my god do I knew what I was doing the obstacle courses like no data now and then the way her back on the bus he's like gets in my lap yeah and then he puts his head on the glass of the bus because it gives the vibration and he just kind of that's my move yes that's my move when I'm on the Pendleton yes exactly exactly and then at one point he smashed his face between the window and the the seat in front of us right just like cav pressure there so you could like pretend to fall asleep like that cannot be comfortable bro yeah I do that too yeah that so yeah no complaints there but so yes the soccer bug in season is just kind of ran %HESITATION yeah %HESITATION yeah I mean he's had it for a while but like we've been trying to find classes right he can go and it's hard to find around where we are we have to go like thirty minutes by bus out east to go find a place that was available now everything around so their mom stock home whenever you should have been on the list six months ago you know it's crazy six months ago it's more like when did you guys know you're expecting yeah that would yeah exactly what about a good time to get on the list yes exactly worsen preschool to get him into football class ran for two year olds it's not even like classic just kicking the ball around yeah just watch out that do that you don't have like one of those %HESITATION one of the soccer dads it's like a okay so what kind of regiment you got him on %HESITATION you get him on a special diet and protein shakes and you feel like it's just yourself yeah I got I got too much other stuff going on in my life I I can't I can't be handling all that kind of level stuff but he does also wanna play drums I can tell you that so that's okay %HESITATION that's a bargain he and I are going to have to make okay now you know but no double bass not none of that stuff you know that my crash cymbals and my friend T. a door down here he is quite the drummer extraordinaire %HESITATION and in the shop he has his whole drum kit you know set up the whole thing is is there %HESITATION so last week I went song for something and right before I was gonna leave you sat down at the drums I got I'll send you a clip I might even put up a clip if Peter says I can put a clip up I put the clip %HESITATION yes love it love it yeah but it's so %HESITATION it's when you have something like that inside you you know you put your work into another stuff but I think it's got to come out and when he sat down and started started playing the drums it's %HESITATION it was pretty awesome it's the Catalina wine mixer to to to to to to to to to to get yes completely completely but yeah it's so we'll have to see maybe for his birthday we might get a little kids set that's like I'm a little bit more like electronic drums were dead ends the sound that's not like real drums because I need like a separated garage for him to have a drum set in the house because I'm I can before I'm thinking maybe I could start a go fund me %HESITATION and we can get him like a full on drum set with no okay yeah I know the new heard it happen you can go by his own household it see I've been in bands before I know how loud the drummer is unless he's gonna like have a plexiglas cage to put on top of what they are yeah yeah but with the with the weather today I'm gonna go ahead and jump over this just because I got a little hungry %HESITATION barbecued last night %HESITATION having acute haven't barbecue in a while but the weather was cooperating we had a little bit of blue sky you know peeking through and Adrian was home visiting variety nice Veronica was home and we were like family dinner and we queued it up and it felt nice it felt kind of like that another step closer to the summer kind of issue meanwhile everyone in need this is like for do you smoke charcoal what crazy person is not burning down the forest now they were like Hey it's Rodney again that's just that's just Rodney the local police station already knows right yeah I know it's it's a white guy he does this kind of stuff no worry about it and I sent you a picture yes of my of my set up because I saw my ring light and I was like huh this would actually make life a whole lot easier standing outside barbecue and if I could actually send the %HESITATION the the the grill so multipurpose stuck the ring light out there actually got a couple good pictures to and you'd now you're ready for your new YouTube channel Rodney's Q. rap Rodney Q. riding what was on the menu would you would you cook up did %HESITATION this pork loin with like %HESITATION Texas rub on it had it on there for probably four hours %HESITATION did some some links some chorizo %HESITATION then we had we had that we had rice and potato salad and corn and I can't remember if Linda snuck the kimchi out or not but %HESITATION yeah we only special occasions now let me tell you to tell you once we planted ourselves on the couch we weren't going anywhere quickly yep that's a glorious feeling when you just sink into those questions and just yeah that's the thing once dealing goes to bed it's like I get that feeling every day and this morning it was my turn to wake him up in and out the gets to stay in the bed with the coffee my day was yesterday you know so it's like he doesn't understand that it's nine o'clock on a Sunday morning and he still hasn't let me drink twenty five percent of my coffee yet he's like no doubt that strawberry no banana now apple juice now orange juice now look milk now for my kid that's it that's it you're on your own now yeah you overwhelm the system too many tickets you can get anything now I didn't you just have another baby pop up somewhere yes now full disclosure okay it's not my baby no but it's a relative so my brother just had his first child Lou congratulations yes so that was super exciting super exciting so we've been on all the pictures you know going back and forth and now it's like you know that next step up from like you have your first kid and then a relative has one so then your uncle you know so it's like oh god I got a look at my four oh one K. or something now you know what I mean eight that that stuff is is contagious I mean it starts it like once somebody starts having kids a select group group group group group group group group so now don't tell my sister right now %HESITATION make sure that he signs his kids up for soccer class %HESITATION yeah I gotta go through that whole thing like getting %HESITATION registered in you know at least he doesn't have to go through what is it's got to work it said let them know what the kid's name is two months after it's been bored right but this is that's already on the birth certificate this is back in the states yeah yeah yeah yeah okay can I please in Long Island New York nice nice yeah yeah yeah so the adventure trying to yes the adventure begins and like they're both the birth both work in %HESITATION he and his wife work in the medical field okay so it's like that %HESITATION they have certain advantages but I'm sure they have certain disadvantages as well as well of like maybe knowing a little bit too much to ask it in some areas but yeah yeah I mean you don't know until you know you know I'm I knows now yeah I'm like man you're just piling on yourself aren't you you're got like the doctor thing going on of like on call days and now like add an infant to the scenario like to bring it bring it just press bring on that masochism who needs sleep you sleep when you're dead we'll have to send it will have to send him something well we'll send him something from from sweet was it was kind of a drum set it up %HESITATION %HESITATION god if we can we can find a a a a a little Swedish congratulations gift yes now speaking of recent current events I do need to bring up that we had Valentine's day last week mmhm yes we did and the wife and I we always celebrate around Valentine's day because that's when we first met each other so we do like %HESITATION you know little celebration trying go out to a restaurant or like train travel somewhere when you're able to travel well M. but then Valentine's day still do the little flower thing and all that so I go once a year %HESITATION Flores you know I'm like let's send you know something doesn't have to be like two dozen roses because that's a little yeah okay two dozen roses is nice but it's like I what I would do something a little different I'm poking around I see this cool like red button but with like a little red lily %HESITATION like some roses and different like red flowers like all that's cool and it's a special for Valentine's day so yeah I'm gonna go with that and it says like I have to type into the Google translate the Google god of like what in the world is and it says Flores selection %HESITATION florists choice or something like that okay okay that's cool and it says yep you know we'll go pick out like the best stands for you and all that kind of stuff yep perfect like mix it up give a little surprise you know let's see what you got so I place the order then the next day the the florist calls me and they're like okay we have this order blah blah blah blah confirm your contact information and how do you how do we get inside the building okay but if this button this button yet turn around three times you do the hokey pokey and you say what it's all about right right and then I okay perfect so we will send you a message automatically when it's left the florist and it will be delivered between seven AM and ten PM on Valentine's day and I'm like what ten PM wow like who's out here delivering at ten PM I don't know man I don't understand this kind right anyway I might okay yeah but there's no way it's going to take till ten PM sure enough seven PM rolls by not the eight people and I've already got the message that the flowers left I don't know ten thirty in the morning N. eight PM blasts might not then I get to about nine fifteen I think and I'm already like what it is is a postnord delivering what is going on yeah well I must've had a six cents or something because right about nine fifteen nine thirty somewhere around there I get a message saying thanks so much your order has been delivered mobile and I'm like what what and I know they had mentioned that they would leave it outside they wouldn't actually ring the bell not like yeah okay that's fine but normally like the there's the intercom system that rings on my car tell so I have to let the men but every now and then if someone's coming out or someone else is coming in at the same time even the kind of although I'm a delivery guy and sneak in there you know right so I'm like maybe that was the case when I go outside open the front door look around there's nothing I walked down to the like the little lobby area mumble quote unquote lobby the place where all the mailboxes are gonna look in and there's nothing either and I'm like what is this black magic it must be postnord delivering a say they've delivered they deliver the flowers and I got nothing not at all yeah yeah and then you try and do like the trying to find a phone number and of course the phone number doesn't work because it's after hours it's like nine and and then I'm like I'm trying to chat because it's your %HESITATION floor so there must be some kind of like customer service center in India or Texas or god knows what is the same company as FTD right so they must have a centralized customer chat system no nothing and we'll get back to you between nine AM and noon on weekdays or between one PM and four PM because we take feca and lunch Mike oh my god so then what am I what is my recourse that I have left now I have to go on Twitter and Facebook the only reason I have Twitter is just customer service tomorrow that's the only reason I happen to like to get back to what is going on here like you've told me you delivered and then I'm like I've exhausted all the options and I cannot I don't know you're supposed to get flowers today surprise but yeah I don't know where they are postnord stole them so then we're kind of getting ready for bed and ten oh two I get a call on my phone it's the building intercom system that someone wants to get let in unlike %HESITATION you went in the building now do you so I buzz that the guy in and he comes up with the flowers okay thanks so much have a nice day like bro ten oh three ten oh three like I am going to be that person right now yeah I guess not ten o'clock yeah ten oh three apple we all know apple sets the global time standards for everything like an eight year microwaves time is whatever is on the phone right that's what that's what the real time is the atomic clock in New York or whatever my bro get out here with the stuff like it's just flowers man how can you be so bad at delivering stuff that it takes you twelve hours but to deliver a bouquet of flowers but how is ten o'clock in the evening flower delivery I mean exactly like how like if these people aren't even around for customer service questions during lunch hour then how are they delivering after five thirty PM I don't understand this I don't get it it just doesn't feel very romantic yeah that's you know you got a buzz and %HESITATION let me tell you the whole week the whole week I've been getting messages of like well if you give me your order number I'm like bro like it even worth my time anymore to deal with you people and then I get an email from the head of course like whatever customer service center well we're going to refer to our terms and conditions that bubble bubble bubble I'm like this is such awful customer service like it's not even addressing the fact that you told me was delivered and it wasn't delivered what what alone that it was delivered at ten oh three PM thanks a lot what's funny is you know what you've mentioned %HESITATION because I logged into my personal Twitter account I actually have a personal Twitter account the only reason I have a personal Twitter account was because I couldn't get a hold of anybody at telia so yeah it's that's all it is is just a customer complaints that's all that's the only thing it's for mac it's that's crazy %HESITATION there's a couple times a year that we order flowers from my mom %HESITATION when is her birthday and her birthday was the twelfth Lincoln's birthday %HESITATION and I had ordered flowers she had gotten twelve we've done this a couple times but I always thought that I always thought that like flowers and flower delivery was kind of a how do I put this like kind of the weirdest scam why was it the same affordable I was gonna say open flowers are expensive manned their super expensive yeah %HESITATION but we ordered flowers for for my mom %HESITATION and I think one time when they came by they didn't ring the doorbell they didn't do anything so the flour stayed outside for a little while longer maybe that they should have but she got her flowers for her birthday and %HESITATION I have stories as well first she didn't really acknowledge that she had gotten a flower so I knew that there was something kind of something kind of fishy fishy %HESITATION and then she said thank you for the flowers and then she finally told me she was like I I I just have to let you know to set the flowers that they delivered she says they have a homework like wilting and get out there where is it what it just wasn't really what she expected and I appreciate the fact that she went ahead and and told me because you know like putting on a smiley face and and saying that %HESITATION they were fantastic at this that if they work because we've hit the ball out of the park a couple times we ordered you know if different flower things where the balls come in you know some ram make bowl in it she has to watch %HESITATION yeah yes and stuff like that but this one was not quite not quite up to par %HESITATION now the good thing about my mom is that if she has a problem she will definitely let people know that she has a problem %HESITATION so she's been living in the states that long that that Swedish filters started to dissolve a little bit %HESITATION I don't think my mom came with the Swedish filter I am I don't think that I don't think that the model came with the we did but I you know I it wasn't included it was it was a different version so you know mom drove down there and %HESITATION and and let him know you know what she thought of the the whole thing which I think is is fantastic yeah %HESITATION that she went ahead and did so we are taking them off of the go to list %HESITATION yeah yeah so unfortunately I mean yeah I mean I was thinking the whole time I knew I should just walk like five minutes down the street to the florist and just bought the flowers myself yeah but there was like it would've been something to like you know delivery of flowers is like its own experience you know but I'm like the whole time I'm like you idiot you should just walk down to the florist yourself yeah I I don't know I'm still having a problem with at ten PM the thing I mean I'm I'm usually in a way I'm in bed reading at that date if I'm if I'm not already asleep it at ten o'clock I like it a baby step a little bit here have an espresso I swear I swear it's worth yeah yeah yeah just give me a moment also you know the song I'll sing another song the way I am we have a drum kit around here somewhere but we now I know a whole bunch of Lionel Richie songs I'll keep it that that all right everyone that is all the time we have for this week's episode but before you go please make sure that whatever path you are currently listening to this podcast is go in there leave us a rating a review it helps us ever so much spread the good word 2 guys 3 crowns to the world and then come back here next time for more that some two guys require