May 17, 2021

I Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy

British, Kent, Expat, Youtuber

The two guys are joined this week by Gregg, the British expat behind the Just A Brit Abroad YouTube series. He talks with the guys about how he ended up in Linköping, what there is to do in his neck of the woods and what it's like to start a YouTube channel in a pandemic. He also shares some insights into the key cultural differences between the UK and Sweden. Plus, he gets Rodney to admit his favorite Swedish candy.


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welcome to two guys three crowds the podcast that talks about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden I'm showing and with my fellow American Rodney you break down the good the bad and the just plain weird it's quite a journey join us for the ride I don't take coffee I take to you my dear I like my toes done on one side he and you can hear it in my accent when I talk I'm an Englishman in Lynn shopping what do you think what do you think John so what was that originally %HESITATION before I put your date that was the that was thing that's Englishman in New York okay and you know why do you know why I busted out with staying down why why because we have a very special guest today I guess is a house guest in the house yes and he is he's actually he's a brit then he's abroad he's a brit abroad the brit abroad it's Greg we have we have great with us today welcome Greg Hey guys thanks so much for having me who you are %HESITATION it's great to have you here with us %HESITATION I'm sorry we couldn't do anything about the weather I don't know how the weather is down there in Lynn shopping but it's %HESITATION it's like they re possessed the the sun up here in Stockholm %HESITATION how is the weather down there C. to similar experiences very what hit today say well I'm just typing it's temporary and then went back on track with summer again soon there we go we get our that's the way we get our in in other additional what five five nice sunny days of real you will have a we're gonna keep our fingers crossed crossed for a good %HESITATION a good summer just don't grope for sun and then you're fine then you're fine don't get anything out there exactly you know what I'm getting a little tired of the %HESITATION people that say oh the plants need the grass needs it %HESITATION the flowers needed is like no you don't understand I need I need the sun but %HESITATION yeah what what what will that the plants get their get their %HESITATION they're doing great what brings you what brings you here to the the land of %HESITATION of questionable whether I mean I guess I guess lots of listeners are probably thinking I should be used to the weather as a brick %HESITATION we know exactly nine for a cross on the week but and tell us your question %HESITATION I moved out to Sweden just over two years ago now because my girlfriend a Swedish woman L. sample and %HESITATION we did about two years of %HESITATION of long distance after originally meeting in the U. K. and she was coming back to do some studies there %HESITATION and so that after about two years of hoping on a plane once a month going between the two we decided to make it official maven together saying what brings me to sweeter well a belated congratulations thank you now is now she she's she's Swedish she is yes okay okay all right wow that is awesome okay so you are you are a a love refugee you join the ranks of the of the of the the transplants exactly I'm in good company I think there are quite due to the likes why not attempt I think American ex pats I think there's supposed to be like sixty thousand in Sweden well man which I know like I know five of them but %HESITATION are there now I do have a couple of friends English friends that %HESITATION a couple that I work with %HESITATION a couple of I met but there's a large number of Brits abroad here too right I mean that's %HESITATION yeah exactly I think that's %HESITATION I think that's a fair statement to make and the impression I got is that we do a bit there and exchange visit between us and the Swedes say aye aye hardest hit some crazy statistic like if you counted how many sweets are based in London it would make a London the fourth biggest Swedish sixty or something based on a Swedish populations I think we have some kind of exchange program set up where we just take it in turns to tag your it and jump across the across the board now M. do you know we we found you or I found you we found you %HESITATION via social media %HESITATION on Instagram and have seen %HESITATION saw postings you have and I'm gonna say it's a very popular YouTube channel I'd love the videos that you're putting up when did that how long have you been doing that well you're very kind of in say I wouldn't say very popular by any stretch of the imagination I started %HESITATION just over two months ago now so back in March I think it was one of these things that happens when pandemic gets on your brain and you have to wait too much that time and decide you need some social interaction when I can't get it real life I turned to the internet and started to as you say making these videos %HESITATION originally the idea was just to you know into the other people about their experiences in in in Sweden %HESITATION and I saw lots of people like yourself already it doing a great job of that so I should stay off that territory and then %HESITATION I started making the shorts and as you said a couple of people jumped and seem to enjoy them and and now I can't stop now now now now you're in it to win it %HESITATION when you say two months I actually went in took a look at the channel again and I said that can't be right because it seems like you've been doing this for a lot longer I mean thanks that's what it feels like I was in there yeah it just seems you know you seem so comfortable with the media and %HESITATION the way that you're putting forward an ass I'm looking to you to but I see it was like posted two months ago and I'm like but there's gotta be something older than that there's gotta be something you know nothing tapping the screen trying to get a refresh but it's not and it's like well but %HESITATION yeah it's it's it's fun it's it's a great format and I think %HESITATION the topics that you're that you're covering %HESITATION are great and interesting for people to to go ahead and and tune in thanks very much yeah you see behind as I say %HESITATION hi and there's no secret history of having a raised you know taking us seriously it's not so what you see is what there is Las small ideas to come when I if if I can find them in my brain okay now have you do you have any background with any type of I I I always get curious when people because we were we're podcasters and mainly because every time we try to do anything video wise it's it's kind of a hit miss man but again like the the the video portion of this it is definitely a different a different animal %HESITATION have you done any type of any like stage worker or things like that or did you just feel like a natural yeah that's a that's an interesting question actually when I was an intern twelve thirteen I did do a little bit of drama %HESITATION back in the days you know what everybody wants to be a football with a famous rock singer on the stage and before that that that dream got Dustin I realized out should I contact save my life %HESITATION I then discovered you each year for the first time and I did that so that should lead with you back then I did create a separate channel which I really hope does not exist on the internet anymore that is but that was many years ago and I really hope that something is improved since that applies to shut down okay I'm writing a note to go in and and check for Greggs Greggs old original town secret again yeah exactly I'm not saying anything but what is the hardest part of launching and running it a YouTube channel in a pandemic what is that like it's been it's been super fun it's been a nice outlet to have I think but %HESITATION yeah you're right they're all it does come with its challenges and I think one of the things and and I'm sure this is the same when when you're producing such high quality shows you guys are %HESITATION it comes back to you kind of on the rest for at least I underestimated quite how much time I was gonna have to start into this so I've been thinking about this for a good three months before I eventually said okay let's do that %HESITATION trying event originally to find a co host to do it with because I was as you say a little bit skeptical about the idea of being able to run the show my %HESITATION and and then when I come to explode with those avenues and found there was nobody that was even willing will have the time to do it so I'm just gonna have to jump in and do this myself %HESITATION and I said you know two videos a week that sounds reasonable %HESITATION copy too much time right and then I stopped by down in front of the computer data starts dancing and realized this is a lot of times yes so many it is one thing is having to go back and edit all that stuff that to use of time exactly and you probably noticed around but a lot size to cut out about forty five minutes and we just actually rubbish if you have like a like a bloopers reel that's going to be along with that there's a real yeah I don't think I would watch it but but it is really I mean it is maybe what you're saying %HESITATION with regard to that promoting to you know a lot of people just think that okay you do what you do you know you put it out there how hard can it be then again you know it's %HESITATION there's millions of people doing videos there's millions of people doing you know podcasts bye and I've seen I've seen people go up and you know post one to three episodes of something and either run out of content because they didn't really think past three episodes %HESITATION %HESITATION but %HESITATION you know they start doing tick tock or they're on Twitter next thing they know Rodney can talk all about Twitter Twitter the door someone account yeah and %HESITATION tick tock speaking at tech talk you had a a friend of ours recently ask around there I'm sorry I'm not our buddy Archie yeah correct yes right now we don't our friendship circle is spreading out now we have somebody in north of the wall and now we have somebody you know west but that was that was that was that was fun yeah it was super fun and it's it's funny that you you mentioned not because yeah it was my my my somebody who found his tick tock instead are you going to talk to this guy he's so funny and then after we did the %HESITATION in the video that you're talking about together where I told him about his experiences and kind of along the full interview style %HESITATION after that I had and you know he said it was I thought they did some clips to my different social medias and then I saw the episode E. W. guys and I thought well this is real folks %HESITATION click spirits the Archie is good people and %HESITATION what was funny was when we spoke with Archie they were expecting and now Archie is Papa Archie he is so it's %HESITATION yeah it's kind of fun going around there Lynn shopping I don't know Sean have you been down to Lynn shopping %HESITATION I've been to a shipping but I don't think it's been the leading shipping one of the major things no Sir being Lynn shipping you have things ham chef right now the one and I I checked with my wife right before we we came on and I said isn't that the place with the airplanes I was like everything you know every time we drive by it seeing the you know the the airplanes mounted on the end that never gets old like I think that's one of those things like the little kid in us it's like saying army jets you know military jets mounted up on the side of the road I'm like yeah definitely yeah yeah you're right that this is not surprising shopping and I have to say %HESITATION it's it's quite surreal when you live here because quite often they %HESITATION the reason for the for the jets is because we have the big sob based just on him so very often that testing manager gens over the city at random times of the day or night so you can wake up at eleven o'clock at night and yes %HESITATION jet go over and wonder if it's time to hand I hide inside %HESITATION it is good for us like that that that small print on the on the rental agreement for the apartment nope I don't survive outside between the hours of two and three AM on a weeknight exactly so that's good from now when you when you went ahead and and %HESITATION %HESITATION and launch the channel you said that you thought about %HESITATION you have been thinking about it and start it like at least you went ahead and kind of researched it looked into it a little bit by but what direction do you think have you noticed how many like Swedish lesson or Swedish word of the day or Swedish yeah I mean there there are so many different %HESITATION there's a flood of different of of media out there %HESITATION of of which the format that you have in the fact that you left and and and bring forward where do you kind of see this kind of see this going are you gonna do are you gonna do a road show or we can see the great road show whatever the country I think I think people have enough that made way before that moment comes %HESITATION you raise you raise a good question I think this is a when I started the the thought was you know just talk about my experience of Sweden and my experience with the language and and I Hobbes %HESITATION I had just had had a little project that I did would you encourage you weeks back to where they were talking about my my journey as well which was fun and so I kind of thought I would just gonna talk about how I learned Swedish and then we'll leave it at that but as you say it's it's a super saturated market sorry if it was like yeah there's a lot of people that do a lot better than I decided I I've I decided after about maybe it's time to branch out wider into some sort of differences between the U. K. and sweet and and I and I notice a lot of my audience is either Swedish people based in Sweden or people that are new to sweeten say it's %HESITATION I I guess just trying to find different topics and ideas that I I'm passionate about but that they find interesting as well but I don't have a long term game plan I really wish I did I get asked a lot not no yeah my now you say it's a saturated market but three years ago when I was moving here I couldn't I had was like two channels that had any kind of real information and I was living in London so before where I moved from the states to London there's all sorts of stuff there's like BBC content there's all the YouTube videos of like all the differences between the Brittania Merican sorry and then I came here to sweeten them like okay where is all that stuff I needed they're like a dark in November I'm like great come all night it can't be that bad it is the G. nine remember to get it in after that is like dark in November dot dot dot you're trying to scroll down okay but where's the solution link the solution link what comes often about but as ever and now you've been here you've been here a little over two years %HESITATION rent we often touch on socializing %HESITATION how the difference how the different you know what the differences are as far as %HESITATION cultural being Americans moving to Sweden %HESITATION and used to socialising and getting together and spontaneous and barbecues and you know party acting when you have socialized of course back when we used to I mean how do you find that experience or how he found that experience yeah that's a that's an interesting one I think %HESITATION as I say I hope the a bit like but like you described under half the love refugee experiences there I I kind of had some insight into what I was getting into before I came by having stepped up and I did find in the first few months it was quite quite difficult to find Swedish groups to be with them what I mean by that is %HESITATION I missed a very small section of my of the story on their own when I introduce myself but when I first moved up to sleep in this that's my girlfriend I want to live on my own for a very short period of time so the I make my own friends here robin and just you know jumping into your circles and get crushing one of your parties and making you wish that you don't talk to me okay so I found this place a block and then I was living it was that I placed my shadow dealership with two out there they turned out to be Swedish people but of course could have been from wherever I have no idea and %HESITATION and then I thought great I'm going to go out and I'm going to jump into one of these groups and meet with these people about every event I went to every social activity there are hundreds of Xbox so international sewer in a similar back to me but finding suites is a little bit harder so %HESITATION yeah I I don't like I can definitely relate to the experience of is is is is a little bit different in terms of how you socialize and you talked earlier about the fact that %HESITATION yeah maybe in the states for example is you can make a plan later today or tomorrow and I think it's quite similar in the UK where as here there is that stereotype how some truths about the fact that maybe you need to plan ahead and people know what they want to do it the next week so you need to really kind of get into that group if you want to be included yeah from for holding like giving people enough time to go ahead in %HESITATION and check yeah it's been %HESITATION it's been a tough and and of course there are groups I mean there are I don't know shot what he said but like four or five American expatriates yelling on the main in the active spinning off and all that but you have the cross meet up or like the the %HESITATION Americans and sweet and kind of thing yeah right what and there's a lot of people to move here %HESITATION that have had the intent to kind of get away as well %HESITATION dead don't immediately join you know ex Pat groups are or expect labs because they want to try and assimilate as best they can you know just all in you know culture wise %HESITATION and then they end up finding an ex Pat group to recharge their batteries and that give give it another shot yep no I think %HESITATION I think it's a good point and and the other thing is you mentioned earlier I lived in in shopping and here we have because of the big university said Miami dental process was not the place to go and meet other students that come from abroad not not that I was studying yeah I just try ME office that maybe were we started starting out and and looking for that great %HESITATION which felt like a good idea at first but then I realized the friends I was making were on the famous your awesomeness program which meant they were never here for six months and then they would disappear in back of their own countries I made some great friends for about three months and then have to start again has total wasn't sustainable yeah it's almost like you got to have a a short questionnaire before you actually before I go and invest in this relationship I'd like to know will you be here longer than three months exactly get it done without buying those friends too I mean it's got to be a challenge for you is the %HESITATION brit abroad you know because I'm sure you can't do you guys have a strong pub tradition you know that is always tends to be like the after work you get out you go to happy hour there's this thing called happy hour such as drinking after work quote unquote but that like that's where you meet your friends like that you know you all kind of coalesce you know around a point and then you share stories and all that but that kind of thing doesn't necessarily exist to that extent here in Sweden nine exactly and I think the other thing is obviously %HESITATION and shopping is a lot smaller than stock home site the amount of people that are obviously out and about in a similar position %HESITATION is is a lot more limited we don't have the same kind of groups %HESITATION you know meetups in in in the main storage area or whatever and we can say say she sighed isn't that a bit more challenging and I think %HESITATION yeah in terms of trying to just walk out wed it when people are meeting them where where they're doing things I remember talking to colleagues at work and saying you know what you guys doing tonight is is there anything found on and Beyonce was away so we're going to hire him and hang out and have some tea and I thought I can't invite myself to your house so I need to know yeah and and I think that that kind of falls into where %HESITATION Swedes keep a work life and social life very separate %HESITATION and at least that's been my experience as well so I've been told and my experience as well as that you know once the work day is over boom people go and they're different you know directions back home you would typically go with the people you work with you know you might the three or four people and just say look let's you know go hang out but that that's not hasn't been my experience here it's got like see tomorrow zero zero one yeah yeah we have ours well we see each other and then after that I don't know if you mix I've been having to talk to you for six hours already you want to go talk to me more no thank you it's like you have a quota here like you have a going that extra hour exactly and I can kind of relate to be honest I mean for the first year that I was working in Sweden %HESITATION I was like I was learning Swedish but I didn't really feel comfortable enough to say sorry what many words out less I can imagine is quite exhausting for about nothing to %HESITATION what consults me a outstanding which they probably thought Jesus I want to go home and take a break and now I need to recharge for the morning saying I want to see you again which a perfect solution would have been to go to a pub well now listen everyone up right right you had to you recently did a %HESITATION posted a little video clip it was about five things that surprised you about Sweden %HESITATION and this was I think it was number one you talked a little bit about work life in the balance of of of how it is as well as you know when four o'clock rolls around or what five o'clock rolls around you know it's like boom gone you know people just gone %HESITATION %HESITATION so I I'm I'm wondering if that that kind of plays a live a bit of a you know that that role there between you know work life and and private life %HESITATION but number two on your five list %HESITATION talked about being handy and it was funny because I had thought about this before and I'm reminded constantly when I see my neighbors building stuff but it wasn't until I watched your video you know that it struck me again it's made me feel like for one super un handy you know its %HESITATION but it is true I mean I don't know how many of my neighbors have built decks on to their houses %HESITATION or you know there's a guy that you took his entire car apart up in our parking lot in their real Reno rebuilding stuff for me it's kind of like that you know if I got my screwdriver I can probably do a little bit of something but what about you shot have you noticed that at all the man you have no idea like I'm probably I've I'm pretty handy like I can do stuff around the house I don't touch electricity but other than that I can fix most of the problem I have here as we've been texting earlier this week about I have no idea what anything's called or where to get the proper parts so I don't want to just like slap duct tape on the thing and be like yeah it's fixed just don't breathe on it you know coming from South Florida there you don't do anything you have a guy to do stuff for you so you have your windows guy you have your floor guy you have every everyone's got a guy you know they're always Cuban are almost always Cuban and it's that's that's what you do that's how everything works you just get a guy and you send a text message out your techs group Hey I have a new problem I need somebody's got to do something for me and by the next day you got a guy for that too but here in Sweden there just like like something Ole Ole break something minor in the house and I'm like writing to the head of the B. R. F. that the condominium association and I'm like okay who is our vendor for %HESITATION you know a dish washing machines the door just broke on it %HESITATION like hot we like it who's the guy who who's the guy I talked to about the washing machine you know what I mean like %HESITATION no we don't do that I'm like well now what do I do so then the Google searches go off for a week and then after after he goes for a while then he contacts me then I get less amassing Sean is like a what's this call yes the sparkle this week was the blinds what are the blinds inside the window called what do you do that the string just broke this is amazing because I've learned something new now next time I have the D. I. Y. problem rather than spend time on Google I'm just going to write to you wrote me and you can switch out for meals tell me something Hey you know what's so yeah just just go ahead give me a holler Greg I will I will fix it I will I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy there you go that's what any blood but it is and it it's because I'm talking about major building stuff like I said I mean people are you know putting down foundations they're building additions to stuff I can fix like a squeaky door usually you know usually but %HESITATION but above and you know above and beyond that it definitely makes it definitely makes you feels like why didn't I have shop classes you know when I was growing up why didn't I %HESITATION have are you are you handy person right not really and I feel like this is why why I first noticed this this difference because I remember when I first when I first visited Sweden %HESITATION I was I was kind of shocked by the fact that you know if you go and visit some some thought Swedish family for the weekend or something as you read the hanging out together doing having some sort of speaker or school she'll exercising together or you're doing jokes %HESITATION I really thought was my experience I remember thinking wow I've never so I've never felt so incompetent before basics no idea what I'm doing and that and then like you said %HESITATION on the %HESITATION then started thinking well where is the guy that I rang well it wasn't that that must be a local handy got you cool and then it hit me there's a reason they need four to five weeks some of they cation because there's just so many jobs are piled up to the need to be done exactly exactly no it's a it's crazy and then you know being American all of a sudden we automatically switch over to liability stuff I can't touch the liability if I fix at somebody's going to sue me or I'm going to sue somebody and I'm gonna own their house no but there's you know it's like a whole different scope and scale well that's just it though you're talking about people laying foundations what's the code I don't know the building code for that stuff it where's the guy give me the guy to do that one thing that that I realized too is %HESITATION I don't know if you guys you don't call the police like back home you call the police if there's somebody making noise or there's a neighbors having a rowdy party you know something like that you just call the police %HESITATION and I. S. Lee and I was like a if that guy doesn't turn the stereo off because I think it's like four thirty in the morning I was like I'm either gonna go up there and start dancing or yeah but I said should I just call the police she's like oh no you don't call the police you know there's like %HESITATION and now I can't even remember what the name of it is but there's like a a problem phone number the child there's like some kind of arbitrator or in between sin yeah let alone a but I'm down in need of some rights even if I call the cops and they have to drive down from your smoke or wherever they're at it's gonna it's gonna be a a couple of days wait but this economies this problems number for fixing your washing machine that not you have to say no I tried that that's another number %HESITATION another little funny things that %HESITATION that you brought up was candy consumption and we have talked about that as well I mean that that's on you know the candy section of the store is unavoidable it's %HESITATION and the candy some shin where Swedes compared to the rest of the world what was our about our body weight or twice our body weight or something yeah it was something crazy like that and I'm double lots of sweets correcting me in the comments saying you you've done a little bit but I think it was about maybe a half your body weight or something it was a crazy amount of sweets each year wow yeah we'll see again then I guess I guess body weight this kind of that's one that's one of those subjective things because half of my body weight in candy could probably kill a small farm animal but %HESITATION but what is your if what is your favorite Swedish candy I know you're gonna Scott I yeah you're gonna say %HESITATION and I I should have said out right at the beginning here because I've realized this there's lots of there's also stories I've told that maybe give the impression that that is I feel like Sweden is so different and alien to the U. K. and it's like this crazy like try and trying to get used to that is not allowed to I love I Love Me and I love being here one of the things I love most is the county %HESITATION and that's almost like you're asking me to choose between my imaginary children when you ask me this question instead okay yes but I don't have to wait till Saturday to get right right yeah I I think the danger there is becoming an adult with like %HESITATION with an adult income it realize it you know because I remember being little and visiting Sweden and you got like I think was like five crowns that was what you know double your budget for Saturday here's your five crowns you know Philip candy but you know all of a sudden moving here and having a sweet tooth and being able to buy like it would get three kilos I mean how much can you tell us candy way do you have a face okay so so I was gonna say so also we just can't my favorite sweets can I'm kind of a B. liar I like cars I like B. lies kind of my go to %HESITATION that's kind of a safe it's everywhere you know I think that if you like be lower your chances of being someplace and not being able to find it are pretty low right now now what about what about just a Swedish food what's your what's your favorite Swedish food who %HESITATION button this is a good question %HESITATION I want to just use something really off yes I feel like I need to come up with something you know I really don't think about being Bob number exactly I mean one thing I didn't know existed so I came to sleep it was the most punk rock if if if you try to yes Sir the whole idea of baking and pancake and shooting it with bacon was totally foreign to me but I'm not against it is it was good I'm Chuck some lingering job until we get together %HESITATION I don't know Sean's headphones bank okay we're gonna have to make sure that you I mean it's basically a baking sheet or whatever pan you know whatever the big baking pan is that comes with your oven right you basically just turn that into like a big Calvin and Hobbes pancake thing with pieces of apple and pieces of ham you can't go wrong bacon and bacon yeah exactly that's right on your toppings ma'am yeah I gotta tell you but from the country the puts banana and pineapple and curried chicken on a pizza canning yeah right along with it with voters not I'm trying I'm really trying now Greg what about a favorite young we talked to a lot of people appearance dot com in the past about tourist attractions into response now somebody comes to visit you and Lynn shopping what or like what what would a favorite tourist spot B. or someplace that you definitely want to show them show this to those two that come to mind and that is one that that that your friend out you mentioned actually what we spike %HESITATION which is we have a government in shopping city old town here %HESITATION which is just stunning and %HESITATION it's it's just out in the corners that in the corner of the city %HESITATION just just surrounded by small woodlands but they yet they actually reconstructed to different parts of the town aborted together in this in this new space %HESITATION Candace it's beautiful I think apart from Stockholm it's like the best preserved gonna stop on that you can visit in the country say that would be number one and they have loads of NATO you know there's like little hot no hardware stores but like little handy stores for different products and things that kind of thing and then apart from not just outside the city we Hausa berry slip saw which is %HESITATION on the up the canal leads a session of the canal weather's twelve of thirteen different locks we go down a staircase to the to the to the edge of a lake and that's just beautiful in the summer yeah events that does I think I think I actually have an ice cream there nice I think we yeah I think we actually stop there and I mean sitting there having ice cream trying to weed out watching them to the you know the the slowest part of that was that was pretty pretty amazing %HESITATION and I was gonna say I was actually gonna ask you I know the collector yes I did that is that Lynn shipping or is that just yet that is also yeah it's just outside of %HESITATION then chopping onions and then we have %HESITATION income million shopping there is a collective store so I realized after you lost me the %HESITATION got a question I should have said just for I mean the club at the store and I can see thousands of problems very easily exactly like yeah exactly we great thank you so much for for joining us we are going to go ahead and put up a couple of links and we definitely you know people should go and if you haven't been on if you haven't seen what what Greg is putting up with him take a look his videos are great go ahead and subscribe %HESITATION on Instagram we are going to keep in touch and you know we'll see if we can go ahead and and do this again or you know it might be time for another road trip John Luke more crossovers yes sorry thank you so much for joining us today no problem so thanks for having me guys have a great day that is it for this week everybody we want to give a big two guys with crowns thank you Greg for stopping by make sure to check him out on YouTube Instagram search for just a brit abroad will put the links in the description of the episode as well so you can check them out and then come back here next time for more two guys three crown

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