May 31, 2021

Ground Control to Major Sean

Vaccine, UFOs, Vintage Clothes, Commodore 64, Atari

The cold rain clouds have parted just in time for a beautiful Swedish Mother's Day (and American Memorial Day) weekend! Rodney shares updates on the latest vaccination news in Nynäshamn. Plus, the guys compare notes on their UFO encounter! Then, Rodney is vintage and in vogue at the same time, and the guys talk about old school video games.

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welcome to two guys three crowds the podcast that talks about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden I'm John and with my fellow American Rodney you break down the good the bad and the just plain weird that's quite the journey to join us for the ride I can see the rain is gone I can see all the obstacles in my %HESITATION wiki brown book bom bom gonna the dark clouds that had me blind but a boom boom boom it's going to be a bride bride bride frightened since day we are we are we getting better is it just me I mean I I thought well that is probably you better anyway we're getting better right on the rain clouds have lifted I was worried this week man when it hit I don't know what it was a hive eat or something on Thursday I'm like guys we're going the wrong direction I can't do this anymore yeah yeah it's like they let you might just enough and then but then the skies have parted it's clear blue as far as the eye can see at least for today and tomorrow highs of around twenty Celsius let's go to Rodney for the traffic report to to to to to chante well everything is looking pretty good up here on ninety four coming at us at all home and in the clouds or if we can Hey it's %HESITATION it's kind of it's kind of like those %HESITATION but those cool blue cough drops were it's like blue but it's still slightly chilly kind of menthol chill in the air hi yes I like where you're going with this yeah yeah because I mean it's the skies today but they're still kind of that slight there's that slight no halter tops or some you know yeah well it depends if you're in the sun you can bake matter you can take that's true that's true because a long time ago we figured out that Sweden at this time of year is closer to the sun right isn't that like the glue surprises Global Positioning well no now it's almost the summer solstice so I think I think we're far away now but I don't know you have to call it mailed digress a sum for that one mmhm I will go ahead by eight you think he wants to be on the podcast well you got him on speed dial don't you yes I'm yeah we took a trip up to the city we were kind of in your neck of the woods almost you don't say yes I do say I do say %HESITATION lien %HESITATION cover for shock today well and it was but it was up in and it's called slack twos over what and it's %HESITATION yeah that one yeah it's over by okay yeah exactly right over there and it is kind of behind glue ban but since glutinous round that's kind of a weird way to post not glue been anymore now it's right now each year it's it's on the flip side of a V. cheese arena and there is %HESITATION slack twos it is like a butcher I don't know if that's traditionally or what it what I assume that's what it must have been way back when and like old stock home but like where they would process me Miller can laugh yeah well yes or sing and it's it's a really cool area and I don't have been back to like one or two times but to date like beautiful day were on our way over here to get a shot and there's a bunch of like what I can't remember which column but like little art studio types they are like little galleries or were artists are actually creating stuff yeah well it seems like feels like that kind of area you know because there was one bill really completely graffitied and then you have like a little coffee yes and no good to know I told Linda that we need to go back and just kind of do an exploration kind of day yes honestly if there is a butcher shop in there I'd love to find out about it yeah we got spoiled on that living in London for a year where we had our local you know right and when you wanted to go you went to you know you want to have a steak night on the weekend or something like that you know like a little splurge once a month you can get anything there and the people behind the counter traditional butcher shop people probably third generation into the business and they would they would know everything yeah I say be like oh how do I cook this out what would you do with this wine in the little herb butter like yeah it's amazing amazing experience yeah well that's it yeah it would be cool to me those are those places are are falling by the wayside we had a place down here now and I actually E. I knew them and %HESITATION because they were neighbors over here then they opened up I had a butcher shop and I help them to do a logo so I did a logo and I did all right windows vinyl windows and stuff form and it was yeah it was it what a difference you have to go into a place like that and actually talk and ask for the help of me that you want and yeah one of the things during the summers was going and asking him for %HESITATION like barbecue kebabs yeah and he would sit there and just pull meat out and like you know chop cubes of pork and beef and and then he %HESITATION you know put sauce and stuff on it just kind of usual Greco we'll call and the best thing about a good butcher is you'll be like Hey I'm looking to try out this recipe and I'm looking for this kind of meeting %HESITATION they're like how are you cooking it now now you can't use a strip it has to be this kind of meat exactly what kind of thing you have to do it this way and a hundred forty degrees no more no less right over okay let me get my notes for like twelve and a half minutes twelve and it's on one side it's actually you know hit it without knowing that it always ends up being like Hey you know we make our own homemade sausages he called a quite a difference from that he could experience when I asked the person if they got that expensive big on the court chunk and I'm like I know I think I think they're too still trying to sell that thing still trying to sell it but vaccine one down successful yeah and she had a different vaccine %HESITATION yeah %HESITATION and we kind of in there on the in the car %HESITATION car right on the way home %HESITATION she showed me her card and she got moderno that's cool yeah so she was asking me about because I mean she was next to me on the couch after I got my shot but we are start talking about what is that like when can the you know when did I start feeling my arm and we had the symptoms of things like that but I was like well you know that was my my it's only when I demand those might John right you don't know you're gonna get side effects until you get them that's exactly how it works that's how it works but all good so far she's in the clear so far eight so far so good so you know we'll we'll go ahead keep an eye on her and see what happens but %HESITATION there was kind of a a little freaky happening when she was there %HESITATION yeah yeah so we pulled up into the parking lot yet she jumps out goes and you know they're kind of people trickling in from a from a little bit left and right all over the place coming for their appointments yeah I told you gonna go when you gonna get the shot and I had to sit there for thirty minutes I said I think you have to sit there for fifteen you know just to allow or they want the you know they want to make sure that everybody's OK when they leave %HESITATION so she gets okay after you get it exactly so you get a shot and then you have to take like a fifteen minute break %HESITATION and there was actually a guide that that had a reaction like an allergic reaction we're still not really sure what kind of reaction it was but %HESITATION because that's what every time you go in the hospital they always ask you that stuff like are you allergic to anything penicillin and all that stuff yeah because she said that the waiting area have the chairs kind of spaced out so you got your shot Lee told you you know where to go so everybody's kind of spaced out in their in their chairs and %HESITATION I guess the guy %HESITATION started having like convulsions and then fell off his chair but it seems the app but it seemed like he was he was okay by the time me about and I like a couple minutes later that he he was all right but she is my %HESITATION but I guess it ain't easy out there getting vaccinated you know time to change the change the name of that vaccine okay yeah but you guys still aren't sure yet right now %HESITATION I mean him not to goes before I do yeah so I think they're still on those forty five and older I think I saw okay on Instagram today because every day it's like another advertisement from eleven seventy seven right and I think it's forty five and older now and it's just like come on man just come on just to let him just chill act is because I'm not even that young but just push it's nineteen ninety get ed everyone wrapped up you know they may come on yeah a one thing I heard that was kind of interesting was %HESITATION AstraZeneca dead I don't know if they've stopped in Sweden or because right now yeah I got that gain she got me to well the thing about it is I heard that you're supposed to get like the second shot is supposed to be the second shot of the vaccine that you actually are you stick you can't really now all of a sudden presence but Nick in the mix %HESITATION she then you have to get for but but there was but there was a friend of ours that got the first shot was AstraZeneca and now they're waiting for the follow up but there's no waiting but they're not sure when that's going to happen so Jesus well I knew that after AstraZeneca was having problems with the E. U. and they were getting into like fights back and forth with them in the U. K. and who's getting more and all that stuff and everyone tells me like that everyone's asking all the time like how come you haven't gotten your vaccine yet everyone in the U. S. can get it if they want it Mike right AstraZeneca man I don't know everyone's in court fighting actually I'm over here like just stick me with anything I mean I hate needles yeah I don't stick me with anything give me a placebo it when I don't care what it doesn't matter just do it doesn't matter I'll take the cosco one even exactly then you're like immunize for like forty five lifetimes right absolutely get back Hosko added back Lasko have selectively yeah you get by the case you get what you like the whole neighborhood just want the restaurant back come on people get it together yeah Hey so we were enjoying the beautiful sunshine today we decided to ride the bikes over to %HESITATION this little park in the middle of southern mom jeans kind of if you're looking at a map a Google maps and then made by your plots in nine you go left so west there's this beautiful little like a pedestrian thoroughfare %HESITATION this like bikes in you know for people walking right but it's like all cleared out is below it goes underneath all that crossing streets so you can just go for like a mile kind of thing okay and then %HESITATION it's like old every first goal owns so their mom I think is in this one area but right in the middle of it in the middle of the street it opens up to this huge park with this playground built to look like a pirate ship amazing how come anything okay found that the other day and then I'm like oh I have to save this for Dylan so we took him over there and as we like come like through to the clearing of passing the trees and then it opens up to this hi your chip with kids everywhere hanging off everything in there is like a soccer field and all this stuff exactly I just yeah this all behind right red cross in my car so Dillon Dillon site in news he was a loving and loving every minute of it but of course like he stayed in like most of the time you stayed in the one little area that we're we were at there's like all this stuff to do and he was just like focus on the little things around the room like Dylan is like a whole giant playground you can go do whatever you want but he's like no I like this these three things are the things that I like yeah but the man before we left we're like trying to get ready and figure out how what different layers Dylan's gonna need and all that because he's on the bike you know we're gonna write hot it's hot it's southern charm with sunscreen all that stuff and all of a sudden I hear this for like thirty seconds and the first ten seconds I'm like what in the world is that noise I'm like is it just like this people have choppers in this country like motorcycles like chopper mode %HESITATION but it was kind of like without the but but but but but but it was like a downloading this of that but then I was like well maybe it's a boat could because we have a ton of boats around this but then after about ten seconds I'm like no I know this sounds from yellow Delphian this is a military grade aircraft I can tell yes because in Philadelphia we have willow Grove right and they would have this big naval air show every year and they would have it was one of the biggest places where they have the A. ten warthogs okay and they were always flying over our house especially like in the summer because they're acting they're maneuvers and all that stuff so like I've gotten it there is like a very specifics at home and that the S. engines have yes and they can turn so fast and it all of a sudden this word goes right and it disappears and I'm like and then it came back a few minutes later Michael someone's doing donuts up it was so weird but like I go outside and everyone's like there's a few people on the balconies like what is that I'm like where is everybody I know it's something up there and it's quite low to be making that much noise but I couldn't spot it yeah yeah and I did I wasn't sure where you were going with that but that it was Adrian up now it's got a deal with that that that happened us down here too yeah so I was down here and art and woke because you know like a I heard the noise of what I thought was an airplane but it stayed it wasn't like out like a fly by you know it was like a constant thing alien it was just coming back I think what she was coming from outside an address that with those airplanes she's like a as of this kind of the military planes no because occasionally down here yep you no doubt they'll pass by %HESITATION it she was she was like well I don't know if it was military planes and then a little while after that she must have seen it on like after bloated or something because oh really they said that it was the jass the also this we are see also the Swedish military jets okay so they've been for they were flying yeah they must been doing like practice maneuvers or something because when it came back the second time that's when I knew I'm like yeah I don't know where it is but it's definitely someone up there doing like %HESITATION training yeah yes running an engine to test it out or something like that because it was the unmistakable sound when you hear it and you know what you've heard of military aircraft right work it's been unmistakable and that's one of those things now that this is memorial weekend yeah I can't remember when they did it back in the bay I I'm pretty sure it was like memorial weekend but the blue angels mmhm the blue angels used to go %HESITATION yeah they they would have a I don't know what you what you call that it's not a perfect yeah near so yeah and there were a couple times where we went and that's that there's nothing quite as awesome is %HESITATION yeah it's pretty wild as C. and that you know up close that will definitely give you some respect for for airpower yeah they were yeah that's the same the same air base the willow Grove air base now I one year they had a B. two bomber on display so it flew over our house and there is of course the local news makes it a whole thing in there like at this time there's going to be a giant cloud it'll feel like going over your house so that the whole next day everyone's like staring up in the sky like where where where is like staring into the sun I can't see any yeah yeah no kidding it but yeah we had the blue angels there when you're here yeah it's you see some of their practice maneuvers and they're a little bit further apart when they do the real thing years like crazy you got like is there a string there or something because Matt you're you're going to crash into each other well and and it's especially bear because we eat the place where you go and watch for the most popular place that you go and watch the air show is right inside the Golden Gate Bridge oh wow so the way that they start off typically is all of a sudden you see it at that the blue angels just come flying underneath the Golden Gate while raised while and then the fly bys that they do but they completely sneak up and catch you off guard and that's kind of a it's kind of fun watching the reaction of little kids yeah because they're they're they're like used as the sound so that you know you see the you see the the visual and then you see the audio yeah well that's the thing with this whatever plane it was it's that military spec raft that all the sound like because in there like a commercial airline right so high up that the sound has time to like echo out and spread out to ground level but those jets everything's behind it yeah so they can it sounds like nothing until it's right over top of you N. F. I think that one of the planes I don't know it's a big play but it's one of the blue angels you know they have their jets and they have what they call big Bertha big birthday cursor yeah it is like a huge transport plane I guess that flies if flies like with them and it hello yeah and it has %HESITATION special like rocket boosters on the back in order in order for it to you know to yeah it's it's pretty it's pretty impressive but the Memorial Day Monday and I believe if I'm if I'm not mistaken that today he is like %HESITATION is memorial is like a Swedish veterans day oh really wow and %HESITATION and that's why they had flags on all the buses today aha now we're about to come to that time of year where they do the rainbow flags right exactly because we got pride coming up soon so it's always that like the flag goes up the fly comes down the flag goes up a new flag goes up what what I'm missing there's a red day the liquor stores closing soon let's go exactly Hey listen I got buses we have a problem yeah you automatically just like star running to assist yeah I got to go there was a line this morning %HESITATION yes dammit yeah I went down to go pick I broke my sunglasses went down to get some new sunglasses but as I pull into the parking lot I see a line down the block and that's it they go on me need this you need us on a Saturday the sun is out mother's day tomorrow yeah I was gonna I was about to bring that up I hope you're prepared mother's day tomorrow %HESITATION yeah so you know that people are gonna be barbecuing which they are hot dogs hot dogs how do I love the color lights that's a dog that's the core of all right but yeah we're gonna go over to a friend's house and we got to pick up a little bit Kanya it will ease and we're going to do a whole we're gonna throw down you know Greylin seasons here baby got to make the most of it we only get so many days yeah a you could because if you look at the weather reports they said that there's a heat wave coming up from like Spain like that's what we're gonna be getting like this yep so twenty one twenty nine right that's a heat wave but they were like next week and I was like oh wait a minute does that so Swedish summer is next week when it comes back after after the rain it mid summer does next I mean the last couple years we haven't gotten swings back around yeah but like August it's already starting to get cool again you're already feeling like that little like they need to sit out in the sun in like absorb heat race because it's cooling down already beginning of August is actually when I started looking into my bah humbug mood already yeah I like Bob but I like reminding people after mid summer it's like okay we're headed right it's downhill from here both it is downhill from here yeah here we go yes a one thing I was gonna mention when you talked about going to the park and you know Dylan like staying in one little area or being kind of focus in that yes my mom told me when I was little and they took me to the zoo that %HESITATION that I love the pigeons like that yeah it was like what the case because you couldn't see him anywhere else well no it was just but the the other animals weren't it I would I was interested in those I was more interested in just a little birds that were you know they were just kind of flying in so I I I feel %HESITATION %HESITATION Rodney that's a log boom of you I did it I did want to inconvenience the other animals you know I love it yeah I love it yeah we go to like sconce and and stuff like that it's typically the one that gets the most reaction I think is the otters they go by so quick that you like delta delta and never mind never mind and he's gone already autres are kind of one of those funky animals to to try and figure out because they're cute just the size of them but sometimes they look like they got a little bit of attitude yeah I'm pretty sure they would mess you up if they have the chance like seals yeah you know you can get like you can die from CO biting you they have like a bacteria in their mouth LOL but they're a mammal right so you have to get there's like a I don't know remember that there is a viral video a couple years ago I was like some girl trying to feed a seal and then it like grab your shoulder with its mouth and pulled into the water yes I remember that and everyone's like oh this will put the surgery but then like the news reports came out like yes you had to be treated with a whole bunch a cocktail of antibiotics because there's still bite is like a it's a thing apparently so you mean like snake vaccines and things like that but it's for like a C. O. Willis not venom but they have like drunk all up in their mouth you know what I mean so they bite you and guess what now that's in your body because they broke the skin I want my art teacher man they're wild animals all wild animals like with my luck it would be right after I got done eating singer strumming so it would be like not so you're gonna smell for a month has just lately just live with it does absolutely a we hit we hit the city this weekend I think was like last weekend we did last week into the weekend before we're in the city and we passed by but there's a line in the street and we're doing we're sitting there and and try to figure out what store was that all these people were trying to get into an adult I love doing that yeah I love doing that and as we got closer you know I'm looking at the average age of the people standing in line was I'm thinking likes sex but somewhere between fifteen and eighteen sneakers no no it was vintage clothing okay okay and it was the one who was called the uniqlo is at the White unical uniqlo uniqlo so you got but they're not vintage there're no but it's right next to that it's so it's like comes to Gorda unical okay okay okay yeah yeah and I'm not sure TGI Fridays yeah well let's see I yep I think it's by the XXL like that J. O. in good order yep yep mmhm but %HESITATION for one thing I was I was looking at the at the line and I'm thinking okay that's kind of cool you know going in for vintage clothes but as I'm walking by and I look in the window I'm C. and stuff like that looks like stuff that I still have to wear right now it was like is it makes that weird moment where like am I suddenly in vogue M. I. on trend right now wait a minute that's not vintage people Hey don't call that vintage yeah that's good stuff I think about it like any you could pay four hundred and fifty for that teacher man I got that back in nineteen eighty two for five dollars tell you about it I got an original pacman shirt you know what I but but it is a little funny %HESITATION especially given that do you like I said the like fifteen sixteen yeah there is probably something on tick tock that then they all decided to go out and buy vintage something guide I had ten issues that are probably older than most of the people standing in that line but %HESITATION it was but it is funny looking at some of the designs I was in the gun okay I know what a Commodore sixty four is I don't know if I would be wearing a tee shirt with the I know what a Commodore sixty vintage let's be clear I used to have the original Atari in growing up with pong yeah with %HESITATION what was the guy the Indiana Jones one where you would like %HESITATION jump over the alligators and all that in like eight bit technology I don't even think it was a bit it was like for better six bit did you have a web I think so to swing like you I'd like you to do what they had like swing across the pits and if you walked into anything at all right you would die die and you only get one life there's no saving the game there's no none of that this is contrary years baby yeah I need that code you need as you go to mess all the way through because you don't get anything else yeah I do you play video games now yes ma'am okay okay I got the PS four you know you can't have the PS five now only like the hardcore people that like I don't know you have to be a Russian hacker to have a PS five these days to like a break to the left the demand is so high it'll come down in price leader they'll do like the how they did to the PS four and the %HESITATION now there's a pro version with better graphics so it never let just like iPhones just like cars and never make sense to buy it when it's fresh off the factory floor I'm trying to think what it was that just went down in rice that was something that we saw today that he got what TV's were kind of coming down with it was something I saw today and I cannot remember what it was like half the price that it was when it first came out which I guess is is common for yeah that's what happens you know for most of I mean the thing is to the pandemic doesn't help with that stuff launching a new console in the middle of pandemic every people have nothing else to do you know yeah absolutely give me that thing as impossible to find but the PlayStations always like that but pitfall that's what it is it fall that was the Atari now was the game okay that's that Indiana Jones game pitfall for research for sure it's gonna be a lot of people standing along some pet food pet fall the tanks we had there what's the other one space invader right yeah man attends were the days but with Frogger was rocker only I'll yeah Frogger we had that one too that yeah basically you think you're trying to be the game but it's basically waiting until a car runs you over that's kind of really what you don't win you don't get anywhere they go just like keep whoever designed the game I think they made like two hundred levels in like there ain't no way anyone's going to beat this yeah at first touch is just keep going it just keeps getting faster like that you just die eventually but can you imagine being %HESITATION like the graphics working with those graphics back then because the media was pixels it was probably like okay you have five pixels you have to make a car and the pixels were like the size of your thumbnail yeah they were huge yes huge yes I mean everything's pixels now but it's like everything is so high def it's like they become so small yes yes yeah that yeah I remember when super Nintendo came out then those graphics were like a revelation and then came along the Sega Genesis improve yeah we we actually have we still have we bought it wow it was a Nintendo sixty four %HESITATION yes in goldeneye and I found it at my mom's yeah that was when everybody's like salute cylindrical but that was Super Mario imaginal best Super Mario and I was up to like two o'clock in the morning trying to get those tires instead of man brutal brutal yeah yet let had to hide that game that's all the time we have for this week everybody as always thank you so much for tuning in and we need to wish a very happy amazing Swedish mothers day to all the Swedish moms out there we hope you have a lovely day enjoyed the beautiful sunshine now you got a little podcast five even everything out so hope it was an amazing day I will catch you back here next time for more two guys three crown