Dec. 14, 2021

And to All a Good Night

Christmas, Holidays, Sweden, USA

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Dec. 6, 2021

Speaking of Polynesian Hakkas...

Technical Difficulties, Moana, Hakka, Bablarna, Cold

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Nov. 30, 2021

Let There Be Pork

Porchetta, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Decorations, Floorball, Beyond Meat

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Nov. 23, 2021

Pizza Hut Calisthenics

Pizza Hut, Birthday, Dinner Party, Theater, James Bond, Tofurkey

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Nov. 15, 2021

I Was Touching My Thing and It Fell Off

Oops, Clas Ohlson, Dollar Store, Sushi, Miso Soup, Soy Sauce, Christmas Decor

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Nov. 10, 2021

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Weather, Winter, Trick or Treat, Postnord, Christmas

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Nov. 1, 2021

Call Me Tonkatsu

Halloween, Postnord, Trick or treat, Time zones

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Oct. 26, 2021

Something Wicked(ly Cold) This Way Comes

winter, tires, train, sunny days, windshields

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Oct. 19, 2021

Next Stop: Hoppapalooza

Beer, Brewing, Cider, Malmö, South Plains Brewing, Paris

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Oct. 12, 2021

Movie Night

Movies, Bond, Cinema, Flights, Travel

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Oct. 5, 2021

My Big Fat Greek (and American) Holiday

Travel, Greece, Bay Area, Family, Food

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Sept. 20, 2021

Now Boarding

Travel, Arlanda, Intercontinental, Med

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Sept. 13, 2021

You Call That A Cortado?

Coffee, Skiing, Globe Trotting, Roasting, Norway

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Sept. 7, 2021

Nothing But Crickets

Circket, Abba, Castles, Helicopters, Medivac

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Aug. 30, 2021

The Travel Bug Is Back!

Travel, Hair Dressers, Wedding Anniversary, Correction

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Aug. 23, 2021

And I Would Walk 500 Miles...

fjällen, jämtland, vandring, hiking, outdoors, TNT

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Aug. 16, 2021

Better Pack Your Granola

Hiking, Granola, Getaway, ICA, Garlic Bread, Egyptian Potatoes

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Aug. 10, 2021

Cows Aren't Even In My Top 5

Switzerland, Chocolate, Cheese, Holiday, Vacation, Cows, Olympics, Hiking

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Aug. 2, 2021

Now THAT'S What I Call A Trip

Florence Wetzel, COVID travel, Facebook, Passport, Podcast

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July 27, 2021

Sean Is Back In Town

Portugal, Vacation, Kids Songs, Slow Business, Dog Days, Skechers

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July 16, 2021

Out Of Office

Summer Break

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July 12, 2021

Beachfront With A Banjo

Beach Life, BBQ, Banjo, Vaccine, Road Trip

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July 4, 2021

Kick The Tires And Light The Fires

Independence Day, USA, Fourth of July, Summertime, Owls

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June 29, 2021

It's Midsommar Y'all!

Midsommar, Staycation, Vaccines

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