Nov. 1, 2021

Call Me Tonkatsu

Halloween, Postnord, Trick or treat, Time zones

Happy Halloween!!

The guys sit down to discuss a new installation in Rodney's parking lot, his 2-meter-tall security system from the military, the neighborhood kids trying to trick-or-treat, new "food names" for the guys and much more.


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welcome to two guys three crowns the podcast that talks about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden I'm Sean and with my fellow American Rodney you break down the good the bad and the just plain weird that's quite the journey to join us for the ride dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead another town bound by that %HESITATION parent parent parent but about plant up and found out about this is Stan who you gonna call in the neighborhood bar first post nude New York ain't gonna have %HESITATION yeah shot happy Halloween buddy happy yeah happy Halloween happy Halloween %HESITATION I'm were you guys around yesterday did you get any do you guys get Tricker treaters well you've been around okay in general but there has been no trick or treaters and our building even our building left the door open okay with a big fan of the big sign in error %HESITATION please please come trick or treat the front door is wide open and they know when we have like the happy Halloween science the war and everything and they're like you know but I'm sure if anyone's going to come and knock on the door and ring the doorbell is going to be while we are recording this podcast absolutely so hope counseling this attorney just so everybody knows I had %HESITATION texted Shawn earlier today and contemplated actually moving our recording time %HESITATION because we record on Sunday Rodney actually thought he was going to get trick or treaters and I was like brought you must be a real confident eight well now I have this thing going on because supposedly supposedly there were a ton of trick or treaters yesterday yeah Saturday and Lynn and I were in here so we left the candy bowl next to the door %HESITATION did didn't it hadn't even really thought about it you know just a because we bought candy was edible by the door and then we took off and then we came home we noticed that there were a there was a ton of candy missing from the bowl how good for you well no I I'm thinking to myself so we're like you better call Veronica and find out you know what exactly happened because I'm thinkin you know I mean I get the idea that it's Saturday night people go out trick or treating but it's still if it's still Sunday night you gotta go trick or treating on Sunday night you know what I mean like is they don't know how to do it well I talked to I talked to Linda we talked about this actually and %HESITATION because one of the things that we were thinking is it Sweden it's this time a year you could yes damn near go trick or treating like a four o'clock I mean it's it's like if you're waiting for to get dark it's still early but it's dark but look but in California you guys going to slate outside right yeah yeah yeah but it's not unlike dark thing it's not a fire right now it's not but but we also think that it might be kids wanting candy on a Saturday so that they can stay up all night candy I say I fight is also a slew of this week which is like fall break for the yeah the school and that's what I've been hearing everyone's like oh I got to take off next week and I'm like for what they're like I love sports as I call it the right sport love yeah yeah but they could potentially be trick or treat so anyway while you and I are getting prepared and we're getting set up %HESITATION I'm getting all my stuff to Dan I got my little notes and everything ready to go get everything tweaked out ready to go and then all of a sudden I hear this thing known and I was like don't you know I'm I hope this person at the door is not wearing a suit and tie well eight let me put it to you this way so I grabbed the bowl and thinking okay I hope trick or treaters are starting to come right now but I grab the bull I open the door and I'm thinking I wonder what they're wearing and there is this I'm gonna color girl I'm gonna say she was probably maybe nineteen eighteen nineteen years old like dressed in regular clothes with %HESITATION like a parka jacket and I'm standing there holding his bowl of candy just she was like hi we're in the area installing security systems and I just wanted to check and see maybe I can %HESITATION way yeah door to door sales that does not happen anymore on a Sunday evening I mean what you have is a real on a Sunday evening so I hate I hate I hate I hate sales people for a different reason in general no I mean my my my apprehension when it comes to sales people is I have a really hard time saying no I just I feel for people yeah I don't yeah in in Lynn is really good she's really good at Ellen has no problem saying no but you know I'm sitting there and I'm I'm standing there and I'm listening to our pitch and she was like well you know %HESITATION can I command and you know tell you your family about the security system and nope and I was like no she's like %HESITATION today's not good maybe tomorrow and I was like no tomorrow I could either now my friend this is when you have to embrace your inner American and get at least someone on the inside to make that sound on Spotify like church now yeah I got like sh sixteen gauge %HESITATION yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you know we're American around here yeah I know about you we immigrated up in this class don't don't send them all real quick don't make me come in that kitchen and nail your other foot to the floor no %HESITATION no but I'm thinking so you know I I'm trying to figure out a way to just tell her now and I start I I just teller I might look we're we're really not interested in you know she's like well you know keeping family safe and stuff I'm like look I'm not really into keeping my family safe I just you know but as I said we will respond we all run pretty fast we got a forest behind the apartment you know anything happens we're we're ghosts were gone I mean that's have you met my son he's in the military right we're fine yeah we have the security so that anything happens I colonies here like in an hour but but before she left you know she's like okay well thank you anyway and I'm like well here you know once you take some candy since you're here to hear hear me pal you can work anyway gonna get home and believable I wish any kid would show up to my house right now even during the podcast and I'd be like congratulations you're the only one and then just dump the entire bag for you to go back to the game just dump it in here yeah in the Helloween bucket so I got a little so we did get that we got the news from Veronica she said there was a bunch of %HESITATION trick or treaters some came twice %HESITATION yeah so you know all of a sudden I'm I'll you guys got sophisticated well now I'm like okay so people came by twice and I was like how many pieces did you hand out and she said well I I I let them kind of you know take candy so no no no no no by Earl come on down but it so I I think what I think we discover where most of the candy went %HESITATION but yeah word got out Hey this girl will let you take whatever you want but it's kind of like that house right in every neighborhood right back in the states that has the full size candy bars and they say please take one and like the first give the get there's like what do you have a great in my bag yeah get out of here please take one I actually got it I kind I got I got a little irritated I got a little irritated just knowing yeah and here here's my thing get off my lawn %HESITATION but kids here's here's my thing we talk about the lack of social interaction with neighbors right back home in the states like when you're triggered treating at Halloween yes you have in ninety percent of the people maybe you don't know but you know when I remember growing up and you know we kind of stuck within a certain radius you know houses that we knew people and they looked at you know they they knew who a lot of knew who we were and %HESITATION you know so cute little pirate you know whatever but there's like this interaction happening what kind of rubs me slightly wrong is I'm sure that somebody gives a came took a treating yesterday are the same ones that I told during the summer to stop throwing rocks yep one was throwing rocks on the side of our apartment the other ones were just throwing rocks in general there's just rocks all over the place and okay can we talk about this for what it because my neighborhood has had like a serious crime really yes it's been all over the news right the rest in peace yeah this guy but like normally it's a pretty norm core kind of neighborhood right that the only crime we have to look out for especially in winter never happens in summer but it's like the store the stars that sells RV cars or like stuff that's kind of oriented to teenagers you wake up after a big hammer B. match right then the entire store front all the glass is shattered yeah it's still in place but you can tell we're someone threw a brick right at the window yeah and I'm like we've done this for three weeks in a row now people what are we doing now the story has even bothered to replace the window they're just like yeah you want to throw it fine come on in come on it we got the cameras in here come on in please please break the window the whole way and let me just collect on the insurance money I would start Celebrex is right what is this thing yeah %HESITATION yeah I I I don't know but it again you know I we know we and there's a lot of the kids in the area right now and yeah I love it I've said it before I love kids you know I think kids are great but these little rascals we'll just call them rascals %HESITATION you know are doing all kinds of stuff during the summer and then all of a sudden they're like ringing the doorbell or knocking on the door and it's all good I just came to get candy now man if I catch you throw a rock through my window to crack it yeah and then you come around actually trick or treat out on a semi proper day right your ass is grass yes my friend well my thing my biggest regret is that I didn't save all the rocks that they were throwing during the summer all that would be so good that would just all for you I have something special for you wait a second yeah here here here I got here I got some tricks into comes with a big bag of coal I got some I got some trick or treats for you for your are you just see it now he like mad that American guy I can see Rodney on the front page of the news main gives a rock to the face for trick or treaters %HESITATION yeah they're all over like front page of the needless harm posed to you know the need of some paper this guy ruined home and then on top of that did you know his son is in the military could this be spreading yeah and they don't have a security system everything else oh my god so how do we I'm I'm gonna say it's almost technically over because it's it's what times it's almost eight o'clock in the evening right now for you it is I still have four days ago that's right Dylan celebrating on Thursday Dylan how's the body called pumpkin pompa yeah a bold professed a bully books Oktoberfest Bali bumble bumble yeah on Thursday I'm like it's hi guys it's after Halloween it's not even a Friday night what are we doing here come on right away a like I can't I just can't even and then they start explaining everything in Swedish I'm just like oh okay okay I'll just show for Halloween then okay bye yeah Hey limited so I mean she decorated she pulled out like our Halloween decoration decor and stuff and she did a nice little you know window display and things like that and it's nice the %HESITATION or no I just felt like kind of bah humbug this yes that corona taken hold yeah and again you're starting to get up in years I think that's the tradition my he got to be one of those like get off my lawn get damn kids yes sit sit sit right by the door in my writer Hey you I know you throw rocks on the weekend and get out of here not getting candy in my rocker yeah %HESITATION I love it I want great B. old Rodney exactly zing that they could if they give every weekend for the July I can't give out candy out for the July yeah let me tell you my day fourth of July we set off dynamite not just M. forty yeah we had a lot of rockets we had a break out of my way to make our own candy yeah at assault and tears yeah so %HESITATION speaking of speaking of sudden tears can you tell me about what in the world postnord has done well here we go here we go talk about the transition of so we get so we get a notification I mean I I yeah we can't do anything but laugh so we get this this notification I I think it was in the mail I'm pretty sure he came via the mail which is perfect right %HESITATION because I think it would all the mailboxes so they can screw that one up but %HESITATION we get a letter from postnord saying that there or the air that they're going to be installing one of these pick up stations in a pickup station it looks kind of like a small set of lockers and I think that the majority of people like a lot of people party scene and sometimes they're in grocery stores and I think Amazon was doing it back home okay so it's the big box with like a bunch of like little it's like a bunch of %HESITATION post office boxes it looks kind of like %HESITATION like a big advent calendar %HESITATION because it has like a whole these different doors and drawers and like well I'm looking at the picture that you sent me in this kind of like a freestanding set of post office boxes somewhere bigger summer small last summer some all of them look like the totally will not work in application yeah the fact that the first thing when I pointed out to Veronica we got home the other day and I was like eighty have you noticed you know the postnord the the drop off box and she's like well you could just stick that in the back of a van okay yeah because it doesn't look like it's bolted down %HESITATION but so yes a week out that piece of modern day art now up in our parking kind of area %HESITATION is it a good thing or is it a bad thing I'm still trying to figure it out now all I have to do really is just but you know unless somebody steals the whole big thing is just to walk up to a little parking area so I don't have to go to a tobacco store that we usually go to %HESITATION to pay well that's in the rare occasion that the person that you're expecting a package from actually goes to this box or series of boxes yes you're still going to have to go to the to the to box yep yeah that hasn't left your life let's be real for a second Hey I went up with some recycling if it was this morning or if it was yesterday and one of the big doors on that thing was opened you know like the one of the locker doors was just like open I don't think it's anything so we just left it wide open yeah it was just like open and I I I assume that it's that it's activated that it's supposed to do whatever it is that it does but it was just a really strange way let's can we take a pause and highlights a moment of great words in a word in this okay I you literally just said I suppose it was supposed to do what it's does exactly like yes a good daughter yeah it's supposed to do what it does eight five eight five years at a junior college man no %HESITATION yeah if you're a graphic designer that we're doing exactly I'm an artist that I don't need a speller ad no but %HESITATION yes %HESITATION yeah I mean it's up there what we'll see %HESITATION if I tested I'm tested it was something cheap hopefully I'll I find like if you want anything close to you you have to select the DHL option right if they even give it to you yeah is the Londo typically will find a way to deliver straight to your house and you're like what is this black magic can't be real and then you open the packaging like us a lot and %HESITATION it's from China no wonder that's what it will look within DHL will actually deliver it to the closest to back right I find yeah well it's gonna be interesting and do you know the fact that it is shaken and the fact that it has a big postnord logo on the side of it %HESITATION doesn't help things out well should probably get rid of the branding in general so I would just leave I would have just left it blank oh my god yes so I need to give a little bit of a shot out to an amazing place we went to last night we decided we're going to get the babysitter I have a little date night you know right when you have a two year old in the house especially S. freeze been sick for a week and a half you gotta get out of the house you just like kid I love you don't wanna see you for the next two hours right like dad dad needs a break I'll see you later have fun mmhm so we went out to this place on southern mom all Lieber die G. okay so it's sweet might pronounce it Libert di di liberty in Saddam it was like on the street with all the restaurants were urban deli is and all that kind of stuff but it was it's a Brazilian restaurant quote on quote and late we've rarely nice cappuccino which is like the official cocktail of Brazil yeah mojito to Miami that kind of thing right but then we start order like we had %HESITATION a fixed menu and the stuff starts coming out first round yeah no problem everything's amazing and then the rice and beans come out of the beans they got like Thai chili in them like %HESITATION someone from up north okay and then the vinaigrette comes out on my cool silence from up north okay and it was like by the time I get the food is delicious but by the time I came out of that restaurant I was like I was wet yeah that that's what you are click click just your pores and everything it was just like that was amazing you like having that hankering for like a proper Brazilian food like a really well done can handle your spicy Libertad Johnson around gotta give a shout out okay did you take any pictures I did did you okay yeah I got to send them to you so we can like put him up on the Instagram K. anything of you like sweating while you're no you know because by the time I was sweating that much I couldn't take the picture anymore like my hand was all wet it was just like now it does not compute does not compute Lynn and I went to a restaurant that's been down here %HESITATION and open for a while sushi restaurant and %HESITATION well Mongolian I assume yes yes but it seems the restaurant we went down there and I was like let's go to you know grab lunch so we went down there and had lunch and ice %HESITATION Liam had the yaki soba noodles and I love cats like to cut too which is like breaded it's almost like a ship like a schnitzel like a Japanese schnitzel okay but has like this two cups of sauce and and stuff and a whole wide a habit with %HESITATION would like curry like a curry gravy almost but mmhm a we see your California boy so I have to like deferred to you for like the official results of anything Japanese Japanese hackers now we were we were we're very happy it's on my list in my it's probably going to be one of my regular go to %HESITATION guys think it's gonna be that that Tom katsu guy yeah we're gonna have to make a special trip down in the middle of the day just to go get something got to exactly exactly and I didn't I did it once and I went I found the sauce in a little %HESITATION store in the city Tom katsu sauce side dark so almost looks like a centrally son placed on sauce like a kind of J. R. E. but again I mean if it's something that you use once every two and a half years or something so we no longer have that head jar of of don't got to sauce but now I have a little restaurant down here need a Tom that that's gonna be my go to spot I mean with between that your kimchi that's all you need absolutely and tonight I made a big beef stew %HESITATION still yes I saw somebody put up a Facebook post that she was making this big beef stew back almost like beef stew hall yeah so now see I am taking a book taking a book taking out a page out of the two guys three crowns book tonight okay flipping back several episodes ago to Patrick Rizzo to %HESITATION Patrick bash back yeah taking one right out of the page of his book to do a result though I let me let this %HESITATION I like that with the mascarpone touch says he recommends got the saffron in may I had one packet to saffron is making my holes covered smell like saffron up in there the house was like like a melon is it smells like Swedish Christmas it's not like it's not the Milanese or Swedish Christmas how is that a big deal for us we asked saffron I didn't know that the the sick out there those yellow the little like it looks like it S. kinda with raisins %HESITATION yeah the little it's like a pastry exactly yeah and that it has that's true if you think about it has that really yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow but that's from his from Safran okay now speaking of since we're coming up to the holidays in you got any %HESITATION Turkey day plans now that we are today's Halloween so we can start talking talking Turkey you know I mean yes Turkey or you doing something else you'd like what's your plans for the family well I'm hoping to get through the next hour without somebody ringing my doorbell but once I once I get through that %HESITATION yeah I think I think we're gonna we're gonna do we're definitely gonna do some type of a thanksgiving but what I did I came across last year the year before was %HESITATION just bought a Turkey breast how yeah for sure because in all likelihood it's either gonna be me and Lana or me and then and Veronica but you know three people and my mom was like well you know if you make a whole Turkey and you know the cutting and stuff I've said the gunmen if a whole family usually can't get through a Turkey it takes like four five weeks to get through an entire Turkey yeah I know our leftovers man the leftovers of the best part the leftovers of the best part for like the first three or four days but %HESITATION yes I think that I'll probably get a Turkey breast and then figure out what to do there I still got pumpkin pie stuff in my cupboard %HESITATION and %HESITATION gonna do something you could do some type of a of a staffing I can't remember if if everybody like the pumpkin pie as much as I did last time I made it but that doesn't really matter well you know who we can order pumpkin pie from absolutely absolutely hi to the people yes Danielle pumpkin pie is on lock right now this year yeah and she has %HESITATION right now she has like a pop up thing going on for her baby yeah that's right she's a pop of going on and some of the pictures she was posting that was like a pumpkin cake with some kind of opera hospital benches posting pictures with but punk and pop up hi Popeye and %HESITATION and before we get too far past %HESITATION Patrick actually just got a SMS from him two hours ago he's in Italy again again that guy is in Italy should just like he doesn't need to be Swedish anymore he just should just move to Italy Patrick here I just moved to Italy Victor just move on and you just go what we want right away but we want you back and we want more recipes %HESITATION yeah like the next cookbook all the pictures of the olive oils and like the pasta is coming out now yeah if you're not following on Instagram you got to be following up Patrick the man the myth the legend of the risotto if you could change your name to a food item what would you change your name I was just think what we yeah I mean it's got to be something that goes with that goes with Sean so light it can't be like we're thinking of getting back to Miami in the end of the year and then it stone crab season right so you can place this restaurant called true looks and it's all you can eat stone crab but like Sean stone crab Dougherty like it's just it doesn't have a ring to it like it has to feel like a fighter kind of like to show you know what I mean but that sounds kind of like like a like like blues like your blues singer Sean stone crab Dougherty well like I always have Bruce buffer in my head right like Floyd a little worrying is hundred a kilo under the home Sharon Doug Doug Doug yeah that's me that's not that that's the idea I think I know that's me you can't pronounce my pronounce my last name S. okay and personally I'm thinking that Tom katsu has kind of a nice ring to it so I could be like not Tom katsu yeah yeah I get what I need to Rodney took out so don't stop don't cancel cool yeah no you're not even Rodney you just don't cost too hi room don't cut suit okay the mighty cattle council I thank all right everyone that'll do it for this week's episode you had a very happy Halloween and you've got some amazing delicious goodies from your trick or treating as always thank you for tuning in hit up our Instagram and they come back here next time for more 2 guys 3 crowns