March 22, 2022

Bringin' The Payne

YouTube, Reporting, CBS, White House

The guys are joined this week by Eric Payne. He’s a fairly fresh arrival (April 2021) and YouTube extraordinaire. Back in the States, he was a reporter for CBS and even reported from the White House. Wow! He talks about his journey to Stockholm and how he is finding things so far. 

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welcome back everybody to two guys three crowns podcast about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden join me Sean and my fellow Americans broadly as we explore the good the bad and the just plain weird that that that Donald duck doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor tectonic that yeah I know I do I was I wanted to do you like one of those big movie things but the only thing that came back to me right at that moment hold on hold on hold on before you give it away before you give it away okay that's either the CBS evening news from nineteen ninety or it's like Nova from PBS I I am I think it's like National Geographic I'm not sure it just came out of yes yes yes that is it but the reason I was looking for some kind of a grandiose song or some kind of a major thing is because we have a very special guest on this episode with us in a world where two guys and three grounds can make a difference but come now it's three guys dear you we were all on the same page is there yeah %HESITATION Erick Payne welcome to the two guys show and thanks for having me yeah and it's a pleasure to have you here with us so it's it's been a great weekend so far yeah let's end on a good note that's it we we we got our two days of summer and %HESITATION now we're gonna be going back towards Swedish winter again no don't don't jinx it this was the jinx for sure for instance we had this I swear I didn't touch any of my of my outdoor furniture I haven't been to any any any of that stuff yet mmhm Erick we are thrilled that you could join us %HESITATION again the ex Pat circles in in podcasting it of course %HESITATION with you too is %HESITATION I I'm gonna say it's kind of it's a fairly small dish kind of metal little click and %HESITATION somehow are are expats streams of have had crossed the somewhere and %HESITATION this just seems like a natural thing to do was to have yeah I think it came together pretty %HESITATION pretty smoothly too yes yet so far so good we are we are definitely %HESITATION definitely on the right track I have been in read a little bit about you and %HESITATION the bio but I'm actually going to go ahead let you %HESITATION explained a little bit for our listening audience what issue to test to Stockholm in Sweden all right put on the spot here we go dance monkey dance %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION I was a TV reporter in the U. S. %HESITATION in Illinois and in Tulsa and %HESITATION I was in Illinois when I met my wife who is Swedish she was going to law school at the university of Illinois and and then %HESITATION fast forward to cove ID whenever that happened %HESITATION and she was finishing up law school yeah and that's when the U. S. immigration service was just kind of nonexistent at that point I have %HESITATION twenty twenty and so we knew it was probably gonna take a couple years to get her green card and she would actually be able to start practicing law %HESITATION it is so she has two degrees and we were like well we don't really want you to be just sitting in my apartment for like a year and a half to two years with two water grease it like going crazy %HESITATION and that process is super expensive it and long for the green card and and so we're like well all just %HESITATION give work like it at nine months notice and and %HESITATION let them know that I'm just gonna move to Sweden and after getting into a residence permit a hearing in going through that process which is much faster and much cheaper yes I moved here last April so almost a year here and %HESITATION it's going pretty smooth so far yeah it was %HESITATION the one of the things I noticed when I was when I was reading your bio was the April of last year and of course the first thing that popped into my mind was cove it %HESITATION jail thinking about how you know that move but had you been here for any visits before the actual move yeah I was here %HESITATION in February of last year for like two and a half to three weeks and then and November of will %HESITATION twenty twenty for like two and a half weeks it was right during the presidential election okay %HESITATION and then I was also here in I think November of twenty nineteen so I only come during the winter when it was safe before I moved here it was just winter time I never summers get November November yeah it wasn't too bad though because there was one I think in February of last year there was the giant winter like ice storm in Texas and Oklahoma and and I was over here for that %HESITATION that span of a week and a half in so like if I was back in the U. S. I would've been out reporting in the freezing cold so %HESITATION so I was very grateful to be in the cold winter of Stockholm %HESITATION last February A. and that that says something right there by media you know would would you would rather be in Sweden during a winter did you did you know that the times are tough back home yep now you have %HESITATION K. the reason I brought it up is April I would say April March April may and June are typically the times when we get fooled over here where are you know our our start significant Swedish others bring us over and show us like Sweden April may June July but %HESITATION you got a good taste of of reality since you've been here November yeah yeah I I came over and I was like all right I I know what to expect from from winters and then that way if that's your baseline you're pretty set for the %HESITATION the rest of the year for the that's that's that's very true that's very true and what is this %HESITATION because you've had some pretty major stuff happen as well I mean not just the money you know I I know that watching a couple of your videos in the beginning there were cats but now it has become more than cats yeah so now we have two cats and %HESITATION we have a son now who is that like six seven weeks old it's gone by really fast %HESITATION February eighth also and then after that two weeks after that I started a new job so it's just been or like of a very quick start to twenty twenty two you just getting it all just like get it yeah I just suggested I would just get it all out of the way and then you know the rest of the year it'll be like really %HESITATION settle down and really relaxed but just everything all at once at the beginning of the year Sean you want to feel any though that yeah that that paternity leave is going them chef's kiss that's going to be well deserved yeah I mean you it's not a vacation for sure you're going to be working every single day of the year but it's like it's kind of like when I lived in Florida and in the middle of December and January February like this time of year I would just like text on my family be like Hey I'm going to the beach today because I live in Florida like it's that kind of just to rub it in back home in this yes it takes everyone you know back in the states okay I'm being paid to watch right now how about the others Michelle's on %HESITATION on her leave for like a a Levin months I think we haven't decided the exact date that she's going to go back but yeah she she's been off since like the end of December or early January so she'll be almost off work for a full year wow yeah eight first the first I just want to say congratulations congratulations that is fantastic and like both of you guys know and I think most of our listeners know that my daughter just turned eighteen so you know I'm I'm kind of on the other end of the %HESITATION of the you got a whole another set of problems at this exactly exactly they get to come in and they get to go and %HESITATION we met on St Patrick's day two that's a good birthday A. N. eighteenth birthday on St Patrick's day and %HESITATION the one thing that she has not actually experienced is her birthday on a St Patrick's day back in the states %HESITATION and I don't think I'm gonna let her actually celebrate she's like well how about when I turned twenty one thank no no you have been listening mmhm how about when you're twenty two have a give it a year let it marinate now some of the areas that you were or some of the cities that you worked in because you worked in quite a few cities back back in the states yeah so I ate when I was in college it was I was like but probably over involved in colleges especially with that like journalism and stuff journalism NPR's in so when I was in college I did a bunch of reporting at the state capitol which was like a thirty minute drive from campus and so I was doing a lot of that just kind of in my off time in free time it wasn't like part of a class or anything and then I also did an internship with %HESITATION scripts which they own a lot of TV stations and newspapers in the U. S. and so I was kind of reporting at the White House and in in Congress for six months in I think that was twenty sixteen and then I did two years in Illinois %HESITATION and left that station in twenty nineteen I started in Tulsa from twenty nineteen to twenty twenty one so that was there for two years as well and that was my my home market so %HESITATION it in with TV news you're kind of in the U. S. you start it and like a smaller market out of college and you work your way up %HESITATION in so at champagne was like market AT and then told Swiss market sixty okay so and then that's where it kind of starts ramping up around the the Tulsa market right now A. N. weather reporting is a whole different thing over there %HESITATION yeah %HESITATION yeah especially in Oklahoma %HESITATION it's not written it's really interesting here because that like I and I never have to look at my weather app other than like just glancing at my phone and seen what the temperature is because the temperature on the fifth like just that this like the service number is usually pretty close here %HESITATION but like in the U. S. seat is like especially in Oklahoma have to factor in the wind chill and everything and so if you look at the service number yeah it's usually a lot lower than that when when they have like twenty mile an hour winds %HESITATION kick in our yeah just cutting through all your clothes yeah I had %HESITATION I mean I still have people that asked me coming from the San Francisco Bay Area no people like %HESITATION you know earthquakes but maybe you guys had some but me that needs that's a part of the country godly you got like some serious weather state I don't think they yeah the two well we have earthquakes too but the it's more because of like %HESITATION fracking instead your is your ears are much more natural ours are like %HESITATION the salt water that they're injected in because of fracking it is the whole thing word word two alleged man made or natural kind the kind of causes when you guys start getting like man made tornadoes and and %HESITATION San Francisco you should probably be worried that that this is opening up a whole new chapter it's it's like guys the sequel to the the movie twenty twelve okay exactly exactly Hey %HESITATION tell us about the the last or this year I mean how is this this year obviously a lot of different stuff is happening %HESITATION what are some of the biggest it is there anything that you had a hard time kind of adjusting to where I just had a but I don't think really anything except for maybe the Swedish obviously right %HESITATION is it like especially coming from the U. S. it's not really a language that like people in the U. S. would be learning %HESITATION this is most people you are like required to take in most high schools like Spanish or if we had French that was available %HESITATION I think we also had German %HESITATION but like some of the the bigger languages and so you wouldn't really learn a language like Swedish unless for like a specific person like you would be moving here or you're just really interested in that yeah so it it kind of like finding out that %HESITATION I was gonna be moving here and then okay I should probably start learning Swedish now exactly exactly that is it I I took as a fee and up until like December and %HESITATION that got me pretty up to speed %HESITATION it's just interacting with people when you're when you're is there you know yeah just trying to think of the the specific words have just going to switch to English yeah yeah all the all the all yeah yeah yeah %HESITATION but Sweden is one of %HESITATION I would say and I'm not gonna say one of the few countries but Sweden for English speakers is a very unfriendly country because the majority of people and and this is and this is the still kind of catches me as funny my mother switch so she lives back in the in the bay area she comes and visits %HESITATION and I've caught her on a couple of occasions when she's here she's Swedish now that's the big remember my mother Swedish she comes here and occasionally when she wants to say something out in public but she doesn't want other people to know she switches over to English the secret at exactly and she'll be like wow that is not gonna work this is wow that person wasn't very nice and I'm like I think that that person probably knows that they heard you yeah yeah but %HESITATION you know that's the way to Sean if you take an SFE have you taken any basic I took S. a fee online and then I made it all the way because I've done I mean I learned Spanish in like high school and college during my undergrad degree and then I learned Portuguese doing Rosetta stone I mean Portuguese SO close to Spanish anyway that is kind of pick it up as you go along and all that stuff and then I come here I'm like okay so dumb Portuguese and resident of stone I can learn Swedish digitally that's fine I'll take as a fee online here and then it got to the the lesson I think I don't know is the fifth lesson where was like is it big or big get and what what what what are we talking about all of a sudden now you there's all sorts of Constance all in a row like what is going on here half yeah I'm just trying to remember as if you're like speaking medieval English is the sentence structure because everything like when you do that like a time you reverse the the verb in in the %HESITATION the now on that like if it's after time ends so you just have to pretty much think about it as if you're speaking and medieval English but only in Swedish thou art and not to get pretty much and now for our listeners that don't know SFE is Swedish for immigrants I believe is is that a yeah I think it's kind of France your name but yes I that's right but that's what it is yeah mmhm because that is the the the the language %HESITATION the language part of the the move and I had that when I moved here because my mother was determined when I grew up that I was going to speak Swedish and me and all my friends were really sure why I needed to know Swedish but %HESITATION this this later point in my life it definitely came and it came in handy but it was conversational Swedish like both of you I attended language classes in high school I'm gonna say attended because that was about the %HESITATION very loosely of the thing now how his %HESITATION and and I'm I'm kind of cheating a little bit just because I did go in and %HESITATION and watch some YouTube but you had a couple of a couple of lists that you had %HESITATION that you had done and %HESITATION one of the things that %HESITATION they came up and I don't know why all of a sudden it's popped up a couple of times but this thing with which you which she works yes so I I knew that was going to be because I had seen %HESITATION Meghan's video back like I don't know when it was %HESITATION twenty twenty middle of twenty twenty I think and I had seen a couple other people talk about shoe horns as well yeah and I was like okay this seems like one of those things that people are just rude for some reason absurdly passionate and it's like I am really not bad passions about shoe horns but since everybody else seems to be passionate about it I'm going to poke fun at them right right and and and based on the comments that I got %HESITATION you for I did it I I mean it it had the response that I was expecting yeah I'm told when I was like yeah and so I I I nothing happened that I was cared for it was a it's it's like a one of those things that okay if I do this I'm going to be ready for the comments that are going to be like not very nice that are very rude and and yeah so that that happened that that that's his job that sounds kind of like my phobia with Twitter %HESITATION because I'm like %HESITATION %HESITATION wild yes while back Eric I told I told John I was like I don't really want to do a Twitter account because people seem really mean and I'm like why are you going to do a Twitter account this dude that's the consumer complaints department has yeah yeah but I think I was pretty prepared for it because like with the TV news %HESITATION you get especially always covered %HESITATION and I did it was like trump got elected I started working like as an actual TV news reporter at the CBS station and then moved to a different market and then covert hit a year later and so I just use to all all of a range of different common selling motorcycle tag or sin on the internet so so it would never I said that this stuff about the shoe horns are like poke fun about things early on about things in the U. S. comments so it's not like like I've got a pretty thick skin because of TV news reporting so I knew what I was getting into okay %HESITATION just to let you know I I did %HESITATION I did take a look because you also did you have a a movie up about were you graded the logo's yes American football teams in Sweden and I've been working with in sports and quite a while I with American with American no place you know I I I was like wow okay it is the first time that I've seen anybody ever really you know do that but I deal with a lot or have dealt with a lot of those logos for for quite a long time %HESITATION it's just that I wasn't type I'm never able to really express my bye bye bye real feelings and thoughts so you'll just tell me later wink wink yeah exactly I was like a man Eric does know that they got some really big American football players over here he I see how I wanted to do I didn't want to do like all of the you know the videos that everybody does that here's this comparison it's like really stereotypical yeah but %HESITATION nobody is also going to click on a video about like Slussen construction without knowing me and now I I I scripted a video %HESITATION to do that like the first one about sluicing construction and I was like okay I gotta I need to do something that's a little more click like some people are searching for English and so I did it you must video right and then I was like okay now I'm going to do that the the comparison video to bring more people and so they see the the the stuff that I'm doing it's way different than everybody else so it yeah it Slussen construction video at some point I'm going to make one it probably nobody will watch it but I'm gonna have fun making it anyway it's eight if you if you do it can shot and I'd be in the video I'll take I'll take some of the rule and you guys can be like leaning against the wall okay I like the Easter egg yeah and there is probably going to be a you know my my mom would be where those people go in Hey I just found this great video on slick instructions yeah no like I got an idea already let me in Rodney shooting dice in the corner like next let's look bridge that's yeah the whole the whole history with the gold bridge and everything I I think stuff like that is super interesting and so like that making videos like that like I did %HESITATION like the fish conflict the herring farts whiskey on the mmhm it was like those types of videos like nobody's searching for them but there are way more fun to make then just like comparison video thank your time chante envelope of the sport man the love of the sport yeah %HESITATION let's dive a little bit into a tight or I can call it a topic that Sean and I are %HESITATION or are passionate about and it's one of them is food would kick to Phyllis and on your on your gastronomical journey so far I I I mean the range is pretty good in Stockholm %HESITATION much more so than than Tulsa the reason we don't have like or beef good Indian food or or any or Thai food in Tulsa I mean there's probably some places but %HESITATION there is they're not like well known or anything like that and so %HESITATION the precursor to are like welcome sometimes a way better than in the U. S. like %HESITATION bastard burgers Frankie's %HESITATION we are regular to yeah my office is like two blocks away from Frankie's so yeah the first day of work they were like %HESITATION where do you want to go for lunch I said have you heard of Frankie's and we went there the first day of work and then also the second day of work work we went there right %HESITATION and then the next week we went there so like Frank he's really good yeah all right same with pastor burgers and there's a lot of different places that %HESITATION like make really good food %HESITATION that would also do pretty well in the US if they made it over there yeah what about Swedish food what kind of Swedish food I mean you did a whole thing on herring I mean well yes Sir strumming is really my my jam that is that search term just as the only anyone claim that ice ice and act on it I get home from a long day at work and I just open up a can of some strong how to get my tan time hurry up before my show starts to give a hand yeah other than that I don't I don't really know have you actually even have you eaten system in no no no good good I've had a hearing I I I was like it held at gun point in the old eat herring yeah like I would do it I wouldn't seek it out on like a a nice Friday afternoon but if somebody was like here eat this or strumming I I might second guess well I don't know about that that might be too much has the K. and been opened over it is the smell gone right know what it is what about like Swedish meatballs or I mean %HESITATION yeah what the hell who who's months cost which is like you know like workmen's workman's lunch food yeah stuff for or the %HESITATION the frozen meals that it obviously it's like not the exact translation but it's like grandfather's delicate meatballs right on the packaging and it's like yeah the the translation there it like when you at a glance it doesn't come across %HESITATION you're like right the protein that I'm meeting right just like me another candidate search %HESITATION yeah we've had tons of meatballs though Swedish meatballs yeah and now with the now with with with hand are you going to be eating I I just assumed that that quantity of meat balls at the house is gonna is gonna go %HESITATION and have you done any traveling around Sweden different areas of Sweden yeah we we did a road trip %HESITATION in February of last year %HESITATION up to full moon and and we stopped at a bunch of different like %HESITATION at bed and breakfasts along the way and that was probably like a four or five day road trip %HESITATION so %HESITATION we've been that far north %HESITATION and then this past summer in I think July or August we did a road trip to Norway so we went through Oslo %HESITATION went across state but it was like a week and a half long %HESITATION that we were driving through so we stayed in a bunch of different places on the way to Bergen %HESITATION and then this one up a little bit north and then %HESITATION looped around to the east again back to Stockholm and that was that was a really cool trip we had so you did you go like down via modmail did you right now we just cut across like straight to Oslo yeah it was like a a one day trip wait while I think it was like a six and a half hour drive yeah are you a maybe a little more in but I mean the U. S. is probably six hours since in a straight shot right now %HESITATION yeah were you guys too but now with the Cato %HESITATION the five Stafford I was %HESITATION whenever I was working in Illinois I used to like drive to Tulsa and back %HESITATION which is eighty nine and a half hour drive well that and I I used to do it like like I would work for the %HESITATION the nine and ten o'clock news casts and I would start driving after the show ended at like eleven and I would get all say like seven thirty in the morning and so like going from that kind of drive to like I think we left at like ten in the morning %HESITATION it and drove to Oslo is like yeah yeah we get there like four thirty or five it was much more relaxed the holiday by itself come on hi I am no longer going to complain about my little train commute editor's note he will complain about the treatment five episodes from now exactly at a but you did do you touched on %HESITATION on transportation also and %HESITATION and and that is one thing that %HESITATION that that I think that all of us %HESITATION what we get here I know back in the bay area it used they have buses and you know they have Barton def trains and stuff but not like here I mean now you know it is %HESITATION I will opt for public transportation over trying to drive and park somewhere in a heartbeat yeah %HESITATION yeah but there's I don't think it's a lot of cities in the U. S. will that have any sort of like a kid like its infrastructure for transportation just because they didn't to begin with %HESITATION and so I can tole said they have a bus system but it takes for it's taking forever for them to like add new lines and kind of scale up because it's just what along with the attitude towards public transportation that people have in the U. S. %HESITATION it and then the infrastructure wasn't really there to begin with when they were starting the city and building the neighborhoods and everything right %HESITATION you can't really just like slap it in the app right yeah a it if the if the if the incentive is those %HESITATION are those two weeks of vacation it's like oh yeah try to motivate PS like like if we get this done you guys can take weeks of location like back to back yeah people %HESITATION I I guess Michelle's co workers are always like really interested in how like my PTO works in the U. S. right which I had eighteen days of PTO at my last job and it would be like you should have sick days if you used all eighteen PTO days is vacation days or fight vice versa is used all your PTO days of sick days you didn't have any vacation days for the year it is like a lot of people here can't wrap their head around like we just don't get sick days like you do %HESITATION it sweet insanity yes it's just insanity it's so complicated please do you have the flu coming to work please let's let's bring you in here and yeah everybody don't ever look at it like the percentage of people who %HESITATION save that they've come in to work in like a restaurant or a fast food place in the U. S. when they're going to be cancelled you will not like the results that you get on that guys are having a I knew having a real journalist on the show was going to be about %HESITATION what kind of plans do you have for for the summer and I mean he's got like a little baby baby baby but I'm going to a restaurant yeah yeah my parents or my family whole family is %HESITATION coming the day before mid summer so that should be an interesting trip and then other than that we have like no plans for the the summer %HESITATION we're just kind of at this point doing everything by ear yeah is it the is it the first time that your parents are coming to visit yeah yeah so they they haven't been to Sweden before %HESITATION but they've gone to like Switzerland and %HESITATION like Germany and a bunch of different %HESITATION countries in the U. E. U. but I'm not not here not yet at least I'm thinking the mid summer is also a really good time to %HESITATION to introduce people that haven't been to Sweden before that they might like sue streaming I think is %HESITATION I think we'll just order up a few barrels of it %HESITATION just for my work for a pop that I I'm open to the airport I I brought %HESITATION I went back to the U. S. in November and I brought some jungle cry like a bag of it yeah %HESITATION for my family and like all of my brother's friends %HESITATION in Nashville to try and he had a party one night and we were making everybody that walked in try it yeah and there are like a couple people who would put it in their mouth and you could tell that they didn't know if it would be rude if they spit it out and so they're just like you know this is this is a great like you can you don't have to even if you don't want to use your delight built those are really really special so make sure that everyone loves it which is true like a lot of people love jungle cry here but like you don't have to even if you don't want to make sure that you savor that because you're not going to get it again yeah there was one person who took the the whole bag after he tried it online okay I don't have to get back with me right a if you were to let's say two items having been here now that you would buy and bring back with you from a visit to the states something that you had that you were gonna that you would to this it is it is a bad it would probably be food no it's always probably chipotle or chick fillet you're just bring those back both food items they probably wouldn't last that long into the flight okay but but that's what I would probably choose okay okay yeah he Rodney he's not on the level of like I'm bringing back neosporin and they cool no he hasn't he hasn't been here long enough to yeah well you got to be I don't I don't get sick often so I I know a lot of people bring back like %HESITATION medicine and stuff for like nyquil %HESITATION but I haven't been sick since like before Kovin okay %HESITATION well I have a young twenty twenty going to finally knock on wood now like especially with the kid %HESITATION but yeah the whole weaponize sneezes %HESITATION yeah I mean yes yeah Hey we you definitely you definitely have a lot of %HESITATION of fun stuff to look forward to coming up %HESITATION Eric we want to thank you for for joining us for this episode %HESITATION you and Sean actually live in the same neck of the woods and yes you know I am looking forward to actually all three of us getting together in person would be %HESITATION would be %HESITATION but we are going to go ahead and put up some information and links to the people can find you %HESITATION we are going to stay in touch and %HESITATION thank you so much for joining us thanks for having me again take care and %HESITATION I will see you again soon you too and and that will do it for this week's episode a special two guys three crowns thank you to Eric pain for stopping by we put the link to his you tube channel in the show notes that you guys can go check it out it's got a lot of really interesting topics videos over there so definitely worth your time and when you're done there come right back here more two guys three crowns

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