2G Podcast Tips: Stick To The Plan

—by Rodney

Regardless of whether you're contemplating, just getting started or have an active podcast, my intent is to share a little of what I've learned over the last 2,5 years in the hopes that it will enlighten, inform and hopefully help you along the way. Podcasting, like everything else, is in a constant state of change including services, hardware and apps. In other words, what I write today may not be 100% accurate tomorrow. It is what it is :-)

Stick To Your Plan

Set realistic goals and routines and stick to your plan. We've become so used to instant gratification, that it's easy to stray from our plans and seek short cuts for reaching our goals. Podcasters want listeners, preferably lots of listeners. The majority of us are "hobbyists". Though we'd love to quit our jobs and podcast for a living 90% of us simply can't.