Aug. 16, 2021

Better Pack Your Granola

Hiking, Granola, Getaway, ICA, Garlic Bread, Egyptian Potatoes

This week, the guys are in studio to discuss the trials and tribulations of a back to school hair cut, not-so-great Netflix movies, homemade garlic bread and Egyptian potatoes. Yup, Egyptian potatoes. Then, Rodney discusses his upcoming hike through the Swedish highlands, and Sean shares some more stories from his trip through Switzerland.

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welcome to two guys three crowns the podcast that talks about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden I'm John and with my fellow American Rodney you break down the good the bad and the just plain weird that's quite the journey to join us for the ride my a baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back she was baby back ribs while my baby baby back ribs barbecue stalls wow throwback oh my goodness the name is a totally unrelated to anything going on in my life but %HESITATION it's it's one of those things just got up in there in the in the brain and I was like whoa baby back baby back baby back yeah oh yeah oh yeah eight speaking of food good segue did beat him speaking of food so we are we're getting all prepare for the trip right so we and we leave the curling excursion yet we leave early tomorrow morning %HESITATION %HESITATION but %HESITATION we had dinner this evening %HESITATION Veronica knoll was here we just had a nice little Sunday dinner %HESITATION so we didn't yeah we did %HESITATION we did pasta and like a meat sauce but what I did was I made %HESITATION garlic bread cool air radio well I like what you get in the store no so what what we do I mean we got a baguette and then I made the garlic spread with all yeah with fresh garlic yet fresh garlic in butter and and %HESITATION aha yeah parsley and then a little bit of parmesan on it you're killing me yet and then a couple a couple taps of %HESITATION why did I lose it %HESITATION the red paprika just a just a just a little bit to we'll get a little spicy and when we we don't have a very often but I remember growing up that that was one of the things that was kind of like a special you know who are having we A. like garlic bread %HESITATION but we ate dinner about an hour and a half ago yeah a that garlic bread is the garlic is still sing into me like a loud and clear and well at least everyone had some garlic bread right I don't want to be the person in that house you didn't have the garlic bread eight the same just bombarded but you get in what you get is an apple everyone benefits on the other hand out cool it is so strong and putting that though that I actually went and brush my teeth before recording this podcast I was like Mike is going to smell like garlic is just think it was like this do so distracting but %HESITATION anyway it was delicious %HESITATION and again we don't have it very often but what we do cool mandruss alcohol over I mean you sing a song there are some homemade garlic bread yeah yeah can't go wrong I don't think now now hair cut hair cuts it's that time of year Hey you gotta you gotta tell me do you got to give yeah back to school season mmhm so we've been trying to grow out Dylan's hair to give them like a long luscious mane you know locks of hair and all that stuff but it was getting to the point Blake it was a coaster weird stages where like for a couple weeks you're like oh my god we gotta get this kid a hair cut right and then like two days later it like finds its next stage you're like okay looks pretty good right now actually it's it's going all right but then had not there was saying yeah we've been on vacation in the summer holiday break guaranteed all those other Swedish parents are getting their kids hair cut for the first day back at school yeah which is this week right prior Adam like like I don't care with the other parents do or think but then I'm like it is kind of what kind of crazy like he's he was getting hot behind the fact that many in the market the ears and all that kind of stuff so I was like yeah we can we can get a nice remote I so cannot take him down the street to the local free sorry %HESITATION for Sir yeah yet the barber shop yeah and it's specifically the one that's ready for kids all right young kids so they've got to read look like Audi R. eight nine that's where the kids sit so is right that the the the little store %HESITATION and then like this car thing built around it to kind of try and keep them occupied but apparently this one wasn't having it as soon as they put the little bit blind he was screaming and kicking in and trying to get out and that was %HESITATION comes out that's a whole nother level of oh my god someone's abducting me and let you know that pitch that they hit yeah where it's like they're trying to kill me shot changed like bring it down half a level that much drama right people are looking and staring yeah well that one is getting out or cell phones be quiet right right right yeah but like he is looks good it looks great he looks like he looks like a boy now we were saying instead of a wild coated man %HESITATION okay not the got this great picture of him when he's sitting in the the barber's chair right with like it's a profile and it looks like he's got this curly Mohawk going from like a well lit area all the way to the front okay like yeah like kidney he needed the hair cut yeah yeah did yeah how did did did what he did you see any reaction on his face like did he see %HESITATION and broadcast home yeah beginning like we have this large probably like six feet tall this mere next to the door no like did a last check before you go outside right and it's like it's one of these that sits on the floor and then it rests against the wall you have to be a bolted into place though but so he comes through the door and I'm like and he's like well like look in the mirror right there he looks like he's like what happened right what happened up here someone stole well my hair now it is much cooler you know Grayson air flow back there but yeah yeah I mean it'll grow back so we're all good at least now he's presentable we can get into that stage again in the winter and then it right because of the week insulating and yeah but not even the hats were even containing the sides yeah anymore the sides are just the yeah it was a lion's mane they were just did they were just doing their own they're just doing their own thing I am trying to think back I I know that we have pictures I took pictures of like Adrian's first here cut and Veronica's first hair cut but I can't really I'm gonna need to go back in take a look I mean that that's a long time ago now yeah yeah but Adrian Adrian was so blonde when he was little that you really yeah he was he was so blind that he looked like he didn't have any here wow for like a long time we are now and I was it got to the house like a letter was up music at get air at all to have to start I just don't like pulling pulling hair out the legal rogaine rogaine situation for babies at Dylan's always had here since he got popped out yeah like it's like people are saying %HESITATION that here he's going to lose that hair and then like some longer hair might come if not he's had it the whole time hold time is gone through the whole phases of like I guess the scalp moves back or something %HESITATION so he's had these used to have like these lines of where the hair was growing in right and then now it's finally evened out okay but yeah yeah I mean it's very hit or miss with the barber I gotta tell you yeah like sometimes he freaks out and other times he's like what do you tell what my parents say it's okay for you to touch my head I'm still skeptical yeah and then like he's skeptical the whole time and the second time trying to come out of that car all right that's that's with that's when the drought map that's when it happens yeah but yeah but did they %HESITATION did the U. scissors or I'd like scissors and like a tremor okay because I could I could kind of see we're so used to getting our hair cut now right but I could just imagine beyond that little and somebody coming with that well yeah and Dylan's in this phase right now to where he's scared of that sound and flies because what where did we go for mid summer we went out in the archipelago right in there was not that far that's right and of B. must've flown and like hit him in the year or something like that didn't stick him at all but like he's been traumatized ever since that okay unlike anything audiences are like flying into his home yeah so we're staying in suites in Switzerland right C. suite yeah %HESITATION the Airbnb hosts like she rented out her second floor like a whole second floor like a hundred fifty square meters right for us huge %HESITATION and she had like %HESITATION they're very strict about kind here you have to throw up the middle in the scandal Mombasa governor and all that and then she was also composting right so she had plants everywhere it's kind of like Harry potter with all the plants and flowers and stuff like that yeah and she had these big huge composting bins but of course what is that attract vice yeah so there were always like house flies with I kept trying to teach your mom like diligence shoo them away they'll just leave every time is like Jesus and then what a flies a tractor right yeah spiders %HESITATION %HESITATION okay yeah the odds of them were harmless but there was one that I had to kill that was kind of a a well it's some kind of recluse and you look at and it was in the bathroom it crawled out from under my towel our thoughts there's no I'm not wearing the can get that you you know it's like when you find a tick on yourself %HESITATION making in the woods is covered in ticks you have the feeling of a real number yeah yeah I have something landed my arm in the middle of the night take three to three or four nights ago I was late and then I felt the pressure of something like landing on my arm okay and I reached over and whatever it was I like grabbed it between my thumb and my index finger and and then I felt like a little pop it took me like forty five minutes to get to get back to sleep but as I reached over and tried to get my my iPhone to put that the light on to see what the heck it was that it was %HESITATION gosh and then it's already lost into the sheets and then it's in there with you yeah yeah bill yeah that and then next thing you know you got the clock staring at you you have three hours left to sleep Hey how are you like with bugs and insects like just I don't like spiders okay but otherwise I'm fine okay %HESITATION and bees on fine like you land on me I'm like yeah whatever %HESITATION but yeah a growing up in the woods in Maryland that's right we had like %HESITATION the basement my mom would like to canned vegetables right like canned tomatoes and all that kind of thing so you pull one off the shelf in winter time well and there's a big old wood spider in the face of the sun I get many like a small tarantula like hairy dark like little gross right and they were everywhere so ever since then ice the little garden spiders that are on my plants outside right now it's fine they're eating the foods I don't bother them yeah yeah if it's a spider that doesn't make a web yeah dad okay can %HESITATION yeah once you get past the a certain size if I see you your debt yeah yeah if I could put a leash on it now it's gone yes but it's a I found a few of those when I was replacing the floor out on the pass right the nest yeah I'm not I'm not a really big bug fan I've always been I mean like mosquitoes and it will but because their mosquitoes but you know like a like a little like a little creepy crawly stuff I'm I'm just not I'm just not really that good with that but being in Sweden you know with the seasonal changes because you definitely notice I mean during the summer of course everything is it's a life you know so you got you got flies you got and and you almost you almost start the shit they kind of stand out you know as we move from winter and as things start you know there's like a little fly or all of a sudden you see a butterfly your things but during the winter meant there is not a whole lot happening yes side I mean there's no you know that that's one of the I mean that's the only redeeming quality of Swedish winter is I've got these fruit flies in my house that refused to leave I swear I've killed the same five over and over again and they hang out in the dream of the sick yeah like some coffee ground is stuck down in there somewhere like I for bleach in there every now and then but I like it ain't workin they like now we like it here we like your place is quite nice we're gonna show we're just put on the Netflix will be alright but I'm like man if you didn't feel it this morning it's coming for you and in a few weeks you all are dead you can join the big ass spider outside exactly %HESITATION yeah yeah yeah yeah reply salute now those are just more of it in those are just more of an irritant you know data than anything else Hey I am I don't know why I thought about what that would accomplish for the composting we went to %HESITATION we're ECA shopping %HESITATION last last one I already like the stark or shopping in the last week %HESITATION and I was going to do with that that corn beef hash that I make with like the you know with boiled potatoes but the potatoes that they have in those big boxes you know that they have them these huge boxes of it yet now the ones that are free bag like the normal potatoes exactly approaching a baked potato side right right because what they claim they have all these potatoes but they're all the same thing yeah it but if if the potatoes at the store were horrible that day I don't know I don't know why so I'm sitting there thinking and we don't usually buy bagged you know the plastic bag potatoes mean on occasion on occasion you know we'll do it but there was a couple of bags of these fantastic looking potatoes and I was like okay these these are gonna be these are gonna be awesome so all in good delicatessen what kind of doctor do beautiful like like potato contest winning the potatoes I mean I like the many ones the many many nowadays were these were kinda like a like a a smaller baked potato size almost so I mean really really nice clean your skin beautiful skin okay I'm thinking these are potential %HESITATION got him home made a big batch of %HESITATION corned beef hash and some other stuff with the potatoes and then when when the bag was empty we're throwing it away and as Linda is putting it in the recycling she looks on the bag and it says Egypt Egypt has potatoes yeah yeah but I'm certain every first I had kind of this first I got a little a little freaked out because I think educate the carbon footprint police the car the carbon favorite leading in the country some house or they paid off somebody but that's one of those things that just caught me so off guard that %HESITATION ships in potatoes and I went in and I googled it I put in Egypt and I put in potatoes and it's like this it's a big industry like they really yeah and they export to all these different countries Boudreau S. wild injection potatoes in Sweden thanks within the Gyptian potatoes what kids occasionally like some of the fruit you know coming from Chile or yes yeah yeah from what we're used to that being Americans everything coming especially Miami everything comes from South America or California right and as about the same carbon footprint everything is floating it's about the same amount our stick exactly yeah Gyptian Gyptian potatoes %HESITATION yeah that was a new one thousand and one potatoes that that's why yeah I'm always disappointed you gotta be real careful in Sweden I find when you get in grapes and in this town I got a machine that's asleep right now yeah it goes they can go through a packet grapes in about four days but sometimes especially the red ones I find you looks like it you're taken through you find a nice like they're all nice and plump but they are yeah I got %HESITATION you know right now all right you get home you open up you take the first the first little bunch all right and there is this like weird spider web bold looking stuff everywhere okay yeah if you're not careful you'll find it the like all the time it's something some mold that grows on them grapes I guess my name between the Grayson like yeah so Getty careful I dislike him I just bought it two minutes ago in the grocery store and it's already gone bad between between the store and getting into the fridge I should have asked her should have been faster and faster I have a I guess it is I guess it would be a tip but I have like an anti tip %HESITATION I know where we're going okay we haven't we haven't touched on on movies or TV shows a quite awhile but %HESITATION when you sent this through yeah outline yeah for recording I instantly it went Netflix thumbs down garlic bread Egyptian potatoes I'm like this is going to be an amazing episode I must know more if we can segue between the hooks items so that there was a little bit of hype going on about a movie that they released on Netflix call back thank you yes and now I do need to write down that the actor's name %HESITATION the people at home can Google it everybody can look it up but a package but yeah I was pretty excited you know it's a a new movie and %HESITATION we demand it isn't this the one with %HESITATION it's with Denzel's Denzel Washington's son right the guy as a tenant exactly end to end a Swedish actress the one that was %HESITATION okay the new lore Laura Croft lurked %HESITATION yes yes yes yes yes but but anyway it so there's a lot of hype around the movie it's something new it pops up on Netflix is like a new movie I'm like this is gonna be great because Lynn had just asked me ten minutes early she's like do you think you could find a movie and I'm like yeah again %HESITATION course I can %HESITATION so we went ahead and %HESITATION and decided to watch the the second movie now granted %HESITATION it takes place in Greece and I believe that a lot of the movie it wasn't like an American movie like filmed increase it was actually like Greek production thanks for getting western kind of pretty much like that pretty pretty much like that %HESITATION but yeah I unfortunately I can't really I can't I can't I can't really recommend what's what's the premise what's the idea of the movie %HESITATION well I'm I'm not gonna I'm not race I'm not gay I'm not gonna I'm not gonna spoil it for anybody but %HESITATION yeah I know it was the intended it we got into that unfortunate situation where you're an hour into a movie and yeah I mean you're pretty much in it to win it you're like hate watching it now then then then you got to watch it then you're like we're like we're already we're already one hour vested we need to see this we need to see this through but it's not one of those Netflix ones were you like you get an hour into it and then you can tell that the director and editor has changed right now all what I've been through a few of those resa well it that the thing about it is in the beginning everything is so %HESITATION that they don't really build up characters or they don't really give you a lot of information and I'm thinking okay this is either going to be really really really good but they stated it just didn't make sense it just didn't they do that they're like yeah the thing I find with that actor now I can't I'm gonna have to Google is named Denzel Washington's son yeah it's like you don't realize it's his son all of a sudden he says one of his life and it sounds exactly like and you're like this sounds exactly like that Washington every about it yes like put back to remember the Titans and then you're like oh wait a minute I'm not watching that movie right it's a good movie actually go watch that movie yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah but that one is %HESITATION is unfortunately %HESITATION anyway I I you had a lot to ensure I don't watch it yeah all the other stuff there's got to be other stuff it's like we'll you know we'll watch born again or something I love it I love it well speaking of cool reviews why what and I come back from Switzerland and it's cold here someone turned off the heat man a summer's summer's gone no it's not yes still August noble does not start until September nope Somers Conn some no I refuse to believe that I'm telling you man it it's a it was a pretty good bye and this week is supposed to be like rainy and chilly and then like the following week which were already at the end of August at that point then it's like that is back to normal like so N. but high of twenty Celsius sure which is probably what the average for that time of year is but it's like cutting off its short changing us of the last couple weeks we have winter in giving us clouds there is plenty of time for crowds that's what November is for me get your class out of my August cold rain that's how you're going hiking you have all the good you can hear your favourite a but we were looking today I think it was like seventeen degrees Celsius down here is like seventeen or eighteen it was a balmy Hey do you know what it is up there were headed six degree negative right six six degrees six at a high rate yeah six that's already that's forty two Fahrenheit for are you sleeping in a tent are you sleeping in accommodations now we have accommodations okay okay that's good at least yeah but because it's like no amount of technology in the world has still solve the problem of sleeping overnight in a tent mmhm but you can try an air mattress but everyone knows that you're going to be on the ground when you wake up in the morning and somehow it's going to be cold and you're going to be wet yeah somehow yeah like your once waterproof tents has leaked through the floor you're like why did I buy all of the stuff that's like the the old towns like that they said whatever you do don't touch it because once you touch it that's where it starts leaking in the water why does it take yeah it's defeating its own purpose able we are we're we're packed for rugby we would if we have everything loads a granola bars I'm sure we got granola bars we bought %HESITATION stuff to go ahead make our own trail mix you know so we're gonna go ahead and and you're actually going to eat trail mix on a trail on a trail that's how fantastic is that that's improper use case three you have to film that will be a new trail mix on referral true you're gonna be like one of the sweetest people I always see in commercials on TV here now hi can through the woods eaten crunchy granola the next thing you know you're gonna have Birkenstocks with socks you know like khaki everything we're gonna have that Subaru I'm telling you Birkenstocks no but we we are we're looking forward to it and I will try and post pictures if we do the supposed to be about should they have white fi connection somewhere a lot of I think that the the accommodations has as well yet don't have wifi but yeah you'll be out in the woods the ring gonna be signal now it's kind of nice fresh air no signal there are like are you guys going I imagine there's some kind of elevation but it's not like mountain hiking hello cooling around no we %HESITATION %HESITATION it's I think that there's a little bit of you know of up and a little bit of down but it's definitely not worth it in order to you know where they have like the ski slope yeah what then you're definitely going up or going down whatever yeah no we're looking forward to it and we are probably %HESITATION where is we're as ready as we can possibly be love it love it yeah our neighbors are telling us first of all don't let anyone know we have neighbors at talk to us no one tried to steal them %HESITATION but they were telling us they were headed up to order this week and I'm like guys you're headed the wrong direction go down because the hotels go south is where you want to go go south young man now that you mention it we had new neighbors move in I think it was like a day and I had two days ago a day ago who so clearly not talking to you yet not they've already made a note of the weird guy in the neighborhood to keep trying to make conversation is barbecuing in the rain he's gotten like eighteen different flags %HESITATION yeah I'm gonna go knock on their door and ask them if they want some lasagna welcome to welcome to the neighborhood go to the neighborhood yeah that's right yeah we'll see how that goes yeah I must say pull it back to Switzerland one more time more at this stage like thermal bath with the soul bar and all that stuff we were eating lunch waiting for the food to come like it was like you go up you order and then like some of the stuff you can get right there on your trade you go sit down or sometimes they have to like actually cook it and then they bring it to yeah so we're waiting Dylan's going crazy because it passes normal lunch time already and he's hungry haze hangs yeah and he's starting to you know do his thing and we're waiting at the table in this place why non Dylan just calm down here you want a pouch you in Ellis county I don't know okay okay here we go this is when you just like you into the parent send mode and you can just ignore everything in the world until something can like settle this ravenous beast I don't know where the lady sitting at the table behind me she comes over with like five French fries on a little plate she's like Hey this is for him if you want what and I'm like what is this wow wait where was that this was in Switzerland the obvious way to and I both looked at each other like did you just see that did you just see what happens they just give we didn't even ask for them and they just came over and gave gave the boyfriend's rights as like right you don't you want to have your visa revoked and kicked out of the country okay got a lot of that did you guys get self he's with them or anything really almost and that is it for this week's episode everybody as always thank you so so much for tuning in and as always be sure to hit us up on Instagram Rodney's they're out there on Twitter I think who knows what's going on with that but go tracking down find out what he's got going on then come back here next time for more 2 guys 3 crowns