Feb. 14, 2022

Barry Manilow and Sprinklers

Protest, Public Transport, Bus Ride, Citizenship

Today is the day that Rodney finally shares the big news. Finally! Also, he ponders the effectiveness of New Zealand's protest control, the rules for packed public transport and if we will ever get home. Then, the guys let everyone in on some behind the scenes technical difficulties.

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welcome back everybody to 2 guys 3 crowns podcast about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden join me Sean and my fellow Americans broadly as we explore the good the bad and the just plain weird her name was Lola she was a showgirl with yellow feathers in her hair and her dress cut down to there she would mow Ranky and do the cha cha Tony always turned the ball over but I got I thought your I thought you're gonna write something with %HESITATION GMA no no no I I thought you're gonna go there but there is actually a method to the madness there is course there is a reason %HESITATION I did have to look very far because I just had to like click on my berry Manilow play list but %HESITATION so today I'm in the car and I'm driving and I listen to these BBC Daily News updates %HESITATION just when I'm driving I just click it and boom it's just ours planes like half hour forty minutes %HESITATION so a part of the actual news broadcast today was about the %HESITATION New Zealand %HESITATION the protesters in New Zealand that are highly capital now get this they've been trying to disperse these protesters for a while so first they test putting on the sprinklers but because they figured that the protesters you know they're going to get wet and they're not gonna want to stay there and I don't want to look at all the adjacent way to deal with protests turn the sprinklers on see what happens yeah so they turn the sprinklers on people put on rain jackets and they stay and they you know it didn't really do anything so get this what they have done is they have started playing a Barry Manilow fifteen minute loop of his music like blaring at the crowd so it's like yeah it's Copacabana and I mean it's it's like all of these these Barry Manilow %HESITATION so I actually had to switch over and listen to a little bit today and then I thought that was kind of fun so I get I get already get the idea my head now like if I if I hear ya Moby there one more time I'm gonna yama burn this place to the ground well well I mean you you just figured that you know with you between the Barry Manilow songs and I was like okay well you know I could see where maybe it's hard to you know get like maintain that really upset you know estimates we hear the re winds fifteen twenty years right U. S. is out there running into the world waterboarding people and lasting Metallica in thrash metal at prisoners of war and here the the Kiwis are like now we think sprinklers and Barry Manilow is more R. five but it's not just Barry Manilow I thought that was genius they play Macarena %HESITATION grain have like Macarena just going and not it down so so there were people on the freeway I I started laughing so hard because I could just see there were people just like now you know if they play Macarena one more time either that or a bunch of protesters you know the didn't do to didn't didn't come with him well Hey maybe they'll get a trending on tick tock you never know yeah but anyway now that was that's the reason behind my my C. I. win use started off with her name is Lola right see we had our returning champion friend of the two guys three crowns little Okerstrom hello we heard latest book got featured on Good Morning America right which is Adam yeah good morning America isn't what it used to be kind of a thing of the like the cook cultural touchstone but it's still like wow yeah if you got a book talk to her get her publicist yes yeah shout out to to Lola congrats and that's that's that's really nice that's big time stuff that's big that's big time that's like that's bigger than Barry Manilow and sprinklers Hey it's actually so big that I thought that might be good news it's actually making my I know you've been you've been you've been killing me waiting to hear this give me this cliffhanger all week and I'm like you better not be able to like try to pull it Westeros and like ignore it like %HESITATION that never happened right well shit should should I should I go ahead do it now it should let me explore the or should I make everybody wait twenty eight minutes more okay %HESITATION so so here it is about a week and a half ago ten days ago I applied for Swedish citizenship turns and %HESITATION I doubt it it's been it's been kind of it's been kind of floating in the air %HESITATION we've been here for fifteen sixteen years now and legally you're allowed to apply for citizenship after five years yeah but I've just kind of been I don't know it's it's a really weird I would say that ninety nine percent of the long timers that are here %HESITATION are all dual citizens %HESITATION the the majority and people that I talk to you and when I say that I'm not %HESITATION a lot of times they you know they're like specially the fact that you've been here for fourteen fifteen years like wait you're not yeah exactly so that is us but it's been it's been something that I've debated and thought about of course for a long time yeah and %HESITATION the reasons the reasons behind my hesitancy well I guess I guess for one is just I don't know kind of sticking with the you know the my American citizenship and you know I'm here I have my permanent residency %HESITATION I'm not bitter about the fact that when we applied for my permanent residency that they said that we I said my my mom Swedish I'm half Swedish and they're like yeah that's great %HESITATION when you apply to it he's not better at all he's just holding that grudge for but he's not bitter no I'm not bitter fifteen years but it's not like the process was was hard I basically it took about five minutes I went in %HESITATION and applied online and you pay your your payment is is fifteen hundred crowns which is a hundred and fifty dollars cheaper yeah yeah well relatively speaking so you got a fairly quick and easy application process %HESITATION but they ask for they just want to make sure that you have the financial stability you know so they want to like your income for the last five years D. A. %HESITATION and that you haven't committed any I guess super crimes %HESITATION but yeah it was it was simple and you know he's just out here driving without a driver's license and not sure when he gets on the train Hey Hey you're the one that brought them all up on okay but public on a published media help how would that be what if they don't what if I don't actually get citizenship and they pulled up like some well the famous cases the guy that owned his own brewery down south right %HESITATION yeah and he didn't pay himself as an A. B. and then they deported them yeah well I as long as they don't pull up like some some security cam footage from the train station but but %HESITATION but yes so I I I went ahead and sent it in and then I had to send my U. S. passport because they want to go ahead and double check identity %HESITATION like the physical one not just my office a call my business and I would I would that's kind of scary eight that was probably one of the toughest part of this whole process yeah was sticking my passport in an envelope and giving it to post nude %HESITATION Jeez yeah for real pain yeah I do really do you want a tracking number I was like do I want a tracking number I dang near want to stay with you while you deliver this to the people but it's another thing when you're in a different country and someone needs your physical passport in the break it out of your sight yeah because that was when we were on our honeymoon and not tonight we did Thailand and Vietnam and bring we we had to stop and go hide in Qatar than fly through to get into Vietnam first and there is like the murals of proppant communist propaganda on the wall and all that stuff and then they're like okay give me the money for the fee and your visa like you can't you can't apply for the visa until you get there and then there I can't be your American visa all are your passport in all the passports and they take it and they disappear from the window and they go in the back room and then you're sitting there for like an hour right and you're just like oh my god I'm gonna die I'm gonna I'm gonna be on Discovery Channel at ten years those wild man yeah be like one guy three crowns I feel like what happened to Sean and he went on a trip and %HESITATION yeah it was supposed to be a three hour tour tour yes yes but I said my passport they got it the following day turned around and I got my passport back like two or three days later so I mean it was like there I guess they opened it took a look at it and sent it back so now it's just a waiting game to to find out if I get my citizenship well I'm still sitting here wondering if I'm gonna ever get the permanent residency me and Dylan just plain that waiting game and if I get my Swedish passport you guys could have my resident you and delicate I residency permit but meanwhile Germany still won't look at my paperwork yeah what can you do man a it is a it it it it's crazy it's crazy but it said but on the bright side covert doesn't exist here now now as of last Wednesday Wednesday right Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday yeah all lined up I don't I don't know if it was here but I did see that people are lining up like ahead of midnight of those like Tuesday to Wednesday because I get right took it took effect at midnight like twelve or one yeah exactly zero zero zero some people were lined up to like to to to to and now we're going to put all the parties together but like the only thing that I've noticed because I think a lot of the businesses are just keeping everything in place right like very basic coop coop you get they still have the please keep your distance signs and all that kind of stuff just in case because like what are we gonna take it down for we have to put it back up in a week exactly like everyone's already had this kind of vibe and mentality to them already especially because %HESITATION Makran went through everybody insisting I will scream I got three months of immunity now extreme unity so I can do whatever I want yeah but it's like the one thing that I have noticed is Stockholm live ticket master man they are just emails after emails after emails or like all this is coming to town this is going it's out we can do anything we want now right soccer games performed by eight hundred thousand people at the Coliseum exactly exactly I I shared with you my experience last week there was that there was a just a ton of train problems all last week all last week was just it was just it was just train hell last week %HESITATION and I it actually caught up to me on my way home on Thursday or Wednesday last week %HESITATION coming back and all of a sudden a large chunk of how I get home was just out they were just the you you have to get on a bus you know so you ride the train you ride the train and then you have to get off you get on a bus and the bus takes you to a functioning train stop so I you know I was ready to take it in stride I had a heads up it wasn't something that caught me completely off guard I knew that there was stuff going on with the train so I'm like you know role with and it's not like you can just get it to our uber in Sweden and that's that doesn't fly now Clark that's not in the budget Klarna just put it on layaway you know paying for the rest of my monthly bill but yes so I wasn't surprised on the train home I get about not almost halfway almost halfway and then they're like okay now everybody has to get off the train and then hop on the buses %HESITATION and there were I don't there were a lot of fools on that train I mean there were a ton of people on that train and I think it was because the train before it had been canceled so it was like oh god it's like a double stuff oreo full of people yeah but as we get off and you know we're we're kind of streaming towards where we get up these buses are supposed to wait this is the time with the shouting lady right yeah exactly but this is actually you this is actually the alerts because I was getting live texting hi Hey oh my goodness so all these people I don't know how many people we were we were a ton of people and we're all going towards it's it's already dark outside if the weather's kind of and everyone's eyeing each other at lake side eyeing each other be alike we and all gonna sit on that bus and they'll start walking faster yeah people you will people are walking faster and people it's just you know you're standing kind of sandwiched in between and and gentler it is weeds on public transportation yeah it's it was on the wrestling and it was that kind of a feel so a bus comes and people start it's like entering this bus from dipped up front the side that Jack the storm the gates yeah so you know I I like I like squeezing between there and I'm like I'm getting on this bus I am not going to be one of the you know twenty people that didn't get on the bus and it was packed so %HESITATION because here in Sweden like if you're one of the two especially in the UK if you're one of the twenty people that doesn't get on the bus the next bus you're in the front of the line okay now I don't have to worry about it no in Sweden you're in the same situation again like getting on a rain to Tokyo in the middle of rush hour yeah yeah you have to fight all over again I like like the the battle of gone door in lord of the rings but I was so determined that I was on that bus I was like maybe like tell me I was like I think I'm applied for my citizenship I am yes yes yes but you know there was one guy of course the tried to squeeze on but the doors wouldn't shut so you can see like the doors like Pam bam bam and everybody's ideas he's like just looking down like it's not me yeah he was like it's not like so I don't just get here as I keep on trying to keep on trying we're like a bro you just need to and then someone does like the lien natus in three hundred like this is not your boss but catch this this guy was actually wearing a uniform so he was either a bus driver or works for the sub you know for that the transport for the company either a train driver or the or a or a bus so he gets extra demerits we were all looking at him going bro I mean where you get not for you today and so he finally gave up and backed off of the bus so he got off the bus he's like I'll just wait for the next what do you like thank you yes yes so the twins he believed they believed right you are so so the doors the door shut the bus starts taking off and we are scrunched together I'm holding up you know on the railing you're trying not to I'm sandwiched between your legs craning your arm to hold on to the hours so you don't less smash into the old lady next exactly yep yep sounds like London yeah quite very quaint and then that's kind of when I start looking around going I wonder where exactly this bus goes %HESITATION Rodney yes I was you're going back to she's the I was on the wrong bus I was on the wrong so that whoever is looking mighty nice right now Hey and when you're sandwiched in up there it's not like I wasn't going anywhere I was just like okay here we go I guess I get to see where everybody else lives mmhm I love that I'm gonna use that now well at least I get to see were approved yes that's right and and AP by the time this bus got to where we were going it was like me and for other people so oh no yeah so I mean everybody else kind of new I guess they read into what was happening it was just me %HESITATION in my finite oh my god man yeah he was great but %HESITATION it this is where I'm gonna sneak in a pet peeve because I was reminded quickly of another pet peeve all I'm sandwiched in there %HESITATION I always take my backpack off whenever I get in you don't usually write to me too but in crowded situations I take my backpack off mmhm can I put it by my feet because anybody wearing a backpack is instantly to people yes white and not only that if you like I have the backpack that its like for the anti steel backpacks all the zippers are on my back like between the backpack on my back but if you have a normal backpack right then you can't feel anything everyone's jostling around all the time someone can steal your stuff right out of the way you want even when it's not packed yeah you totally that's like coming courtesy take the thing off put it between your feet that's it well somebody didn't tell the Mount Everest hiker that was in front of me because back back was so huge and it's like pushing me in the face %HESITATION halfway into the trip I guess his legs start getting tired so he starts to with these like stretching eastward stretching moves and his back is like not in me in there yeah yeah so people like I know you have an immigration system like thing pending but you got to be like bro you sit down now thank someone got a backpack that big just like pull it backwards they can't they can't do that with the center of gravity changed let me tell you something as soon as I get my citizenship and I am no longer a guest in this country I got problems well you know I got some things to share with you fellow so no where is the title %HESITATION eight Swedish Rodney and American Rodney plus to get %HESITATION yeah so that was that was kind of %HESITATION and and and mind you that was half of my journey home it took me in total three hours and fifty we hold on where did the bus go actually it went to Honda and it went to vest a haunting it which is like almost halfway well actually no I was supposed to go to best a haunting it but I ended up a couple stations before that wait so it's the same general direction but instead of going all the way it was one of those that they just stop it inexplicably halfway through media okay yeah yeah we do we have that same problem when we try in the summer we go to the the big beach right out to the east of us that every time Google maps as excel they say the same thing this bus will take you all the way right and without fail like three kilometers away they're like nope everybody off I'm done now and I'm like man but later yeah yeah come on man but I so I ended up having to switch to another bus %HESITATION and that but at least you're not going like perpendicular to your destination or backwards I figure as long as I'm going south yes exactly or selfish the number three is coming down significantly exactly exactly pretty soon as long as you like maybe I could bike from here no but I so I switched to another bus which is like a city bus and I'm like okay this is gonna take another ten fifteen minutes but I'll eventually get to the train station that's working or I can hop on a train to merry wrestle with yes that is when a couple of crazy entered my life because there was a woman that was it was nice to know the crazies international %HESITATION that it does not not just limited to a certain date in the three oh five in Miami right this next story is why no one takes the bus because you're always every single time you're guaranteed to run into this person yeah but here in Sweden at least our bus lines that we get we we typically don't right so please please elaborate for everyone else yeah so %HESITATION the last stretch of the bus ride I'm like okay I'm this is it you know I just need to just hang in there I only got ten fifteen minutes left %HESITATION the rest of the people on on the bus there was maybe twenty thirty of us everybody just looks tired everybody drives and run a scraggly beard at this point is just everybody faces whether he's turning gray look like Tom Hanks in castaway I mean I would say %HESITATION that the different phases here but %HESITATION that all of a sudden %HESITATION you know I because I looked around when I got on the bus of course I'm just like look around take a little casual look and I see a %HESITATION an older woman that looks %HESITATION let's just say I didn't I didn't I didn't exchange a little off center yes yes she was a little off kilter and and you could just feel that vibe and I'm I'm sitting there at the gate okay just your head down and just get to the next Asian you know you apply for your citizenship you're like Swedish at this point just like don't acknowledge any kind of confrontation yes %HESITATION so she starts yelling really really loud just out of the blue yeah just out of the blue in in Swedish in perfect Swedish she's yelling really loud that she was kidnapped and she was brought to Sweden against her will and that she had been %HESITATION abused to be over in a variety of different %HESITATION different ways but and then she got really quiet and everybody's just kind of you know trying not to to look at her directly %HESITATION but I didn't want her to come sit next to me but %HESITATION and then she it was just another year barrage of %HESITATION you know a disk and she she was speaking perfect perfect Swedish %HESITATION and she said that she had gone to a hospital and that the people at the hospital you know we're very mean and and she just seemed really really out there and then all of a sudden she would say %HESITATION does anybody know if this bus stops at %HESITATION we're going to use there were there was a very surreal kind of instances of clarity in between %HESITATION the rest of the of the wait is there she goes wait is there a Max at the next station or should I have gotten bigger exactly just went out yeah and that you and then she went she went to sure yep it was some it wasn't interesting it was an interesting three hours %HESITATION home the the last portion of it we're very they were very eventful because the the rest of the trip was so entertaining up to that point but you eventually made it home I did I did make it home and I made it through %HESITATION crazy help today I mean it was it was a it was definitely see I I've run into these people mostly on the subway particularly when it's like rush hour times normally it's the people who are out of a job or third destitute for coming around with their paper Cup and like all give me some change I'm like now bro like no one has physical money in this country like okay I you can switch me dammit I learned that lesson yeah and then now I now I can still at least fall back on yeah I I don't speak Swedish to admit what you're saying %HESITATION really where you from yes %HESITATION which over to just no I know I'm living please note the following yeah it was it it was it was a pretty crazy %HESITATION pretty crazy ride lit literally it was a pretty pretty crazy right but made it back successfully that's all you can ask for yes and lock myself in and said I'm not going anywhere I am staying I'm staying safe well until this week yes yes and then you get to do it all over again exactly %HESITATION that's true I hadn't thought about that it's waiting for you to yeah we're still here you're going to do this again %HESITATION %HESITATION no %HESITATION I'm Sean we have kind of an exciting thing happening in about a week or actually in exactly I do an exam yes we do I can't believe it has happened already yes and that would be that next Sunday %HESITATION is our three year part of verse Serie I don't know which would potter verse three hundred sitting around Rodney's table in going wait this set up is not going to work maybe I it doesn't sound it doesn't sound right three years all sounds fine now and then I get home and look at the files later Miller yes this once and then we initiated the system of Rodney changing to recording methods different recording methods every month eight which is another thing that we should bring out because people might be like a isn't it time that you guys have a guest we've had some tough see what we we had some technical technical challenges the last five weeks %HESITATION and have switched back over to a I'm gonna say more dependable recording %HESITATION resource yeah so the past few weeks Rodney always loves to switch up like the the company that we're doing the recording from because we can see each other and it makes the remote thing the code things so much easier right so every you know every couple months he's like all Hey so I got this idea we're going to go to a new place and then we're going to do is recording over there right so the latest round everything was working fine when we are on the free slash basic platform okay we're gonna make the jump let's make the jump okay we're gonna do it Rodney pays for the account first episode Hey dude where to go what happened to your frozen meat can you hear me your face is frozen on the screen I can't see you anymore yeah he yeah in his in his been a a tough couple weeks %HESITATION technology wise but depending upon how this episode goes we we expect to have a guest pretty pretty well now we've done the change back again so we've got basically another quarter to we have to change to another provider right that's exactly that that's about that's about the timing that's about the time we're probably gonna go full circle and end up with our regional all maybe that's a good idea for the three year anniversary go back to the original wow yeah maybe they don't want us back yeah baby or we put like zoom into the mix who knows what could happen %HESITATION sparks fly who knows who knows eight this week American club third Thursday is that may add restrictions lifted that's what I'm talking about put up to put up some info there for anybody install chrome on Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday thirsty thirsty Thursday so where is it is still at the helm solution %HESITATION it's going to be at that place that means that I have not okay not checked but I will I will work you know that plays that play you know you only know if you've been there before it's one of the one that's it's kind of thing you know what I mean now forget about it you know you don't need to worry about it you're the one with the red sauce joint yeah tell of Rodney Johnson all right everyone that is going to do it for this week's episode but don't worry two guys three crowns goodness doesn't need to stop your head over to our Instagram page check us out he's got something fun going on also if you are listening to this on a podcast and course you are go in there and leave us a review give us a recommendation a reading all that good stuff that always helps and they come back here next time for more two guys three crowns