Aug. 23, 2021

And I Would Walk 500 Miles...

fjällen, jämtland, vandring, hiking, outdoors, TNT

Rodney is back from his hiking expedition in the Swedish wilderness, "Svenska fjällen", and he gives all the juicy details. Talk of long distances, foggy weather, bare bones cabins and more. Then, Sean updates Rodney on the latest ICA happenings including the sweet smell of TNT.

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welcome to two guys three crowns the podcast that talks about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden I'm John and with my fellow American Rodney you break down the good the bad and the just plain weird that's quite the journey to join us for the ride thank you doing tune to hike Doon Doon Doon Doon doo hike dum da dum dum do hike dum dum dum dum dum I've been walking around the world with a different kind of girl I don't think I've ever seen the kind of high this man is being in it's a different kind of fee hike dome doom Duke you will walk in here and now you walk in there and now you are who you will walk in here and now you walk in there and now your home but that's my that's my best impression of the Lumineers for yeah yeah that was %HESITATION that was definitely hike themes I I wasn't quite sure where you're going where we were going or where we were coming back from I was thinking it's NFL season maybe he's like hike you know and then my mind actually gapcard on they're not I kept on I cannot think of that well you can walk three does it goodbye goodbye goodbye yeah I should have gone with a man for everyone out there in podcast land rotten the Hiram is must be down at least two or three kilograms because he is looking good after the strike thank I'm sure you can't probably sit on a seat right now but you're looking to get too much of anything right now I think that's how things holding me up %HESITATION yeah wow %HESITATION the hike a I want everything I want all the details okay well first I I need to preface I just want to preface say that that it was it was a it was a great trip it was a great family trip it was nice to be together we managed %HESITATION cap bond and laugh so with that said there's a big old but hang out over here the big but is back %HESITATION yeah what happened where will and we've been keeping an eye on the weather leading up to the trip I mean Linda started checking whether like yes yes yes you know it's like all of us and if you have a trip booked that you can't do anything about I mean the weather's good to deal with this and what is weather right the what to do %HESITATION and we knew that there was going to be some rain we knew that that the that there was gonna be a little bit of rain if not a lot of rain so we were mentally prepared %HESITATION I was a little bit the person that I was worried about most was Veronica because Veronica had never %HESITATION you're such a dad who's your Daddy but she had never really been out I mean Adrian spent on the military for two years that's what I was saying to him out of the whole time like Adrian he just gives he just says yeah I got my work shoes yeah what do you got Rangers like point point at the hill we're yeah I've left outside since I you what do you do when you sleep in it right with a roof on top you what it's doing no but she she was the one that I was most worried about just because you know just because it was a and it was a lot that's a lot of time without tech talk it's a long ass it was a long ass hike for like three days to try advisers like three legs so the total was forty seven kilometers you know %HESITATION and let me tell you our little three and a half kilometer walks that we've been doing when it's like sunny outside yes it it's kind of like you're walking to your mail box in the attic it may yeah you know but yeah that's about it yeah you you can't really you can't really can't really compare but the first day we lucked out so the the first day was overcast with you know blue skies Poppin it up every once in a while but yeah I know we're going because I'm following you on Instagram and like there's so many pictures the first day and then it just took a nose dive right after that like a like he's either exhausted already waking up or the weather or both I might well and as we progressed in the trip first day it was a good start it was like a medium I think like six hours %HESITATION but we had four backpacks we had the backpack that we knew Adrian was gonna take that thing was eighteen kilos because like it okay so he he he makes it for the the checked baggage yeah yeah but he has had he had the jumbo bag %HESITATION then we had kind of a another we had another backpack that was fourteen keeps which is still pretty destiny that's a lot to be carrying on your back and then we had one that was mostly like food stuff and things and and it was like maybe eight eight nine kilos and then we had a little mini alike let's pause for a second like a backpack with eight to nine kilos of food is still not a light backpack no but especially when you're going over sixteen kilometers per day let's just throw that out there we had like two big services of like hot water for tea and you know coffee and hot chocolate you're making tea L. what the heck that was that was that that was the trip that we had based on the phone that was your Instagram still photos in the brochure like all will be out there but we had that and then the final backpack was just like a mini it's just like a little mini backpack which was still kind of have you still like for me a four fight deal and that was mainly like photos that was like GoPro camera you know %HESITATION rechargeable battery is like all the electronic stuff yeah all the chords and but we thought was that we would just kind of switch stuff around except for Adrian's backpack I was like age range do what you do now this is your career choice that's what you get and we gotta we gotta borrow backpacks from a good friend of mine and the one that he the what Adrian had was was so high tech I mean that the high tech which is in a backpack behind tech what I mean the black the everything about that you know the way that it it was a it was a it's an osprey at the osprey osprey backpack but it had like %HESITATION cushion stuff an air pocket money yeah this way so you know the waste part that like holds that it well okay so once he puts it on you know it's still heavy but if the load is like he's walking on sunshine yeah he's doing he's doing good he was like wow I wish I had this in the military yeah I know like and you have met in the military the backpack walks up hill wait if I would if I would have that backpack on it would go a lot faster because I would like okay okay but %HESITATION yeah so we did that the plan was %HESITATION it had a big backpack the one that was still a big heavy backpack to fourteen kilos %HESITATION I started with that one I think and then we were gonna switch him around and you know we're gonna take turns and stuff Veronica ended up offering to take the backpack and then she carried that thing for three days I mean it was like the first soldier girl Tellem yeah and she you know she just has you know her positive attitude and everything we were it really made not only relieved us that the %HESITATION we felt relief that that she was you know staying positive but she was actually like lifting us up you know so I'm looking at my candidature so it was it was good second day was up about the hellish experience that I waiting for everyone wakes up and they look at each other like are we still doing this %HESITATION and where it was well I mean let's start off by the whole waking up after the first so we are we are up in the mountains %HESITATION can't see very far because there is so much fog cover over the place %HESITATION but yet the media I was feeling muscles in my legs that I hadn't even known existed %HESITATION everything was sore keeping was good but we had a a good breakfast but the rain you feel alive that is that you feel you feel everything eight but what you're what you're saying and know about the pictures and stuff like that I mean yes I go back and I look and I took a ton of pictures the first day because it was the first day it was like we all perky and you knows the happy and there was no rain to have to worry about the iPhone be about hi the joy of use second day a whole new ballgame a whole new ballgame we still we we climbed into the bear Grylls Raphael's of yes and this is what I'm here for yeah I don't want to hear and that was it okay it started raining about eleven o'clock you know in the more we left I think we left about ten o'clock so we got about an hour in and then it starts drizzling a little bit more like out we knew was going to rain and then it really started raining and then it was so windy up in the rounds it was six degrees Celsius I'll come on what are we doing here yes all guest suite in all it was it was it was crazy and that was that part of the journey was nineteen kilometers I think it took us it is like seven seven and a half hours %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION a lot of up hill a lot of mud a lot of %HESITATION it was it was tucked in on these things there are if you can't jump off this ride I mean you think that was a thing for the record I would like to officially stepped into the record that the first day Rodney text me for all the listeners out there and he goes man you know you're out in the Moonies when your cell phone all of a sudden says welcome to Norway wait till tomorrow he's going to get worse yeah I'm not even gonna tell you how spotty wifi and stuff out first I was like I was just going to be happy for wifi eight by halfway through the second day I was just happy to survive I would and it was it was raining and it was blowing against you so always %HESITATION yeah yeah %HESITATION that was that was a heavy date less pictures I I think that the pictures I took was in case something happen to me there would be a living for the right of for the record yeah I got to get like pictures of what happened but I would say that the last I would say that the last three kilometers and and and like I said you can't just stop if you're tired and you're miserable in your coldest of devices on the videos you look around you can't there ain't nothing there was nothing out there it's just you all you want to go get to the building where it's cheap following the trail yeah yeah no I mean that that is a little bit of my American side kicked in because I was like yeah I'd like to speak to a manager care and it's like excuse me isn't there like a helicopter service for when someone decides that they're less likely to have I have an ailment I have a medical issue yeah yeah no but it was and and we were both %HESITATION Linda injured her knee a little bit she was having some problems with that and for some reason my it like my sciatica my one side was was eighteen oh no yeah so it it didn't it didn't know the batch man let me tell you it didn't make any better it did what it and I'm sure the kids are like man these people are complaining about their joints are so %HESITATION I and I'm stopping you know and like hold on hold on hold on we need we need a senior's break a senior's discount for every turn up and pull over yep at the age of rock you're turning around every once in a while and I'm back like twenty yards you know and I'm like I'll just take the pictures I took his %HESITATION instagrams for Instagram hello okay yeah %HESITATION and and on that one on the second day of the long leg of the journey %HESITATION we were going to a cabin what they call a fearless station the destination of that day yeah I wanna know about the about the station about the cab I was that's it but that's the thing about it was on the first day we saw the cabin like maybe two hours ahead of time because it was so high up that we do okay we knew what we were going we saw it that's our goal you know second day you couldn't see but like a hundred yards ahead of you okay so much stuff it was up hill and do you know the weather was a mass and there was no plea given if you turned around that was appealed to that end and then you start you're not really it doesn't matter where you turn to things colder than it should be wetter than it should be and everything's up hill Hey I was a couple minutes from saying look just leave me here I love you guys you know you just you go live like let me die here and then do local Lou out yeah just just leave me up against this box right here oh my god well what what what were the actual cabins like was it like a summer house where you go in and there's not anything no there was %HESITATION they're basically they're really big cabins with like there they have separate like smaller rooms with for you know to eight like bunk beds or writings in them %HESITATION otherwise it's %HESITATION they have like these communal rooms where you could potentially be the C. two four six eight ten twelve god yeah you could be a lot of people that died in covert friendly man and fortunately we the first night we ended up in a cabin with they could have I think they could have probably been like fourteen people in there but I think there were six I think there for two yeah but there were four other people in there %HESITATION and yeah I mean enough that we're doing math right but they but they they they were upping gone we didn't even know that they had left a B. we woke up in the morning and they're at their stuff was gone they have a like wake up in the middle of the night like there's people in here let's get the hell out of here but what I really A. what I realize we came in from Norway when I realize that they later was I said to go on Hey these people probably read the weather report Hey gotta get outta Dodge they got a they were probably out the door like it's six going we can beat this whether we were waking up at like nine in the morning go it yeah time to get some coffee let's get the more I figure yeah yes if they have some cinnamon buns museum %HESITATION but it was so what it what is that like do you have a check in is are their sheets do you have to bring your own sheets is %HESITATION sleeping on a cot kind of thing you know you could rent you can read sheets get upset they have sheets there when you get there %HESITATION Leanne I actually bought they have these it's kind of like %HESITATION like a sleeping bag without stuffing it's just like the material it's it's like a like a fabric but some kind of like a sleeping bag %HESITATION so you're you're not really touching you know the like the the comforter or the the pillow he kind of took the pillow under on one thing and and they rolled up to be like this big you know like some little okay okay yeah so we have for those that we traveled with that work for me probably about halfway through the first night because I'm one of those people yeah and then you're like I can't move someone's restricting me I mean I'm here I got a little claustrophobic but I also have to have at least one foot out yes I know that's like me that's not like the way I regulate how the ventilation yeah I got a real like to manage the temperature the temperature thing so yeah so that works pretty soon then you have to get like Adrian I kept sleeping where is your army knife to cut a hole in the bottom of my exactly it only has to be this big I can't get my foot out but it was it was it was good and we did %HESITATION we actually bought those %HESITATION %HESITATION was a call to dry food %HESITATION %HESITATION wow like Emery's yeah so we had like add hot water yeah %HESITATION Diane first night and the second was a call here %HESITATION Hughes yeah yeah yeah but we had so we had we had that which which worked out fine %HESITATION breakfast they had there so no more but it was okay breakfast was basically either or porridge %HESITATION or they had the they had open email where you can have your muesli or they're a bunch of those little enough for like general thing so general swell with a for a lot you know those little bread rolls okay yeah yeah so you just normally they put like a bunch of lettuce and then like when slice a tomato with them yeah our landline a man you're on the booties we ain't we ain't got no lettuce and tomato out here we can't even get the knife to cut it in half getting the role that you're supposed to take all your garbage with you like the judge said did what the duration of the trip so everything arranged another trip yeah isn't that the point of stopping at the police but see they have to they either have to bring it down at the like all the garbage there's no there's no roads or anything there's no they'd have to take it by helicopter or they have to transport it by so I'm getting a whole new picture of this trip you have parked the car yes one place yes and then you do a triangle to come back to the car exactly and the whole time you've left the car you're carrying all of your garbage with you the older rappers and you know yeah yeah yeah yeah that year but like like that's why you need so many backpacks one backpack for the classic one for the glass there is no like %HESITATION we needed to this station and I'm like good thing we brought a little bottle of wine to relax in the first night like now you're free you get where you're actually right now we have a clip it but it's %HESITATION no it was it was up in the end the last I would say three E. three kilometers of the second day the second day was was by far the best I'm gonna call it challenging %HESITATION day I'm going to call it Alexander and Veronica was you know she was in the lead you know we're trudging up %HESITATION on this %HESITATION on this mission and it's like we're thinking it's just gonna be over the next right it's always just over the next hill you know it's just over this over this we get over this then I'm sure we'll see it and there's that all we saw was like the next one and then the next one but when it did pop up when when when she actually saw the whole my goodness oh my goodness as if I wasn't crying enough already when you hear like the lion king song yeah but it took it it took me probably about an hour and a half once we did get there I mean I you're soaking wet I just got in through the reception you know areas door sat down and I was like I don't want to talk to anybody I I do want to acknowledge you as Mylan anybody I don't want to but it's you I hate your guts and we're we're sitting there at like I'm tying our shoes there were other couples that had gotten there you know before us and they've already gone through this emotional trip I'm sure yeah but I turned to eternal Radhika and I was like in those three calamitous we're definitely not in the brochure and and everybody inside the reception thing starts Bustin up you know they they start cracking up because they're like yeah yep yep yep %HESITATION but yeah it was %HESITATION it was it it was a good trip I sounds like one of those that once it's completed like there's justice elation of a motion that like everyone who's been there has got like at a stronger bond you know with especially doing it as a family to yeah for sure and it's gonna we're gonna be quicker to be talking about this would for a lot yes I can imagine like ten Christmases from now Hey dad you remember that time you had this crazy idea to go hiking through mass south Swedish highlands yeah just for the record it was Linda's idea it's a good thing we don't published this or anything %HESITATION I yeah I am sure that we could've gone hiking like in the palm like in Paul nas or some place you know the Canary Islands I'm sure they have some hiking %HESITATION yeah I mean you don't have as much traction with the flip flop but I think it's a better fit yeah there was a river crossing on the last day a river crossing yes and that was that was it was in the brochure is like %HESITATION you know it's not usually that much water and you can just kind of get across and %HESITATION no I mean is it been raining for I don't know how many we're talking like Oregon Trail crossing a river at this point as well to to be like Adrian's over here like yeah you just put your gun on your head and then you just walk through yeah it was it a paddle would've been better but they had put down they put down these concrete I don't even know how you would describe it but there's like these %HESITATION concretes sections that they had placed so you could step on these concrete right in theory in theory right to get across and if there's not that much water then I guess you okay you don't your feet don't get wet yeah yeah a when you get halfway through the river I think it was up to like our knees and it's a flowing river and it and there was a there was definitely keep your feet get swept out from under you your head is hitting that fucking when you when your feet you mark the time right your feet get swept off under you your head is hitting that concrete yeah yeah no yeah and they get we did have a couple scary seconds there where are we yeah it almost kind of an %HESITATION but Hey we made it back you made it back in one piece yes Sir I love the %HESITATION the coming back Instagram post just like three I see Stockholm yeah yeah yeah Tieline pieces yeah yeah you got about like eight hours to go until you get your house and and the wifi in between because I thought that I was going to be doing like a couple posts here and there and maybe you know put something now No Way No Way Out there was like your other matters like half the G. when even at the cat the cat she like Appalachia I was like oh Gee %HESITATION that's the one where like you can get text messages in but the second try to reply they're like no no no no G. for you now get some like half a message thank so how's everything back here man let me tell you know it's been a curry easy week we are as you know today is the for at least I don't know about people like high school or do you not see whatever the call here but for like the little kids it's been the first week of school right so Dylan's finally back in preschool he's loving it now I have time to like actually work during the day which is amazing and then I'm like okay I have a little low I'm going to go you know I I got the little postnord message for something that I ordered right I got a do the trick out the ECA you know every concert every good story starts with the with the right yeah so I go do the pick up no problems this time love in it coming back on the way back I do I do with little check I'm gonna I'm like do I get the bus sort of what do I get the %HESITATION the Pendleton not pedal talk the %HESITATION Taliban right yeah and I'm like well the bus isn't gonna be here for like twenty minutes so I don't want to just sit in there in the bus stop like twiddling my thumbs whatever so like I might as well get my steps let's go walking back to the farm on so I'm going there and I start seeing all these guys in like construction gear right and I'm like okay well they're building stuff around here it's kind of a thing Sangham walking past them and then next thing I know there's this guy like old guy in Walker and possibly his wife or girlfriend or whatever next to him talking up these two construction guys and they're going down the ramp and I'm like yeah just get out of the way like I got like I'm looking at my time and I got like two minutes to get this train I gotta go and I'm carrying a whole bunch of stuff on my back now I did like a little shopping mall was let's go S. wedding get out of my way and then the guys like nay nay nay nay nay from what happened at home and I'm like well hi what and he's like no there's gonna be a blast so you have to go over here I'm like a blast what do you mean the blast is like explosion explosion where do we go to Rome then I realize that's why everyone was headed past me okay so we have to go back to %HESITATION I don't know it's like three hundred yards away to it two hundred yards away yeah and then all of a sudden ever like everyone standing around like man this kind of sounds like this guy doesn't know what he's talking about not accepting your friends and you know the milling around a lot and then you hear this modern the guy looks at like a little nextel you know old school exactly like the walkie talkie cellphone %HESITATION but it doesn't say anything he just looks at it and then he puts in the ear plugs in his ears and I'm like wait a minute are we so close that we need to be putting in earplugs I'm kind of concerned right now and then all of a sudden boom and it like it's close enough that it everything inside your goals a little bit wow okay that's that's an explosion that's that's a serious explosion and then the like okay okay now you can go yeah but it was an explosion Hey how now we're interesting now tell me the whole story has blown up over there in like no no no no okay okay I'm not going to find out the story so I go walking up to the train with the train should be a train can't be there it had to be hanging out somewhere else and I get this distinct unmistakable smell of TNT who dynamite gun powder right and I know this smell because having grown up in Pennsylvania all of our schools would go to Gettysburg in K. delay teaches the history of the civil war and all that right and they would actually like the reenactors Yaqui would go there for like cultural weekends and all that when the reenactors are doing their thing and they would actually like the canon and you get that smell of like burning gun powder your site so good yeah Hey did you did they do the the all clear after the well yes some other bell rang but then we everyone was already walking to the train and I'm like okay the blast is done now if you look at it and no one was stopping us might well okay you're looking for but %HESITATION not that big a big rock falls on see the words everybody go did you guys wanna blow up some more stuff mmhm I know I'm like now we're close to it let's like man lives on west we got the dynamite list it's Friday what we do here yes Abe Veronica start school tomorrow and she is been X. she's been talking about school start for about a month and a half I mean that's how excited she is I have never seen anybody is excited about going back to school is that well yeah I mean what she already in high school before the cove and now her first year yeah was it was the cove it yes I can imagine it's Matt select all the social aspects that you that you love and hate about high school blankly I I imagine that's a tricky subject because like yeah it's going to be exciting you're going to hate it congratulate is it is going to be exciting this week yes all right everyone you know with that sound means that out of time this week thank you so much as always for tuning in be sure to check us out on Instagram see all the latest stuff we have going on check out some of rocky's hiking pictures if you're listening to us in apple podcasts please leave us a review and rating it helps so much and then check back here next time for more 2 guys 3 crowns