Feb. 28, 2022


Ukraine, ICA, Grocery, Delivery, TV, Shopping, Gas Prices

Welcome back to 2 Guys 3 Crowns! It's been a real challenge to keep our energy up this week with everything going on in Ukraine. However, the 2 guys do their best to relay the joys and pitfalls of living in Stockholm. For instance, Sean gets delivered grassy green bananas, Rodney is paying absurd amounts of money for gas - and he also ponders the deep possibilities (and endless acronyms) of buying a fancy shmancy new TV. Come on in and take a load off, everyone!

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welcome back everybody to two guys three crowns podcast about what it's really like to live in Stockholm Sweden join me Sean and my fellow Americans broadly as we explore the good the bad and the just plain weird back to a special episode of two guys three crowns as many of you know we are based here in Stockholm hence the three crowns bit and it's a bit difficult to do a %HESITATION fun light hearted show this week in particular because as many of our listeners I'm sure have seen on the news Russia has invaded Ukraine and given the Swedish disposition toward assuming that Russia is going to invade Sweden any second anyway %HESITATION it's you know the talk of the town right now so we just wanted to take a few minutes to recognize what's going on and do a little moments of silence a few seconds %HESITATION to just hope that everyone comes out of this thing as many people as possible come out of it okay and can kind of get back to their daily lives as quickly as possible so on that note I would love to tell you about all the problems I got going on with the liver issues it's kind of hard to transition away but right to explain and I would love to yeah yes talk about first world problems but man like there's something almost more in raging than watching just go like alter Garion mad king like in just like or in the mall kind of thing it gives me fiery inside when grocery stores decide to deliver to me but man does that are the same hue and shade as granny Smith apples there is that what you sent a picture of yes that's what that was that is literally a granny Smith apple the greenest green apple you can find and some genius working in the eco warehouse decided those bananas logo those are perfect for delivery and you know the thing is they're going to rot before they turn yellow yeah but it but that the better things like that the thing that gets me is the person that actually is choosing the items to go ahead and stick inside of people's grocery grocery things %HESITATION you don't have to be a genius you don't have to be like a have gone to some kind of agricultural college have you passed second grade that's kind of like the level we're talking right now to be like these bananas there's probably not a greener shade of green on an Amazonian viper but yeah those probably look like they're about ready to eat what let's go ahead and just say would you eat them yourself I mean I went with the eco order this week I knew I knew there was going to be stuff missing there is always stuff missing with ECA I swear like the Flores is using postnord ECA has been using like ex postnord employees to deliver their stuff for a long time but the thing is I can't fault the delivery guy entirely it's the person who's picking it out in the warehouse because they just missed stuff all the time like there would be like sometimes I know it's the delivery guy because I count up the missing items and it would like fit perfectly in one of those paper bags and I'm like okay it's still on the truck and like he just decided to eat it for lunch or something you know but then like yes this is just crazy and why you like when you shop online this is a complaint in general when I shop Willys or eco or whatever it is they say oh please select your store that doesn't matter it doesn't matter like I I know what's in stock I was just there yesterday in this eco that I'm ordering from and I know what sitting on the shelf you're not having someone go in there into the store and pick stuff off the shelf for me no no no no no no no it all comes from a warehouse in output what I see when the van starts I get the notification on my phone and they're like okay your orders handed to you fifty nine deliveries before you cook and it always starts in the same place for all the grocery stores I've I've taken the train to go down the meanness on fly right past them the idea that all the big warehouses where the trucks pull and I'm like it doesn't why are you making me pick my start yeah it's the same thing I could pick the smallest random convenience store like version of eco and they would have all the same stuff is eager maxi like I don't get it I don't understand this how how often do you how often do you order %HESITATION is it weekly or is it it typically we can I try to push it to we can have to two weeks okay because there are some stuff the Dylan's just gonna blow through but I have to go to co op every two days like tomatoes like a cherry tomatoes are here because in cocktail tomatoes we cannot put in cherry tomatoes in the cocktail why they got anyway but yeah hill just blast through tomatoes blueberries blackberries that kind of stuff and like lately it's been apple juice so you got an old lease so you cannot have to constantly go back to the grocery store and replenish his supply because god forbid the Tasmanian devil request something and it's not in the fridge yeah I drained agents a big cocktail tomato eater it's one of those things where you can you you almost don't have time or didn't have time to wash them you know that you rinse off the cocktail tomatoes and then you put him into a little bowl and you put on the table and then when you turn around to like wipe wipe off the the little dish area but when you turn around it was there was like three tomatoes left to tomatoes left yeah yeah same in our house that's basically it but I mean I'd now have to tell because I learned this in the past order like I try to do a week and a half worth of at least dinners and then dinners you like make extra so they become leftovers you can opt for lunch the next day that kind of thing leftovers yeah I love leftovers love a good leftover and then with the tomatoes last time I was going to do this like kind of take on a caprice a solid work with like the little multi colored cock cocktail tomatoes cocktail and the like the little mini balls of mozzarella and then soak them in some olive oil throw little soul Basil in there yeah exactly yeah you know it's a great thing but then next thing I know Dylan's eating multi color tomato so Mike I can never actually find them that's the one thing I can ever find in the store you can't let him eat that stuff up that's for us he's not supposed to eat those now I have to label the cherry tomatoes when they come in I'm like these are okay these this side of the fridge will fifteen packs of tomatoes those are for Dylan to eat and the vegetable freight blade the vegetable drawer you can have those right the machine man it's insane Hey but at least it's good stuff I mean he's in la yeah exactly hello yeah you're calling but man he doesn't want me to he's in this moment like he doesn't want me to cut anything so he loves peppers and cucumber anything crunchy he's big in the crunchy vegetables right now especially like the red peppers because they're sweet a little bit right so he's like now that that no court that no court though which is what you get for cut cut don't cut it and I'm like bro it's a bell pepper how you could eat you can just take your base and it's slippery on the outside it's like whack that no idea at least cut it in half same thing with the cucumber you'll choke yourself trainee thank you come right let me at least cut it in half dealing with the flavors he sounds like a little minion basically basically hi hats he's okay let's say K. E. he loves the healthy stuff he loves yes a healthy stuff preferably on cut %HESITATION but when he gets like %HESITATION like a treat or does do you does even differentiate between treats N. D. just given like made other tomato be like oh he's had chocolate I've made chocolate chip cookies a couple times okay I'm typically that stuff is too sweet actually for him like you have like %HESITATION we had these chocolates like little Santa ship truck what's I think mmhm from Christmas and he'll eat that's only what like eight inches long okay I don't know what is that three centimeters and will cost three and three and a half meters yeah so not that big like a little fun size kind of thing and he'll eat half of it and then he'll like just be like dad that here throw this away for me so that's kind of good now that being said this boy will destroy an entire plate of French fries okay okay with catch up he's already on the sweetest thing you need to catch up for everything I'm right now bro now we're not putting it on pasta you can have it with a burger and French fries and that is it getting caught on a hot dog they don't even ask me so you can have catch up with the burger wrapped around it the girl inside that's what it is %HESITATION but yeah at least it's healthy stuff right now so you can't complain too much the like the the thing that drives you crazy though is he's like now I want to eat this and he knows how to open the fridge and like you can see just barely see into the vegetable drawer so he starts pointing at all the stuff you once okay things like that that I want this I want this okay red pepper okay at the cutting edge don't no then you have to go through that you know the coach you should and then you cut it you go through this whole thing you give it you put it in as little copper bowl or something in join how much Senate yeah okay homeless now now I'm now I'm as well now it's got home is that it is not coming out so you finally go you put it like it's got like a little spot he's got one of these discovery towers that we can tip on its side unlike changed into a table like it's something that they can climb up and well Catholic because the last which is good yeah and it's like a multi function things so you turn it over on its side and right it's like a kid size table that they could drawn in the yoke take the peppers with the home is that he does not want clearly but now he does want me put it on the little table thing you sit down on the couch alike can thank god I live this beer here I would love just love like a little sip of like nice beer and right when you get your lips look now that dak grapes grapes grapes right tough kid your I am not getting up for another five minutes like honestly come on it's gonna be like that that that little baby on %HESITATION on the tick tock and and the social media reels with a show of that really good looking food and then they pulled away slip in the baby food or her yeah that would definitely never work with him now like the second you try and do that little transition would spot it coming a mile away and your bike now not what what what what are you doing with this right now that's what you sold me on this thing give me that thing exactly yeah this one's very vocally and I room I know I know that clip in there in a restaurant Meg the stuff would be melting down if I try to pull that off in public in a restaurant and I did then I was out of reach and I I haven't seen I was the deal and and all while and I'm assuming that he's here he's B. was a little solid baby and he is a solid toddler is he not I mean I oh yes yeah it's funny though because when you see him in isolation right he's like he's like strong he's got like is is staying in the hill like run it like a million miles an hour all the time doesn't stop any talking all the time but then you take him into preschool any standing next to these biking babies the Viking babies are like six foot tall of and here's like little dilemma with the Brazilian blood like a like a miniature version of all these kids yeah yeah yeah Hey man he had groups he had involving that Hey it's it's in the blood yeah Viking babies I never really thought about that little Viking babies running around yeah I mean I thought you know you just eat enough deal you have enough groups then you grow up to be seven feet tall but I don't know by something else I am good at I am good Hey man I hear you're in the market for a TV %HESITATION Hey eight not not really Lynn and I have talked with a we have talked about it I mean the TV that we have is fine I don't know what it is I mean you know right and and that's where the whole problem back up yesterday we were out going around and %HESITATION we decided to get a little something for Adrian I'm not gonna say what it was could it potentially a surprise and I don't know if he listens to the episodes anymore so I'm just gonna say that we went by to get him something okay okay we made it past the barbecue section we were at the net on now that's about some significant progress for a net on net is the name of the store and it's kind of like a mix to discount yeah they have they have like up there mainly an online store but they have a physical store as well okay but it's also it is their logo have like a circle or so yeah like a red circle on that okay okay I think I've I've come across that I had no idea what it was because it's all in like super Slimey Swedish and I'm just like yeah now Google translate don't work on that typically when you look for something on the internet for like %HESITATION die do some kind of price comparison net on that pops up like if you're looking for new whatever like a new razor I can do new broad razor that I like it that it's it's just always pops up as one of the also like is seeing that Consumer Reports but it's also a story kind of thing D. E. S. H. I mean it's so so I found it all so I found this thing that that I wanted to get for a tree and they just happen to have it in that on that so we put it on our route %HESITATION you it's a weird little store it's kind of set up like cosco she hopes %HESITATION okay right kind you kind of weave your way through the store you know around these shelves Hey that's the sweetest way man you gotta go in with all the same direction walk through the entire store clas Ohlson ikea that's what we do here yeah and and %HESITATION and I really like it I like it it's never really that busy %HESITATION and it's definitely one of those look like nice to cool to look around and see stuff but do you typically don't leave with that much unless you go way in for something specific but as we're going by the ideal I pushed kind of bike is it's one of the few places that has like this Weber section has like a a pretty decent Weber section with Mike Weber stuff and Weber gear Duchess already do we guys are going to have babies I even walked on the far side of that I %HESITATION like away from the Weber shelves just like so that we can get get by it and that's when Lee and I was like oh Hey look a pizza stone and I was like cool what a pizza stone yeah yeah oh yeah that's a must have yeah so we so we got we got stuck by the Weber shelves a little less I don't look at this look a new goal yeah I'll get I'll get covered it was just like you know that that I'm stuck there for a couple minutes as we round that corner okay the thing that we were going to get word that we got for Adrian was almost as soon as we walked in the store I mean so if we walked in it was like to the left I picked it up and art our shopping adventure I hope he's never been on net on net because now he's narrowing it down quite a lot now he has no clue you know it's a dial one on the left hand side no no they are the amount of effort it would take to to figure that out if you like I'll just wait I just wait for whatever but as we round the Webber %HESITATION ideal corner all of a sudden the TV star pop it up right right see I'm envisioning a cosco lake lay out so what yes you know what you're talking about so I chi we cut around the corner and and that's when things kind of kind of went into slow mo for me as I was like walking down that aisle who's your slogan group good do you use to use please search and I had been in about a week ago just to check because Lynn and I were happy with the TV but we're like eventually we're probably gonna wanna get a newer you know TV look bigger Sir Sir Sir so I tried to research that a little bit last week and %HESITATION yep in and this is I think that's the actually the second time that I've started this little research venture into what kind of TV to buy and I I kind of long for the day where you went in and you know you just chose like what size TV you knew that it was you know just like this box TV you when and and there wasn't a whole lot of choices it was like this size that size that break it in this day in this time period did they have remotes already or did you have to get up and walk over to the TV %HESITATION I've kind of kind of lived through both of those fun period when TV actually turned off at night this is not actually the first remote controls was actually just a click button so it didn't I don't think it change the channels it was more like a turn your TV on and off yeah that's why our age my generation of grandparents they would call the remote the clicker and like yeah what are you talking about clicker nothing clicks yeah but so hi I I went in and I'm I'm looking at it O. L. E. D. versus Q. L. E. D. versus refresh rates verses back lighting and rich blacks and just the amount of information it's almost like you just you just you know say look here's the money I have and I want a TV that's about this size just put it in my car yeah because it's it it it is just too much information it is just too much well I come across this a lot with the you know gear of all sorts for like voice over stuff or you know guitar oriented stuff there's a million and one opinions and I tend to like this is the thing I'm looking for what is the G. what is the total price range right like what's the most expensive what's the least expensive because I'm not buying either of those right and then like now what's the average because like what's in the middle because the law of diminishing returns says you know you start getting over a point you start spending money in all sorts of features and that's not really going to do anything for you right now we're trying to figure out that balance for yourself but yeah I remember when I was like you know I'm in the work force just graduated you know now I gotta buy like a real TV for myself and it's like trying to buy a flat screen TV yeah you know in college I had the tube the tube %HESITATION yeah yes I can out the back now right now your target to buy like an official it's like two thousand three two thousand four I have arrived it is time to by myself who N. H. T. T. V. baby %HESITATION so like depending on how far the original thing was depending on how far you're gonna sit away from this screen that determines your size but then there is all sorts of like there was ten eighty I but seven twenty P. and then it runs like what is the P. in the eye and then everything became the same letter and then yeah I feel your pain man now it's yeah well and it's like and and some of the choices that you're supposed to differ how you supposed to differentiate between these as like this one has a richer black so that the black becomes really black but it doesn't matter because it depends on how shiny the screen material is because all the lights in your house are going to bounce off of it when the screen is black yeah I mean what are we talking about here even doing here man it's the stuff I'm like do I need something I needed relief that rich like and then they have the TV set up next to each other there were like three alert asking yourself is my black going to be richer than I am then we have a problem that we got yeah and that wouldn't take much but if they have these battle of the TV's going on too right now I always always decided that room with the sound systems that are eating with each other but it's not a media markets you know or one of those stores like ELT gotten when you walk in and it's like a four hour American listeners those are just basically Best Buy and circuit city for example are old enough to know what Best Buy and circuit city are you right but a bit but it's not like a wall %HESITATION TV's there was just three of them and %HESITATION so it's like a little but it was like yeah it's like just so I was standing a little the the grocery store L. A. D. L. yeah so I yeah I so I might wanna you wanna TV you buy this one or you know by TV yeah but but but but I was getting sensory overload because I was standing there and I'm looking at one screen and then the picture started like different on the so I turned to it and then the other one kind of one of my attention back so they flipped on to it was it was I can only imagine you in a used car lot yeah so thankfully we left without a TV %HESITATION I will continue to research %HESITATION the options there and where we we didn't even get in to because R. T. V. is on one of those wall swinging wall hanging %HESITATION yeah yeah for sure for sure because it's in a corner so it's yep it's at an angle the whole I mean I didn't even get into the thing of trying to find a TV that fits the wall hanging contraption yeah but once it's on the wall and what like I have said experience so our TV's are all our TV's are still from Miami they still have the American plugs which happens big converter boxes so even though I think there by volts because there's no motor in them so you don't have that rated for Bivol I think they could do by bold but anyway their TV in the living room like the one we use all the time is sixty two nine so that we get when we put it installed at Miami and we got the swinging thing because it was like a good plan so your living room is the kitchen is the dining room is all that kind of stuff so we went into swinging one so we could see when we were cooking just like you pull it out a little tighter angle it yeah this is great yeah exactly so we had to have a guy come in cut a big hole in the drywall and then install these massive like steel supports right onto the on to the studs in the wall in a Miami there everything's metal studs because of termites yeah but yeah he had to install all this infrastructure to get the thing like then paste that drive all back up and then put the the frame back on yeah but here we have the holes in the wall but it's drilled into the concrete so I've been always thinking you know technically that would hold maybe just drill it in a little bit further but it looks pretty deep and I'm like yeah yeah but then I have to buy a like a like a proper TV I'm not just gonna buy like the swinging arm thing for old American TV in autumn right and then you just like well well well I'm doing that I might as well get a like a Dolby eighteen next sound system eighteen point five or two point one or whatever in the world those numbers mean no windows yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah we we had a friend %HESITATION I enlisted the help of a friend they came and actually put that swinging wall mount thing on there I mean you know I'm I'm I'm pretty good with the you know with a screwdriver but I'm more of a more of a dry wall kind of anchor screw kind of amount in my thing about the drive always you're gonna cut a big square hole in the drywall how's it going to get back in and be stable like you would think you have to put like something overlapping on the inside so that you have some yeah yeah yeah yeah and I'm like you know it's it's too confusing for me and I don't know duct tape what you need which you know is is does a Cape and WD forty baby you can rule the world fix anything Hey did you see my post that I put up about the the price of gas %HESITATION %HESITATION my god you can see it I see it yeah I it I was like no that can't be real that can't possibly be the actual conversion eight dollars a gallon yes and this is exactly the reason why people should not do that conversion Bagus you and I know that when you move here the most natural thing to do is to convert everything from like dollars to crowns are yeah you have done all the research otherwise you don't even know what anything means yeah and you know the United States is kind of a you talk about buying stuff in bulk I mean the the United States buy stuff in bulk the prices are are about as low as you can is is you can get him and then you come here and it is there's a reason a bunch of people take public transportation all the time Hey I almost left my car at the gas station I was like you know what you know what keep it as the gas inside is where it is already you are instantly yeah it's got a crack in the windshield again just I can't anymore it's been a while because you know of course we're putting gas in the car all the time but Linda had told me when I was out driving around since the prices of gas is starting to go up again significant rate she said just go fill the tank and what I showed aren't %HESITATION via social media on Facebook and and %HESITATION been Instagram that wasn't even an empty tank so people need to realize that what what I put out is that we still had like a little bit less than a quarter tank of gas now ma'am now now now now no thank you and it's a little car and here I remember what was that two thousand eight two thousand eight two thousand ten somewhere around there yeah when like four dollars a gallon for gasoline in the U. S. was like people were melting down %HESITATION yeah it was like eating out of people's disposable income four dollars a gallon Hey there you are yeah I'm you know I'm filling up the tank in my previous is like two hundred fifty dollars but you know whatever Hey you know you know that it's expensive when you have friends back in California writing to you go in there yeah yes and all right everyone that is it for this week thank you so so much for tuning in don't forget as always be sure to head over to our Instagram and check out all the crazy things we got going on and come back here next time for more 2 guys 3 crowns